22 Mayıs 2023

Brooke Loves to Tease


Brooke Brown is a beautiful young black woman with milk-chocolate skin, long black hair and strong facial features, including a mouth that smiles a lot. She also has a gorgeously sexy body, including lush, totally natural breasts topped by big, dark brown nipples and a large booty that invites fondling or even just ogling. To encourage ogling, she wears as little as she can get away with, such as short, tight skirts or hot pants and transparent tops, frequently wearing no undergarments. More often than not, if it’s a sexy woman or a studly man doing the ogling, she prefers they not stop there, and likes to go someplace private to do what comes naturally. She has been that way for years but, since reaching her 18th birthday and becoming legal, she has been more provocative than ever.

Not only does she enjoy being wanton, she sometimes derives benefits from it. Last month, she was at a Honda dealership, wearing sandals and dressed in a pair of shorts that were little more than a thong, and a tight t-shirt that had been cut off just below her breasts. She was not wearing a bra, and hasn’t worn one since she finished high school, and then it was only under threat of expulsion. Marica, a beautiful young Hispanic woman who worked at the dealership, saw her and made an offer Brooke could not refuse.

“You should get your nipples pierced and wear rings,” Marica advised her. “If you go to this place I know and have it done and let me watch, I’ll get you a good deal on the car you were looking at, or another one, if you prefer.”

She had been intending to get nipple rings anyhow, but hadn’t gotten around to getting the piercing done. “Okay,” Brooke answered, looking with desire at the sexy woman who had made the suggestion. She had no objection to having the other hotsy eyeing her bare breasts during the piercing, and was already wondering if they would end the evening naked in bed together, and hoping they would.

After her new friend was through for the day, they drove a demonstrator auto to the place Marica had mentioned, a small shop named Palace of Painless Piercing. Manuel, the owner of the establishment and apparently a good friend of Brooke’s escort, looked lustfully at his new customer, and was elated to learn she was there to have her nipples pierced. He doesn’t make much money at what he does, but customers such as this one help make up for the lack of profit.

“Right this way,” he invited Brooke, and opened a curtain leading to the area where piercings of private parts are done. Marica had not been invited, but nobody offered any objection to her accompanying her friends.

“Just sit on this chair,” Manuel instructed his customer. “You’ll have to remove your top,” he added, practically salivating in anticipation.

Brooke smiled and quickly stripped off the tight garment. The cutoff T-shirt didn’t impede her movements much but, after she peeled it off, her succulent breasts swayed and bounced enticingly. Marica moved in closer so she could get a better look but still stay out of the way. Manuel moved closer too, and hefted one of the lovely twins in either hand. It was fun, but he also had a job to do so he stepped away to get his tools.

His place was quickly taken by Marica, and her hands also replaced his. Brooke had two of the loveliest breasts she had ever seen, and the chance to fondle and caress them was greatly appreciated. After a few seconds of not being rebuffed, she went further, bending over to kiss and lick the brown beauties. Even as her tongue stroked them, Brooke’s adorable nipples became erect, and Marica hoped the relationship they had just begun would become much more intimate after they left the Palace of Painless Piercing.

Brooke hoped so too, and had done so ever since being approached by the sexy Hispanic woman. She was slightly disappointed when Manuel returned, gently took one of her breasts in his hand and aimed the pump attachment on a small bottle at her nipple.

“This is Zephiran Chloride,” he told her. It anesthetizes the surface so it won’t hurt when I make the initial piercing.”

After advising her of what to expect, he sprayed the liquid on that breast and the one Marica was holding. Brooke shivered, because the liquid felt cold on her warm skin, and she immediately started losing sensation in her nipples. Manuel held one breast in his hand, occasionally touching the precious nubbin and asking if she could still feel it. Marica, wanting to be helpful, fondled the other breast.

When she had no sensations in either nipple, Brooke informed Manuel, and he held his piercing device, which resembled a pair of pliers with triangle-shaped jaws and squeezed her nipple with the tool. His client informed him there was a feeling of pressure but not pain, so he locked the tool in place and removed a sterile needle from a small envelope. The actual piercing was painless; Brooke described it as no more than a mosquito bite, and it was followed by inserting a thin İstanbul Escort bar, also sterile, through the hole that had just been made and locking it in place. The second nipple, after Marica relinquished her hold on the lovely breast, was treated the same way, and the piercing was complete, although Manuel added some directions for avoiding excessive pain and complications.

He told Brooke to wash her piercings in warm salt water to avoid infection and warned against allowing anybody to lick them. Manuel looked at Marica when he said that. He also suggested that it might be a good idea to avoid driving for the rest of the day, because there would be quite a bit of pain when the topical anesthetic wore off. She hadn’t been wearing a bra when she came in, but he suggested she do so for a few days, because the jostling her breasts could be expected to experience would cause pain at the penetration site.

Gingerly, Brooke pulled her abbreviated top back over her head and into place and brushed her hair with her hands. She left with Marica, still feeling no pain from the procedure, and glad she had gone through with the piercing. The adventure had resulted in a good deal on the car she wanted and meeting a new friend who seemed likely to be a friend with excellent benefits. As they walked to the demonstrator car, this proved even more likely to be the case.

“Do you want to go to my place for a while and wait until you’re sure you can drive?” Marica asked. “If you need to, you can stay overnight, and we can get your new car in the morning.”

“I think that’s a good idea. I’d really appreciate it.” Actually, Brooke thought it was an extremely good idea, because she was certain the stay with Marica would involve some hot sex, that night, the following morning and, hopefully, more in the future. Sex with a hotsy such as Marica is something she always appreciates.

The drive was several miles, and Brooke sat in the middle of the front seat with her arm resting on the driver’s shoulders. Marica patted her new friend’s thigh during the drive, with each caress getting closer to her passenger’s pussy. By the time they reached their destination, the fingers of her right hand had crept under Brooke’s shorts and gotten wet from the juices that were already starting to collect. When they reached her apartment, she licked them off in the sight of the woman who had produced them, smiling in anticipation of more of the treat once they were inside.

With that on the minds of the two women, they were both in a hurry to get there. After entering the apartment, kicking off their sandals and pumps and locking the door, they turned to face each other and start to move into a warm embrace. Before they got very close, Brooke backed away with a look of distress on her pretty face.

“I think that stuff Manuel sprayed on me is wearing off. I’m starting to hurt up here,” she said, indicating her breasts.

I’ll be careful,” Marica assured her, while she steered Brooke in the direction of her bedroom.

As an employee at the dealership, she often dealt directly with customers, so Marica dressed in a businesslike way, but it didn’t take very long to change that. She removed her green blazer and skirt and hung them up, but her blouse was tossed over a handy chair, leaving her wearing an aqua bra and matching panties. She looked over at the sexy woman who was lying on her back with her head nestled in a pillow and saw that Brooke had removed her T-shirt and shorts and was completely naked. A few seconds later, Marica’s undergarments were on the floor, and both women were equally unclothed.

Although Brooke has a gorgeous body, the other woman in the bedroom is nearly her equal. Marica has large, firm breasts, also with firm, dark brown nipples, a flat belly, and hips and an ass that flare out provocatively from there to merge with her shapely legs. Her face is beautiful too, with clear tan skin, dark eyes and dark brown hair. Neither woman has anything to be ashamed of in the matter of looks, and they admired each other for a few seconds before Marica climbed onto the bed.

True to her word, she avoided Brooke’s breasts, but her lips were all over the other woman’s face, and her attentions were eagerly returned. In less than a minute, their tongues were getting better acquainted, and they were sighing as their arousal increased. Marica’s lips avidly kissed and licked their way down Brooke’s throat, but bypassed her breasts and continued down her belly. When her mouth reached the other’s pubic hair, she got off the bed and got back on at the foot, to walk on her knees until she was between the widely spread legs of the woman who was urging her to continue.

She leaned forward and Brooke raised her legs and placed them on her new friend’s shoulders. Marica wrapped her arms around the thighs that framed her pretty face and gazed with delight upon the adorable young pussy being presented to her. The İstanbul Escort Bayan skin was a lovely milk-chocolate that surrounded dark brown lips that were blossoming out from a lovely pink slit, with the hair having been trimmed to a single strip from her clit to her mons.

Marica gently spread the sides of the slit and breathed deeply of the incredible fragrance that arose, better than anything that hat pleased her nostrils until then. Some of the juices, which were what had produced the heavenly aroma, had spattered on Brookes thighs and, when Marica licked them off the silky skin they tasted even better than they smelled.

Eagerly, she started licking an outer lip, and this was the biggest thrill of all. The thighs of her partner had been soft and smooth, and the texture had delighted her tongue, but Marica thought of Brooke’s pussy lip as being like a warm satin pillow, but vibrant and alive. Reveling in everything she was doing, she licked all the way to the soft mons. When she raised her head to look at the results, Brooke’s eyes were closed in bliss; her mouth was partly open in a grimace of delight, and she was cooing happily.

Marica treated the second outer lip the same way, her tongue slowly meandering along the delightful route and covering everything up to the dripping slit. She kissed Brooke’s mons again and her mouth returned to devour all the wealth of delicious juices that had been produced. By that time, the younger woman’s body was writhing in delight; her cooing had turned to moans of bliss, and her pussy was fucking up into the face of the woman who was pleasing her so much. When Marica raised her face again, she was elated at the sight of her partner’s adorable clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had pushed its way out from its protective hood.

Brooke was in an extreme state of arousal, and Marica knew she could bring about an orgasm by sucking on the swollen morsel, but she wanted the sexual excitement to be at its absolute highest. She brought her mouth back to the hole that was producing the nectar, devoured everything, relishing the flavor and aroma, and pressed her face in even closer. Once again, she gently spread the edges of Brooke’s lovely pink slit and thrust her tongue into the delicious wetness. Still taking her time, Marica licked upward, inserting the tip of the pleasuring organ into the wet hole that was producing the juices.

She continued until her nose was against the spongy, engorged clit. Brooke’s body was going wild under her face; she was begging for her man in the boat to be sucked so she could cum, so Marica moved her face slightly and engulfed the little darling in her mouth. With her lips forming a seal, she sucked, while her agile tongue stroked the swollen sides and top. After a minute of this treatment, Brooke sang out a cry of joy and announced that she was cumming.

Her legs clamped onto the sides of the head that was between her thighs, while she buried her hands in the long dark tresses and rammed her pussy against the other woman’s face. Her legs swung wildly from side to side, carrying a very willing prisoner with them. Marica clung tightly to Brooke’s thighs and kept her mouth firmly clamped on the clit that was filling it so well, and continued with the sucking and licking.

“Ah! AH!” Brooke cried ecstatically as she climaxed. All her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against the mouth that had brought about that happy event. After her orgasm, she relaxed so completely she resembled a pool of chocolate milk on top of the bed.

Brooke’s legs were still draped over her shoulders, so Marica slowly backed away, before burying her face back in the pussy that given her such a thrill. Greedily, she licked the delicious juices from where they had spattered on Brooke’s thighs, crotch and pussy lips but, although sorely tempted, she refrained from licking them out of the dripping pink hole that had produced them. After eating such a lovely pussy as the one on her bed, she loved to fuck the other woman with her strapon, and the juices would be needed to perform their natural duty of lubrication.

The toy was in a drawer of Marica’s dresser and, after wiping the leftover juices that were smeared on her face and licking them from her fingers, she got it out. It consisted of a red leather triangle with a large brown dildo protruding from the middle. At the base of the dildo was a spur designed to massage the clit of the woman being fucked. A black leather strap that would be worn around her waist was connected to the upper corners, and they would be buckled behind the wearer’s back. Another strap extended from the apex of the triangle and was connected to one of the straps that would go around her waist. A second dildo, as long and thick as the first and also studded with pleasure bumps, stuck up from the crotch strap, so it would be held inside the wearer’s pussy after the toy was buckled into place.

Brooke Escort İstanbul watched and smiled lewdly while Marica sat on the edge of the bed and put her feet through the waist belts on either side of the center strap. To finish putting on the toy, Marica stood up, pulled the belts higher and held them in place with one hand while her other gripped the connected dildo and squeezed the head into her pussy. She was wet from the joys of eating Brooke’s pussy, and no further lubrication would needed. Marica breathed in sharply between her teeth when she felt the mushroom shape wedge into place between her soft lips

After the penetration was started, she slowly pulled the waist straps up until they rested on her hips, every movement squeezing her toy deeper into her own pussy. When she was done, with the belt buckled around her waist, one dildo was buried in her where it would do the most good, and the matching one was ready to give more thrills to her partner. Brooke had watched the preparation with lust, and had already spread her legs and was reaching her hands down between her legs, prepared to separate her pussy lips.

Once again, Marica climbed onto her bed and walked on her knees toward the pussy that was waiting for her. The toy was aiming right at its target, and both women were eagerly anticipating the delights in store for them. Already, she could feel the dildo crammed in her own pussy sending waves of pleasure all through her body with every movement, and she knew that, within seconds, it would get much better for both of them.

Brooke knew it just as well. Avidly, she watched as Marica drew closer and leaned forward to press the tip of the dildo against her pussy. Ripples of joy coursed through her body as the head was rubbed against her wetness to spread the lubrication, centered and squeezed between her fingers to wedge inside her.

“Ooooo, that feels so good,” she murmured.

It felt infinitely better when Marica thrust forward again, and more than half the toy was inside her love channel, and the pleasure bumps were raking her G-spot and all the other sweet places. Brooke spread her thighs wider to get an additional fraction of an inch of the plastic cock inside her pussy and hooked her ankles around the legs of the wielder of the toy. She felt the big giver of bliss surging into again and fucked back to meet it, ending with the dildo’s entire length buried inside her.

Marica smiled at the eagerness of her partner, which she shared, because the toy in her own love channel was doing just as much for her as she was doing for Brooke. After the dildo was deeply enough inside the dripping pussy below that she no longer need to guide it, Marica leaned forward and supported her weight on her hands. Looking down at the mask of pleasure on the other woman’s face, she realized it mirrored her own. Moving slowly, she drew the dildo back, paused for a second and plunged it inside again. Brooke fucked back to meet her, and their bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, as juices from both pussies spattered on the women.

The second full stroke was a duplicate of the first, except both women sighed happily as the pleasure bumps tickled all their happy places. Because she wanted to control her climax and not cum until after her partner, Marica had not yet adjusted her part of the toy so the spur would tickle her clit, but she would do so later. That was not so with Brooke, because the soft rubber fingers were massaging that most sensitive of places with every thrust. She could already feel her pleasure mounting, and knew she would soon reach another climax.

True to her word, Marica supported her weight on her hands, keeping her body high above the one below her. Normally, she would have preferred to lie close together and rub her nipples against those of her partner, but Marica knew it would be painful, rather than pleasurable to Brooke, so she refrained. As she looked down, it was obvious the fucking was as great to her partner as it was for her. Besides the moans of bliss, the other woman’s face was a mask of joy, with eyes closed and lips parted in a grimace of pleasure. Using her preferred long slow strokes, she drove her dildo in and out of the beautiful pink hole of Brooke, who slid back and forth on the bed, jamming her pussy back to meet every stroke.

Marica was right in thinking her partner was deriving tremendous delight from the fucking. Brooke’s nipples were still slightly sore from the piercing they had gotten earlier, but the sensations of the toy going in and out of her eager pussy was so fabulous that she hardly noticed the soreness. As she moved back and forth in rhythm with Marica, her breasts swayed and bounced, and she knew they would be painful later, but she gave herself entirely to the exquisite pleasure of the moment. Everything about what the dildo was doing gave her immense pleasure, but the best part was the spur caressing her swollen clit with every stroke.

Brooke’s lush body thrashed about on the bed and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow, with the same grimace of pleasure on her face as before. Over and over, still using slow, deep strokes, the dildo surged into her sensitive and responsive pussy; she met every stroke, and wanted more.

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