12 Mayıs 2023

Caught In The Act

Big Tits

My name is Colin and I have been married to my wife Maria for ten years. All in all, I thought we had a good marriage and sex life until the day I got home early from a business trip and caught her in the act. Yes, I caught my wife being fucked by John, who used to be my best friend.Man, the look on their faces was priceless when I walked into the house and caught them fucking on the living room floor; down and dirty on the carpet with nothing to cover themselves except their hands. I stood there, looking from one to the other, trying not to laugh at the expressions on their faces as they got to their feet, looking for anything they could use to cover themselves.“Colin, you’re home early,” my wife stammered, the first to find her voice.I laughed and finally managed to get out, “Apparently so, Maria. So, how long has this been going on between you two?”“This is the first time,” Maria said.I stared at her, noticing the blush crawling up her chest to her face. It’s what happened when she lied.Nodding my head, I said sarcastically, “And I have an ocean front property in Arizona I want to sell you. Maria, I know you are lying to me, so you’d been come clean – or else.”  I flexed my hand. I’d never laid a hand on Maria but the thought was so strong I now wanted to bend her over the back of the couch and set her ass on fire.Seeing John trying to slip around me and head for the stairs, I hollered, “Hold it right there, you bastard. I didn’t say you could fucking move.”John froze mid-step and turned to look at me, his now flaccid cock hanging between his legs. I stood quietly between the two of them, trying to decide what to do. Finally, I looked at John and said quietly, “Get your fucking ass dressed and out of this house in ten minutes or I am going to cut that cock off and feed it to you. Your time starts… now.” I looked down at my watch.John flew up the stairs and within seven minutes he was back down and out of the door without a word of goodbye to Maria or any offer to stay around and help her deal with the situation. In the meantime, Maria was still standing in the living room, naked, not having moved a muscle since I started dealing with John. I think she was hoping I would forget about her and just go upstairs to unpack as I always did – but not today. She was going to pay… and pay dearly for fucking around on me.“I want you to go upstairs, take Güngören escort a hot shower, wash that bastard’s cum from your cunt and anywhere else he fucked you, then meet me in the bedroom. But, first bitch, come here,” I said as I unbuckled my belt and slid it out of the loops, enjoying the shocked wide-eyed look that came over her face. “I want honesty now. How long with John and is he the only one? And don’t lie to me Maria. I know when you do and it will only be harder on.”By now Maria was standing in front of me, swallowing hard as she answered, “He’s the only one and it has just been going on for a couple of weeks.”I watched her body for the tell-tale blushing sign but saw none. I pointed to the stairs and, as she turned to go, I snapped the belt across her ass, leaving a red streak across her cheeks. Maria screeched in a combination of pain and surprise and started to run up the stairs.“Walk Maria. We do not run in the house,” I told her, enjoying the feel of being in charge and treating her like a child.She slowed and walked up the stairs. I watched her go, admiring the tight ass I planned to fuck and own along with her cunt before the night was over.If she wants to act like a slut whore then, damn, I’m going to treat her like one.I grabbed my suitcase from where I had dropped it by the front door and headed up to our bedroom. I took my dirty clothes out of the suitcase and put them in the hamper, then undressed and lay on the bed, plotting the evening ahead.When she walked into the bedroom a few minutes later, she had a towel wrapped around her and was eyeing me suspiciously. I smiled wickedly. I was loving the fact that I was keeping her on edge, something that I’d never done before. I’d always treated her like a lady in bed and, apparently, that was my first mistake. Maybe I was not giving her enough so she had to go outside the boundaries of marriage to find what she wanted. Yes, my job required me to go out of town a lot, but I never thought of cheating on her – not once.“You know, Maria,” I began, “if our sex life was missing something why did you not tell me?”“I don’t know,” she whispered“So, it was easier to fuck John than talk to me?” I said. “John! Of all the people you had to fuck it was my best friend. Tell me, Maria what did he do to you that I don’t? Did he fuck your ass, make you swallow İnnovia escort bayan his cum? Obviously, he was doing something special to you to be fucking him for a couple of weeks.”By this time she was starting to tremble and she said, “Sorry, Colin. Give me time to pack a bag and I will be out of your hair. I will not fight you in a divorce.”As she turned toward the closet to get her suitcase, I said sternly, “I did not say I wanted a divorce. Yeah, you fucked my best friend but I still love you. God only knows why but I do. If you want a divorce so you can be with John or fuck anyone you want, I will not stand in your way. But, if you want to give our marriage a chance, you will fuck no one else but me. Is that understood? And, for the record, Maria, I’ve had opportunities to cheat on you but never have.”“Probably because you have a low sex drive,” she mumbled.“What did you say? Communication is also going to improve around here, Maria.”“Nothing important,” she said, turning to look at me.“You’d better repeat it… now,” I ordered and stood. “I’m not asking again.” “I said you had a low sex drive and you like vanilla sex. I need more,” Marie said rapidly, as if she wanted to get it out before she lost her nerve.All I could do was stare at her because I had no idea she felt that way. “We have been married for ten years and in all that time you have been unhappy with our sex life and you never bothered to tell me. That is just great.” I said, sounding angrier than I wanted. “Okay, Ms. Maria, from now on our sex life will be anything but vanilla. It will be Neapolitan ice cream sex from now on – all three flavors mixed together.” I walked to her, pulled her roughly into my arms and kissed her hard, knowing her lips may be bruised in the morning. Her towel fell to the floor.She wrapped her arms around me, kissing me back, our tongues mating frantically as I shoved her against the closet door. After several minutes I stepped back, wound a handful of her long blond hair in my fist and gave it a yank.“Tonight you will be my bitch and I plan to fuck you in every, and I do mean every, hole. You will also be my cock-sucking bitch. There will be no vanilla sex tonight, just hardcore fucking,” I told her. “And, sometime, you will be across my knees, over a chair, over the bed rail, maybe all three, having your ass Escort Kağıthane thoroughly spanked. So, plan on standing or sitting on a pillow for a few days. Understand, bitch?”  I again yanked her hair, enough to cause a little pain.“Yeah, I get it,” she said but she wasn’t convincing.  It sounded like she figured I was all bark and no bite and would soon run out of bravado.I gave her hair another tug and said, “It is, yes sir.”Maria grinned at my macho act. She knew me well enough to think that no matter what I said, I would not change – it was not in my nature to be anything else but vanilla.  Well, she was wrong.Letting go of her hair, I grabbed her around the waist, bending her over and tucking her under my arm. “I said it was ‘yes sir’, bitch,” I said, punctuating my words with hard smacks on her ass, giving a swipe up her wet sex slit and then pushing that finger into her ass.Finally letting her up, I gave her a gentle push on her head, indicating that she should kneel. “Down whore and worship my cock, treat him like royalty.”Maria looked at my cock as if it were a foreign creature, something she had never seen. It was true, she had licked it and sucked it during our lovemaking – but never for more than five minutes. Very slowly I felt her taking it in her mouth, her tongue lapping at the head and shaft as she reached for my balls and gently squeezed them. “We’re going to watch porn so you learn how to give a proper blow job. Really, your technique sucks,” I told her, grinning at my ironic choice of phrase. “You mustn’t have gotten to that lesson in your affair with John yet… unless he’s not into oral.”Maria flicked my balls hard and gently nipped the head of my cock. I gave a yelp and pulled my cock from her mouth, rubbing it and my balls. Maria sat on the floor, laughing at the dance I was doing. By the time it quit hurting, Maria had picked herself up off the floor and was sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping her eyes.“See if you think this is funny,” I said, walking over to grab her nipples. I pinched them hard, causing her to shriek and try pull away. I eventually let her go and told her to lay down and spread her legs. Straddling her face, I brushed my cock against her lips. “Bite me or flick my balls again and I will stripe your ass good.”As Maria started to gently lick me, I balanced myself on my heels as I played with her nipples. I sucked them and then moved down her sides and stomach, leaving little hickeys all over her body. By the time I got to her cunt, she was wiggling on the bed, happily slurping and licking my cock and balls. I spread her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her sex slit, nipping and sucking her lips.

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