15 Mayıs 2023

Brian And His Mom


When we were between our junior and senior years in high school, a new kid arrived in town named Brian. His dad had left him and his mom for a younger woman, so Brian and his Mom moved out to the country as the rent there was a hell of a lot cheaper than in the city.Over the next couple of weeks, we got to know Brian and Ms. M pretty well and felt very welcome at their place. Ms. M was mid-forties with nice boobs, legs, and butt although she was a bit chunky around the middle. We rarely saw anything to look at though so she was just another Mom to us until that night.A few of Ms. M’s friends had arranged to come from the city and “paint the town red” so Ms. M could meet “her dream man” at one of the local bars. Despite her objections, she soon gave in to her friends’ demands and was looking forward to going out with the girls.Five of us had come to Brian’s on Saturday to play video games and chill. But we wound up watching with interest as the four ladies tried on clothes, makeup and hairdos throughout the afternoon while they had a few drinks. We managed to cop a few peeks during the day, especially of the blonde one, Darlene, who loved showing off and one by one had squashed each of us against her ample boobs for complimenting her.Ms. M ordered pizzas for us if we promised to stay at home and be good, so we all just kept Brian company for the evening.Around 11:30, the ladies trooped back in, disappointed as the bars were all boring and there were very few people there. Instead, they decided to come back and have a few more drinks. The music was soon loud and Darlene kept dragging us up to dance, teasing us with her body … except for poor old Chuck who was left out. Chuck was quiet, shy, and not very good-looking. And for quite a while Darlene couldn’t coax him to dance with her. All the ladies were a little drunk and danced with each other or us, except for Chuck.Chuck was nicknamed Horse, not because of his equipment, but because of his looks. Ms. M took pity on him and convinced him to dance with her. I don’t think any female had ever paid him any attention before so when Ms. M finally wore him down he was beaming.Danny, with his surfer’s good looks and body (although he had never surfed), Ankara bayan escort was the main recipient of Darlene’s attention. She had him hard for most of the evening as she rubbed and gyrated against him. Around 1 AM, Ms. M’s friends decided it was time to head back to the city to see if anything was happening at the bars there. Ms. M opted to stay home despite their pleading and the others headed out.Danny was soon his obnoxious self, bragging about the blonde throwing herself at him and said, “Darlene would probably be having sex with me if she didn’t have to go.”Ms. M, having had had quite a lot to drink, put him in his place and said, “I would rather fuck Chuck than you.”Danny countered, “Y’all are just talk… you would never take Chuck to bed, he’s gonna stay a virgin forever.”After quite a bit of arguing back and forth even, Brian joined in saying, “You would never take Chuck to bed, Mom. You would take Danny before any of the other guys here due to his looks and body.”Ms. M declared that she would pick personality over looks any day.Brian yelled, “Well, go on, prove it!”Ms. M stumbled over to Chuck and kissed his mouth deeply for a bit then led him by the hand to her bedroom. As soon as the door closed, we, of course, all rushed off down the hallway to listen.We could hear lots of banging and stumbling around and were all whispering excitedly when the door opened only to see Ms. M peek around the door with her underwear on. She told us all to go back to the kitchen and turned off the hall light, but not before we glimpsed Chuck sitting on the side of the bed in his underwear.Holy shit… she was going to go through with it.After a few minutes, we crept up the hall again and listened to moans and groans and bedsprings. We heard quite clearly, “Don’t worry about it… just keep going and do it again.”About ten minutes later, the squeaking stopped and we heard Chuck say he just needed a drink. The door opened, and although it was too dark to see anything, we could smell the sex surrounding him as Chuck walked out. We hounded Chuck for details and crowded around him whispering questions. Suddenly, we heard the bed squeaking again.Brian looked Escort bayan Ankara around and said, “Danny’s missing.”We all looked at each other wondering what we should do.The moans and grunts were getting pretty loud. Brian opened the door and switched on the light yelling angrily, “Danny, you sneaky bastard!”Danny was just finishing his last few squirts and Ms. M had her legs and arms wrapped around him, humping at him as she said, “Oh god, that’s good, keep going. Don’t stop, don’t stop.”Brian dragged Danny off his Mom but she just lay there spread-eagled with her pussy gaping and dripping cum as we crowded around for a good look.Ms. M reached out and grabbed my cock, which was making a tent of my shorts, and said, “I want you, Steve. I want you all. I need it bad. It’s been so long.”Ms. M had pulled my cock out over the top of my shorts as Brian herded the rest of the guys out and turned off the light. I wasted no time in jumping between her legs shoving my cock as hard and deep as I could, setting a rapid pace. Ms. M was close to cumming. She soon squealed and grunted as her pussy convulsed around my cock. I slowed up but kept pumping for a few minutes until Ms. M started humping back. I couldn’t hold out and shoved my cock in as far as it would go in short, hard thrusts as I dumped my load inside her.Ms. M groaned as I pulled out. I asked if I should send in one of the other guys.“Yeah, keep ’em coming,” she giggled at her joke.Then she said, “I may as well do you all. My reputation is shot all to hell anyway so I may as well have a great time.” She kissed me and smacked me on the butt.When I opened the door, the guys just about fell through. I said, “Don’t worry, she wants us all to have a turn so no one is missing out.”Brian herded the rest of us back to the kitchen while Russell went in and Ray waited outside.“Are you okay, Brian?” I asked.“Mom needs some pleasure in her life after the last year or so. But if any one of you says a single word about this, I will personally find you and destroy you!”We believed him too.After Ray had had his turn we sat around the living room chilling out and watching TV. Ms. M had decided to go to take a nap. Bayan escort Ankara I needed to take a leak and as I walked up the hallway I could hear the bed squeaking but everyone was in the family room… except Brian.I listened, getting turned on as I thought about Ms. M fucking her son, and wondering if she knew. It was very dark and he could have snuck in as Danny did. I listened carefully at the door then I heard, “Hang on, I know that scar!”The squeaking suddenly stopped and I heard, “Brian, what do you think you’re doing?”I then heard Brian pleading to his Mom to let him finish.“Go on then, but hurry up because I don’t want anyone to find out.”The squeaking started again. There were some pretty loud moans coming from the bedroom and finally a loud squeal from Ms. M.I heard the boys talking and realized they were heading for the bedroom. I quickly stepped inside the bedroom and whispered urgently to Brian, “They’re coming. Quick, hide.”Brian jumped up, still sporting a bobbing erection, and headed for the bathroom while I whipped my pants down and jumped into Brian’s place just as the door burst open.Ms. M was still humping me with a glazed look as one of the guys said, “Oh, where’s Brian?”I started to pretend to fuck her with my soft cock sitting along her slit.“I think he’s getting a bit pissed off and went for a walk,” I said, as my cock hardened up and slid into the crevice near her hole. I adjusted my knob and slid smoothly into her pussy on a tide of boy cum. This felt even better than last time although a bit looser. I knew I would last longer this time.Ms. M had calmed down and didn’t seem to mind the audience as they crowded around for a better look. Ms. M reached out and grabbed Ray’s hard-on. She told Russell to come round to the other side and started jerking off the two of them. Chuck moved up above her head and was feeling her boobs. She pulled his cock down the leg of his shorts and kept pulling until she had his cock in her mouth.Danny was scouting around the edges trying to find a spot and got me to move up squashing Ms. M’s legs back onto her chest. As Danny moved up behind me, Ms. M popped Chuck’s cock out of her mouth and exclaimed, “NOT my ass, Danny!”She then went back to sucking Chuck’s knob while jerking off Ray and Russel.Danny was a bit flustered for a bit. But after a bit of wriggling, I felt his long thin cock slide into her pussy just below mine. The extra tightness caused some pretty loud muffled ohs and ahs from Ms. M and I was getting pretty close myself.

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