24 Mayıs 2023

Cassie’s Birthday

Big Tits

Skylar’s POV Today is Cassie’s birthday, and I haven’t seen her since the day she let me drink from her. The aphrodisiac entered, that my venom contained, had hit her bloodstream, and we had ended up sharing a hot steamy moment. I could still remember her pressing herself to me; clinging to my body as her lower section ground against me, moans escaping those soft pouty lips of hers. If my heart still beat it would squeeze right about now just thinking about it. But as soon as I had released her and she collected herself, she left and that was that. That had been a few weeks ago. The memory of that day hasn’t left my mind; the smell of strawberries from her dark glossy hair being in my face, the feel of her petite fragile body up against mine, and the sensual sounds she made haunted my awakening dreams. I wanted her all to myself, but she never came back and I never pursued her either. She probably can’t face me since my nature drove her body to act on its’ own accord; making her do something she hadn’t wanted to do. The sound of shuffling footsteps below caught my attention, expelling me from the maddening thoughts. My cock had grown hard and had pushed itself against the seed of my pants. I shook my head, trying to concentrate on things that weren’t about Cassie, but couldn’t. “Sky!” my little sister, Kendra, called out. “Theo, Trinity, and I are heading out! We’re leaving the front door unlocked!” And then I heard the click of the front door closing behind them. I was alone. Again, my cock throbbed painfully in my trousers. I needed to release some pressure. Every time I got like this I found myself squeezing my hot member, forcing it to go away. But this time that wouldn’t work. Defeated, I went over to my personal bathroom, turned the hot water knob all the way and cranked it to max temperature. I went back into my room to grab a towel before shedding my clothes, then I entered the hot shower. The piping-hot water felt amazing on my hardened prick, and I imagined how it would feel with Cassie wrapped around it, grinding against me, hips rocking. As I imagined the scene in my head, I began stroking myself. The water made it easy for my hand to glide back and forth, driving myself to a quick and intense eruption; especially imagining Cassie cumming as I plowed deep within her walls and released my load inside her womb. Vampires could have children with humans so if it really happened, I’d for sure knock her up. The thought gave me butterflies. Cassie having my vampire hybrid child… The water washed away the load I just expelled. I press my back against the shower wall and sink to the ground, sitting there letting the hot water chase away my thoughts as well… Cassie’s POV I’m 18 today… The revelation should have brought her happiness, but ever since that moment in Skylar’s room, Cassie could find nothing to be happy about. She had wanted him desperately, her body reacted to his touch and his venom all on its own, but that was to be expected. She welcomed that feeling and let go, but she should have clamped down and remained in control. So she had ended up sexually assaulting the one guy she had felt a connection with, the one she wanted to be with, and wasn’t sure even Ankara bayan escort felt the same. Yeah, she couldn’t face him after that. Sitting in her room staring at her reflection in the mirror, which she’d been doing for about an hour, trying to find herself again, she finally stood up and went downstairs where her family waited. They were throwing a small birthday celebration for her, consisting only the four of them; Jill had made the professional-looking cake, Michael and Gordon had been the ones to set up the decorations, while Cassie locked herself away in her room all day trying not to think about the heartbreak that engulfed her. Upon entering the kitchen, flipping the light switch as she went, Jill, Michael, and Gordon, all sporting a party hat and those annoying noise makers, jumped out from behind the counter, shouting, “Surprise!” She was surprised, but her heart wasn’t in it. So she forced a convincing smile. “Awe,” she said, her stomach in knots. “Thanks you guys!” She gave them each a hug. “Happy birthday, Cassie!” Gordon jumped up and down excitedly. For being ten years younger, he was smart and quick, and somehow always knew how to make her feel just a tad bit better. Gordon hugged her tightly, almost as if he were hugging the pain she felt, ebbing it away. “I love you,” he said, his big brown eyes gazing at her adoringly. “I love you, too, Gordy.” She gave him a little squeezing hug. After that he took her by the hand and brought her over to the kitchen table, exclaiming something about opening his gift first. The small celebration flew by, lifting some of her gloomy mood. She had opened her presents—pajamas and lingerie (she hadn’t taken out of the bag) from Jill, perfume from her father, and a sky-blue iPod that Gordon had picked out. They lit the candles, all eighteen of them, and she blew them out after they sang her ‘Happy Birthday’. After that, she went to her room and plopped down on her bed. Grabbing one of the pillows on her bed, she hugged the lump of cotton close, curling in a ball around it; she felt as if she were falling to pieces. Thoughts of Skylar invaded her mind again. He was always on her mind, somehow bringing her more comfort, yet at the same time killing her resolve. His venom had begun to stir feelings within her she’d had for a while, but they magnified them beyond being bearable. A moist sensation seeped out between her thighs, and she definitely had had enough of touching herself; she only made it worse. But I can’t sit in soaked underwear the rest of the day. Reluctantly, she dragged herself off the bed and headed to her bathroom, grabbing a change of clothes and the lingerie Jill had gotten her. She turned the hot water on and stripped off her clothes. The steaming water hit her skin, loosening her tense muscles. She washed her hair with her favorite strawberry shampoo and conditioner plus body wash, shaved, then stepped out. After wrapping her slick black hair in a towel, she reached for her clothes; pausing when she picked up the lingerie. They were her favorite color combinations: light gray and baby blue. The bra, as well as the panties, were decorated in lace and soft cotton material Escort bayan Ankara that felt close to silk. She slipped the bra on first; it hoisted her already perky size-B breasts up nicely, showing off a pleasing amount of cleavage. The panties, though, rode up her ass, pressing against her clit. What was even worse: the back of them came to a halt above the cusp of her ass cheeks. Cassie’s face lit up a bright shade of red, but as she checked herself over in her tall mirror, she couldn’t deny she looked breathtakingly gorgeous. After slipping her hot pink tube top that extended down over her ass, and slipped her legs through her black leggings, she hunted down the pair of heels she’d just bought. They were black with bows, open-toed, that gave her an extra two inches. She blow dried her hair, straightened it before applying the right amount of eyeliner and gloss, then sprayed herself down with her new perfume. Love Spell from Victoria Secret. She gave herself one last glance, pleased with her appearance. She felt a lot better. Bzzz. Her phone vibrated on her nightstand. She lifted the phone up and saw the text from Kendra. Happy Birthday! It read. Cassie sent back a thank you, her heart sinking. Come ovr? We miss u! She let that sink in, allowing it to decide whether she was up for it or not. She would probably run into Skylar, but he’d most likely avoid her. Her stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of possibly seeing him, but her heart tugged nervously. She wanted to see Kendra, Trinity, and Theo, though. She wasn’t going to let it keep her from her friends any longer. With her mind set, she swiped her keys of their hook and left. — — — Pulling up to the house, Cassie fought with herself to go inside. She came here to see her friends on her birthday, but when she finally got the nerve to go up and knock, there was no answers. She tried the handle. The knob turned in her hand. Walking in, she called out to them. No one responded. She bounded up the steps, watching her step carefully in her heels. First, going to Theo’s room and finding it empty. Next Trinity’s: the same. Last, she went to Kendra’s door. Taped on it was a note that read: Sorry, we stepped out. Talk to my brother! He hasn’t been himself since the day you stormed out of his life. -Kendra Great… Cassie turned to the end of the hall where the stairwell to Skylar’s room was hidden by the sliding panel door. Butterflies fluttered horribly in her stomach as she took the few steps toward it. Hesitantly reaching out to pound once against it, she couldn’t do it. I’m afraid. Taking in a deep breath, steeling herself, she knocked just once. The door responded, sliding to the right, revealing the stairs behind. Up the stairs she went to find—nothing. No one was up here. Skylar must have left, she thought to herself. Not ready to leave, she walked over to his unkempt bed where the events of that day had occurred. Running her fingers over the material of his pillow, her focus on the memory, she hadn’t been expecting the visitor. Skylar’s POV At some point I had forgotten to do my laundry. So when I came out of the shower to find no pants or briefs, I vamped down to the kitchen Bayan escort Ankara into the side room where the laundry was done. Kendra must have been thoughtful and collected my dirty laundry over the past few weeks, and washed my clothes for me. I snagged a pair of briefs and dark gray sweatpants out of the neatly stacked pile of clothes, the clothes remaining in the neat pile despite ripping items out of the center; it looked untouched. I get myself dressed in the laundry room, then upon exiting the laundry, I make a turn for the basement door. Down the steps there is a secret room where a deep freeze stocked full of blood is kept. I grab three blood bags, sink my teeth into them, gulping greedily. Finished, I toss them in the waste basket next to the freezer. Heading back to my room, I notice something odd: my door is open. I smell the air, and what I smell stuns me. I look at the wall, wishing to see through it to make sure I’m not losing my damn mind, and get overtaken by a sudden drive. My body moving on its own volition, I am silently climbing the stairs two at a time. There she is, the girl who has haunted me the last three weeks. She stands in front of my bed, fingers trailing over my pillow. A tight pink strapless shirt flows down her body, stopping just above her ass cheeks. I can see the lining of her panties through the thin fabric over her round, fleshy mounds. All I can think about is the fact she’s here in my room and the overwhelming desire to strip her bare naked, taking her in my bed. I’m frozen where I stand, mouth gaping. What do I do? What do I say? It’s her birthday, so maybe tell her happy birthday? “What are you doing?” Comes out instead as the silence is shattered. Cassie spins around completely surprised. Her eyes widen at the sight of me. I listen to her heart accelerate. Anger wells within me. She’s terrified of me… But I don’t let that show in my expression. Cassie’s bright blue eyes stare back at me, her lips slightly parted. She doesn’t move just stands as still as a human can. Her heart beat is rapid and erratic. Say something… She stumbles for a second then calmly says, “Kendra, uh, invited me over, but when I knocked no one answered.” Yeah, I never heard a knock. “I tried the door and it was unlocked. I looked for everyone but no one is around, then Kendra left a note on her door saying I needed to talk to you.” Now I’m the one to widens my eyes in surprise. Kendra left a note? Then it hits me; she planned this. “So what did you need to talk about?” Cassie continued. She cut right down to business, didn’t she? We sit in silence for a moment then I decide to start. “About that day,” I begin. A blush floods her cheeks. “Thanks for allowing me to—to drink from you… and I’m sorry about my venom doing that to you. I know how it feels to be forced to do something you didn’t want to do. It won’t happen again.” She just stares back at me. She looked so fragile; I just wanted to hold her, bury my face in her neck and breathe in her sweet aroma, sink my fangs in her and set her world on fire with pure ecstasy. But that’s what got us in this mess in the first place, even though she offered as a means of making it up to me. I mean, I was turned into a vampire to protect her from the very thing that happened a few weeks ago. Cassie takes a step forward then stops. She opens her mouth to speak, but hesitates. “You’re afraid—I get it, Cass. I’m a monster. I’d be afraid, too.” I say. “But I’m not afraid of you, Skylar…” she said gaze to the floor.

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