12 Mayıs 2023

Brittany and Her Daddy (Part 1)


“Dad? Daddy? I’m home!” Brittany closed the door behind her. She went into the kitchen, but her father was not there and he was also not in his office. “Daddy? Where are you?” She called again, but there was still no answer. “Daddy?” She yelled as she walked up the stairs. Brittany was the only child of Martha and Gregory Andrews, and she was 16 years old. She had beautiful green eyes just like her father and long wavy blonde hair just like her mother’s. She was about 5 feet 7 inches and she was not really happy with her height since her parents were much taller than her. She blamed the bad genes that she got from God knows which sides of the family. One thing that she loved as genetics were concern, was the fact she got pretty good genes from her mother as that gave the young girl the boobs that many girls envy and guys dream to suck, lick and fuck. She called for her father a few more times, but she was disappointed. She then opened the door to her parents’ bedroom without bothering to knock and she was greeted by her naked father on the bed sleeping. Her father looked good for a 45-year-old man. He had short brown hair and much taller than her. He was not fat and not thin. He used to lift weight, but now no more. Nevertheless, he still looked damned good Brittany thought. She was surprised when she realized that she was checking her naked father out while he was sound sleeping. Her eyes roamed all over the man and she could not deny that her father looked very, very nice. She also could not take her eyes off him. She licked her lips nervously and walked silently towards the bed. She could hear her heart beating loudly in her ears. She was finally close enough. Her father was sleeping soundly, his chest moved slowly following his shallow breathing. Her eyes were still fixated on the cock that had brought her into the world. She had seen cocks before, nevertheless seeing her father’s cock made he felt different. She was drawn nearer to her father. She felt as if she was mesmerized by the whole situation and she moved nearer to the bed. There was something deep and dark in her that made her want to do the unthinkable. Slowly and hesitantly, she touched her father’s cock with her fingertips. She could feel her father’s warm skin and that made her fingertips tingled. She wanted to wrap her fingers around it and yet she knew it was totally wrong and absolutely risky. She gasped when the cock under her fingertips suddenly twitched. She gasped even more when the cock seemed to grow before her eyes. She could not believe that she was touching her father’s cock and actually fascinated that the cock grew in front of her. Fear mixed with excitement filled her veins. She then slowly lowered her head to the cock and began to lick its length. She closed her eyes loving the salty taste of his warm cock. Her father suddenly groaned and that made her freaked out. She, as fast as lightning stood up and took a few steps back. She stopped when she felt the wall touching her back. Her father’s mumbled something in his sleep and turned to his right as if knowing that his 16-year-old daughter was standing there shaking like a leaf. His cock twitched again, but he continued to be sound asleep. She was breathing hard and she was trying even harder not to make any noise. She waited for a few moments simply making sure that he was really sleeping. She took a few steps towards the bed again, and bent forward checking and making sure that he was sleeping. After she was convinced, she tip-toed slowly towards the door and left the room. She ran into her own room and locked the door. She jumped on her bed and covered her face with her pillow and screamed. “Oh my God! What have I done! Oh my God! Mom is going to kill me!” She screamed into the pillow. Then, she felt it. She was actually surprised. She bolted up from the bed, unzipped her shorts and slid her small hand into her light blue cotton panties. Küçükyalı escort She gasped when her fingers came into contact with the unmistakable wetness that was pouring out from her pussy. She raised the fingers to her eyes and her eyes grew bigger with the realization that she was aroused by her father’s cock and she also had done the mistake of licking her father’s cock. She could feel her face burning. She cursed again and screamed with the pillow held tightly against her face. She simply could not comprehend how she was so stupid and compulsive to lick his cock and to think about it, she did not even hate licking it at all! In fact, she wanted to slide her father’s cock deep in her throat and feel it on her tongue! “No! Hell no! God help me!” She screamed in her room. * * * 3 weeks after that, Brittany and her father were at home alone yet again. Her mother worked as a hotel manager and could be late sometimes dealing with the things there. Her father was at his small office next to the family room while she was in the shower on the first floor. She had a hockey practice that day and she was smelly and stinky from sweat. She finished showering and went to the sink. She wiped the mirror to check out her face, then she let out a sigh. In the past few weeks, she had been secretly harbouring a major crush towards her own father. She did not want to think how she felt, but she just could not help it. Nearly everyday, she would check whether her father was sleeping and if he was, she would quietly rubbed and played with her pussy quietly in her parent’s bedroom while staring him as he slept. She made sure that when she came, she would stifle any sound so that her father would not get the shocked of his life from seeing his 16-year-old daughter masturbating and cumming on the floor of his room. Brittany closed her eyes and shook her head as if she wanted to erase the memories from her mind. She opened her eyes and stared at her own reflection. Her mind could not focus at school and she had not even been hanging out with her friends lately. Her mind was on her father. Suddenly she froze as she prayed to God that her father had not noticed the changes in her. She groaned and she could see how she blushed in the mirror. She wanted to have sex with her father and there was no denying, but she knew that she would commit the ultimate sin and she would get both her and her father in a really deep dilemma if her mother were to find out. Again, she sighed and she groaned thinking of her predicament. Her thoughts were disrupted by the phone ringing. She quickly opened the door and covered in her wet damp body with a small white towel. Her long hair was still dripping with water but she ignored it and made her way along the hallway. The phone was at the end of it. She grabbed the phone, pressed the button but to her surprise her father had picked up the phone seconds before her. She was about to put the phone down when she heard a familiar voice at the other end, it was her Mom’s. She thought for a split second and kept her mouth shut as she listened to their conversation. She hung up the phone after her father did. Brittany felt sad for her father who was downstairs at that moment in his small office. Her mother would not be home again due to some unforeseen circumstances at the hotel. She could still hear how her father’s voice sounded when he begged for her mother to come home since she had been so busy lately that he hardly see her. Brittany too suddenly realized that the last time she saw her Mom was 4 days earlier and almost as soon she arrived from school, her mother was on her way back to the hotel. She understood that the hotel was under new management, but she also missed her Mom. Her father’s voice filled her mind. She wanted badly to comfort him and make him happy. She loved her father with all her heart. She entered his office Kartal escort bayan and he did not even notice that she was there. His handsome face looked sad and he was gazing out the window but from where the girl was standing, she knew that his mind was somewhere else. She walked slowly towards him and tapped his shoulder. That brought her father back to Earth and to where she was standing at that moment. Brittany’s heart skipped a few beats when she saw how her father’s eyes traveled up and down her damp young body that was merely covered with the small white towel. She asked him who called acting all innocent. He explained that it was her mother and again they would need to make dinner for themselves. She nodded and said okay. Still, she actually was relishing the fact that her father’s eyes were on body. Raking every inch of her warm damp body that smelled like lavender. She pretended not to notice and told her father that she would change and prepare dinner. On her way out of his small office, she tripped (actually, it was planned by her) and her small towel fell off her supple young body to the floor while she was on her tummy sprawled on the couch giving her father the delicious view from behind. “Baby? Are you okay?” Her father asked in his concern voice. He helped his daughter to stand and wrapped her body with the towel. He was all the time averting his eyes from feasting on the naked girl in front of him. She found it was so cute how he really tried not to stare at her heavy ample tits, but it was also so hot that he had to take a few glimpse Brittany thought. He tucked the towel on her really nice and tight, then he ushered her to the door and asked her to call him when dinner was ready. Brittany was not happy that she was pushed to the door and by the time she turned around to say what was on her mind, her father closed the door and he locked it. She silently cursed in front of the door but her mind was working on overdrive contemplating on how she could make her father happy and finally have his cock fucking her pussy. She covered her burning face thinking of her father fucking her, nonetheless the idea excited her to her core. She called her father from the kitchen telling him that dinner was ready. She made a simple salad and heated some beef casserole from the fridge. She was putting the salad bowl on the dinning table when her father came in and took a seat. She turned to the stove to get the beef casserole when suddenly she yelped. Her fingers accidentally touched the hot burning stove. Her father quickly went to her side and grabbed her fingers. She then raised her fingers to his mouth and begged her father to put them into his mouth. Brittany suppressed a grin when her father closed his lips around the fingers. She felt as gush of juices pouring out from her pussy. She also knew that her cheeks were burning. He sucked and suckled the fingers. Her father really took his time and by the time he pulled them out, she was very much aroused. She slowly pulled her hand from her and then without thinking, she put her fingers into her lips and sucked. She opened her mouth and licked her fingers in the most seducing way she knew how. She loved looking at her father’s face when she sucked and licked her fingers, it was priceless. Then, she slid her fingers back into his mouth and she was delighted that he continued suckling her fingers. Their eyes connected and both seemed dazed with what was happening. She grew bolder, she found her father’s hand and place it on her soft warm tit. She squeezed his hand on the tit and saw how her father’s face changed. He then gently squeezed her young tit again. Her eyes never leaving his face. “Daddy, I am not wearing my bra. Feel my tits please daddy?” She murmured. Her father lifted her light blue camisole and her tits jutted out welcoming him. She arched her young body moving Escort Suadiye from side to side so that her D cup breasts jingled and shook. Still, her father was dazed, shocked, mesmerized. She was not sure, but she knew she was successfully seducing her father. She held the back of his head and drew his face to her enticing aureole. She whispered to him to lick and suckle her nipples, and he did. She gasped and felt elated as she had been imagining countless times that her father would suck and play with her tits and that was what he was doing to her in the kitchen. Her father’s mouth was greedily devouring her nipples making her knees weak and her pussy wetter and wetter. She encircled her arms around his neck for leverage since her knees were too weak. It was one of her many dreams of her father coming true. Her father’s lips and tongue were suckling and nibbling greedily on her young teenage body now. She was so aroused by it and pushed more of her tits into her father’s wet lips. She had been waiting for it for far too long she thought and felt how her warm love juices dripped out as her father continued to devour her soft young boobs. Her body was screaming for her father to fuck her. Suddenly, “Oh daddy, yes! Eat my titties daddy. Oh yes!” She moaned and begged. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me please!” She continued to beg. That brought her father to reality. He quickly pulled his head up, pushed her daughter’s body away and through his ragged breathing said that it was wrong. That it was his mistake to take advantage of her and that both of them had to forget about what had happened. He then stormed out from the kitchen leaving Brittany in the kitchen. She felt as if someone had slapped her on the face. She could feel how aroused she felt when her father was suckling her dark pink young nipples and how he too was actually feasting on her nipples and tits. She knew that he wanted her but she also knew that what she wanted her father to do was incest and it would or could destroy her family. He then turned around and left his horny 16-year-old daughter still trembling and shaken by the whole ordeal. That night, both Brittany and her father went to bed without dinner. She felt extremely dejected and humiliated with the whole situation. She tossed and turned unable to sleep. She turned off all the lights in her room thinking that it would help her to sleep, but it all seemed futile. Her room was filled with the soft moonlight and when she turned her head to the right, she saw a picture of her and her father. She groaned closing her eyes. She remembered how her father’s lips suckled her nipples, the thought made her want her father more than ever. She wanted to cry, but there was nothing she could do to make him make love to her. She kicked the covers, lifted her camisole off from her body and she pulled her panties down, they were now resting around her knees. Then, she tweaked her nipples and pinched them hard. She gasped with the pain and pleasure. She called her father again and again. She ran her fingers along her slit and relished the feeling of her arousal. How she wished she could have her father’s cock ploughing her sopping core; but she knew it was useless. She slid fingers into her drenched cunt and teased her nipples. She begged for her father to fuck her, to take her and come all over her ripe young body. Her fingers were in a frenzy moving in and out her wet pussy. She gasped and moaned with the pleasure. In her mind, her father was fucking her young pussy on the dining table. She was wrapping her legs around her father while his throbbing cock was pistoning in and out her cunt while his hands were squeezing and slapping her tits. She called her father again and again when she finally came. She continued rubbing her quivering juicy clitoris enjoying every feeling and pleasure brought by her orgasm. When she finally opened her eyes, she was shocked beyond belief. Her father was standing at the foot of the bed in his bulging boxer briefs. There was dead silence in her bedroom. He was standing there, eyes transfixed on his daughter who had just masturbated and came with his name on her lips begging for him to fuck her. She could see how his chest moved with each…

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