10 Kasım 2022

Chains Pt. 02


The day was uncharacteristically warm, but the nights were still pretty cold. There wasn’t much that could actually be done outside in the garden plots until the ground got much warmer. Jacopo wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, Matthias thought. He contemplated going down to the river for a quick swim -more fun that a bath.

Matthias had stayed behind to care for the animals and monitor things, while Jacopo had made their monthly trip to the city to sell some wooden items they had made and some produce they had grown in their greenhouse. It was quiet now on the farm, and Matthias thought he could just enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

It wasn’t very far down to the river. The spot he chose was the spot they usually went to trap fish. It had a sandy shore which swept down to a graveled edge which smoothly disappeared down into the small river.

The small river was a tributary of the larger river which intersected the city; and it was rarely, if ever, traveled upon. The only sign of civilization, except for their farm, was a ranger station across the river and about a mile into the forest. It had been abandoned years before the war had begun.

Matthias had shed his clothes at the farm, letting them air out on some boxwoods near the barn. The river water was chilly, but refreshing. He grabbed a branch from a half sunken tree and let his body float with the current. The warm sun was feeling good on his body. He ran his free hand across his tight smooth belly and over his muscular chest. His nipples hardened as his cold hand ran over them.

He wished Jacopo was with him, his warm hairy body wet against him. He imagined Jacopo’s beard rubbing against his belly, his rough hands on his back —Matthias’ daydream was interrupted by voices. The voices were actually coming down the river!

He figured it might be a patrol of soldiers so he sank down into the water and hid among the branches of the tree. A boat floated down the river with four guys in it. One looked tall and thin, two looked about Jacopo’s size. One, he judged, was smaller, about his size. One of the big guys pointed at the sandy shore.

“There! That spot. The ranger station must be just beyond that about a mile or so inland.”

“Just the place for us to wait out those patrols searching for us out here, it’s so far out. I should not have hit that commander,” one said.

Another threatened to knock him out if he didn’t shut his mouth.

The four wore disheveled, dirty uniforms. Matthias figured them to be deserters. They were looking for some place to wait out the search for them, but they had gotten their directions mixed up and were landing on the wrong side of the river. Matthias panicked – they would find the farm and there was no telling what they would do when they got there.

Matthias had no idea what to do as the men shored the boat and then disappeared into the woods. He waited and tried to figure out a plan knowing when night came he had to find some shelter and clothing. Maybe they will miss the farm and keep on walking; their sense of direction wasn’t that good. He decided to quietly walk back to the farm and see what was going on. He actually didn’t have much of a choice.

Matthias hid himself behind an evergreen hedge at the edge of the farm and it gave him a full view of the house, barn, and most of the other buildings. He could see two of the guys -the small one and one of the brawny ones outside near the fire pit. The smaller one had shifted out of his uniform and into the clothes Matthias had left out. The door of the house was open, so he figured the other two were inside. The two outside were drinking and building a fire.

“They must have abandoned the house,” he heard the big guy say.

“Yeah, lucky us. Better than some cramped ranger station I tell ya. We must be on the wrong side of the river. That’s what I told Ovin,” replied the other one.

“Liquor, change of clothes, even food…just need some good pussy to finish me off…” said the bigger guy, poking at some bursa yabancı escort logs in the fire pit. “…or a good mouth”. He leered at the smaller guy.

“Whatcha aiming at, Gar?”

“The others are taking a nap. Remember what you did at Maiga?”

“That was one time. I said I wasn’t doing that again.”

“Just one more time. It felt so fuckin’ good. They won’t ever know. You how they feel about that shit.”

“They’d fuckin’ kill me.”

“So, hurry up…get over here and fuckin’ suck on my cock before they get up.”

The smaller guy moved across to the bigger guy who was looking up toward the house while unzipping his trousers. Matthias watched as a fat cock spilled out half-hard. The smaller guy bent down in front of it.

“I’m scared, Gar,” he whined.

“Shut the fuck up and just take it,” he replied his eyes still locked on the house.

The smaller guy took the hardening cock into his mouth and started to bob up and down on it. Matthias was enjoying the scene as it warmed him up a bit. His cock began to poke out after shrinking in the cold water.

The scene continued for awhile. The big guy turned and looked down at the smaller guy working his knob. The smaller guy sank all the way down the cock, his nose into the big guy’s crotch hair.

“Fuck, son, that’s better than the last time, but you know what I want?”

The smaller guy pulled off his cock.

“No, Gar, I ain’t doin’ that again for sure.”

“They are sound asleep by now, Dav. Stand the fuck up.”

Dav stood up in front of Gar. Gar pushed Dav’s pants to the ground, and then turned him around. Gar spat into his hand and rubbed it into Dav’s ass. He stood up behind Dav and pushed forward, sinking his hard cock into the smaller guy’s ass.

Dav let out a loud groan. Gar cupped a meaty hand over the bottom’s mouth and looked toward the house. Confident that the others didn’t hear it, he became to pump his cock into Dav’s asshole.

“Fuckin’ tight as a virgin pussy, boy. Goddamn, I’m likenin’ this snug cunt. Tighten that asspussy, boy,” Gar said as his body began to shake. “Fuck I can’t fuckin’ hold back. Take my cum, you little fuckboy.”

Matthias’ cock was dripping precum watching the two of them fuck. He thought of all the times Jacopo had fucked him in the same spot.

“If those other two would try it, they would crave that tight boypussy,” Gar said, as Dav tried to push way from his spent cock.

“I seriously doubt that, fag,” stated the tall one as he stood watching from the porch. He was soon joined by the other big one. “Fuckin’ look at this shit, Ovin!”

Dav fell over trying to get his pants back up. Gar stuffed his still leaking cock into his trousers.

“Fucking faggot threatened me,” said Gar, as he forcefully kicked Dav hard in the ribs. “Goddam said he had a knife and would cut off my damn nuts.”

“He has been a smart little fuck,” answered Ovin. “but you yourself are quite a dumb fuck, Gar.”

“Yeah, those kinds are like a disease. They target big masculine dumbfucks like you,” said the tall one. “He needs to be taught one big final lesson.”

Dav lay on the ground still reeling from the painful rib-breaking kick. He couldn’t make a sound. Tears fell from his eyes as he listened to Gar weasel out of what they had just done together.

Ovin walked slowly down the steps from the porch. The tall one followed him.

Gar started to say something as he backed away from the firepit.

“Just shut the fuck up. I’ll deal with you later, man,” said Ovin, as he walked up to Dav.

The tall guy grabbed a piece of firewood. Ovin kicked at Dav’s face. Matthias turned and ran toward the river in a panic.

Matthias fell to his knees on the sand by the river. His hands grabbed at the sand and his fists closed. He had tears in his eyes, but he took a deep breath and pulled himself together.

He had to decide what to do. The boat was there. He could take it to the other side bursa sınırsız escort of the river and make his way to the abandoned ranger station. No, he decided, they would know someone had taken it. He could swim across, and then rush to the ranger station before it got too dark and cold. If they thought someone was near them, they might head on to the ranger station. Matthias figured his reasoning was sound. He just needed to get away and fast.

Matthias swam across the now frigid river. He was shaking as he came out on the other side. The sun was setting and the full moon rising as he quickly made off toward the ranger station.

By the time he saw what looked like part of the station, the moon disappeared behind a cloud. His teeth wouldn’t stop chattering from the cold. He rubbed his hands under his arms to warm them. The full moon reappeared, and Matthias wanted to cry. There was only one crumbling wall left of the burned down station. It must have been torched at the height of the war.

He was going to freeze to death, naked and alone. He looked around and noticed a dirt road leading away from the station. Maybe if he followed it, it would lead him to another station or a farm.

Matthias pushed himself to keep going. He felt so tired and so cold. He struggled with every step, hardly feeling his feet as he dragged himself forward. He felt he had traveled for a frozen eternity.

He looked up and there was a speck of light ahead of him. His heart pumped a bit harder and he picked up his pace. He fell over twice on the way toward it, but he could see a big barn-like structure in front of him. A small window was illuminated near the wide doors.

His teeth had stopped chattering, and his cold blue hands reached out toward the light. He stumbled and fell against some equipment. His head crashed against something. The pain ran down his body, as he could hear Jacopo calling for him. He would never see him again. Then everything went black.

There was haziness as Matthias opened his eyes. There was an awful pain in his head. There was light around him and he saw a figure in front of him.

“Jacopo?” he muttered.

Matthias reached out a trembling hand and it fell weakly beside him.

“Uhm, no. I’m Buchan. People call me ‘Buc’.”

Matthias groaned.

“Well, we can talk about this later. We need to get you warmed up and well first.”

Matthias faded into unconsciousness again.

Buc had just found a naked man injured and freezing to death outside the barn. As caretaker of the supply barn for this side of the estate farm, he was used to being alone without any visitors. His time was busy repairing and maintaining the farm equipment as well as general upkeep for this area. He usually worked alone most of the year. After work, he retired alone, except for the dog, to his two-room apartment here in the barn and that was his life.

He looked at the man lying on his bed. Handsome face, muscled smooth body, and curly head of brown hair. Buc adjusted the blankets tighter around the man’s body, smoothing them down as to protect a treasure. The doctor was miles and miles away, and he needed to act quickly.

The head injury wasn’t too bad, and he had bandaged it up. But the man was still cold. He only had one hot water bottle and he had placed it under the blanket, but he had to figure out how to warm him up more quickly. He remembered that in emergencies sometimes people used their own bodies to warm desperately chilled persons.

He turned up the gas heater and began to remove his clothes. He caught himself in a mirror and ran a hand over his muscled chest. A t-bone shape of brown hair went from nipple to nipple then ran down to his belly in a long thin trail. His body was thin and tight from his physical labor. He pushed his long dark blonde hair behind his ears and quickly finished undressing.

He slipped under the blankets and reached for the other man. He jerked back, startled by the cool, yet warming görükle escort flesh. He snuggled up to the beautiful body, reaching a hand over the muscled torso. He put his head against the man’s wide shoulder. He entwined his legs with the man’s and soon fell to sleep.

Matthias woke up to find himself in bed with a guy. His head ached. He reached up and discovered it was bandaged. He propped himself up on is arms and looked around. He had no idea where he was.

He looked at the man beside him. He had no idea who he was, but he was very handsome. He reached for him, touching his shoulder. The man’s eyes popped open. They were a shockingly bright sky blue.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.”

Matthias smiled weakly.

“Lay back down. Take it easy. My name is Buc, if you don’t remember,” he said with a smile as he sat up in bed.”

“Uhm, my name is Matthias. And that’s all I remember, sorry.”

“That’s okay. You were in a bad state when I found you last night.”

Buc explained everything to Matthias.

“And that’s how I ended up here in the bed with you,” he said with a soft laugh.

Matthias reached up and caressed Buc’s cheek. His pale blue eyes sparkled with the sunlight from the small window as he looked up into them.

“You are so handsome.”

Buc laughed nervously. He adjusted the blankets.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend you.”

Oh, no, you didn’t. I think you’re beautiful…handsome, too.” He reached out toward Matthias’ chest but pulled back his hand. Matthias reached for it and placed it on his chest. “Gosh,” said Buc, blushing.

Matthias pull him up and kissed Buc’s lips slightly. He felt back on his pillow. Buc leaned forward and kissed Matthias. His hand ran down Matthias’ chest to his muscled belly, his fingers reading the deep valleys and mounds of muscle. Matthias opened his lips and pushed his tongue between Buc’s lips. His hand ran through the blond hair and down his back down to his tight ass. Buc sighed into Matthias’ mouth. Matthias pulled away.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“You are welcome.”

“You are so handsome.”

“Make love to me,” Buc asked. His hand traveled down to Matthias’ crotch and encircled his cock. Warm blood engorged the member. Buc placed his lips against Matthias’ neck and nibbled it. “I want you so bad. I need this so much.”

“Yes,” he moaned as Buc’s lips traveled down his body.

Buc worked down until he was at the thick cock he had just felt. His tongue darted over the wet velvet tip. He sucked the head into his mouth and sank down the fat rod. Matthias moaned has his cock pushed down Buc’s throat. His hips jerked as Buc moved up and down on the shaft, his throat stretching against the fat member.

Buc pulled off the shaft and traveled to his balls, thoroughly licking each one and breathing in the scent of Matthias’ maleness. He pushed his lover’s legs apart and back exposing his ass.

Buc moved in and blew a warm breath on the tight hole in the center. Matthias tightened it in response, and then relaxed as Buc pushed at it with his tongue. Buc was able to sink himself deep into the tightness. Matthias groaned as the tongue buried itself further into the tunnel. Buc pulled his tongue out dancing around the entrance, soaking it with his spittle.

He raised himself up and placed his leaking cockhead against the hole. He swirling the wet tip around his new treasure. He pushed forward, easing his bulbous cockhead into Matthias who groaned as the enormous head punctured into him.

“So big,” Matthias gasped, as Buc stretched him. He grabbed at the blankets to help push himself further onto the obscenely large member.

Buc pulled out a bit.

“No, please, I need it. I want it all.”

Buc sank his whole cock into Matthias. He reached and kissed him deeply as he pumped into him. Matthias could taste himself on Buc’s tongue.

“Stay with me,” Buc said as he felt his load rising.

“Yes,” replied Matthias.

Buc released his load, gasping for air while he gripped Mathias’ muscled chest Matthias instantly shot his cum onto Buc’s sweating firm torso. Drops fell back onto his chest, which Buc lapped up with his tongue as Matthias squirmed under him.

“I don’t want to ever leave,” Matthias said, looking into Buc’s bright blue eyes.

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