4 Ağustos 2022

CFNM What’s That? the Followup


This is a follow up to “CFNM what’s that?” It describes the events that followed from there.

Obviously it will end up with the husband of Alisha being used but not by her.


At the end of the evening Alisha asked Jean “Can you come home with us? I’d like you to meet my hubby, Estefan, and he can chat with you about what happened, how I felt and why it happened…Oh I mean both of you of course, sorry Allan.”

After a very short discussion we went to their house. There were general introductions and after that, Estefan asked “So what happened this evening?”

Alisha said” Let’s get some drinks and relax about this, I want you in a receptive mood before we start.”

Alisha told what had happened and Estefan listened, not once having demeaning Alisha. When she was finished he asked me what it was like be the NM and I explained.

“Just being nude for them is a terrific rush but when they start to use you… well there are very mixed feelings the first time out…Your wife is there, and you are naked in front of women you don’t know and she is watching it. Then there is the moment they start to fondle your body but especially your cock, again while your wife is watching, and you start to get hard.

It’s difficult to put it into words but, well, you have been married for years and both faithful to each other and your marriage vows but here you are breaking them and in front of the person you love.

So, you are cheating on her…the guilt is huge but your cock is hard…she obviously is not objecting and after some time they make you come. You have to admit that it was fantastic…you have had extramarital sex, with your wife’s acquiescence, and now what?”

“So, what happens if they want more than just play? Do you have sex with them if they want you to? Estefan asked.

That depends on what limits you set. Jean and I had a discussion after the first time it happened for us and decided that if she objected to what they asked then I would stop…actually that was after we asked ourselves ‘should we do it again’.

“How did it start for you then Alisha and Estefan asked in unison? So I explained…(for the details go to our first post ‘What had I done CH 1’ and read that.)

By this time they were obviously looking at each other and having one of those married silent conversations.

“It’s great fun, even though the ladies do play with you as though they own you. Today it was very limited in time, but they got me off twice very strongly. I would recommend it, if you get the chance to do it. … Alisha would have to control herself though; she would quite possibly get jealous.”

“I’d like to try it but what if I feel that it’s not for me? Is there a way to try it without having to go all the way with a group?”

There aksaray escort was a short period of silence and then Alisha asked. “Jean, would you mind if Estefan were to be naked in front of you? He might see how he feels about it, if that’s OK with you both?”

Jean replied. “It’s OK with me and I am sure Allan won’t mind. It will test you too Alisha. You will have to not be jealous or you two can’t get through this.”

Estefan just sat in his chair and so Alisha told him. “Come on then you silly lump get up and naked so that you can see if you can be comfortable.”

Estefan slowly got up and almost reluctantly started to undress. He took off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt underneath; he stood undecided for a few seconds then removed his socks, then his trousers revealing a bland pair of boxers in white. “This feels weird and I don’t know what will happen. I’m not sure what to do.”

“Esty, stop playing around and get naked already.” Alisha told him, and he did getting his t-shirt and boxers off in no time. His cock was a good size at around six inches and he was almost fully erect.

“Now get close to Jean.” Alisha barked and with juddering steps he got within a foot of her, his cock in line with her face.

“Nice cock and cut too…If it’s OK with Alisha and Allan I will just stroke him a little to get him hard all the way.! Jean said and waited for the nods from them before taking his rod in her hand and giving it half a dozen strokes pushing over the head and also cupping his balls.

Estefan was now very hard and with a strained look on his face, Jean moved her hand away and said to Estefan.

“So how does it feel to be wanked by someone other than your wife with her watching and smiling at it happening?”

“I was very excited but also embarrassed by it. By all the rules of marriage and society I should not do it but Ally agreed to it, even forced it to happen. If you hadn’t stopped I would have come very soon. I’m not sure how Ally would have felt about it and I resisted as hard as I could.”

“Oh I am looking forward to Jean making you come, and without your wanting to and being seen by me but you will come I am sure.”

“Oh Jean is very good at that and you will not have anything you can do to resist her unless you want this to stop. So do we carry on?” I asked.

“Come on Esty, I want to see it and you know you want to get off so give Jean the go ahead…just think, if you do this I will be arranging a party like the one we just attended but with you as the sex object.”

Estefan smiled all over his face and his cock stood up more.

“Yes, I would like to come, so Jean, will you please help me out any way you want to.”

“This will test both of you. I am now going to suck your cock and if Alisha alsancak escort feels any concern about that she is to tell me immediately. However if you are at the point of no return I will make sure you do come. Be ready.”

Jean took his cock in her hand and pulled him closer, she licked his cock head that had a little pre-come on it and swallowed it, Alisha watched closely with a big smile on her face. Jean then licked up and down the length of his cock watching his face that had a ‘shit eating grin’ plastered on it.

In one movement she took his full length into her mouth and started to really work him until within a few moments his body stiffened and he thrust as hard into Jean as he could and with a lot of grunting, obviously shot his load that she swallowed. Alisha clapped and said. “That was such fun. How do you feel Esty?”

“I’m not sure…I loved the job Jean did on me and I got one of the best orgasms I have had for a long time, but it seems wrong for me to let Jean suck me, as well as you enjoying watching it. More than that I really had no control at all and that was the icing on the cake.”

“OK, but, husband of mine, do you feel strange enough you don’t want more or shall I make some calls and set you up?”

“Well… I don’t want to miss out on the fun do I, of course I want you to make the calls, but, I’m not sure about my arse being on offer to the ladies, I mean…I’m not gay and well…I just don’t know how it would be.”

“Esty…if that’s all you are worried about then we can use the dildo or vibrator in private with plenty of lube. I think you will find it interesting and exciting. It really made Allan’s cock stand up.”

He asked me. “Allan, how is it when they do your arse?”

Oh it was very uncomfortable the first time but once you get over that and the idea of being gay to enjoy it you will come to really enjoy it as long as they use lubrication, which they did tonight. Just don’t tighten up and things go smoothly and with a lot of fun.”

“Ally, can we do it tonight so that I don’t have time to lose my nerve?”

“It so happens I have the toys we bought for the party and one of the toys is a vibrator that hasn’t been unwrapped yet so it’s clean, we can use that but I wonder if Jean would do it as you are needing to be used rather than me doing it lovingly. Jean, would that be OK with you and Allan?

Jean looked at me and I nodded to her to say yes. Estefan then said, in a quite forceful manner, “Do we really need to? I mean I wanted it to be you Ally. Why not just wait until they have gone and we can share?”

“Come on Esty. Do you think that the women at a party will be gentle? If Jean is prepared to do this and Allan will allow this I think it’s best this way.

“OK but afterwards if it’s amasya escort OK will you do it to me too?

“If you enjoy this then we can explore the idea but let’s just get your first time done.”

Estefan nodded a little sheepishly and Jean took the vibrator from Alisha who had been preparing it and putting batteries in.

Jean gently said to Estefan “Estefan, I am going to lube you up well and the vibrator too, just to make things easier. Alisha. Don’t let them try to insert it dry or they will cause damage to him. Once I have finished this I am going to be gentle but as soon as you are accommodating it I will get more vigorous. I believe that after the first pain you will start to enjoy the sensation and you may even come from it in a way that will be more of a sensation than by normal sex.”

Jean did as she had told him and after some grunting and resisting on Estefan’s part the end of the vibrator was in. Jean then proceeded to insert more then pull out until it was as deep in him as possible. Slowly she started long strokes and you could tell he was starting to like the sensation. Then Jean turned on the vibrating portion and he jumped and made an oooh sound so Jean started once again to fuck his arse with the vibrator. And he got very hard in a short time.

“Bloody hell, this is fantastic! He said and started to push onto the vibrator as Jean sped up and waggled it to intensify the sensations for him. Quickly he showed signs of a flushed face and tightening of his bum cheeks against the strokes, then he came with such intensity his knees almost went. He recovered but Jean continued to push the vibrator in and out until he begged her to stop.

I said. “I think you might have enjoyed that Estefan. Would you do it again?”

“God yes, Jean was right that was even more intense than normal.”

There was a short pause while everyone considered and Alisha said. “That’s it then. Jean will you help me plan Esty’s first CFNM outing please and will you and Allan be able to come along for backup?”…

Estefan put his boxers on after he had cleaned up. “It’s your mess you can clean it up” was playfully said but he seemed happy.

“Sorry you two but it’s quite late and we have to be up early tomorrow…make that today, so we have to be off…let us know when the next party is and don’t forget to talk about your limitations before you do it.”

We said our goodbyes and left. In the car Jean asked. “You know I’ve not been involved physically with the CFNM aspect of our fun but did it not bother you that I sucked him off and fucked his arse tonight?”

“Check my cock out…we may be stopping at the car park before we get home. I was so turned on, as you are watching me.”

We parked up in the car park and got to it only to find we were being watched…I since found out it was a dogging site…It added to the fun but we didn’t want to get involved…when we finished I said to the men, and one lone woman. “Hope you enjoyed the view?” and then we drove home.

Yes we did do the first of Alisha’s parties and had great fun.

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