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Big Tits

Subject: Camp Somerhill (Part 1) – The Sam and Derek Story First story for Nifty. Please let me know what you think and if you would like more stories added to the collection. ail Summer season at Camp Somerhill was slowly beginning to wind down. While it was a bit unfortunate, Derek was relieved that fourteen days, five hours and six minutes from now his duties as camp counselor ends… but who’s counting? Clearly not Derek! Walking between the mess hall and the archery center to pick up the boys of his cabin, who had picked the team’s name `Terrible Tigers’ were currently ranked first place in the camp wide summer challenge and today the boys had hoped to climb to the top of the archery competition. Derek got distracted by the sound of two or maybe three faint voices a bit of distance off the trail. Rolling his eyes and thinking “this is what I get for taking the short cut…” he veered to the left, moving towards the voices. Hiding behind a tree a bit of the way from the voices he begins to make out the voices of Sam and Dylan, both from the Terrible Tigers. Derek’s skin burned, face red as he tried not to blow his fuse, thinking it is almost end of camp and they are just horsing around. What were they doing out here? Rather than darting out and taking control of the situation, Derek decided to listen. Dylan, a brown hair blue eyed boy of 12 and a half moaned “I’d love to massage those for you…” Derek’s eyes widened, unable to keep his mind from wandering and wondering what he was going to massage. Barely two seconds passed before Sam, a bit of a cocky boy of thirteen; soon to be fourteen-year belts out “Yeah, I’ll finger that pussy, get her dripping…” Derek’s jaw dropped, his face turned bright red, once again out of sheer shock and embarrassment as he realized he had stumbled across two of his Terrible Tigers chatting with a girl, on some app with a phone they know they aren’t allowed to have. Having to adjust his bulge, Derek kept listening. He had dreamed and of course came more than once or twice at the fantasy of this, however, to catch two of his boys IN THE ACT that is far different. “Let me see your thingies?” Derek managed bursa escort to make out from the girl they seemed to chatting with. “Wow! His is bigger than yours and has a huge bush!” the girl calls out. Derek strained trying to hear more, his own cock beginning to harden quickly. “I’m older!” Sam announced, his voice cracking badly “Yeah, he’s older and my cock is still wang’in big! Let’s jerk for her.” Dylan proclaims, in a seemingly proud voice. Derek can’t help but move close, right behind the boys on the other side of the tree, a bit shocked they didn’t hear him approach. “Wow, look at that precum!” the female voice calls out as Derek can hear both boys panting and stroking “I need you sitting on my dick Emily…” Sam begs. From the sound of it, Derek had to assume he was close “mmm, yeah, I want you to cum inside me…” Emily begs. Derek tried to adjust his raging boner in his pants as he slipped “ah fuck!” falling to the base of the tree. Dylan cries out “ah! It’s Derek, gotta go!!!” taking off into the woods before Derek can even get up. “Derek! What are you doing here???” Sam squeals, caught in the moment turning around to face Derek, pants tucked up under his balls and shirt dropped back covering all but his throbbing cock. Derek’s face is bright red, a clear boner bulge trailing down his shorts as he gets up, dusting himself off and looking at Sam and biting his lip. “Uh, Sam… your… wang is out.” laughing a little, admiring the oldest of his Terrible Tiger’s manhood “And… more importantly, why aren’t you at archery?” Sam had tan, almost olive colored skin from all his outdoor activities and it was tough to tell if he even blushed from the news his cock was out. Derek took a minute to take in the scene, before Sam really had time to react — Sporting a solid 6-inch-thick cock, for a boy his age without any real bulging veins that curved upwards giving Derek a perfect view of his crown jewels which weren’t much larger than olives yet and sat close to his boner. There was no way that Sam was `gay’ per se, so Derek figured he could try another approach, should Sam not freak out like Dylan. “Oh, sorry about that Derek, you know how it bursa escort bayan is though, I bet… when you get raging horny from girls. Right? Just won’t go down…” Taking a minute to tuck his package back in his basketball shorts with the tip sticking up. “I won most consecutive bulls’ eyes, so Mr. Smith said I could go back to my cabin.” Derek thought for a minute “Sam… You are in the woods… on a phone you aren’t supposed to have… showing your private parts to a girl… with another camper. That doesn’t quite cut it.” Derek leaned against a tree, as Sam stood with his arms at his sides, biting his lip ever so slightly. “I don’t see what is entirely wrong with it. We are guys, we have needs…” Sam pouts, arms on his hips as Derek can see a small bit of precum soaking through his shirt. “Sam… you know better than that. I know your old and mature enough to be able to exercise restraint. Right?” Sam hangs his head and puts his arms back at his side “Yeah… your right Derek. Dylan just told me he had this girl who really wanted to see us, and she said I was hot. Dylan said it’s not gay if a girl gets us hard even if it is two guys together. Please don’t get me in trouble…” Sam looked at Derek with pleading puppy dog eyes, however, a bit of a smirk on his lips. Derek laughs “Sam… she got me a little hard too…” showing the snake down his leg “Guess it will be our secret, ok?” Derek extends his hand to Sam, who willingly agrees “Our secret, Derek. Now do you mind if I finish off quick?” Derek’s eyes widen, seeing an opportunity to help his unsuspecting Terrible Tiger with his teenage sexual desires “Have you ever had somebody else help you cum?” Sam shakes his head, indicating a clear NO “It isn’t gay for two guys to help each other, if a girl is what got the boner going… right?” Derek smiling from ear to ear. He can see the wheels turning in Sam’s mind “No… I guess it’s not gay then…!” “Come here man… pull those pants down to your ankles” Derek growls. Nodding, Sam comes over pulling his pants down as he walks until they fall, showing his boner is still raging hard, smooth developing quads and lower legs just getting escort bursa some dark color hair on them “ugh, I really need to release!” Sam cries out, voice cracking again. Derek turns him around, Derek facing Sam from the side, his boner rubbing against Sam as he spits on his hand and slides it down gripping his Terrible Tigers raging, leaky boner “How’s this feel, Sam?” Sam closes his eyes, feeling Derek touching him is a bit euphoric and new for his teenage body “It feels amazing, Derek.” Gripping his shaft, Derek slides his hand up and down, taking a chance and sliding his other hand along the bottom of Sam’s butt under to feel his small nut sac. Sam doesn’t blink, just shakes “Yeah, you like that dick don’t you Emily. You’re going milk those nuts for me.” Derek’s eyes widen at the aggression of his camper, sliding his hand around “show me how you’d fuck Emily…” Sam grunts, thrusting into Derek’s hand, as Derek watches his perfect boy butt flexing, moving his hand back to support Sam “Oh yeah, that pussy feels so good, Emily!” panting and starting to sweat. “Take your shirt off, Sam” Derek offers, pulling it up the back of his body. Nodding Sam lifts his arms and Derek strips him, admiring his tan, lightly toned physique…and perfect ass. “Grahhhh!” Sam cries out, fucking Derek’s hand aggressively while Derek tightens his grip, blushing as Sam grabs his hand “yeah girl, you like that don’t you!!!” controlling Derek’s hand as he fucks “that’s a tight pussy I’m going to fill!” Derek keeps feeling his ass flex as Sam begins to shake, his whole-body glistening in sweat, face and neck showing the strain. Derek begins pushing back on Sam’s advances with his hand “Umpf! God, I’m going to cum!” Sam cries out ramming forward as rope after rope of thick boy seed erupts all over the ground, thick thuds audible where it lands and slowly beginning to dribble onto Derek’s hands. Sam flops against the tree, gasping, eyes closed as Derek sneaks a taste of his boy seed “Great load, Sam!” smiling from ear to ear at the aggression of his young camper. Smiling, Sam nods “yeah, told you… When I gotta finish, I gotta finish…” Derek begins to rub Sam’s sweaty chest and abs “Yeah, clearly… you’re a breeder… you know a guy has a few holes that can feel just good as a pussy…” Derek’s face turning bright red as he sees Sam’s eyes snap to him “Oh yeah? How’s that work…?

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