1 Mayıs 2023

Catherine Moves Back In


Catherine Jenkinson was just short of her twentieth birthday and it was now almost two months since she had paid her surprise visit to her mother Julie and eighteen-year-old brother Christopher.As it turned out it was Catherine that got most of the surprises because, on her arrival, she found her mother in the process of spanking her brother with a hairbrush but not only that, Christopher was wearing female clothing.She was to discover that not only were both the spanking and the wearing of female clothing common occurrences but also mother and son were now having a full sexual relationship.In the evening of that visit Catherine had sex with her brother whilst he was wearing her old school uniform,a uniform that had sparked the whole sequence of events, and then spent the night with him with their mothers approval. Catherine Magosa Escort now had an opportunity of a job back in her own home town and, although she was at first unsure of the wisdom of doing so, she had asked if she could move back in to her family home.Julie (and Christopher) were happy for her to do so although all three of them were aware of the implications regarding their sex lives.Catherine, complete with luggage, arrived home and both mother and brother were at the door to greet her.Julie moved forward to kiss her daughter on the lips which was their normal form of greeting but Catherine surprised her by inserting her tongue in her mother’s mouth. Julie was confused but not dismayed by that occurrence.Catherine then kissed Christopher and they both exchanged tongues.A little Kıbrıs Escort later Catherine was in her old bedroom unpacking and Christopher had gone out when Julie appeared in the doorway.”It is good to have you back Cathy,” said her mother.”Are you sure, what about you and Chris?””I don’t suppose things will change there, although I suppose I might have to share him with you,” laughed Julie.”Yeah, maybe.”After a moments thought Julie said, “Um, about that kiss you gave me when you got here…””Yes, did you like it?” said Catherine looking into her mothers eyes.”I did actually, although it was a bit unexpected.””Would you like another one like that?” asked Catherine with her eyes on her mothers lips.”Yes please,” Julie breathed as she moved to her daughter and they locked in a Lefkoşa Escort passionate kiss.They soon had their hands roaming over each others bodies and clothing was removed before the two now naked women crashed onto the bed. There was much groping and stroking and licking and they eventually changed position so that Julie was lowering her wet cunt onto her daughters mouth as she inserted her tongue in Catherine’s snatch.Mother and daughter brought each other to shuddering orgasms and lay laughing and giggling before putting on some clothing prior to Christopher coming home.A bit later, with the sexual tension in the house even higher than it was originally was, Catherine said, “You told me that you had bought a cane when I was here last time.””Yes indeed, in fact Christopher is just about due for another caning aren’t you sweetheart?” said Julie.”Yes, I am…I will go and change and fetch the cane.”With Christopher temporarily upstairs Julie and Cathy again kissed but there was no way that they would be able to hide their new found feelings for each other from him so they resolved to tell him on his return. 

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