12 Mayıs 2023

Buddy Fucker


Countless nights I have laid in my bunk, waiting to hear the shower turn off in the bathroom, knowing that Christian would soon be walking out with a towel around his waist. The skimpy brown towels that are issued to G.I.s. I hear the water turn off and pretend to be reading when the door opens and I watch my best friend and roommate exit the bathroom and head to his bunk. The bulge under the towel moving left and right as he walks past me is not hard to notice. He opens his wall locker and reaches for his underwear and sets them on his bed. He undoes the towel at his waist to finish drying off and I quietly inhale as his cock swings freely. He hangs his towel on his locker and turns to pick up his underwear to put them on, and I am treated to another beautiful view of his magnificent cock, until it is packed away Tüyap escort bayan in the ugly brownish green issued skivvies. I am lost in thought as his wet towel lands on me, and he says, “Shower is free buddy.” I am caught off guard and manage to mutter, “Huh?” “Shower is all yours, better get in before all the hot water is gone.” “Oh yeah, okay, sure,” I stammer as I grab my towel and head into the bathroom, while trying to hide the semi that has formed in my shorts. When I am done, I walk out and he is laying on his bunk with his hands behind his head watching the television. I take in the view of him laying out like that and my eyes linger on his underwear encased cock. I ask him, “What are we doing tonight?” “What do you want to do?” “Nothing really, just chill, I guess.” Tüyap escort “That sounds good, same old skanks at the club anyway, besides we have enough beer here to last all week if we wanted to.” “Sounds like a plan, Stan. What are you watching?” I ask him as I sit on the edge of his bed, still drying off. “Just some stupid shit, want to watch some porn?” he asks frankly. “Sure bro, what’s on the menu? Anything good?” “Let’s see,” he says as he sits up and sits next to me at the edge of the bed. He grabs the t.v. remote and starts switching through the porn channels, and stops at one where this beautiful brunette is giving head to a well endowed guy. We’re watching for a few minutes and I look out of the corner of my eye and the bulge in his shorts in getting bigger. He reaches down Escort Tüyap to adjust himself and his leg brushes against mine. My towel is starting to tent and I reach down to try to control it and Christian grabs my hand and places it on the bulge in his shorts. I instinctively try to withdraw my hand but he is looking into my eyes and my resolve withers away. I start rubbing his cock through the flimsy material of his shorts and he reaches for my towel, strips it off and grabs hold of my stiffening cock. I pull the waistband of his underwear down and pull out his cock. We both start stroking each others meat as we look into each other’s eyes. I lean in halfway and we both lock into a lustful kiss, I feel his tongue poke between my lips and suck on it. He breaks the kiss and he pushes me onto my back and we continue to make out. Our bodies become entangled as we roll around on his bed, kissing and feeling each other up. Our hands find each other cocks again, and he kisses his way down my body to my blood engorged cock. He licks the precum of the head of my cock before taking it in to his mouth.

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