15 Mayıs 2023

Chance Encounter


Every year in late summer or early fall, my wife, her sisters, and mother go on a little vacation together, nothing crazy like the Bahamas or even out of our home state, Wisconsin, but far enough to be away. They typically rent a small cabin or condo on a lake for three or four days. I’ve always loved the stories my wife would tell me about some guy or guys that would hang around them when they were out listening to a band or having some drinks.We have been married for over thirty years, so we have complete trust in each other. For many years now, I’ve really been turned on by some of my wife’s stories about guys hitting on her and flirting with her. My wife is 5’7″ and about 165 pounds, shoulder-length light brown hair, pretty blue eyes, 36D, and a nice behind. Any chance that I get, I encourage her to flirt back with these guys and see just how far they try to go.On a recent vacation, the girls were joined by a group of three guys. She sent me a picture of them all having some drinks and listening to a band at an outdoor venue. I, of course, asked if either of them had tried to make a pass at her. She told me that one of them had, but nothing too aggressive. I encouraged her to see if she could get him to ask her to dance or maybe move into the crowd to get closer to the band. I was hoping she’d text back that one of the guys felt her ass, but sadly that did not happen. She did text me that she thinks she saw one of them taking a good look. While it was quite exciting that maybe she’d get felt up a little, nothing really happened.The next year, things changed a little. They got their little place on a lake, just a few doors down from the same venue that had the band the previous year. It was early fall in Wisconsin, but unseasonably warm. They were once again listening to a band outdoors. My wife made her way to the bar for a refill. As she waited for her drink, she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned to see who it was, the guy about her age said, “I think we went to High School together.”Sensing that she didn’t recognize him, he said, “it’s Ankara bayan escort me, Tim. You know, Tiny Tim.”Hearing that, she immediately knew who he was and replied, “Oh my gosh, I do remember you. I have to admit, I never really liked our other classmates that gave you that nickname and picked on you.””As I recall,” he said, “you were one of the only ones who didn’t call me Tiny Tim and told others to stop. I never got to thank you for that. So, Thank you.” He gave her a warm hug.My wife said, “I am here with my sisters and mom, are you here with anyone?”He quickly replied, “Nope, I am here alone on a week-long business trip. Only a couple of days left before I head back home. I just have a small one-bedroom apartment, I am on the road most of the time.””So you aren’t married, what about a girlfriend?””Nope, neither, just don’t have time for either right now.””I’d really like to catch up with what you have been up to since High School. Maybe we can take a walk down by the water.””I don’t want to take you away from your family, but thanks for the offer.””They are right over here, come on, I’ll let them know who you are and that we are going to get away from the loud band so we can actually talk.”His face lit up as he said, “Okay, as long as I am not stealing you away.”My wife led Tim over to the table, introduced him as a high school classmate, and that they were going to walk down by the water to catch up a little. My wife’s sisters and mom told her that if they weren’t at the table when she got back, they probably walked back to the cabin. It was only a few buildings away. Tim assured them that he’d make sure she got home safely.Being as unseasonably warm as it was, my wife was wearing a knee-length sundress, bra, panties, and flip-flops. Tim was in khaki shorts and a polo shirt. The two of them walked along the water and talked for an hour before coming to a little bench overlooking the lake. They sat down together, still chatting away.At one point in the conversation, Tim turned to my wife saying, “I Escort bayan Ankara have to tell you something.”Seeing my wife flinch a little, he continued, “No, no, it’s nothing bad. It’s just that I had such a huge crush on you back in High School. I just couldn’t get the courage up to tell you and ask you out. I know you are happily married now, but thank you for spending this time with me. It means a lot to me.”My wife replied, “That is so sweet, Tim. Thank you.” She leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and gave him a big hug. As they held onto each other, Tim kissed her neck as he gently rubbed up and down her back. She didn’t pull back, so he kissed her neck again and again. Still no apprehension, so he gently kissed up to her ear. She pulled back only slightly, to look him in the eyes, then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Their lips locked in a passionate, deep kiss. Their tongues jousting in each other’s mouths. Tim lowered one hand down her back coming to rest on her ass, gently squeezing it.He moved his hand from her ass down her thigh to the bare skin below the bottom of her dress. He caressed her soft skin, then slowly moved his hand up her side until he brushed against the side of her breast. He cupped her breast, rubbing his thumb over her hard nipple. She moaned as he gently pinched her nipple between his thumb and finger. Her hand was on his chest, then she slowly lowered it, down over his stomach to the bulge waiting inside his khakis. She rubbed his hard cock, realizing it was at least seven inches long and decently thick.Knowing that they couldn’t go much further, they finally stopped kissing and fondling each other. Tim said, “We should really get you back to your family.”They stood and hugged again. My wife said, “Um, you probably don’t want to go back with that bulge in your shorts. Is there anything I can do to help?””Could I rub it against your beautiful ass or is that too much to ask? When it is close, I can point it into the woods to cum.”My wife grabbed Tim’s hand and led him Bayan escort Ankara off the path they were on, behind a large tree. She faced the tree and bent over a little, sticking her ass back at Tim.”It is partly my fault, so Okay,” she said.Tim moved behind her, pressing his fully hard cock against her ass. He rubbed it up and down a few times, then lifted the back of her dress and pressed against her panties. Again he rubbed up and down enjoying my wife’s hot ass. After a few minutes, he stepped back a bit, unbuttoned and unzipped his khakis, freeing his hard seven-inch cock. He touched the tip of his bare cock against my wife’s bare skin just off the edge of her panties. He rubbed her bare skin with his cock for a while before moving back to her panty-covered ass. He grabbed his cock with one hand and rubbed the tip hard against her panties, between her ass cheeks. Lower and lower he guided the tip of his cock until he could feel the heat from her pussy. He press forward, his cock sliding over my wife’s pussy, only covered with her thin panties. He rocked his hips back and forth, his cock always in contact with her pussy. His hands slid up her sides to her shoulders. He slid her dress off her shoulders enough to pull down the front of her dress, exposing her tits. His hands engulfed her 36d tits, tweaking her nipples as he continued to dry hump her.His pace was quickening and both knew he was getting close to cumming. He whispered into her ear, “Can I cum on your ass?”She nodded and said, “Yes, but try not to get any on my dress.”He slid his cock from rubbing against her crotch and slid the back of her panties down, exposing her ass. He directed the tip of his cock between her hot ass cheeks, rubbing up and down frantically. He was about to cum and lunged forward, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks and toward her pussy. His first shot of cum landed fully on the crotch of her panties. He pulled back, blasting another shot of cum between her ass cheeks. He guided his cock lower between her cheeks again, unloading a third, fourth, and fifth spurt of cum directly on her tight little rosebud. Finally, he was spent. He pressed his cock against her ass again, this time sliding easily down between her cheeks, the tip of his spent cock getting closer and closer to her married pussy. She felt the tip of his cock stop right at the entrance to her pussy.

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