11 Mayıs 2023

Bull’s eye!


I had been thinking about it and reached a decision. It was high time to bed Ingrid. I knew her for some time now, and the thought of her haunted me continuously. Oh, oh, oh, what a beautiful chick she was! Tall and blonde; a slender neck (she usually wears her hair pinned up high); clear blue eyes, sensual lips, beautiful big breasts, exquisite tall legs. Everything, really everything about her was desirable. And she radiated sex! She usually wore clothes that accentuated her beauty well, and high stiletto heels on her feet that made her wiggle seductively when she walked. And an inviting smile, or at least, I hoped I could interpret it like that.Of course, I should have had her a long time before. I’m not a man to waste a chance of sex when I think I see it. But well, the right opportunity never presented itself. I had made her acquaintance at a dancing school, where I certainly hadn’t wasted the opportunity to flirt with her a little. She had seemed receptive to that too. But there were always other people around. We had phoned each other a couple of time for a date (she also phoned me, that was encouraging), but every time something interfered. She couldn’t make herself available at the times that I could, or it was the other way around, or there were still others about.Especially a certain guy named Jan, also from the dancing school, was continually circling around her. He wanted her too, that was clear. Sometimes I even wondered if he had already acquired the place in her life (in her arms and her cunt, I mean) that I wanted.This time, I had gone to her place just to take a chance. I had greeted her with my usual sigh, “Oh Ingrid, how beautiful you are today!” She had thanked me, blushing heavily, and I enjoyed the ticking sound of her high heels on the stone floor, as she walked before me to the living room. She looked as if she was all ready for it. Swaying buttocks, a sexy narrow skirt, a seductive smile when she looked at me over her shoulder.But who do you think was there sitting on the couch? This Jan again! Damn! No chance again! But Ingrid smiled very sweetly at me, and seemed glad to see me.Well, I might just as well try to have a nice evening anyway. The subject of their conversation had been rather fitting, women and sex! I did feel a bit uneasy when I wondered why they had been talking about that. Had she made herself so sexy for Jan?Ah, no, I thought immediately. She always looks so gorgeous. Ümraniye Escort She’s awfully attractive and wants men to see that, too!Well, the subject of women and sex was a good point to join in the conversation. I enjoy it very much when a woman has such a sensual radiance about her, and I made her feel that with a few well-placed remarks. It’s a specialty of mine, if I may say so myself, to make flirtatious jokes, not coarse but light and witty, to make a woman feel she’s appreciated. If she is susceptible for that, that can be a prelude to a lot of pleasure. And susceptible she was, I could see it in her eyes. But it was a pity that there was also a rival present.Then a very hot thought crossed my mind. Why not openly try to win her favour, even if there’s another guy about who is clearly after the same thing? Maybe we could have a threesome?I decided to take a chance, and proposed we would play a game of strip poker. Ingrid looked a bit startled, but she also seemed thrilled. And Jan liked the idea too! I didn’t yet know where this would lead eventually, but things seemed to get moving.But Ingrid, who is not naïve at all, understood very well what we were both after, and she refused. She didn’t like threesomes, she said. I already saw my little plan go up in smoke.But then Jan suddenly made an astonishing proposal. He suggested she’d pick one of us! For as he said, arithmetically completely correct, “Then only one man will remain unsatisfied, but otherwise all three of us!”What was he thinking of!? Did he want to heat up the rivalry between the two of us? Well, it was clearly a way to persuade her to have sex, so of course I supported his proposal. I found it a very hot idea anyway, to have two men competing for a woman, and one of them wins and the other one loses!Yes, but what about Ingrid? I had no idea if she’d like such a game at all. But even before she spoke, I already saw it excited her.She even added a little hot idea of her own to it. She asked if the loser would have to look on. It was very clear we had touched a chord that had not yet been heard before.Why, yes, seeing her have sex would be second best of course! Although quite a lot removed from the first best, having sex with her.And she went even further! She was willing to play the game, she said, but then the guy to be left out shouldn’t be allowed to masturbate either.“Maybe you find it cruel, but if you want Ümraniye Escort Bayan to make our little game really exciting for me … Do both of you promise?”Oh God, what a hot proposal! Especially because of the element of uncertainty involved, but also because the idea of such a kinky game evidently turned her on.Of course we both promised to do as she asked! She smiled most dazzlingly at us two, and that way one of the hottest adventures of my life began.To start, we both wanted her naked, of course. We were good partners in the game, Jan and I. The first three rounds were for one of us two. We were not allowed to touch her as yet.But slowly, like a most accomplished stripper, she first put off her skirt. And we could see she wasn’t wearing pantyhose, but two nylon stockings with a suspender belt. Just as we’d love to see her. A wild girl, this Ingrid!The second time she had to put off her blouse, and she was sitting before us in her bra and panties. Her flimsy bra and almost-nothing panties. Of course we let her keep on her nylons and high heels, that goes without saying. And I saw in her eyes that this thrilled her because she knew it thrilled us.Then we managed to get the bra off, before she finally won a round for the first time. Oh what gorgeous tits. Big, full, with inviting erect nipples!We showed more and more of our bodies each time. Ingrid managed to keep on her panties for a long time, but eventually Jan and I got those off her as well.At last she had wanted to loosen her hair, but Jan preferred her to keep it pinned up.“It’s such a lovely sight to see your smooth neck, and your ears!”I agreed with that. It was a delightful sight, the smooth skin of that beautiful tall slender neck of hers. Besides, there was something about her pinned-up hair, I’m not sure exactly what. Seemingly neat, but glamorous and voluptuous at the same time, like Grace Kelly when she had her hair up. She smiled warmly at Jan for his suggestion. And her neck remained bare.And there we were. Jan and I could not keep our eyes off the sight of her luscious naked body. Glorious! Even if she wouldn’t choose me, it was already a very special treat to see her like that!She sat next to me on the couch, to the right, her legs pulled up under her, her left arm leaning loosely on the back of the couch. Her big breasts pointed forward pertly, and beneath them you could see her white, slightly curvaceous Escort Ümraniye belly. And her full thighs had parted a little, giving me a most pleasant look between them. Beneath that, her nylon stockings, contrasting very titillatingly with the white skin of her legs’ upper parts.I saw her calves’ curve, her feet with the stiletto heels. And all that luxury at a distance of only three feet! Oh God, those three feet between us, I just couldn’t bear it anymore! Please, let her choose now! I could not restrain myself anymore and asked her who it was going to be.But she wasn’t going to give in to that. Worse still, Jan and I would have to wait at least an hour longer, she said. But she was willing to play some more games with us.I proposed to go on with the game, but now the winner could demand other things from her than putting of a piece of clothing. For I felt a very pressing need in my loins to be able to touch that gorgeous body.But she wasn’t going to allow that easily either. She told us only she could give orders to be touched. We were might ask her permission to touch her body, but she’d have the final say.What a delightful, subtle slut! She wanted to drive us crazy first!Well, we were playing again. Jan was the first to receive an order. My heart pounded in my throat. What would she do? Would he be the first she’d allow to touch her?But she only let him pour another glass of wine for her.Then I won! And I let her play with her breasts. She had to massage them, and rub her nipples with her finger tips.I had made a good move, for I could see this excited her very much. The rosy blush on her cheeks deepened, as did her breathing, and she had that soft, languorous look in her eyes that shows that a woman is erotically intensely stimulated.It even looked as if she might come, and I couldn´t help myself and asked her about it. It would have been better to keep mu mouth shut, for then she stopped rubbing her breasts. What a pity … but of course the evening was not over yet.Jan won the next round. He wanted to kiss her legs! Oh yes, I would love to do that too. And she said yes to him, too! Jan’s heart probably pounded as much as mine.But he was only allowed to kiss her heels. That seemed rather humiliating to me, and I wondered if I could bear to get such an order from her. But he did what she told him, softly and tenderly, with loving attention, he kissed her elegant high heels.The fourth round! She won, and I was the lucky loser. Well, it was not yet clear what she would do. Maybe she would tantalize me in the same way as she had tantalized Jan.But no, the game was really moving forward. I was allowed to kiss her neck, and even her breasts!I started at the spot in her neck right below her left earlobe.

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