6 Mayıs 2023

Ch.1 The Meeting

Big Tits

Tom’s world had been drastically altered.  His sex life at home with his wife of thirty years had dwindled to a point of non-existence.  She never initiated sex and when he asked for it, she routinely turned him down.  She was too tired, busy playing spades online or watching a show on her tablet.  The very rare occasion she did relent and agree to sex, it consisted of her turning on her side, pulling down her bottoms and telling him to be quick.  It was like she was doing a chore that no one wanted to do, such as cleaning the toilet.  While Tom fucked her, she would be either playing cards online or watching the next episode of her latest series.  Tom usually fantasized about one of his online playmates while plunging his big cock in and out with no variation.  She would not allow alternate positions, oral sex or even playing with her breasts.  Tom was a breast man at heart and loved tweaking nipples and sucking on them. He no longer got to enjoy these aspects of sex.  The intervals between any sex became longer and longer until Tom rarely if ever even asked for this vanilla sex anymore.  The day after Tom’s encounter with his new playmate Kianna, Tom sat at his desk and pondered his new situation.  He had met Paisley and the connection was strong.  He loved her spirit.  Physically she was his type.  Petite, but not fragile, she had the body of an athlete.  She had played soccer in high school. She also lived up to her screen name, BigBreasts22.  He had seen two pics of her body.  One was a straight view of her nude upper body, which highlighted her full breasts.  Tom estimated that they were between a D and DD with a Playboy like shape. The typical Playboy breasts were fully round at the bottom, with a gentle slope from the top.  Every girl looked like she had her breasts sculpted by Hef’s masters.  Other magazines would feature girls with realistic breasts that may be large or small but had slight imperfections that all humans had.  No one really looked like the Playboy girls, right?Tom mulled this over in his mind while the next consult waited on his desk for his undivided attention.  But Paisley’s breasts had that Playboy aura.  The second pic of her pulling her breast away from her chest by the nipple had been the object of many masturbation sessions.  He had sent her a video of himself masturbating, in hopes of getting one from her in return.  After viewing it, she had told Tom how much it had turned her on and that she was amazed at the size of Tom’s cock.  Then she abruptly left, citing a lunch date with a friend as the reason.  He had not chatted with her in four days now.  Before this, they had not missed a day of chatting in the month since they first met. What happened?  Was she okay?  Maybe she had decided that things were getting too intense and that she didn’t want to continue down the path that they were on.  But she had said she loved his cock and wanted it.  Was this just her being nice?  Tom couldn’t be sure.  Doubt played in his mind.Tom then thought about his other new playmate, Kianna.  Physically she was not his usual type.  Also petite like Paisley, she was thinner.  A runner, she had a great ass and lithe, strong legs.  Barely exceeding one hundred pounds, she had A-cup breasts with pointy little nipples. After their voice masturbation session, they had exchanged pics.  Kianna was a fiery little redhead with a personality to match.  She had many male admirers on Lush that she played with, but none like Tom.  She Anadolu Yakası Escort manipulated those other guys, while Tom had been the master of their encounter. Kianna and Tom had chatted for several hours later that day and he really liked this girl.  She was just nineteen-years-old and in her second year at Oregon.  She didn’t have a boyfriend, as the few guys she had dated were immature.  Like most girls her age, she was far more advanced than the boys.  Tom chuckled at this thought.  Young guys were stupid.  They may have no body fat, but they were mostly immature and could barely hold an interesting conversation with girls their age.  It wasn’t surprising that Tom met so many young women on Lush that wanted to talk to older men for this very reason. Kianna had told Tom at the end of their chat that she would be unavailable for the next two weeks.  She had a major project that she needed to concentrate on and playing with Tom would distract her.  When Tom had expressed his disappointment, she promised to make it up to him after it was completed.  So Tom was back to his prior state with no one to play with.Later that evening, Tom was back in the chat rooms.  His curiosity was piqued by a screen name of SouthernGal.  He checked out her page and discovered her name was Roxanne.  She was originally from the South but now resided in Southern California.  She was thirty-two-years old.  Sexual preference was listed as bisexual.  Tom decided to approach her in the room.  Hey there, how are you tonight?  Tom waited for her response.  He really hoped she would be amenable to chatting as there were no other prospects in the room.  There was no response for several minutes.  Tom thought she was ignoring him.I’m doing fine, how about yourself?Tom was surprised at the response.  He was sure after this amount of time she was not interested.  I’m doing well.  Trying to find someone to chat with that can hold up a decent conversation.Well yes, that can be difficult in the rooms.  Most guys here are very uninteresting.  They cannot hold my attention for more than a minute.  I checked out your page, hence the delay in my response.  So far you have passed the initial test to keep my attention.  But there are more to come.  Have you read my page?  Roxanne smirked as she typed this.  So many guys were scared away by her vetting process.  But it had the desired effect.  Those who passed her tests were worthy of her time.Tom was a bit taken aback, but also intrigued.  Here was a very confident woman who was obviously intelligent and did not want to waste her time with boorish men.  Yes, I have.  I am guessing that I will now be quizzed?Very astute of you.  Yes, there will be several questions bout me that you should have gleaned from my page.  If you pass, our conversation will continue.  If you fail, then I wish you a good evening.  Ready?  Roxanne leaned back from her keyboard and waited.  Many guys asked if she was serious.  Some simple left the conversation.  Others attempted the test and failed.  She had not found one that had passed in a long time.  She was hopeful with Tom.Yes, I am.  Fire away.  Tom had read her page and even looked at the albums.  He was confident he would pass.Roxanne asked Tom three questions:  What were her mother’s favorite movie and character?  What was her political affiliation?  What was her favorite weapon?Tom looked at the questions and smiled.  He knew the answers.  He typed the Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan correct responses.  Gone with the Wind.  Scarlett O’Hara.  Conservative Republican.  From the South.  Smith and Wesson MP Shield 9mm.  How did I do?  Tom waited for her grade.Roxanne read the answers and was pleasantly surprised.  He answered all three correctly.  In order to do so, Tom had to read her bio, open her albums and then make a determination about her political ideology based on the information gleaned from her page.  This meant that he was intelligent as well as thorough.  She was impressed.  You did very well.  Now to continue our chat, let’s move offsite to Trillian.  I do not like to chat here.Tom agreed and they both went to Trillian.  It was a messaging site Roxanne used for her business and personal conversations.  She was a stickler for confidentiality as well as security.The next two hours flew by.  They talked about anything and everything.  Tom told her all about his situation at home.  Roxanne felt a strong attraction to Tom.  She was drawn to him, was the way she phrased it to Tom.  She felt bad for his situation and decided on a bold move to brighten his evening.Tom, I am going to send you some pics.  I want you to open them and tell me what you think.  Ok? Ok.  What kind of pics are you sending?  Tom hoped they would be revealing, based on their long conversation.Ones that I hope you will enjoy them and they will brighten your evening.  Tell me when you have received them.Tom agreed.  He saw them appear in his inbox.  He opened them and was pleasantly surprised.  They were pics of Roxanne nude.  Closeups of her pussy, with the lips glistening wet.  Her breasts were full with stiff nipples and dark areolas.  There was a short video as well.  It was a large cock plunging in and out of a pussy.  Tom assumed it was Roxanne’s.  Her lips gripped the shaft as it penetrated her dripping cunt.  After a few minutes, it pulled out and shot a load of hot cum all over her breasts, painting each nipple with the sticky fluid.Now go and masturbate while you look at the pics and the video.  I will wait for you to finish.  Come back and tell me all about it.  Tell me how you liked my pussy and breasts and how they made you cum.  I also want a pic of your cock right before you cum.Tom was shocked, but also incredibly turned on.  He agreed and grabbed some lotion, tissues and his phone.  Following her instructions, he stroked his cock while looking at her pics.  He settled on the video to finish.  Right before he climaxed, he grabbed his phone and took a pic of his engorged cock, with the head a dark purple and the veins prominent along the shaft.  He put the phone down and continued stroking.  After only a few more, he shot a massive load into the tissues.  He cleaned his cock and returned to the conversation.Wow, Roxanne, you are stunning.  I shot a massive load.  I just sent the pic of my cock, per your request.Roxanne opened the attachment and gasped.  She had seen her share of cocks, but this one was almost perfect.  It was quite large.  Long and thick, it was bigger in her estimation than most of the cocks she had encountered.  The large mushroom head was in perfect proportion to the thick shaft.  Her pussy started leaking fluid as she admired Tom’s cock.  Mmmmm, that is some cock you have there.  I didn’t know you were that large.  And almost perfect proportions.  I’m getting wet just looking Escort Anadolu Yakası at it.  I’m glad you enjoyed what I sent.  I hope you were able to relieve some tension.  I must say, I am drawn to you.  In a way that I have not been in some time.Thanks.  I find myself drawn to you as well.  Besides the obvious physical attraction I have towards you, I mean I just shot my wad while looking at your amazing body, I feel an emotional and intellectual pull from you.Likewise.  So I am going to be bold here and do something I rarely do.  I think we should meet.  If it goes well, I want to fuck you.  I want to give you all the sexual experiences that you have been denied for so long.  And introduce you to some you have not yet enjoyed.  What do you say?  Roxanne sat back and waited for Tom’s response.  She had only done this once before with someone online.  She kept the image of Tom’s throbbing cock in her mind while she awaited his reply.Tom was not expecting Roxanne’s offer.  He thought for a moment.  Was he ready to cheat?  His cock stirred at the idea.  He paused, then typed his reply.  That sounds amazing.  I have an idea.  I have to teach a class in Long Beach in two days.  I have a large suite reserved for two nights.  Meet me in the bar on Wednesday night.  I am staying there Wednesday and Thursday night as my class is four hours on Thursday and Friday morning.  If you approve of me, then you can stay with me for as much of the time I am there as you like.  If after we have a drink at the bar you do not want to stay, then you can leave with no ill will on my part.  Is that acceptable?Roxanne was surprised.  She did not expect Tom to be so bold and decisive, but she liked it.  Her intuition was again proven right.  Tom would be an impressive addition to her stable of lovers.  Agreed.  I am impressed.  This will be an experience you will not soon forget.  I will meet you in the bar of the hotel.  Send me the address and the time for our rendezvous.Tom and Roxanne both logged off.  Tom’s head was spinning.  He had just made plans to meet and fuck someone he had just met online.  Was he crazy?  Maybe, but it felt right.  He could not wait for Wednesday.  The sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor snapped Tom back to reality.  He had been deep in thought.  Here he was, sitting in a hotel bar waiting to meet a woman he had just met recently online, and if things went right he would soon be upstairs in his room fucking her in a matter of thirty minutes or so.  Wasn’t this crazy?  He was a married man, although not really happy.  Friendship was good, but the sex was non-existent.  They were like friends with no benefits. His gaze followed the sound of the heels.  She was blonde, a little over five-foot-six inches, he guessed.  Stunning would be the word to describe her.  She was clad in a tight, red, sleeveless dress that left little to the imagination.  It clung to her voluptuous frame like a second skin.  Tom could see every curve and he liked what he saw.  Her full B-cup breasts jiggled with every step she took.  She was headed straight for his table with a smile on her lips. Was this Roxanne?  Might be, since she checked quite a few boxes. Although Tom had seen her breasts, gaping pussy and a video of a cock fucking her up close, with a finish on her amazing breasts, he really did not know enough to recognize her fully clothed.  She directed a smile and a wink in his direction as she passed his table, headed for the booth in the back occupied by two other beautiful women in similar attire.  Most guys were sneaking glances towards that booth.  None figured they had a shot, as the bar was full of tired, older businessmen who just wanted to get buzzed or even wasted after a hard day.  Two other guys were not like the rest and they were dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

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