11 Mayıs 2023

Caught by my sister 3


It’s been about a week since I saw my sister’s upstairs neighbor. The last time she saw me I was coming up the walkway with a noticeable hard on and a precum stain on my slacks thanks to my sisters ‘friend’. I know she was watching through the window when my sister’s friend, Grace, was sucking my cock in the middle of my sister’s living room. Today I was just getting back from the gym. I was wearing a pair of gray cut off sweat pants with no underwear and a tee shirt. I was sitting for my nephew for about a half an hour till my sister came home. While walking to get him off the bus my sister’s neighbor was coming up the walkway wearing a gray business suit with a white low cut blouse, showing a great set of tits hidden under there. She stopped me and asked if I could help her get a heavy box down from her attic, I said, “Sure, as soon as my sister comes home I’ll be over.” My sister’s neighbor is a divorced mom of a 16 or 17 year old girl. The girl always wears a uniform to a school, a white blouse, jacket and a pleated skirt. Kartal Escort She looks like a young version of her mother. Long brown hair, big brown eyes and a tight little body. After my sister got home it was already getting dark. I went to the neighbor’s apartment and rang the doorbell. She looked out the window and told me to come in. As I started up the stairs I saw she had changed into a loose tee shirt and a pair of tight-white shorts. She looked like she’d removed her bra as her tits were swaying a little. I could see the outline of her pussy in her shorts and I could swear she was wet. I asked where her daughter was and she said she was staying after school with some friends and should be home in about 45 minutes. She led me into the hall where she had an old rickety wooden 5’ ladder. As I started up the ladder it began to sway side to side. She stood behind me and grabbed hold of the ladder saying she would hold it steady. I opened the hatch in the attic and tried to move the box. It Kartal Escort Bayan was pretty heavy and when I shifted my weight the ladder swayed. I reached out one foot to a shelf close by to steady myself. Her daughter had come in the door while I was on the ladder and when she got to the top of the stairs she saw her mother put her hands on my ass thinking I was going to fall off the ladder when it swayed. The shorts I was wearing were pretty loose and one of her hands accidently went up the leg of my shorts. Her thumb was pushing on the underside of my balls. Her daughter stopped and hid behind the wall watching as her mother apologized for sticking her hand under my pants but she never moved it away. She said, ‘Oh my, doesn’t this feel nice?’ as she moved her hand onto my balls. My arms were still in the attic I had one foot on the ladder and my other foot on the shelf leaving my legs spread wide open. She reached around my balls and pulled my cock down through the opening of the leg Escort Kartal of my shorts. Her daughter watched from behind the wall as she started to suck on the head of my cock while her thumb were pressing on my asshole. She pulled down my shorts, told me to leave the box and turn around. She took hold of my cock and started sucking on the first few inches while slowly jerking me off. Her daughter put her hand under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy which was already getting wet. Her mother grabbed my cock and led me into the bedroom. She stood in front of her bed and took off her shirt. For a 40 year old woman she had a great set of tits, they weren’t too big and her nipples were sticking out like little pencil erasers. They hung down some and swayed when she moved. She took off her shorts which were now noticeably wet. She was shaved bald and I could see her lips poking through her slit. She sat on the corner of her bed, told me to strip and with my back to her door she reached for my cock and swallowed it all gagging when she reached my balls. At the same time her daughter snuck into her own bedroom directly across from her mother’s. Her room was dark as she sat on the floor between her bed and her dresser, giving her a perfect view of her mother’s bed. I stood her mother up and put her up on her bed on all fours.

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