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Subject: Bull and two boys 7 – family dinner and cousin Earnie gets a beating and fucking. Post under gay, bisexual, authoritarian, adult-youth, rural Here is the next belated installment of Bull and two boys. In it you, if so inclined, will follow the saga of a strong young man blessed and cursed with a gigantic cock, and his adventures as he comes to understand and find pride in his nature as a hard man of sometimes sex and sometimes violence. A born conqueror of men, I will trace his picaresque exploits across the globe as he goes from young marine, to for-hire mercenary, to Montana state trooper and back to his first love, ranch hand on his father’s cattle and horse spred in the Seely-Swan valley of western Montana. Along the way, he will experience many adventures with unruly natives, local men, snooty CA liberal scum invading his beautiful state, condescending eastern tourists and gay boys looking for fun after a pride march. This is fiction, though often based on many of my own experiences – literary-ized, so to speak – and is not meant for anything other than pleasant day-dreaming over a good cigar for the very rare ubermen and faggy poppers for the plentiful untermenchen in this PC world of ours. On the level though, cigars help make a man a man, and I suggest you � hunters – give em a try. Just chawing is plenty enough � gets yer head spinnin and the rest of you rarin for action. They are the best high and incitement to vigorous activity/mastery known. Let the bottom boys do their poppers, you Men, give a big black,strong stogie a try. If you like this story and want more, let me know. Might make it available in rewritten novella form privately as it’s been re-written so many times after being posted on Nifty. And, writing of Nifty, this tale and all the others are only possible when you fags cough up the dough to keep it goin. So, contribute and contribute plenty – today. For top men, fergit it, only the fags should pay. That’s an order! Bull and two boys 7. – Dinner with the family. Cousin Ernie gets the whuppin and fuckin of his life. Mitchell peeled out of their driveway on two wheels. It was almost 8 AM and he had to be sitting at his parent’s dining room table promptly at 12. Getting to his place in Kalispell, changing and making it to their ranch in the Seeley-Swan valley near Polson…it was going to be close. Tearing down rt. 93 at 90, he heard the siren. `Shiiiit.’ Pulling over, he rolled down the window and saw his trooper pal, Gerhardt Hurlburt, strolling towards him with a big grin on his fucking face. `Welllll, what do we have here. Why if it ain’t Mitchell Tuathal Uinseann O’Rourke himself!’ `You fuck, I hate those damn names. Quit it.’ `Mr. O’Rourke, do you know how fast you were goin, here on our peaceful Montana highway? Quite a bit too fast.’ Smirking, he looked over Mitch who sat there steaming and a little green around the gills. Looks like the young reprobate of the O’Rourke family has been gittin himself in trouble, as usual.’ `Come on Gerry, gotta be at my mom’s table or there’ll be hell to pay.’ `Yeah, fer you. I’m in her good graces.’ `Look Gerry, I’m onto something real good, an if you cut the crap and lemme go, I’ll cut you in. You’ll thank me plenty.’ That got his brother cop interested, as he suspected exactly what kind of good thing his trooper buddy was talking about – after all his name meant ‘spear strong’ and fit him well. With a snort`yeah?’ `Yeah. You’ll be grunting like a bull when yer finishin up.’ `Nowwww, that sounds like somethin I could go fer.’ ‘Well then, gimme a week or two to set things up and then we’ll have ourselves the most interesting poker game you ever played. I guarantee it.’ `Alright then, git goin you horndog.’ Dressed in a flash, back, now on 83 south, he turned off at Polson and then onto the long dirt drive that lead for miles through his folk’s spread up to the rambling frame house. Stopping on a dime, out of the car the second he turned the key, he sprinted to the house way up on a hill and slipped through the front door after carefully cleaning his boots. Bounding to the dining room door and coming to a halt, Mitch slowly edged himself round the corner just as the clock was striking 12. They were all sitting there, his sister Angela concerned, his father impassive, and his 4 brothers stifling a guffaw. His mom stood there, by her chair, staring directly at her youngest son. `Ahhhh, here I am mom, right on time!’ No response from her. `Um, ah, mom, dad, how’s things?’ `Mitchell Tuathal Uinseann O’Rourke, (he grimaced) you are more trouble to me than all my other children combined.’ `Aw ma!’ `Your cousin Ernest is late again as well (Mitch and his brothers grimaced at the name). And now, you too. Well, sit yerself down, you bad boy, and let yer father say grace.’ `Okidoki ma!’ Mitch slipped into his chair, darting furious glances at his smirking brothers from under lowered brows. The young son of the O’Rourke family had a hot temper and he was easy to set off. They just smiled the broader, which infuriated him all the more. `Quiet down boys’ � his father Darach’s first words. The five instantly came to attention and reverently bowed their heads along with mother and sister as he read grace over their table. Mother � Augusta – and his sis, got up and began bringing the meal from the kitchen. With six enormous men plus the two women, it was a typically huge meal. A 25 lb. Turkey, killed and plucked that very morning by his dad, and platters of sides elicited hungry grunts from the brothers, as both parents rolled their eyes and Angela looked away laughing. They all tucked in and an hour or so later sat back, stuffed as the turkey had been. As the boys began standing to go take a stroll around the ranch over cigars, they were stopped by their mother `Mitchell, as you were a bad boy today, you’ll wash the dishes while yer brother’s go take their exercise.’ `Aw ma!’ was met with kocaeli escort gales of delighted laugher from his brothers, and even dad couldn’t help but crack a smile. Angela chimed in `Ma, let him go, you’re awfully hard on Mitch. He hasn’t seen the boys in more than two weeks, and you know how much he has to work.’ His brothers smirking expectantly savoring the whuppin he was getting from ma. A long pause ensued. Augusta, looking at each of her enormous boys one by one and with a shrug, slowly smiled. `OK, yet again you get out of trouble that you don’t deserve to get out of.’ With a hurried, `thank you mom, I’ll never do it agin ma` Mitch started to rise from his chair as fast as he could, then stopped along with everyone else as the sound of an engine grew louder, a car pulling up to the house. All exchanged quizzical glances. The parking area was quite a way off. The door slammed loudly and a moment later, their distant cousin Ernest � Ernie – sourly entered the room. Skinny and pale, he looked around with a sneer on his ugly mug and sat down. `What’s wrong with you people, with parking so far away. I’m not here for exercise. Where’s dinner Aggie. The men winced as their mother was addressed so disrespectfully. `OK, so I’m a little late. Jesus Christ, what a fuss about nothing. At `Jesus Christ, they all stiffened. Eldest brother Manus face began to darken. Next oldest brother Seamus’ almost snarled. Third oldest brother Searlas’ eyes blazed with fury. Fourth oldest brother Eckhardt shoved his chair back violently. Mitch turned to Ernie with fury blackening his face `How dare you, you pitiful loser.’ `The boys are acting up ‘agin’ Rach, you better start teaching them manners.’ Darach, the father, looked at his thankfully distant relation and replied with quiet dignity. `It ain’t my boys that need teaching manners, Ernest.’ `Oh Christ’ � again a stiffening all around � `give me something to eat. It isn’t enough that I had to fight my way out of your damn rose garden’ was met by a shocked reaction from all. Quickly rising, the father hurried to his wife’s side and threw a big arm around her shoulder. Trembling, their mother stood to be comforted in her husband’s strong arms. Angela rushed to her mother’s side to help her her father ease her out of the room and up the stairs. They could all here Augusta quietly crying. `Mom began that garden she loved so much when I was born’ Manus hissed out. You broke her heart.’ Indifferently shrugging his shoulders, Ernie sauntered into the kitchen to get something to eat as the brothers exchanged furious looks. `It’s time to teach that swine some good manners brothers,’ again from Manus. They all growled out their whole-hearted agreement. `I’ll kill that fuck with my bare hands’ said Mitch. `No Uinseann, we’ll just beat the snot outta him’ and Mitch immediately bowed his head in obedience to his eldest brother. Stuffing food in his thin, bloodless mouth, Ernie returned, glancing ironically at the brothers one by one. `Mamma’s boys got their panties in a bunch, eh.’ Grow up you Neanderthals, this isn’t 1960.’ When stony silence continued, again the little fuck shrugged his shoulders in contempt and quickly finished eating. `Show me around this worthless stretch of nothing as I’m stuck here.’ The brothers one by one, gigantic men all, waited for Ernie to join them for some `exercise.’ Walking towards the mountains that rose in snow blanketed splendor far behind the house, and toward the lake in the near distance Ernie remarked `what a good developer could make of all this useless land.’ The four elder brothers each fished a cigar out, and quizzically looked at Mitchell Tuathal Uinseann. Green from his three-cigar night, Mitch blanched and declined. `Cigars! Neanderthals’ Ernie sneered, `shit, I forgot my cigarettes.’ Nearing the lake, Ernie was breathing hard. A nice day for mid October, it was still Montana brisk and he was so out of shape a walk like this was more than he could take. Manus, Seamus, Searlas and Eckhardt stopped and slowly turned back to face Ernie as they fired up their stogies. Quickly moving behind, Mitchell Tuathal Uinseann grabbed and twisted his arms behind his back wanting to rip them out of their sockets. The brothers started punching him, everywhere but his face. Gut, chest, even neck, butt and especially balls, were punched, kicked and stomped. Squealing like a pig to slaughter, Manus sat down on a log as Seamus slowly snaked his heavy belt from his drawers. Roughly wrangling the furious but impotently struggling Ernie over towards the impassive waiting Manus, Searlas undid the worms belt and top button. Jerking down the fly, he yanked his pants down exposing his pale white naked ass and skinny little dick. Mitch forced him down with a fist clenched in his hair, butt up over Manus’ knees. `Hey Ernie, did you know that Manus means `Great,’ and that Seemus means `Supplanter,’ or that Searlas means `Man,’ or my name, Eckhardt, means `Strong. Point of a sword’ or that Tuathal Uinseann means `Ruler of the people. Conquerer?’ `Nah, didn”t think so. But, now yer gonna learn why we got them names.’ `Listen up Ernest, cuz this is gonna hurt a lot, or a real lot. It’s all up to you’ Manus informed him. `Fuck off you jerk and let me go!’ Mitch yanked him by the hair and was swinging a big arm back, biceps bulging and knotted a mighty fist, but Manus stopped him with `no Mitchell, No visible marks.’ Very reluctantly Mitch stopped and obeyed his eldest brother but kept his hand knotted viciously in the worm’s hair keeping him firmly over Manus’ knee. I’m gonna beat your like you never been beat and like you should have been long since, and you are gonna count off each wallop with a `thank you Sir’ after each. No `counted numbers,’ no `thank you, Sir’ and I’m a gonna start all over. You got that � you fucking, worthless excuse for a man. You EVER insult our mother or father again, and darıca escort I swear I. Will. Kill. You. The four other brothers growled out their insistence that they too would be part of the execution squad. Raising a huge O’Rourke arm as high as it would go, Seamus slipped the doubled over belt into his eldest brother’s hand. TWACK! Ernie screamed and tried to buck off, with Mitch yanking him brutally by his hair. `What, no `response?’ Manus asked with low intensity. `You dirty fucks!’ TWWWACK! `One!’ `Stupid fuck.’ TWACCKK! `One. Thank you, Sir! TWWAACCKK! `Two. Thank you, Sir.’ TWWACCK! `Three. Thank you, Sir! By now the piece of shit was crying. TWAACKK! `Four. Thank you, Sir! was blubbered out as he began sobbing. `TWWACCK! `Five. Thank youuuuuu, Sir! Oh please stop, pleeese! TWWACCK! `Six. Thannnkkkk you, Sir! Could barely be heard as he started to howl low in agony. Mitch, use yer other `Neanderthal’ paw and cover this coward’s mouth. Mitch slammed his hand down and started smearing the pig’s dripping snot all over his face then clamped it down over his mouth. TWWACCCK! Mitch removed his hand so Ernie could whimper out his `Seven! Thank you, Sir! as Mitch ground his hand down again. TTWWAACCK! `Eight. Thank you, Sir! mumbled out from under Mitch’s paw. TWWAACCKK! `Nine. Thank you, Sir! Screamed the pig as Mitch lifted then slammed back his hand. TWWACCK! `Ten. Thank you, SIR!!!!! Then, Manus roughly shoved him off his lap onto the ground. They stood over him smoking their big cigars as he cried like a girl. their contemptuously fury not half done. Mitch was regretting refusing a stogie, but they were working now, and there was no time for that. Mitch raised Ernie’s head and spat full in his face. Yanking him up, they roughly pulled his clothes off. Blubbering and trying to cover his skinny little cock, Eckhardt growled `Manus’ you said no visible marks, right?’ and kicked him viciously in the balls raising Ernie right off the ground. Seamus swung his fist back and it connected with a thud in the pig’s gut. Shoving Ernie on his back, Searlas ground the sole of the boot that he had intentionally dirtied with fresh horse shit every time he encountered it – in his face. `lick it clean you scum’ as he ground horse shit all over Ernie, crushing his mouth and face. Then they all joined in kicking the quivering bag of shit at their feet, cigars glowing furiously. `Remember, don’t punch or kick its face. Ma and Pa can’t know anything about this’ Manus ordered and was instantly obeyed. `Mitch, drop yer drawers.’ Ernie’s eyes widened in horror as he saw it. `No!, No! For God’s sake No! he squealed. ‘`fer God’s sake?’ Ernie, Manus spat out, `the Great and Mighty God, the God of Battle you blasphemed against in from of our Mother and Father? No, God turns his thunder on you, worm. We are his servants and his mighty arms, and there, in front of you, his great weapon of retribution.’ Mitchell’s three elder brothers deep bass voiced ‘Amen.’ Eckhardt took Mitch’s colossus in both his huge hands and began masturbating his younger brother to full erection. His cock hurt bad, it had been chewed up from fucking nine tight holes the night before, but he was determined to do his duty to his revered parents and his mightly brothers and his terrible God of Vengence. Erect, the other boys grabbed Ernie and stretched him over the log and Mitch rammed the whole man’s wrist thick 15 inches in in one unlubricated slam. He fucked him to kill him as Ernie started screaming till Seamus slapped a big paw over his mouth, sufforcating himm till Manus growled out ‘No’ to be instantly obeyed. Two of the brothers yanked him back by his legs towards them as Manus wrapped a mighty fist around the worm’s little balls and started squeezing. When the nuts were tight and red-black in the sack as Semus swung back and started punching them hard while Mitch relentlessly fucked him bloody. `Take it, you little fag! Mitch growled. At `fag’ the other brothers really let him have it. Finally, shooting a load that was no pleasure, but deeply satisfying, Mitch spat out `I shot my sperm in yer worthless faggot guts. Never, and I mean NEVER talk back to any of us ever agin.’ Getting no reply he rammed it in brutally as Ernie whimpered out `yes Sir, yes SIR!!!! over and over, crying, snot and horse shit dripping off his face. They were all unzipped with huge flaccid O’Rourke cocks out, and each in turn yanked him over, stuck their thick dicks in and pissed mightily. When it was Mitchell’s turn, he tilted Ernie’s face to him `Look up fag, the whole time.’ Shoving his shit smeared cock in Ernie’s retching mouth, he too pissed then shoved it down his throat. When the struggling stopped, Mitchell pulled out and they dragged him to the lake and shoved his head deep under the water, rough hands brutally wiping the piss and shit from his choking face. Then they dunked his lower body in, laughing contemptuously and washed the blood and semen from his welted, burning red ass. His teeth chattering from the freezing water, Ernie started to dress himself, crying all the time. Mitch stripped and dove in the icy water, invigorated and glowing. He swam as he brothers laughed. `Wit all that hair, must have a polar bear in his lineage’ Searlas affectionally offered. `Nah, a horse like that stallion of his’ Eckhardt replied with a smile. I could barely lift that dick of his gettin him ready.’ Laughing too as his brothers poked affectionate and admiring fun at him, while he swam he thought of Bruce and his dong started to glow. Diving under the ice water and using his will power he got his cock down and came to shore dripping, and dressed. As they strolled back, Manus looped and tightened Seamus’ belt around Ernie neck and ordered him to beg forgiveness from their parents, and to pay for, and with his own hands replant their Mother’s rose garden. They all dangerously growled out their gölcük escort agreement. `Sirs, yes Sirs’ elicited satisfied grunts from around their cigars. Walking by the horse paddock, seeing Mitch, his stallion Bucephalus happily trotted over. As Mitch stroked his muzzle, the horse’s gross monster slowly grew and snaked out of its sheath, hanging down obscenely as he began blasting out a mighty piss. ‘Mitchell, Earnie, git in there and you, faggot, hold both cocks to compare, ordered Manus. Seamus went with them, his belt choking tight around Ernie’s throat. As Mitch stood next to his horse’s rear, `Kneel down Earnie, an git a better look’ as the brother’s guffawed menacingly. `They’re pretty close, eh Ernie?’ asked Eckhardt. Grimacing, and holding Michell’s glorious flaccid gnarled cock in one and Bucephalus’ slimy one in the other hand, the newly-made fag replied with a meek `Sir, yes Sir.’ `Bend over fag, and kiss the cock that fucked you bloody and made you into a pussy, and thank him.’ Manus ordered. Ernie bent down and kissed along the shaft. `Thank you Sir.’ Damn fuckin right faggot’ Mitch snarled out as he hardened and lengthened. Manus ordered `Git yer tongue up in his hood and clean him more. Serve him proper fag.’ Now kiss his horse’s cock. Lick it. Suck his horse’s cock, git em off.’ Bucephalus neighed, trembling. `Keep our little brother’s meat in yer hand while you suck off his horse fag, or we’ll go over you agin, only worse – we’ll all fuck you. Shove him up on the horse cock Seamus.’ Seamus tightened his belt around the fag’s neck, snickering around his glowing cigar jutting out next to the fag’s head, and forced him up on the horse dick stinking of piss. Ernie had no choice and obediently held Mitchell’s hard fat organ in a trembling little hand as he gagged on horse cock. `Go back and forth suckin fag,’ Manus continued. Mitchell bent down so his organ was near the same height and angle as that of his horse. The brother’s laughed uproariously around their stogies. Seamus, hold the fag by the head and work him back and forth, deep on both their cocks. Two incredibly gigantic cocks, side by side one a horse one a man-horse � they were pretty damn close in size. Ernie was being forced up and down as man and his horse were serviced proper by a low fag. Both man and horse trembling, but with power, not terror. Bucephalus began shooting as Seamus held Ernie rammed up on his cock, his muscles bulging, the fags throat contracting and expanding as he was forced to swallow an endless load of horse seed. `Ram him on Tuathal Uinseann, make him take it all.’ Seamus forced the fag’s head up on his brother’s schlong till his nose was crushed in Mitch’s gut and the big guy began to buck his own horse seed into the fag’s stomach. Seamus slowly pulled Ernie off ordering `mouth it, suck it, clean up our little brother good. Worship cock and man, then thank him fer makin you a fag.’ Ernie did, as Mitch used his hand to cup up horse and man seed dripping all over Ernie’s face and force it in the fag’s mouth with his thick fingers, standing there in his glorious manhood. The men tossed their stogies as they neared the house – ma didn’t approve. Easily shoving Ernie’s car back out of the rose garden, they roughly cleaned him up with whatever they could find. Then, with rough hands on his shoulders, they frog marched him back to the house. ‘We are gonna be standing here, at the foot of the stairs, and yer goin up. We better hear plenty about what a new-made ‘man’ you are, Ernie when you come down. Or else.’ Up the stairs he went and meekly knocked on the senior O’Rourke’s door. Their father gave low voiced permission and he entered, head bowed. All was quiet for a long time as the brothers glowered down below. Angela exited the room and came down the stairs with a wondering look. ‘It is amazing, Ernest is like…a new man. He apologized so sweetly and sincerely that he even began crying as he did. Mother was really touched and embraced him. She even made a joke to cheer him up teasing that he must have had a great time with her boys as he was so rumpled and smelled a bit of…nature. I’ve never seen so complete a transformation.’ Ernest came down stairs and one by one bowed and shook the hands of his cousins, respectfully thanking them for their hospitality, then looking down again, quietly left. Angela went back upstairs as Darach descended. He looked hard in each of their eyes ‘I suppose it was you all that taught yer cousin good manners.’ ‘Yes, Pa’ said Manus quietly. They shifted uneasily expecting his wrath. Instead, he took each boy into his arms in a crushing embrace. ‘My boys are good boys, they do what is right and proper. I’m proud of my sons.’ Glowing, they thanked him for his favor and blessing, and for being the great man he was. ‘I hope you didn’t hurt him too bad, or do anything improper.’ ‘Nah dad, it was nothin at all, just some talk and a little, ah, horse play’ said Mitchell trying to keep a straight face as his brothers, behind him and dad smirked, eyes sparkling. ‘Yer mother is tired, boys, so you’d better go about yer buisness and give her goodbye kiss next time.’ ‘Yes Pa’ all intoned in unison. Walking down to their various cars, trucks and SUV’s, they quietly chatted. ‘See you all next Sunday if not before’ said Manus, continuing, ‘and you Mitchell, don’t do what you did today, or most any other Sunday. Git here early or you’ll have me to contend with.’ ‘Seamus, Searlas and Eckhardt all concured. ‘Awww, gimme a break.’ They all laughed, then shook hands and parted. The two eldest, married boys, drove off to their homes, far away, but still on the family property. the two younger boys, single, strolled to the barn to finish up work. Mitchell drove back to his place in Kalispell. He had a hard week ahead of him, doing double shifts for a couple of his trooper buddies off on vacation. When work was done, and after next Sunday’s dinner and mass, feeling the onset of a rugged Montana winter and snow in the air, Mitch was gonna take his own week off and spend it in the family cabin, way up the North Fork Road, northwest of Polebridge. Little Bruce was gonna have to wait.

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