15 Mayıs 2023

Chapter VII – (Part Five – Wrapping up Mandi’s First Assignment)


It was almost 11:00 PM, and it was about time to let Niccolo know I was ready to head for the nightclub at our hotel. Niccolo had departed my suite at about 9:30 PM so we could both get ourselves prepared for a hot night. All this was after an afternoon of sun and fun at the hotel’s adults-only pool that included some hot outdoor sex in front of what appeared to be an appreciative audience.Niccolo and I had returned to my beautiful suite at about 7:00 PM. We planned to enjoy a couple of pleasant hours relaxing in the oversized hot tub. However, about 8:00 PM, those plans changed when a knock at the door announced that room service had arrived with our dinner. I jumped out of the hot tub, slipped into some high-heeled platform shoes, and greeted the server dripping wet, smiling, and wearing only jewelry and the heels.To my absolute delight, the waiter was a handsome, muscular young man who introduced himself as Josh. He walked right in as though encountering naked guests was nothing unusual.However, that didn’t last long. Once inside, Josh seemed to be mesmerized by my young, dripping wet, naked, five-foot-eight-inch, 118 pound, fully-tanned body, not to mention my firm 36D breasts with their aroused nipples, my flat belly, smooth shaved pussy, and well-toned legs. He was taking an unusually long time getting everything set up. Maybe that was because I thought he’d appreciate a little teasing. I slowly strolled around the cart and would bend over, pretending to “help” him. I’d “accidentally” brush my bare tits or naked ass against him, but that didn’t seem to speed up his work either. And since I was still wet from being in the hot tub, damp spots began appearing on his uniform.Niccolo had a big smile on his face and was watching all this action intently. I could also tell he was stroking his hard cock and wondered how this was going to unfold.Josh’s appreciation for my “assistance” was evident as I became aware of the impressive erection growing prominently in his pants. Of course, I immediately wanted it in my pussy, but was frustrated knowing he must be on the clock and had no time for that.He took to “inadvertently” brushing his hard cock up against me to get even. Of course, that got my pussy juices flowing, and the next time Josh did that, I grabbed his impressive erection through his pants. It was rock-hard and felt as though he had gone commando. I wanted to find out.I thought about offering him a special “personal tip” for his excellent service. However, my usually over-active libido was competing with my need for recovery time, so I’d be rested and ready for a long night of fun. It wasn’t much of a surprise that my libido prevailed. So the next time Josh brushed his erection against me, I quickly turned around, crouched down in front of him, found his zipper, and in a flash had his hard cock out of his pants and into my mouth before he could say anything. I was right. He had gone commando.I proceeded to deep throat Josh’s thick and at least eight-inch long cock. He let out a loud “Oh my God,” and reluctantly said, “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m on a tight schedule, and if I’m five minutes late, I could be docked for the time, or worse.”“Not to worry,” I said. “I’m sure I can get you to blow your load in under five minutes.” And I did exactly that. In less time than that, I had Josh’s first explosion of cum shooting into my mouth. Then I pointed his erupting cock at my tits so he would coat them with the rest of his warm, pearly jizz. As his climax subsided, he grinned at me and emphatically said, “We must continue this after I punch out tonight at 2:00 AM.”I licked my lips erotically and said, “Yes, I’d like that very much.” As Josh left, he placed a personal business card on the table. Niccolo noticed that, and after Josh had departed, he said, “I do not doubt that you will be fucking him before the night is over.””That’s my plan,” I replied. “But that is then, and now is now. I’m so turned on that I need that magnificent, hard cock of yours in me, and I need it in me NOW! So dinner will have to wait a while.”Niccolo’s face broke into a huge smile, and he stood up in the hot tub with his rock-hard cock standing proudly at full mast. Then, he said, “Do you want this in your pussy or your ass.”“Both,” I responded. “Now dry yourself off, and join me in the bedroom. It’s about time we both enjoyed each other in the proper surroundings.”I threw myself on the bed, rolled onto my back, spread my legs, and immediately thrust three fingers deep into my drenched pussy. Niccolo was on me in seconds and slammed his hard, nine-inch phallus deep into my more than willing and wet pussy. His cock felt incredible as it stretched my pussy as only a few others have done. It only took me a few more seconds to reach my first orgasm, and it was a screamer. I hoped the walls of this hotel were soundproof.The next half-hour passed all too fast, and I found that Niccolo was a master at ass fucking. After my first orgasm, I got on top of him so that I could pound my pussy on his cock with my own unrelenting energy. Then, to my great pleasure, Niccolo used that opportunity to begin playing with my little brown star. I was so wet that no additional lube was needed, and he easily inserted first one and then two fingers into my back passage. Once Niccolo could tell I was comfortable with his fingers in my ass, he told me to turn my back to him and slide my ass down onto his cock at my own pace. That way, he could play with my Escort elvankent tits as he fucked me in the ass. He didn’t have to tell me more than once, and I immediately did as he asked.I was thrilled when I felt how easily my rectum could accept the entrance of Niccolo’s large cock. While I loved how a new cock felt sliding slowly into my pussy for the first time, the feeling of a new cock sliding slowly into my ass was even more amazing and nearly indescribable. It was as much a sensational mental trip as it was an exhilarating physical experience. It always amazed me how something so naughty could be so astonishingly pleasurable. This became quite obvious when my pussy started gushing all over Niccolo’s legs and soaked the bedding. Anal orgasms are remarkable and a real treat for me when they happen. It wasn’t long after that when I felt Niccolo explode his cum into my ass. Then, with his slowly deflating cock still in my ass, I fell back onto his chest. I held his hands tightly to my breasts as I enjoyed the euphoria and after-glow of an intense and more than satisfying sexual tryst.And yes, we finally did enjoy our dinner.~~~~~~~Later, as I was getting ready for the nightclub, I reminded myself that Phillip, the head concierge, had assured me that I could be topless (or even naked after midnight) in the nightclub. He had given me a unique necklace I was to wear, alerting the hotel staff that it was okay for me to do so. He had even hinted that other sexual activity might be overlooked as well. I decided to put this to the test. I selected a short, white, sheer jersey miniskirt that was no more than six or seven inches top to bottom. It had an oval “keyhole” opening in the beltline about four inches around with a drawstring that allowed the space to be adjusted for a perfect fit and the desired amount of exposure. The opening could be in front or back, and it had to be worn very low on my hips so my bare pussy would be covered. Worn low and with the keyhole opening in the back, a lot of butt cleavage was in clear view, and it didn’t cover the lower half of my butt. Underwear was never a consideration.I only needed something on top to wear from the room to the nightclub and to provide minimal coverage of my tits if the test failed. So I selected a long-sleeved, cut-off, sheer white jersey top with an open neckline. It was intentionally a couple of sizes too small so that it barely covered my prominent nipples and small areolas, and left the rest of my firm, tan 36D tits in full view. In addition, it had some “tails” of material that were intended to be tied in front. Instead, I slid the two ends into a ring that could be easily be moved up, down, or removed depending on how much of my breasts I wanted to expose. A pair of tall platform stiletto heels, Phillip’s unique necklace, an anklet, and the requisite matching belly ring and earrings completed the ensemble. A quick look in the mirror told me that Mandi, the exhibitionist was ready to rock the nightclub. So naturally, lots of tan skin would be on display, and I hoped it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to Niccolo.I picked up my phone, called Niccolo, and told him I was ready for us to head to the nightclub. I also mentioned that I had the VIP passes and the prepaid bar card ready. He said he was anxiously waiting to see what outrageous attire I was wearing, or most importantly, not wearing. I told him the door would be open a crack, to come in without bothering to knock, and that I hoped he would be pleased with my choice. About ten minutes later, Niccolo walked in. I was standing proudly in the middle of the suite with my hands on my hips and a naughty smile on my face. All I was wearing was the tiny white skirt, the high heels, and the jewelry. I heard him suck his breath in when he first saw me, and he just stood there looking like he was in a state of shock. I quickly said, “I hope my attire, or lack thereof, hasn’t gone too far,” and spun around a couple of times so he could get the complete picture.I added, “You know I can’t walk through the hotel topless, so I have a brief matching top that I’ll grab on the way out the door. But don’t worry, I’m not planning to leave it on very long once we’re in the club.”He quickly gathered his wits together, walked toward me, and dispelled any concerns I may have had. He had a huge grin on his face and said, “Let me put it this way. Every time I see you, you look even sexier and more beautiful. If I’d known such an amazing recruiting enticement would be offered to me, it would have taken me a lot less time to make up my mind about joining your company. Do you happen to have the Engagement Letter handy? I’m ready to sign it.”Hoping for this possibility, James had left the letter with me. I motioned for Niccolo to follow me and led him toward my desk, wiggling my butt at him so he could see my ass cleavage and maybe my bare, glistening pussy lips. My libido was in full launch mode, and I was not planning any compromises during what should be an incredibly exciting night.I withdrew two copies of the letter from a folder and handed a pen to Niccolo. He immediately signed both copies with quite a flourish. Finally, I added my signature to both letters, and the deal was officially done. I put my arms around his neck, and Niccolo immediately cupped a hand to one of my breasts and used the other hand to squeeze my butt. Of course, this resulted in an amazingly passionate kiss that emek escort must have lasted a full minute.I pulled back slightly and said, “You have no idea how thrilled this has made me. I’ll text James and Henry with the good news. Then let’s get naughty at the nightclub and make this a night we won’t soon forget.”I sent a quick text to James and Henry that said, “It’s done. Niccolo just signed.” I was rewarded with an avalanche of smiling emojis in return.With job one completed, I quickly pulled on the top I needed to wear through the hotel. We walked out the door and headed to the nightclub in a state of mutual giddiness mixed with an incredible feeling of acute horniness. I had achieved my first goal and was ready to move the night along without worrying about any fictitious constraints.We arrived at the club just before midnight, and it wasn’t crowded yet. The music was blasting, and those on the dance floor were gyrating energetically. We were shown to a private booth with two comfortable leather-like couches across from each other and two chairs at each end surrounding a large glass coffee table. Quick and easy access to the dance floor was a snap. First-class all the way. A lovely young server, dressed in an appropriately revealing outfit that left no doubt she had a scorching body, took our order for a bottle of a fine chilled California Chardonnay. We settled down on a couch for a hot evening. As I sat down, it was immediately apparent that my skirt would not cover my bare pussy. Crossing my legs was the only way to be slightly modest. I decided to ignore that option and to just go with the flow. This did not escape Niccolo’s eyes. I felt him slide his hand tantalizingly up the inside of my thigh, brush against my engorged labia, and then thrust two fingers deep into my wanton and gushing pussy. Not to be outdone, I found Niccolo’s zipper, pulled it down to open his pants, and reached inside to release his cock from captivity. I was thrilled to find he had gone commando. I had his cock out of his pants and in my hand in a second and saw the head was covered in pre-cum. Being a good slut, I immediately leaned over and licked it off and then resumed stroking him. Just then, our server delivered the bottle of wine and poured each of us a glass. I continued stroking Niccolo’s cock, and clamped my legs tight around his hand so he wouldn’t be tempted to remove his fingers from my pussy. I wiggled my shoulders around a bit, so my top moved around far enough that my nipples were in full view.None of this went unnoticed by our server. Candy looked at me, my tits, Niccolo’s hand trapped in my pussy, and then my long, toned legs. Her eyes finally found my hand stroking Niccolo’s cock. She gave a wickedly knowing smile, winked, gently pinched both my nipples, and said in a seductive voice both Niccolo and I could hear, “My name is Candy, and if you need any help with what I think you have in mind for tonight, I get off at 2:00 AM. I’d love to party with you both. Just let me know.” Looking at my necklace, Candy told us, “The staff here is familiar with the necklace you are wearing. So you can be totally comfortable knowing that you, and anyone with you, are free to be as naughty as you want. There is no need to hold back on anything. You won’t be hassled. And you definitely won’t be the first or the last to enjoy sex in our nightclub.” She handed me a business-sized card with her name and phone number and said, “I’ll hope to hear from you.” I was on my way, and I saw no reason to pull my top back over my nipples.After several sips of wine, I was ready to hit the dance floor. I turned to Niccolo and said, “Are you ready to dance?”He grinned at me and said, “Yes, but I’d rather be a voyeur for a while and sit here and watch you in action first.”That mildly surprised me, and I replied, “If I go out on the dance floor by myself, dressed as I am, I expect that I’ll be hit upon in no time.””I’d love to watch that and see if you could find ones you wanted to play with. Heck, give one of them a thrill and let them remove your top.”I pouted a little and said, “Okay, but I don’t want to risk spoiling this special celebratory night.”Niccolo responded, saying, “Just trust me on this. Right now, I want to watch you in action with other men and women in what I’m thinking of as my personal private porn show that I can jump into whenever I want.”“Okay, if you say so, I’m more than up for that. But if you turn me loose in front of a crowd like you are suggesting, you never know what crazy things I might do.”“That’s exactly what I want to see.” Niccolo’s declared objective flipped a switch in my mostly horny brain. My libido suddenly spiked to a new high, and I decided it was time to unleash Mandi, the slut and exhibitionist. If that’s what he wants, I’ll give him a show neither of us will soon forget. I reached around and pulled him to me, and we exchanged a passionate, tongue-filled kiss. I squeezed his cock and headed off to the dance floor, pulling my top back over my nipples for what I hoped would be the last time tonight. My inborn exhibitionism was screaming to be let loose.The music was perfect, and I was moving and shaking my scarcely covered body. The barely-there top with the ultra-short skirt that exposed the top of my butt crack eliminated any mystery that onlookers might have had about my not wearing any underwear. My skirt was slowly creeping up, revealing more of my butt cheeks, eryaman escort bayan and allowing my fully aroused pussy to come into view. I was so horny, and the lights gave off such wild images that I was sure someone could see that my pussy lips and inner thighs were glistening from all the juices I could feel flowing out of my insatiable pussy and down my legs.And since Niccolo had turned me loose, the first thing I wanted to do was find the perfect person to remove my top, expose my breasts, and encourage what other naughtiness might result. But I tried to stay within sight of Niccolo so that he could follow my antics. I could see him, so I waved to him. He waved back with a big smile on his face.My libido continued heading for outer space and must have been evident to others. I danced as suggestively and erotically as possible. The inevitable groping and fondling from strangers began and gradually became more intense and persistent. Once I had allowed unfamiliar hands to touch me without any objections, and I occasionally held them to me, several others caught on and followed suit. I was reveling in the attention, kept a sexy smile on my face, and sometimes enthusiastically returned the groping or fondling I was getting from both genders. At just the perfect moment, a stunning woman started dancing in front of me. She was a few inches shorter than me but had a killer body and a dazzling smile. She was wearing a short, tight, black dress that hugged every curve and had a plunging neckline that hung open and didn’t end until it was below her navel. Her beautiful breasts were clearly visible, her back completely bare, and I instantly knew she was the one I wanted. I silently bet that she wasn’t wearing any panties either.She danced seductively up to me, took my face in her hands, and said, “You are by far the hottest woman here. I desperately want to touch you and kiss you. May I?”My immediate answer was to press my lips to hers, and we played dueling tongues in an erotic, almost porn-style kiss. Eventually, I pulled back and said, “I’d love that, but only if I can touch you too.”Her answer was to immediately slide one hand between my legs and touch the wet outer lips of my pussy. She moaned and slipped one finger into my eager vagina, causing my pussy to become even wetter. I then sensed someone coming up against me from behind. I felt two obviously male hands grasp my bare hips as a prominent, fabric-covered erection pressed between my butt cheeks. The combination of these two sudden, but totally welcome erotic surprises, shot my libido into low earth orbit.She smiled and said, “Hello sexy. I’m Vanessa, and the handsome man behind you is my husband, Kurt. As you can no doubt tell, we are both captivated by you. I just hope we are not being too forward.” Before I answered, I turned my head around far enough to see the man behind me. I was not at all surprised to look in the eyes of a devilishly good-looking, tall black man. He smiled at me and pressed his cock even harder into my butt crack. I let out an audible moan and almost swooned into his arms.I looked back at Vanessa and was so turned on by this sudden erotic surprise that I responded by passionately kissing her again while sliding one hand under the hem of her dress in search of the panties I hoped were not there. I also slid my other hand behind me to feel the cock that was pressing up against me. I was not disappointed in either case. I found Vanessa’s pussy as bare and nearly as wet as mine, and Kurt’s erection felt most impressive. Vanessa slipped her hand under my top, and I placed my hand on top of hers to stop her. She pulled back and looked momentarily perplexed. I smiled at her and said, “I stopped you because I want you and Kurt to remove my top. I want my tits out where you and everyone can enjoy them. Will you do that, please?”Without waiting for an answer, I grasped both of Kurt’s hands and moved them to the sides of my tits, and told Vanessa to slide the ring down to release the top.She flashed me a conspiratorial smile, reached for the ring just below my breasts, and pulled it down and off the tails. The front fell apart, totally exposing my firm, tan, 36D breasts.“Holy shit,” she said. “Those are the most perfect tits and incredible nipples I’ve ever seen. And since they are so tan and have no tan lines, you must be a very naughty girl.” “That I am,” I said. “And proud of it. Now, will you and Kurt take my top off? My tits are dying to be exposed.” Kurt didn’t need any further encouragement and immediately slid the top down my arms and off. He tucked it under the back waistband of his slacks, so his hands were free to roam all over my now nearly naked body. The ring went into one of his pockets.Vanessa began running her tongue over and around my erect nipples while she continued to expertly explore my pussy with her fingers. It didn’t take her long to get me on the brink of an orgasm. At the same time, I slid my hand inside the neckline of her dress and caressed what felt like perfect C-cup breasts. I loved how her skin was so smooth and soft to my touch.As we continued to dance, the neckline of her dress was loose enough that it couldn’t contain her breasts, totally exposing them. As you can imagine, these four naked tits did not go unnoticed, and we had gradually drawn a small crowd. Cell phone cameras were busily pointing at us. So here we were, two hot young women, dancing bare-breasted in one of the biggest and most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas. I was confident that this was not the first time a hot woman had been topless here, and doing this in front of a potentially large audience had me totally turned on. My exhibitionist nature had come to the fore, and my pussy juices continued dripping down my leg.

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