15 Mayıs 2023

Cheerleaders’ New Coach, Part II


Coach Calhoun’s cheerleaders were enjoying moderate success in their competitions.  They could almost always count on getting second or third place.  Maybe it was the coaching, or maybe it was the motivational activities in the showers that brought out the best in the girls.But something was missing.  They were lacking a team member with the upper body strength to do the big moves.  No one was strong enough to throw a girl up into the air and catch her.  Those were the kind of moves that the first place teams were doing.“Girls, maybe we need to integrate the team,” Coach said.“What do you mean?  We already have a mix of race and ethnicities on the squad,” Mandy said.“No,” Coach said, “I mean a male.  We need someone with some good upper body strength to help us with the lifts.  That would give us that extra edge that we are missing.”“Well who could we get?” Lori asked.  “No guys tried out for the team.”They all thought about it for a while and then Janice jumped up!  “I know who we might get.  My cousin Bobby is a senior on the wrestling team.  He is small but strong.”Mindy’s face lit up.  “Small in stature, but he sure does fill out his wrestling singlet!” she said.  “Do you think he would do it in his off season?”“He owes me,” Janice said.  “I’m sure he will.”Janice was right.   Bobby loved the idea, and he thought it would be a great way to stay in shape in his off-season.  Bobby quickly found his place on the team, and the girls loved him.  And he did fill out his uniform shorts very well.Bobby of course used the boys’ locker room and showered with the guys on whatever team was in season.  He got used to the teasing Kuşadası escort about being the only guy cheerleader.  However that stopped when the other guys figured out that Bobby gets to look up the girls’ skirts when he lifts them into the air.  That shut them up fast.This arrangement worked out fine until one tournament where the locker rooms were separated by team, not by gender.“Now what do we do?” Lori asked Coach Calhoun.Coach replied that, “We just all have to use one locker room.  We are a team, after all.”Changing into their uniforms wasn’t bad.  The girls all had their sports bras and panties on to protect their modesty.  Bobby wasn’t as lucky as he had to change from his underwear to a jock strap.   Janice used the locker next to Bobby and took note of Bobby’s manhood when he quickly whipped off his underwear.  “Wow Bobby, you’ve really grown since we used to take baths together when we were little.”Bobby just blushed and quickly got dressed before anyone else saw him naked.After the game was over the moment of truth arrived.  Bobby has mortified.  Even though he was a senior and a good looking athlete, he never had a girlfriend before.  That meant that he was never naked with a girl, nor has he ever seen a naked girl except innocently sharing a bath with his cousin a very long time ago.The team hurried off to the locker room.  Bobby opened his locker and stared straight ahead.  All around him the girls were quickly stripping naked and running into the shower, which they had come to thoroughly enjoy with each other.Janice faced Bobby and said, “Look Bobby, it’s Kuşadası escort bayan not that bad.  It’s just like when we were growing up.  Only now all our parts are bigger.  And with hair.”  Bobby giggled nervously.Janice took off her top and sports bra revealing a pair of firm, perky breasts.  Bobby looked at them and couldn’t move.  Janice quickly took off her shorts and panties standing naked in front of her bashful cousin.“There,” she said.  Now let’s take care of you.  We don’t want to miss the fun!”  With that she impatiently stripped off Bobby’s shirt.  She pulled off his shoes and socks.  He grabbed his shorts trying to hold them up.“Oh no you don’t,” Janice commanded.  “We are not going to be the only ones left to shower.”  Janice knew what the girls would be doing with each other in the shower, and she did not want to miss the action.”Janice gripped Bobby’s shorts firmly and pulled them down and off his legs.  He stood there in just his bulging jock strap having reacted appropriately to seeing his naked cousin.“Let’s go or I’m going to strangle you with these straps if we don’t get in the shower,” Janice joked.  Bobby didn’t know what to make of these comments about the shower.“There!  Bobby, stop being shy.  You have an amazing body.  Be proud of it.  Heck, you might walk out of the shower with a couple of new girlfriends!” she tried to reassure him.  It didn’t help.They got to the showers and Janice announced his naked arrival, “Ladies, I believe you all know my cousin Bobby!”  Laughter and shrieks filled the shower room.Bobby stood there naked in front of six bodrum escort bayan nude beauties and was the center of attention.  His wrestler’s body had zero body fat.  He was only five foot two, but lean and solid.  He never trimmed his pubic hair, so he had a full bush of black hair surrounding his heavy, growing seven-inch cut penis.  It almost seemed disproportionately large for his body, but the girls were not complaining.Lori ran over and said, “Bobby, let me help you wash your hair.”  He was secretly enjoying the sight of all these naked girls and just closed his eyes waiting for his head to be lathered up and washed.Instead, he felt Lori rubbing her soapy hands through his pubic hair.  Startled, he opened his eyes to see what she was doing down there.  No one had ever touched him there.  And now she was washing, really stroking his penis.“I know how to get you good and clean,” Lori said.  She gave him a kiss on the lips.Mandy bounced over and said, “Lori, you missed a spot.”  Mandy soaped up Bobby’s ass and massaged her soapy hands into his ass crack and played with his hole.  “This gets very sweaty back here, but I’ll have you clean in no time.”Bobby was embarrassed by his now erect seven-inch penis.“What’s all the commotion about?” Coach Calhoun asked as she appeared naked in the showers.  “Ah I see the commotion.  I’m sorry Bobby, but we couldn’t control the facilities here.  If it makes you feel any better, all the mixed teams had to make the same accommodation and share locker rooms.”Bobby was now face-to-face, chest-to-tits, and cock-to-pussy with his coach, Jessica.  He had seen his male coaches naked before in the shower, but this was different.  This was really different.  And this feeling now was also really different.  Lori never stopped washing Bobby’s now throbbing cock, until he let loose with four long shots of cum that landed squarely on Coach Calhoun’s face, tits, and pubes.Bobby was mortified.

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