15 Mayıs 2023

CardsPart 3


Claire’s body tensed as she felt the tip of Belinda’s tongue press into her anus. Still, she could not entirely believe what was happening; how could another woman want to do such a deviant thing to her? But she was so aroused; so thrilled by Belinda’s wickedness. Each nerve ending in her body was on fire as she felt Belinda’s wet tongue pushing inside her, wriggling, opening her ring of muscle which gradually slackened as it was massaged and lubricated. Belinda worked the orbs of flesh which she gripped in her rubber clad fingers, pulling and kneading them as she wriggled her tongue in Claire’s backside. She explored the tight orifice deeply, pleased that Claire surrendered to her in this way. Claire moaned her pleasure. Belinda felt a flood of arousal course through her. It sent shivers of delight through her body, and to the tip of her tongue so deep in Claire’s arse. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed herself forward so that her lips covered Claire’s pulsing anal ring. She sucked at the warm flesh. It seemed like a blissful Anadolu Yakası Escort eternity to Claire that she pressed the side of her face against the pillows of the bed, breathing hard, letting her anal virginity be taken in this way; by an invading tongue; another woman’s tongue. She felt so dirty and wicked that a queer delight built inside her. It threatened to overwhelm her. Her throat was tight, and hurt, but in a pleasurable way, as if her pleasure might make her explode. She gripped the sheets as she grew close to orgasm. She could feel sticky love juice dripping from her pussy, like honey, onto the sheets. She felt Belinda withdraw, but the tongue was immediately replaced by two fingers sliding easily into her slick anus and curling a little inside her. The fingers pumped back and forth. She gasped. This felt like a real fucking; like her arse being fucked hard and relentlessly. This felt wonderful. She savoured the feeling of being impaled, and the thrill of wild abandoned passion, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan of surrender, and she could hear her own voice crying out and begging for more. A warm friction against her clitoris as the fingers delved into her body helped her to the very heights of arousal. “You love it don’t you?” Belinda gloated. “You want to cum like this, with my fingers fucking your bum?” “Fuck yes. Yes I do,” Claire cried out as the shivers of climax rose inexorably from deep within her body. “Fuck. I’m…I’m coming Belinda,” she gripped the sheets hard. “I’m coming!” Belinda pumped her fingers deep into Claire’s arse as fast as she could. She could see the beads of perspiration rise on Claire’s tanned skin. She could feel her anus pulse as the orgasm and pleasure took hold. Claire shook and writhed beneath her as she came, losing all her inhibitions and babbling obscenities. Belinda did not stop until Claire lay whimpering, collapsed forward onto the heavy pillows of the bed. Then she slowly Escort Anadolu Yakası withdrew her entwined fingers from between her quivering buttocks. She leaned forward so that her dark hair caressed Claire’s back, teasing her. She pressed her body close to her lover. Then she drew Claire’s blonde hair back and whispered in her ear. “I’ve dreamed about doing that to you. Since we first met I’ve been dreaming about fucking your arse like that and making you squeal. It’s your fault for wearing those tight little skirts to work, which show your knickers when you bend down. You never knew I was looking, did you? You thought it was the boys drooling over your long legs and peachy arse.” Claire shook her head. “Well you lived up to all my expectations lover,” Belinda continued. “But now I’ve got more in store for you. Now you have some things to do for me.” “Don’t you think we should stop now?” Claire pleaded, but Belinda rolled from the bed and stood before her with her hands on her hips and her legs wide apart. “I’m going for a shower while you get your breath back, and when I call for you, come to the bathroom straight away. Understand?” “Yes Belinda,” Claire whispered. Claire lay naked on the bed for some time, so nervous and excited that she hardly dared to breathe. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom opposite and she wondered what Belinda had in store for her.

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