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Chapter VII – (Part Five – Wrapping up Mandi’s First Assignment)


It was Thursday of the week following my exhilarating night of exhibitionism and sex with Todd, one of the sales managers in the high-tech firm I work for in Silicon Valley, and Joseph, who owns a lovely restaurant where that evening began.I was sitting at my desk at work when an email memo appeared saying that the President and CEO of the company, Jeffrey Scott, would be visiting our office the next day. The word around the office was that he was quite handsome and very personable…not the typical old, fat, and self-important type that was often conveyed by many in the top management of publicly held companies.Todd had also told me that company gossip indicated he and his wife were swingers, and it was generally acknowledged that when he visited one of our regional offices, it usually resulted in one of the female staffers spending time with him.As I was getting dressed the next morning, I started thinking about what might happen if I actually met the President. My inner slut was obviously trying to speak to me and got me fantasizing about enticing Mr. Scott to decide I was the one he wanted to be with while he was here. I wanted him to notice everything about me and my twenty-four-year-old, five-foot-eight-inch, 118-pound body, my long, well-toned legs, and that my firm, round 38D breasts and prominent nipples were clearly displayed.That led me to select something to wear to work that was less typical of my normal office attire, but more like I would wear during a sales call or while entertaining a customer.I decided on a tight, knit skirt that didn’t even reach halfway to my knees, a thin, clingy white sweater without a bra, a minuscule white thong, and a pair of classy four-inch high heels. I didn’t quite understand why I was tempted to wear something so provocative but felt that I should be prepared in case the President even noticed me. With all the young and ambitious staffers and management that are typical of the rapidly growing companies in Silicon Valley, the competition to be noticed is quite intense.Before I left for work, I told Dave what was going on today, that I was hoping to meet the President of the company, and if I did, I had no idea when or if I would be home that evening.He grinned, kissed me, slid a finger into my pussy, and said, “Good luck and have a great time. Just let me know if you won’t be home so I don’t worry. I’ll just beat off knowing you are having some very naughty fun that I’m sure you will tell me all about. And after you do that, I’ll give you a fucking you won’t soon forget.”That same feeling of uncertainty stayed with me throughout the day. I saw Mr. Scott periodically walking around the office. He passed by my cubicle a couple of times and once even turned his head and gave me a big smile. I decided that the ‘office word’ about him seemed to be totally accurate. My pussy started getting wet right then.The rest of the day was rather routine until about 4:00 PM when my phone rang. It was a call that I had no idea was going to have such a major impact on the rest of my life and prove that my desire to be a classy slut and exhibitionist was on the right track. It was from Jeffrey Scott. He politely asked me if I would join him in his office at 4:30. Of course, I said I would be there.This set my imagination and libido into overdrive and I decided to go into the restroom to “freshen up” a bit. When I walked in and looked in the mirror, I was pleased to see I decided to go for broke and slipped the white thong down my tan, well-toned legs, put it in my purse, and hoped that Mr. Scott would appreciate a view of my cleanly shaved pussy. A little fluffing of my hair, a touch-up of what little makeup I was wearing and my lipstick, and I was ready to go…along with a flock of butterflies racing around in my stomach.At 4:30 sharp, I arrived at the second-floor “office” Mr. Scott was using while he was visiting. The doorway had double doors and one was wide open. As there was no obvious “assistant” anywhere around, I lightly knocked on the open door. A voice I assumed to be that of Mr. Scott warmly responded, telling me to please come in. I took a deep breath and walked proudly into the room.It wasn’t a conference room but more like a very large office that could be used for a variety of purposes, including meetings with staffers, investors, or customers in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The opposite wall was covered by large windows that provided a wonderful view of the lower San Francisco Bay. While it did have a large executive-style desk and chair at the end of the room to the right of the entry door, there were no “guest” chairs around the desk. Instead, there was a long leather couch and two matching armchairs surrounding a long coffee table at the opposite end of the room to the left of the door.As I entered, Mr. Scott got up from his desk and said with a warm smile, “You must be Mandi.”He welcomed me with a pleasant handshake, and somewhat surprisingly to me, closed the office door. That shot my imagination even higher and got those darn butterflies racing around in my stomach.He smiled again and motioned me to sit down in the chair at one end of the coffee table. I sat down and crossed my legs as I thought it was too soon to show him any more skin. But I made sure I sat up straight so my braless tits and hard nipples would be at their best.Mr. Scott then sat down on the couch on the end closest to the chair I had sat in. I was again surprised that he had gone casual. He had removed his suit jacket and tie, and the top two buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned. I couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to be very fit and what little I could see of his chest, neck, and face was nicely tanned. I momentarily wondered if he had no tan lines like me.Mr. Scott started by congratulating me on the continued growth in my recent sales productivity. He said that, “We have watched your personal and professional growth over the past two years. The company recognizes your obvious intelligence, energy, product knowledge, and physical attractiveness, and I want to take a moment to encourage you to use those assets to their maximum to enhance your value to our organization. We are confident that you have a bright future ahead of you here.”I didn’t say anything to see if he was going to go any further and wondered if he was trying to tell me that it would be okay to use my sex appeal on a customer to get an order. The butterflies were still with me but seemed to be slowing down a bit.Mr. Scott continued, “But that is not the only reason why I wanted to meet you today. I presume you received the invitation to our Gala next month and I want to encourage you and your husband to attend. So I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little more about the event and what you can expect. That way, you will be able to feel totally comfortable and enjoy the experience to the max.“This will not be the typical stuffy and self-serving opportunity for the Board to regale everyone with their achievements and recount how much money we made last year. Quite the contrary. There will be a DJ playing appropriate music during the opening get-acquainted cocktail hour and dinner. Following what should be a few mercifully short comments from me and one of our biggest investors, the DJ will roll into the latest up to date dance music that should last into the wee hours of the morning.”At this point, I decided that I could make a small attempt to use at least one of my best “sales assets” and uncrossed my legs, allowing my skirt to creep just a little bit higher up my legs.Mr. Scott continued again, “I know you live over an hour’s drive from the hotel we’ll be using and you’ll need to wade through some of the nastiest traffic on the planet. I want to personally encourage you to stay at the hotel for two nights instead of having to drive into town on a Saturday afternoon. That way, you won’t have to feel rushed to change into your fancy party clothes, and then watching your alcoholic consumption to make the long drive home safely. I’ll mention something more in a moment that should make that decision much easier for you.“Now you may be asking why I am suggesting two nights. This is where it gets special. As I mentioned a few minutes ago, we feel you have a bright future ahead of you with our company. On Friday evening, beginning at 9:00 pm, I will personally be hosting a smaller and more intimate gathering of about twenty-five to thirty couples in my suite. Most of them will be part of our younger staff like yourself that are clearly on the upward path to success. We are confident that you belong to that group and would like you and your husband to be our guests that Friday evening. There will be liquid libations, light hors d’oeuvres, and music by the same DJ“Our suite will be something rather unique. It covers more than 2,500 square feet on one of the topmost floors of the hotel and has an incredible view of the city and San Francisco Bay at night. It includes a large open reception area, a dining room, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a hot tub, a full kitchen, and a pool table. This will be a party atmosphere with some of the most esat escort attractive men and women you will find in any one place. Sexy and revealing clothing will be encouraged for the ladies. Casual clothing, of course, for the gentlemen. My wife, who is the ringleader of the party, will call you in the next day or so with more details.”I think I am a pretty good judge of people, and I would be very surprised and disappointed if you told me that you would not be comfortable at such a party.”At this point, it appeared clear to me the direction this was heading. I felt comfortable enough at this point to turn slightly in my chair so my legs were pointing more toward Mr. Scott.I said, “Now that sounds like it would be a lot of fun.”The butterflies were starting to settle down a little and my imagination was back in high gear.“To show our appreciation for all your hard work for the company, we will cover the cost of the two nights lodging and all your meals and drinks while you are at the hotel. In fact, if you find the rest of what we will discuss to be agreeable with you this afternoon, I will personally make the reservations so your room will be on the same floor and as close as possible to our suite.“All that being said, at this point I think it would be fitting to mention that our employee manual does not contain any of the outdated restrictions intended to prevent our employees from being romantically or physically involved with each other. Quite the contrary. We have a number of our staff that are married or in a significant relationship with each other.”Now I was getting the picture. But was Mr. Scott going to hit on me today? I was hoping so, and didn’t see any reason I would not want him to. I turned more toward him and wiggled my butt around a bit more so my skirt was dangerously close to showing him my naked pussy. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt.Mr. Scott was now making a real effort to stay focused on what he wanted to tell me. He cleared his throat, looked knowingly at me, and said, “So what should I tell you to expect at the Gala on Saturday night? As you know, our company is comprised mainly of younger sales, engineering, and manufacturing people like yourself. Most of them make a point of staying in shape and being fit. Many of the spouses of our male employees are also young and attractive women. As such, our partygoers are energetic and the ladies love to have an excuse to show themselves off.“Moreover, many of our biggest investors are invited, and they are frequently accompanied by younger attractive ladies who typically enjoy the same opportunity.”What this means is that you and your husband will encounter many attractive women wearing revealing, sexy, or perhaps even daring attire. Let me show you some pictures that were taken at our last gala, two years ago.”I decided that now was the time to make a bold move. So I got up off the chair I was sitting in, and without bothering to pull my skirt down, walked around the coffee table while keeping eye contact with him the entire time. I couldn’t tell for sure if my bare pussy and ass were covered or not, but I hoped they were not.I watched his eyes and noticed that they dropped to look in that direction. I thought I saw a small smile form on his face. As I sat down on the couch next to him, I pulled the back of my skirt up so I wasn’t sitting on it. I didn’t want all the moisture I felt leaking out of my throbbing pussy to make a wet spot on my skirt. Of course, that allowed Mr. Scott to see my tan legs almost to my waist. I was unbelievably horny.He picked up his cell phone and scrolled quickly through a number of images, then stopped and suggested that I slide over a little closer to him. I did so, and he took the opportunity to place his hand on my leg, about halfway up my thigh. I hoped this was his signal that my move to the couch was welcome.There were a number of pictures of beautiful women in some very risqué outfits. One woman was wearing a red sequined dress with a cowl neckline that was low enough that you could see her belly button and flat toned stomach. Her young boobs were on display, along with a lot of leg. The next picture was of a beautiful woman wearing a long gown with a top that was so sheer she almost appeared to be topless. She also had a slit up in front of her left leg that continued all the way to her waist. It was obvious that she had to be naked under the dress.Mr. Scott surprised (actually shocked) me when he said, “The woman in this picture is my wife, Amy.”He then moved his hand farther up my bare thigh and started to caress it just a few inches from my pussy. I looked down at his hand and saw that my bare and hot pussy was clearly in his view. He finally said, “I hope you will decide to wear something very sexy, and I can guarantee you that you will definitely not be the only one doing so.”By now, my pussy was on full alert and I was more than ready for what would come next. Mr. Scott turned toward me, put his arm around my shoulder, and began to draw me to him. I held back momentarily, looked closely at him, and licked my lips. He had to know that the ball was in his court.I made an intentionally half-hearted attempt to resist his advances and then allowed him to draw me toward him. As he did, I put one hand on his leg. He immediately took my hand and placed it on his lap. I found that he was totally hard, and it felt like he had well above average equipment. He drew my face to his, and we exchanged one of the most erotic kisses I had ever experienced.So here I was, sitting on the couch with the President and CEO of a publically traded high-tech company, hoping he had decided I was the one he wanted to spend time with today and to fuck me. I did what any horny slut would do, and squeezed his hard cock to let him know I was more than ready.Mr. Scott then said, “Would you mind walking around the table again, Mandi? I’d love to be able to gaze upon your perfect legs once more.”Of course, I did as he asked. As I stood up, I decided to take a big risk and pulled my skirt back down to cover my pussy and ass. Then I strolled around the table in what I hoped was a sexy manner and watched where his eyes were looking.He looked like he was about to make a big decision, and finally said, “My God, Mandi. You are magnificent. I’d love to see all of you.”Inside, I was thrilled that he took the bait, and decided to play the risk a little further. Using my best-faked look of shock, I put my hands on my hips, and using an exaggerated tone of voice, I said, “Why, Mr. Scott! I’m shocked that you should make such a request of one of your young employees.”I stood still for a few seconds looking Mr. Scott in the eyes, with my hands still on my hips, to see what, if anything, he would do. To my delight, he just sat there with a sly grin on his face and said nothing. I’m sure he knew exactly what I would do, and I decided to end my ruse.I gave him a knowing smile and after several seconds said, “Well, since you asked me so nicely, I guess I will honor your request.”I crossed my arms across my breasts, took my hands and grabbed the bottom of my sweater, pulled it over my head, and dropped it to the floor. Then I reached behind me, slowly unzipped my skirt, and wiggled my butt so it would fall to the floor next to my sweater.I stood there, letting him drink in how good I looked standing on my high heels totally naked. My pussy was flowing and I could feel my juices running down the insides of my legs. I couldn’t stop myself, spread my legs, and slid two fingers into my bare pussy. I avoided my clit because I knew if I touched it, I would instantly cum. I wanted to wait for Mr. Scott to make that happen.Jeff looked almost mesmerized as I stood in front of him for nearly a minute before he said anything. Then he stood up, walked over to me, and said, “You are an amazing example of womanhood. I particularly love your incredible beasts, and the all-over tan you have without any tan lines…even your pussy lips are tan. It tells me that you enjoy being naked and showing off your incredible body in front of others. Am I right?”I replied by saying, “You’ll need to find that out for yourself.”“That sounds like a challenge to me, and I’m sure my efforts will be successful. Since I have my phone nearby, may I take a few pictures of you to send to Amy?”“Sure, as long I get them too. Be my guest. The camera is my friend.”After taking a few shots, Jeff put his phone down. He looked in my eyes, slid his hand up my leg to lightly touch my engorged pussy lips, and said, “Do you want this to go any further, Mandi? And if so, do you want it to happen now or some other time?”I licked my lips again, gave him my best sultry smile, and said, “I’d like it to happen right now and then again another time soon. But right now I want to see what you’ve got,” emphasizing the word “you”.I reached toward his crotch, opened his pants, pulled down his zipper, and reached in to grasp his hard cock. I was elated but not surprised when I found he wasn’t wearing any underwear either.I looked at Jeff (I figured it was okay to call him by his first name now since etimesgut escort bayan I was about to suck his cock and feel it slide into my sopping wet pussy) and asked him, with a naughty smile on my face, if he was thinking of me when he got dressed this morning, or if he decided to go commando when he knew we were going to meet.He grinned at me and said, “Both.”I immediately started stroking his rock hard and impressive cock, which I guessed was at least eight or nine inches long and very thick…just what a young slut like me wanted.I wrapped my hand around his impressive member and said, “I have a fantasy I want to experience that I want you to make real for me. I want to be lying naked on the top of your desk when you finally slide that magnificent cock into my wet and eager pussy.”He grinned, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and walked toward his desk. I screeched in surprise and then started laughing. That was so hot.As we passed by his office door, I asked him if the door was locked. He smiled and said, “Of course.”When we reached his desk, he put me down. While standing naked by the end of his desk, I unbuttoned and removed his shirt and pushed his pants to the floor. We were now standing facing each other, completely naked. I was delighted to see how toned his body was, and the tan I noticed when I first sat down went from head to toe without any tan lines. But the best thing I noticed was that his pubic area was cleanly shaved. That was a huge turn-on for me.I immediately dropped to my knees and looked at the impressive “weapon” that I was about to enjoy. Some pre-cum was already leaking from the end of his circumcised cock. Looking him straight in his eye, I took my tongue and licked it off. He put his hand behind my head, and I immediately opened my mouth and engulfed his entire cock and took it all the way down my throat. I was glad that I had trained myself to deep throat.Jeff started groaning in pleasure as I sucked and tongued his turgid cock. But I didn’t want him to cum too soon, so I pulled back, looked up at him and said, “I want to be sure that you are totally hard when you finally slide that beautiful cock into my pussy. I don’t want you to cum too soon. So should I let you cum in my mouth now and wait a few minutes for you to recover, or do you want to fuck me right now? I want this experience to last a long time so I can enjoy multiple orgasms with you. So please tell me which way we should go for both our pleasures.”Jeff smiled at me and said he usually recovered very quickly, and he was usually good for at least three loads in one day. So cumming in my mouth now would undoubtedly be the best recipe for a long and enjoyable evening.I started working his cock in and out of my mouth without using my hands. I think the hottest way to give a memorable blow job is by only using my mouth and grabbing the shaft of the cock at its base. I used a lot of tongue on the bottom of his shaft and my hands worked on his balls and around his butt to tease his ass. I continued deep throating him.This seemed to work well, as I started feeling that he was close to cumming. Sure enough, he started to shoot his tasty cum into my mouth. It was a huge load and I wanted to collect as much as possible in my mouth. I kept it there until I knew he was done and then opened my mouth and looked up at him so he could see his entire load. Then I let some of it drip out of my mouth and onto my tits and slowly swallowed the rest of his cum, so he could tell that I took it all down. I used my hands to rub the pearly liquid all around my tits.I stood up and embraced Jeff and offered my cum-covered lips to kiss, hoping that he wouldn’t mind the taste of his own cum. His hands were all over my cum covered tits, caressing them and pinching my nipples. He immediately planted a huge kiss on my lips and slid his tongue deep into my mouth. Now that was yummy.Even though Jeff was in recovery mode, he didn’t waste any time. He helped me up and had me lie back on his desk with my pussy at the edge. He lifted my legs and placed them over his broad shoulders.My pussy had been waiting way too long to be pleasured. Jeff smiled at me, licked his lips, and dove right down to start eating me, something that I could not wait to feel. He teased my wet labia with his tongue, sliding it up and down the wet slit between my lips. Then he lightly circled my clit, driving me crazy. He kept teasing me for a couple of minutes and then suddenly slid two fingers all the way into my vagina. He pumped them fast and hard and turned them until he found my G-spot. At the same time, he brought his tongue down and started sucking and licking my clit.This was sending my horniness over the top, and I called out, saying, “Oh god, yes, Jeff, eat me, and make me cum.”That did it. My climax exploded. I arched my back off the desk and my chest was heaving up and down as the orgasm ripped through my body. But I didn’t want the feeling to end so I repeated over and over, “Don’t stop…oh God, don’t stop,” and then, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels so incredible. Put your tongue as far inside me as you can.”Jeff did exactly what I asked, and it was instantly clear he loved eating pussy and knew how to please a woman. My cum juices were squirting all over his face and down onto the floor.Jeff stood up as my orgasm gradually subsided, and I finally caught my breath. He was apparently right about his recovery time as his cock was looking hard again. Not wanting to waste any time, I told him that I wanted and needed his big cock in my pussy now!He lifted my legs over his shoulders again and slowly began sliding his hard cock into my wanton and dripping pussy. I savored those first few seconds as I could feel all the erotic details of his big cock as it began to fill me. I could feel the edges of his big helmet head and the outline of the biggest veins in his shaft. At the same time, he reached forward and put his hands around my breasts, and started caressing them while gently pinching and stretching my nipples.I let out an almost crazy groaning sound. His cock felt almost magical, and a sudden electric-like feeling rushed through me as I felt him bottom out against my cervix. I had never felt a cock give me such an intense and erotic feeling. I didn’t want it to stop, and I pumped my hips back and forth to match the pounding he was giving me.Jeff smiled down at me as we were fucking like animals in heat, kissed me, and said, “Is this close to what you were fantasizing about a little while ago?”I grinned broadly at him and said, “Close, but we’re not quite there yet. We need to keep the action going until I feel your cum fill my pussy.” Jeff grinned back at me and said, “It’ll be my honor and pleasure to do exactly that.”He then said, “I need to tell you that I also had a fantasy about you today. Do you want to hear it?”I caught my breath and said, “Absolutely.”He said, “I fantasized about fucking you this afternoon when you were totally naked except for your heels. Your back was to me while you were leaning over the side of my desk and I slid my hard cock into your hot pussy while gazing at your incredible ass and narrow waist. And when I finally came, I would squirt part of my load into your hot pussy and the rest onto that fantastic ass of yours.”I said, “I’m living my fantasy right now, so let’s make sure you can live yours now too.”With that, Jeff pulled his hard cock out of my pussy, ran his tongue over my pussy, and then helped me down off the top of his desk. Before I started to turn around, I looked down at his hard cock that was all shiny with my juices. I leaned over quickly and took it in my mouth to taste all my juices.He put his strong hands on my waist and turned me around. Then, in what felt like one continuous motion, he cupped my breasts in his hands, slammed his cock into my pussy, bent me over the desk, and began furiously ramming his cock into my pussy.As he did that, I noticed all the liquid that had puddled on top of the desk where my pussy had been. I saw no reason to clean it up now as I was certain we would make even more of a mess before we were done.Once again, Jeff slid that magnificent cock in and out of my wet pussy. We both let out audible sighs and he grabbed my hips and began pounding my pussy like it was the last one on earth. It was beyond fantastic as his thick heavy cock slammed deep into my dripping pussy while I felt his balls banging into my ass. I thought that if he ran a business as well as he fucked, it was no wonder he was so successful.After about fifteen or twenty minutes and multiple orgasms from me due to the incredible fucking Jeff was giving me, he finally said he was going to cum. True to his word, he first pumped one or two squirts of cum into my pussy and then pulled out and sprayed the rest of his load onto my ass.I reached back and scooped up as much of his cum that I could find. I turned around to face Jeff, held my cum covered fingers above my upturned face, and let as much of it as possible drip onto my tits. The rest I licked clean and swallowed all that was in my mouth.After our Escort etlik mutual orgasms finally subsided, Jeff looked at me and said, “You are one remarkably beautiful and sexual woman, and you are making things very difficult for me. There is nothing I’d rather do than continue this wonderful evening with you through the rest of the night. But I know you have a husband to go home to, and I have several business matters that won’t wait until tomorrow morning. So maturity must occasionally come before what our libidos both crave. We’ll have to savor what just occurred, and I know that I will eagerly look forward to the next opportunity when we can be together again. I genuinely hope you feel the same way.”I knew inside me that this was how the day had to end. I was thrilled and proud that I had succeeded in fucking the CEO of our company, hoped I would not be just another one of his rumored “afternoon conquests”, and that Jeff would want to be with me again and again. He was definitely an accomplished lover and someone I wanted to be with again. Okay, call me a fool, but that’s how I felt and what I wanted.I looked at Jeff with a fake pouty face and then a sexy smile and said, “I understand and feel that same way. I may be young, and to some degree still rather naïve. But I’ll go home with a smile on my face and hope that your words about wanting to be together again are genuine and sincere.”I then added, “Be sure to have your wife call me tomorrow.”~~~~~~~The next evening, while enjoying a pleasant Friday evening happy hour with Dave, my phone rang. Something told me to answer it rather than letting it go to voice mail. I was glad I did.A pleasant, sexy female voice said, “Hi. Is this Mandi? This is Amy Scott, Jeff’s wife.”Not knowing what direction this call might take, my heart jumped into my mouth. I was barely able to pleasantly reply with, “Good evening, Mrs. Scott. This is Mandi. How are you?”In a friendly, relaxed voice, she said, “I’m excellent. How about you, Mandi? And please, call me Amy. Jeff asked me to call you so we could get acquainted, and I could fill you in, not only on some details about the Gala and party in the city next month but also about the party in our suite the night before. Would you have some time to chat now?”“Thanks for asking, Amy. I’m terrific, and this is a perfect time for me.”“Before I start,” said Amy, “and to set your mind at ease, Jeff told me all about the enjoyable time the two of you spent together yesterday. He said you were incredible, and that you are one of the most beautiful and sexy women he has ever been with. He looks forward to the opportunity of being with you again and hopes that the three of us could enjoy each other sometime. You can be comfortable knowing we have an open marriage, and we have no secrets from each other.”“I’m truly delighted to hear all that. It makes me feel much more comfortable talking to you.“And, just so you know, my husband Dave and I recently embarked on a similar arrangement, and we have enjoyed many new and incredible experiences in a short time. One thing that gets me turned on the most is my exhibitionism.“I love showing off my body and having sex in front of an audience. And I loved the picture of the see-through dress you wore to a previous company party. Perhaps we may both have similar tastes in clothing and think a lot alike sexually. Am I right about that?”“You are probably right. I’ve heard of your enjoyment of such naughtiness from some reliable sources, and that is one of the reasons I’ve called you today. Jeff told me you have a beautiful all-over tan, and you have obviously seen that Jeff does too. You can add me to the list of naked sun-lovers.”“That sounds wonderful. I’m anxious to hear what you have to say, and so is my husband, Dave. I’m sitting next to him right now, and I’d like to put the phone on speaker. That way, I won’t need to repeat everything to him. Are you okay with that?”“Certainly.”I put the phone on speaker, and Amy and Dave said their hellos to each other. I then said, “We’re ready, and I’m dying to hear what you have to say.”“Okay. Let’s chat about the Saturday Gala first. I got the impression that Jeff pretty well filled you in. Is that correct?”“Pretty much. But I’m not clear on how revealing my attire can be or how much sex goes on and/or is allowed.”“That’s a great question, Mandi. There are no rules in our party areas. As far as what you wear, that’s entirely what you feel comfortable in. The dress code is formal, so long dresses or skirts are expected. You could certainly be topless if you wanted.“As far as sex is concerned, there are adjoining party rooms available for use, but the doors can’t be locked. It’s all about what you are comfortable with. Don’t be surprised if you observed, were encouraged, or wanted to participate in some sexual activity in the party area. Those who are conservative and not open-minded pretty much know not to attend.”The general manager of the hotel is a close friend of ours and often parties with us and our friends. His guests have no restrictions, and we can do just about anything we want without worrying about being hassled.”“Wow! That makes sense and sounds perfect to me.””Great. Now tell me, Mandi, how much do you know about the Friday party?”“Not much, although skimpy attire for ladies has been mentioned, and sex is not only involved but encouraged and facilitated. Am I getting warm?”“You are on the right track. It is a private party that Jeff and I put on. Officially, it has nothing to do with our company. Yes, it has a lot of similarities to a swingers’ or a ‘lifestyle’ party, although we have never called it that. We have a lot of friends, a surprising number of our employees such as yourself, and many investors who enjoy that type of fun.“Jeff and I have never tried to hide our passion for it either. In fact, from a business standpoint, we have a very high opinion of bright, young people who embrace the concept that monogamy is not a requirement for a successful marriage or relationship any more than it is a requirement for a successful career in our company.”“Wow! That sounds fantastic. But why did you make this special call to me this evening?”“Jeff is convinced that you thrive on exposing your beautiful tan body, and, in your own words, have a sex drive that can best be described as insatiable. Am I on the right track too?”“I’d say Jeff is a remarkably good judge of people. Go ahead.”“At the Friday party, we have always had a special beautiful woman who acts as a ‘greeter’ and ‘party starter’. I did that for the first of our parties. This year, we would be privileged if you would fill that role for us.“And I have to tell you that we made an important change in our plans for this person after Jeff met you and I looked at your pictures. This year’s greeter and party starter will be naked the entire time except for heels and a few items of jewelry.”I was exhilarated by what she told me and said, “I’m thrilled and honored that you’ve asked me, and the idea of being naked the entire time is getting me turned on. Please give me more details about what this will involve.”“Before I answer that, I want to tell you what’s in it for you. Most importantly, you will be paid three thousand dollars in cash for doing this. A limousine service will pick you up at your home early Friday afternoon and return you there late on Sunday.“The room you and Dave will have is very luxurious and will connect to our suite. That way, you can come and go as you wish without using the hallway.“There are no limits or restrictions on what sexual activity you choose to enjoy or where, as long as it occurs inside our suite or in your room.“There will be no cost to you for the limo or any in-hotel expenses or services you may need or request during your stay.”I told Amy, “That almost sounds too good to be true. What do I have to do to earn the money?”Amy replied by saying, “I promise that you will love every minute of it. When the party begins, you will personally welcome everyone as they enter the main area of our suite. This will often involve some kissing, hugging, fondling, and possibly some other types of sexual foreplay. You are welcome to take such activity to whatever level you desire and are comfortable with.“At a time to be decided, and only if necessary, you will introduce, encourage, and possibly demonstrate that it is time for the sexual activity to begin.“Next, and this is more of a perk than a task, we will have two or three young, attractive, and well-endowed males who will be our bartender and server. Except for a small apron, they will be naked. It will be your responsibility to keep their state of arousal under control by whatever pleasant means you choose. In reality, some of the other women guests may take care of such matters once things get rolling.“And finally, both Jeff and I want to enjoy you personally and sexually in every mutually agreeable way.“We also want you to know that the hotel will provide specially vetted staff to care for all the cleanliness, linens, towels, and other supplies that are needed, along with restocking the bar and snacks, and anything else we may need. You don’t need to worry about such mundane matters.“Any questions?”I turned to Dave and asked for his okay, which he gave almost instantly and enthusiastically.I said to Amy, “You’ve got a deal. Make those reservations. This looks like an absolute win-win situation. I can’t wait.”TO BE CONTINUED

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