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Subject: Caleb Mclaughlin Comes out Caleb Mclaughlin, star of the show, Stranger Things, was on the phone with his friend, Asante Black when, out of nowhere, he blurts out, “I’m gay!” His eyes widen and the voices in his head start talking to him all at once. Before Asante can respond, Caleb hangs up and throws his phone across the room. “What the hell have I just done?” He asked no one in particular. On top of everything, now, he has a stomachache the size of Texas. He runs into the bathroom and throws up in the toilet. He is truly scared to death. “What have I done?” He shakes his head and goes back into his bedroom. “Maybe things will be better in the morning.” The next day, he hears beeping from somewhere. Then he remembers that he tossed his phone. So, he goes to the other side of the room, where he tossed it. He finds his phone buried deep in a pile of clothes. He checked his phone and noticed that Asante had tried to reach him three times. The last time, he left a message. As Caleb looked at his phone, his stomach started to hurt, again. He knew he was gonna have to deal with this sooner or later. He listened to his messages and prayed. Asante said he wanted to talk to him around noon. “That’s in an hour.” Caleb thought as he looked at his watch. “I’d better get going.” Fifty minutes later, he parked his car near Runyon Canyon. Usually, this spot was busy as hell. Today was Sunday, so, the place was like a ghost town. He waited around nervously. “Where is he?” He thought to himself. He was about to give up and leave when he saw Asante’s car pulling into the parking lot. Asante pulled in next to him and got out of his car. Asante looked at Caleb as he got out of his car and said, “We gotta talk.” Asante looked Caleb over as Caleb stood there, nervous as hell. “I have one question for you.” Asante said. “Did you mean what you said on the phone the other night.” Caleb was to scared to answer the question, so, he said nothing. “Are you gay?” Caleb opened his mouth to speak… but nothing came out. He tried again. Still, nothing came out. Then, suddenly, a tear ran down his face. He felt like his world was coming down around his ears and there wasn’t shit he could do to prevent it. Asante did the only thing he knew to do. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Caleb. “It’s gonna be alright, man.” He said. Caleb felt good wrapped in Asante’s strong, muscular arms. Caleb looked into Asante’s eyes. Then, suddenly, Asante leaned over and kissed Caleb, gently, on the lips. Caleb looked at Asante. “I’m sorry, man.” Asante began. “I just…” Before he could finish, Caleb kissed his lips softly. When he came back up for air, Caleb had a grin on his face the size of Texas! “Let’s, at least, take this to the car.” Asante suggested. So, the y hopped into Asante’s car. Asante looked at Caleb, leaned over and kissed him again. All of a sudden, Caleb felt his face getting hot. “Have you ever sucked a dick?” Caleb was shocked by the question. “Um… no one has ever asked me that before.” He said. “No, I’ve never done it before, but I’m willing to give it a try.” So, Asante unzipped his pants and slid them down around his ankles. Then, he reached into his boxers and pulled out his dick. Caleb’s eyes got real wide. “How big is that thing?” Asante looked at his dick, stroked it a bit and said, nonchalantly, “Oh, about nine inches…. Give or take an inch or two.” Caleb began to drool. He quickly wiped away the drool before Asante could see it. “Would you like to have etlik escort a taste?” Asante asked. Without hesitation, Caleb began to lick Asante’s dick like an ice cream cone! “Oooh, damn, that feels nice!” The more Caleb licked on his dick; the hotter Asante got. “Mmmm!” Caleb was really enjoying Asante’s long dick. “Oooh, boy!” As he sucked Asante’s dick, Caleb felt Asante’s hand slide down into his pants and underwear. As he continued to suck Asante’s dick, he unbuttoned his pants, allowing Asante to get more of his hand down his pants. Then, suddenly, he felt Asante’s hand on his ass cheek. “You gone let me feel that ass properly?” So, Caleb stood up in the car (as much as he could) and slid his pants and underwear down around his ankles. “Why don’t you get out the car and show me what you’re working with.” Asante suggested. Caleb hesitated, looking around. “Come on, no one is around.” Caleb knew he could get caught… and that’s what made him do it. He got out of the car and stripped from the waist down. Asante looked at Caleb and smiled. “Give us a little spin. Let me see that ass.” Caleb turned his back on Asante, bent over and showed him his whole entire ass! Asante stepped out of his car and walked over to Caleb. He gently caressed Caleb’s ass cheeks and said, “You got a nice firm ass.” Then he noticed that Caleb’s dick was hard. He also noticed Caleb looking around, as if he was looking for something. Then it hit him. He knew why Caleb was looking around and he knew why Caleb’s dick was hard. He bent over and whispered. “That’s right, man. At any moment, someone could catch you out here, half naked!” Caleb turned his head, looking at Asante. Caleb had the biggest grin on his face! “You want someone to catch us, don’t you?” Asante asked. “You want someone to see you naked out here.” Asante looked around. There were a few people around. “Why don’t you take off that shirt and really get naked.” Without hesitation, and, with a little delight, Caleb took his shirt off. “Now, you really naked!” Asante grinned a mischievous grin. “YOU HERE THAT WORLD? CALEB MCLAUGHLIN IS BUTTER BALL NAKED!” Asante said that last statement so loud, people who were running the stairs stopped and looked around. Instinctually, Caleb covered his dick and balls. Asante grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. “Naw, man,” He said. “Let’s let the world see what you’re working with!” As Asante held him down, Caleb’s dick got rock hard! “Damn, Caleb, man! Look at that hard dick!” While one hand was holding Caleb’s arms behind his back, Asante’s other hand grabbed Caleb’s dick and stroked it slowly. “Noo…Oooh, fuck!” Caleb moaned, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. “Mmmmm!” “You ready for me to plow that ass?” Asante whispered into Caleb’s ear. “You gonna fuck me deep?” Caleb asked. “I’m gonna fuck you so deep,” Asante said. “People gone ask you why you’re walkin’ funny!” “Then, fuck my ass, nigga!” Caleb said. “Come with me.” Asante said as he grabbed Caleb by the arm. He lead him to the hood of his car. “Now, assume the position!” Caleb bent over the car as if he were being frisked by the po-po. “Damn, that ass is fine!” Asante said. Then… SMACK! Caleb nearly dropped to his knees; not because it hurt but, because it got him so damn hot! Then Asante gently slid his finger up Caleb’s hole. He smiled when he felt Caleb’s ass lips tighten around his finger. “Oh yea! You’re definitely ready for this dick.” Asante, smoothly, slid his dick ankara escort bayan up Caleb’s tight hole. “Ooh, fuck!” Caleb moaned. It was a tight fit but, it felt so damn good. “Oooh!” “Hey, Caleb.” Asante said. “Look to your left.” When Caleb looked, he saw a couple of brothas looking at him like he was lunch. “You think they want piece of your fine ass?” “Mmmm.” Caleb moaned. Inside, however, he was thinking about those dudes having their way with him. “What if I asked them to come over here and fuck you stupid?” Asante asked. “would you like that?” The thought of having those dudes fuck him silly really turned Caleb on. As he continued to fuck Caleb, Asante reached around and grabbed Caleb’s hard dick. “My guess is,” Asante said. “Is that you’d like that a lot!” Asante stroked Caleb’s dick as he fucked him deep. Caleb looked over at the guys. One of the guys was stroking the bulge in his pants and Caleb licked his lips. “Don’t worry, man. They got next.” Asante felt something wet on his hands as he stroked Caleb’s dick. “What the…?” He said, surprised. He looked at his hands. It was cum. “Man, you came on my hands!” “I’m s…” Caleb began. Before he could finish his sentence, Asante smeared the cum all over his mouth! Asante fucked Caleb harder and deeper. “FFUUCCKK!” He heard the guys snickering. “Homie’s hole is hella deep, ya’ll!” He called out to them. “Like a girl’s pussy!” He grabbed Caleb by the shoulders to get more leverage. “MMMMM!” Caleb cried out. “FUCK ME!” “Oh, I’m gonna fuck you, alright.” Asante said. “Get on your hands and knees.” Caleb quickly got down on his hands and knees. Asante slid his dick back up Caleb’s hole. “MMMMM!” Caleb moaned loudly, which attracted more people. Suddenly, Asante noticed someone in the crowd that was now gathering. It was Christian Keyes, one of the stars from the show, “Saints and Sinners.” As he watched Caleb getting fucked good, Christian caressed the bulge that had formed in his pants. Asante saw Caleb was looking at and smiled. “You like Christian, don’t you?” He asked. Caleb just turned to him and smiled. “Why don’t you call him over here?” Caleb’s dick dripped cum as he considered calling Christian over. Then… SMACK! “I said, call him over!” Asante demanded. He fucked him even harder to make his point. So, Caleb did what he had to do. “Christian… Christian Keyes!” He said breathlessly. Christian smiled as he walked through the crowd. “What do you want, young man?” Christian asked. “He wants to suck your dick.” Asante said. “Real bad.” Christian looked around for a moment. “Sure, why not.” Christian said as he slid his sweatpants down and pulled out his dick. Caleb AND Asante’s eyes bugged when they saw Christian’s dick; it was huge as fuck! Christian sensed the question weighing on their minds. “It’s ten inches, fellas.” Caleb licked his lips and smiled. Christian looked down at Caleb. “Would you like a taste?” Caleb shook his head. “Hunh? What was that? I didn’t hear you. Speak up, man!” “Yes, I would like a taste.” Caleb said quietly. “Naw, man. I still can’t hear you.” Christian said. “SPEAK UP!”: “I wanna taste that dick!” Caleb said, loudly. This time, it was loud enough for the entire crowd to hear him. Christian looked around, grinning from ear to ear. So, got in front of Caleb as Caleb opened his mouth. Then, he slapped Caleb across the face with his dick. Caleb tried desperately to catch the dick in his mouth. The more Christian played keep away with his dick, the more sincan escort Caleb wanted his dick. Then, suddenly, he got a hold of that dick and would not let go. He sucked on that dick like it was his last me. “Oh, fuck!” Christian exclaimed. “This nigga can suck a dick!” Meanwhile, at the other end of Caleb, Asante was slamming his dick up Caleb’s tight hole like he was trying to destroy it for good. Caleb’s body shook every time Asante slammed his dick up his ass. “MMMMFFF!” Caleb moaned. “Hush boy!” Asante admonished as he slapped Caleb’s firm ass cheek. “Slap that ass, again!” Christian said. So, Asante slapped Caleb’s ass again. “HARDER!” Then, he slapped Caleb’s ass cheek with all his might, leaving one hell of a handprint on his ass! “MMMMFFF!” Caleb moaned. “Damn, that shit hurt!” He thought. “I hope he does it again!” Asante didn’t do it again. This time, he reached around roughly fondled Caleb’s nipples. Caleb tried to protect his nipples but, Christian saw what was happening and grabbed him by his wrists and held them over his head. This allowed Asante to fondle Caleb’s body at will. “MMMFFF!” Caleb moaned. Both Asante and Christian just laughed. As he was being fondled, Caleb’s dick sprayed cum all over the ground. “MMMFFFF!” “Damn, this ass is good!” Asante said, sweat dripping from his forehead. “Fuck!” He was really enjoying Caleb’s warm, wet hole. “Tight and wet. Better than a pussy!” Then, suddenly, Christian lifted Asante’s head up and kissed him gently on the lips. Asante tried to play it off but, he couldn’t. That kiss went through him like an electrical current. It took him a second to get himself together. When he did, he fucked Caleb’s hole even harder than before. “Damn, dude! Fuck that hole!” Christian encouraged. “Fuck him down!” “I wonder what Asante’s booty looks like?” Christian wondered. So, he pulled his dick out of Caleb’s mouth and said, “I’ll be right back.” He walked around Asante and good look at his ass. It was firm and muscular, just the way he liked `em. He reached over and caressed Asante’s ass. “You ever been fucked before?” Asante looked at Christian and shook his head, “No”. “Damn, that’s too bad.” Chris said. “Maybe, one day, I rectify that situation.” He slapped Asante’s ass hard. Suddenly, Asante felt himself about to erupt! As soon as he slid his dick out of Caleb’s ass, Asante roared like a damn lion. “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He roared aloud. The cum sprayed like a hail of bullets from a machine gun, splattering on Caleb’s back and ass. Christian smiled, smacked Asante’s ass and said, “Nice job, man! You fucked him real good!” Asante smiled weakly. He was truly exhausted. “Now, why don’t you clean his ass up…” Asante looked around for something to clean Caleb up with. “I mean, clean his ass with your tongue!” Asante looked at Christian as if he were crazy. “I wanna fuck him,” Christian said. “And I don’t wanna fuck him with your cum all up on him.” Asante had to admit, that made sense. So, he bent down and began to lick up all the cum off Caleb’s sweaty booty. Inside his head, there was a war going on. One side was like, “What the fuck are you doing?” The other side was like, “Christian is fine as fuck! I’ll do whatever the fuck he says.” Can you guess which side one. One hint: Caleb’s ass was clean as a whistle! When Asante was done, Christian said, “Why don’t you go on home? I’ll take him home.” Asante looked at Caleb who was rubbing his asshole and smiling like he was drunk. Asante shrugged his shoulders and walked away, picking up his clothes AND Caleb’s as he left. Christian saw what Asante had done. “I guess you’re going home butt naked tonight.” He looked to his left and saw a bench. “But, first, I’m gonna give you a hot spanking.” To Be continued…

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