6 Mayıs 2023

Cara Helps Her Friend, Amy


Over the past few months, Cara had not seen her twin sister, Tara since their twentieth birthday party. Tara had transferred to a larger library on the other side of town, but Cara was still working at the shoe store. She had made several new friends who also worked at the mall, and her best friend, other than her sister, was Amy. Amy worked at the jewelry store and she and Cara had lunch often. One day, Cara was in the break room when she got a call on her cell phone from Amy. “Hey, Amy! What’s up? Do you want to get lunch today?” Cara asked. “Not today. I brought a sandwich, but I need to ask you for a really big favor.” “Sure. How can I help?” asked Cara. “It’s my boyfriend, Cara. I think he’s been cheating on me lately.” “Uh-oh, that’s not good. What makes you think he’s cheating?” She inquired. “Lately he’s been so focused on fucking my ass that he’s become mad Kurtköy Escort at me for not letting him do it. I try to give him all the sex he needs but his cock is so big that I know it would hurt if we had anal sex.” “What do you want me to do?” Cara asked, although her mind had already registered “big cock.” “I’m going to tell him that there are some boots in your store than I want for my birthday; you know, the tall black ones?” “Yeah, they’re not on display, but they’re still in stock,” Cara answered. “Great! He may not actually buy them, but when he comes in, I’d like you to flirt with him, show him some tits or leg and see if he makes a pass at you. Would you do that and then call me?” asked Amy. “Sure, Amy, no problem,” Cara answered, thinking, “Hmmm…. BIG cock…..” That afternoon a short, chunky guy came in and approached Cara. Kurtköy Escort Bayan “Hi, I’m Amy’s friend, Roger. She told me to see you about some boots she wants for her birthday.” “Hi, Roger! Just have a seat and I’ll bring them out,” said Cara.She picked up one of the black boots from the display shelf and took it over to Roger. She hiked her skirt up to the edge of her knees as she squatted down in front of him. She knew he would have a perfect view of the crotch of her panties. His eyes went right where she knew they would and he stared much longer than she thought he would or should.“Ahem…” she said, “the boot is up here,” she said with a smile as she handed it to him. He swallowed nervously and looked at the boot. “They’re nice, but how much are they?” he asked. “$450, but I think we have another style in the back that are only Escort Kurtköy $149 that I’m sure she will like just as much,” Cara offered. Cara slipped into the stock room and found the less expensive boots, which happened to be the ones that Amy wanted. She reached under her skirt, slid her panties off and stuffed them just inside the top of one of the boots. When she took it back to Roger, she hiked her skirt up again so he would look under it. She held the boot in her hands resting on the tops of her knees and told him about the qualities of the leather, etc. His ears were closed because his eyes were glued to her bald pussy. When he finally looked into her eyes she ran her hand over the leather on the boot and asked, “See how smooth and soft it is?” When he took the boot from her hands she glanced at the crotch of his pants. His erection was so big it looked like he had grown an extra leg in his crotch. Roger glanced into the boot and saw the panties. When his eyes met Cara’s she smiled and winked at him. “If you want to come into the stock room I can open the box and let you feel how soft the leather really is?” “Um…yeah, okay, that’s fine,” he said.

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