16 Mayıs 2023

Chrystal Chalice Ep. 03


Still on the case of the murdered movie director at the local adult theatre, my assistant and I wanted to investigate a possible link. My initial theory focused on a connection between a haunted mansion and the legacy of a robber baron by the name of Drago Malice. He was a mysterious figure of local lore and legend who dabbled in the occult and various proclivities of BDSM. The Malice estate existed on prime land facing the Gulf of Mexico in a town called Playa de Concha. You had to use your imagination to consider the implications of the name, conch beach, and so forth. The seaside community was home to a mature upscale population.

Sexuality was openly rampant. Of that, the salacious incarnation of psychic liberation, the very essence of coming out of yourself, well, that was the interesting thing about this place. A person, a group, anyone came here free to explore the far reaches of carnality. Where the shadows beckoned the primal invitation, one could choose to accept the degradation of self. Entering selflessness, the rebellious nature of independence allowed itself to evolve. Yet, once you left the intoxicating devious realm of sexual freedom within these walls, the outer world waited. With all its oppressive and demeaning notions of normality, the selfish confines of conformity devalued the individuality of self-expression. The slaves ruled over the free persons.

In the cavernous basement of the exotic gothic styled castle, Drago constructed a multifaceted playroom to cater to every possible sexual inclination. Passageways, tunnels and interconnecting rooms added to the mystique. The Marquis de Sade would have been impressed. Anyway, Woody Long, my able-bodied coworker in my private detective agency, and I stood in the so-called dungeon mesmerized by the intoxicating effects of the atmosphere. Recovering from our sexual escapade just moments earlier, we tried to sort things. I had just fucked his ass with a strap on, and he had accepted my dominance to explore the dark regions of his mind.

Fem-dom, female domination comes in many forms, for which mutuality of consent were essential. When we entered the colossal antiquity of medieval design, our senses encountered an alternate reality that seemed to permeate the premises. Without drug or alcohol consumption on our part, we dove into a carnal stupor free to unleash our inhibitions. Inside our minds, the dungeon of delight took hold and drew us into our fascination with the shadows that cloaked our inner most thoughts. I felt a powerful allure to the potency of my femininity, a warrior female, that made my clit tingle with one orgasmic spasm after another. I really wanted to fuck my assistant.

“Damn you’re a good fuck, Woody,” I complimented him and massaged his shrinking penis. His cock, while not the size of horse, and I’ve seen those, was beautiful. “Geezus, you get a really good erection when you’re all wired up, my boy toy. I mean what the fuck, pal? A nice big dick like this, Kitty’s right, you should be in movies, and it’s impressive.”

“Thank you, boss, that’s a wow, I’ve never had two women treat me as kind as you and Kitty do,” he said, sounded like a whimper, maybe a sigh of sorts in his state of submission. Fit, hung, smart, courteous, not an asshole like most, he could be a valuable asset to anyone. “Realty comes out at a moment like this.” His tongue dangled to one side of his mouth as though exhausted. “This has been an incredible morning. Fucking her, a famous adult film star, on the conference room table, and now getting fucked by you, I feel free inside my head. I’m speechless.”

“I know, that’s where we should be as humans, totally free, liberated beyond all those conventional constraints and silly social babble,” I wanted to explain things to my younger colleague. “Liberation from all the bullshit, the mundane boring consensus,” I postulated openly to him. “People aren’t property, chattel, slaves, we’re free spirits. We need to do what we want to do at any given moment, and not hurt anyone in the process. And, you know what?” I posed the deeper question that lingered on the surface. “Fucking is freedom. It’s spiritual.”

“It is,” he answered simply and pondered that, at least he gave me that by what I saw in his facial expression. “I like what you said earlier, ‘fuck or be fucked’, that’s essential.”

“So, there you go,” I replied gently, and caressed his amply endowed penis. Still gleaming, his cock had the slick shine of both our juices. “Damn, you have a beautiful dick, Woody.” My fingers squeezed him. “And, your balls are perfect, big, full of cum, and delicious.”

“Thank you, boss, and damn I love that you dominate me,” Woody said with a shiver. “Oh what the hell, that’s just amazing sensations. I get shudders, you’re so hot and gorgeous.” He rolled his head and shrugged his shoulders. “Whoa, at Kitty, geezus that’s some woman.”

“Yeah, thanks, pal, yep, kinda of in a mature way, for both of us. She’s definitely an inspiration, and doesn’t give Büyükçekmece escort a fuck what others think,” I said desiring the compliment.

As though passing through a portal in time, both of us enjoyed the momentary role-play of divergent exceptionality. Alone but for the two us, the notion of conventional constraint surrendered to the higher sphere of unity in sensual reclamation. While I fucked him, my senses spokes streams of boundless energies in the expression of the suppressed manifestation inside me. Willingly, with a resilient receptivity, Woody relished in the brief time to be free.

For the moment, I toyed with his cock. A flash back to minutes earlier, I relished in the escape. Fucking him, jacking him off, likewise, him masturbating himself, our senses melted as one. Within the grip of twitching pubic spasm, the streaming seconds of spurting hot cum, the gush of sweet blessed orgasm, we flashed to the higher planes of ecstasy. In the sweated afterglow, the blissful mutual cumming seemed to end all too quickly. If only, I thought, you could stay right there in perpetual pleasure. Silence filled the brevity of gasping and panting.

My faux dick kept its rigid persistence, while his soaked penis began to deflate. Slowly we were back to the reality of conventional conformity. Fantasy, the dream world, someone I once knew called it the Necrospace, the alternate realm which was another reality. Inside my head, ‘what if’ flashed like a neon sign announcing the next X-rated movie at the local adult theater. Oh yeah, what if we could remain eternally in that exotic erotic mindscape? Orgasm upon orgasm, streams of cumming for the heightened explosion of the senses.

I sucked in a breath and imagined the walls covered in his milky cum blasts. Buckets of cum splattering in massive streams of spray, painting an awesome artistry of carnal unity. While describing the exhilaration of what cannot be fully described, the erupting orgasms and cum flooded rub of our bodies, I sensed the regretful ending of our blessed escapade.

“I’m okay with this, or that, you’re a good teacher, thank you,” he murmured softly, broke the silence and stared at my body. “You’re gorgeous, so smart, experienced, I’m really grateful for working with you, you’re an amazing person. I wanna know more, teach me.”

“You betcha,” I gave him with a grin. “Next time, maybe Kitty and I team teach.”

Gently, he ran his strong hands over my neatly shaved pubis, up to my navel and across my breast. With a thrilled shiver, I smiled and toyed with his cock, greased, gleaming from lubricant and dripping with young ample amounts of cum. My fingers gripped him, he groaned, and a couple of droplets squeezed out of the bulbous head and oozed onto my hand. Woody shrank from hardened tree trunk to wilting flower. I sighed and wanted more, my turn to get fucked.

“Oh god that feels good,” he muttered from deep inside the twitch of his groin.

“Likewise,” I accepted and returned the compliment. “Back on task,” I started and shifted the focus. “Let’s get dressed and figure out how this place plays into the murder.”

“Get the feeling we’re being watched?” Woody asked after fully clothed again.

“Yep, I certainly do,” I whispered and zipped my pants. “I’ve never actually seen them, but supposedly the structural design contains hidden passages throughout the place.”

“Some like to be voyeurs,” Woody added and seemed a little tired from the look on his face. “What?” He asked with a boyish grin. “You’re staring at me with that gaze of yours.”

“Yep, kinda eating you up on one end, and guessing you’re a just a tad exhausted.”

“You wore me out, boss, that was some incredible fucking and sucking.” He smiled.

“And, yes, people used to want watch from those hidden places,” I answered his original speculation and stood closer to him. “But, there were rumors of others.”

“Ghosts?” Woody seemed bewildered in a thicket of curiosity. “Demons?”

“I don’t put much stock in those kinds of things,” I continued and cautiously scanned our immediate environment. “My preference is good hard reality, a stiff dick, a long tongue, strong fingers, you name it. People with a high libido need stimulation.”

“I’m not much on the supernatural either,” he answered with a smirk. “But, it’s strange.”

“Yeah, it’s this place and person’s imagination.” I felt a shiver up my spine.

“Gulp, who’s that?” Woody said in a posture that suggested he was ready to fight.

“What the fuck, I knew I felt something shift in the air,” I said and wheeled around.

“We’re not alone, boss,” Woody echoed in an instant.

Gun? Where the fuck was my gun. Geezus it’s on the floor. Sometimes I feel as though I’m slipping and missing the cues. In the archway of the entrance to the dungeon, a lone figure stood there. Shrouded in darkness I could tell the person was wearing a trench coat and a fedora. Barely in the light, shadowy, Çatalca escort bayan the faceless specter appeared like a black manikin.

A haze of smoke circled above the presence. There was the smell of an imported cigar, no doubt of Cuban blend. A tiny red glow emanated from the stogie as he stood there. This was a flash back and all too familiar. I knew one of his hands likely rested on a pistol and he had the advantage.

“Nice show, certainly made my day,” he spoke with the sound of elegance and sophistication cloaked by the skill of an experienced operative. “I applaud your performance.”

“What the fuck? I senses something out of the darkness,” I quipped and reached for my gun. “Colonel Paladin Payne, U.S. intelligence, what a surprise. Enjoy the show, huh?”

“Easy, no need for a gun. I’m just an observer of human behavior. Of course, Detective Chalice, you’re always good entertainment,” he said with a deep tone. “I remember a time…”

“Never mind that. Are you a help or hindrance?” I demanded. “By the way, where’s your sidekick, Morticia, Myla, whatever the fuck her name is? She lurking around looking for dead bodies, doing her necrophilia thing?” The sarcasm drifted like smoke. “Well?”

“My partner is always nearby. I’m here to help you,” he answered and remained close to the darkness that seemed to enjoy his presence. He moved along the edges of the shadows, like an apparition, gliding easily through space. “Wanna know who did the malice?”

“Goddamn right I do,” I demanded again. “I mean what the fuck do I owe this displeasure to, Colonel? You my guardian angel or something? We don’t need your help.”

“You always need my help, my dear,” the colonel whispered eerily and stepped into the light. Handsome as he was dangerous, he looked really good. “You were my protégé once.”

“I feel as though we’re gonna play a game,” I answered cautiously. This was a very treacherous man. At least I could see him. His partner, you’d never see her until it was too late. “Before we go deeper here and bottom out, in our little mind fuck, I wanna know where that crazy bitch is.”

“That’s so unladylike,” a deep raspy voice came at me from a black shrouded corner of the room. The echo was a seductive sound of a witchy beguiling siren on a misty night. The echo of her tone cut through the air with razor sharp precision. I admired her and at the same time didn’t trust the harpy wench as far as I could through her. “Who’s your bitch, baby?”

“Wow, she has a way with words,” I told the colonel. I turned to see the drifting essence of a deadly skilled operative gliding without a sound across the stone flooring. Damn, she was erotically hot and sensual. “That’s my partner, Woody. Woody, this is the wicked witch, Morticia. Or, at least that’s the name I used to know her by in another horror story.”

“Woody? Hmmm, quite a specimen,” the tall strikingly exotic beauty uttered from beneath her black fedora, slightly cocked to one side. She whipped the edge of her matching trench coat to one side and revealed a dark colored skin tight body suit. “I admired your fucking, you take it well.” Woody froze as she touched him. She ran a silky brown leather gloved hand over his face. “You have a beautiful cock.” She gave me a once over. “A very nice sub you have here.”

“We experimenting right now with different things,” I said with a sigh.

“We could do a threesome, if you want,” Morticia offered sensuously with a smile that spread over wide wicked lips. “You know, a good pegging from both ends.”

“Okay, enough of this tit for twat,” I muttered and met her green jade eyed stare. “What the fuck do you two mercenaries want? Let’s cut to the chase shall we? Well, colonel” Morticia closed in on me. “Back off bitch. You wanna fight? Come on harpy, give it your best shot.” My hand was on my pistol and I was looking for an excuse to put this oversexed ghoul down. “Really?”

“Morticia, my dearest, give us a moment,” the colonel interceded.

“Any time you wanna good fucking bitch, let me know,” Morticia threw at me. “You’d look good all bound and gagged, spread wide, and taking my strap-on like a champ.” The tall amazon moved away and slid to a nearby shadow. “You too, Woody. I can break you in ways you will enjoy beyond your wildest dreams.” She blew him kiss as she pulled back with a glance at the colonel. An interesting relationship no doubt. “Love to do ya, detective. Yes, dear.”

“Would you be so kind as to check the perimeter, my love,” the colonel said to Morticia.

“Can I play with the sub here?” She gazed hungrily at Woody.

“Of course, please get some exercise, my dear,” the colonel agreed he gave a look at Woody, still in his harness. “Would you mind briefing my partner? She loves to play games.”

“Uh, hold on just a moment, I’d like to catch up on a few things first,” Woody added. He glanced at the exotic yet menacing dominatrix and looked concerned. “Uh, Escort Esenler Chrystal?”

“Wait a second,” I demanded and reached for my gun, which was out reach. And, Woody was still a little tied up. That aside, he remained naked and vulnerable. “Hold on, Payne.”

“Oh I fully intend to hold on, I mean, he’s young, fit, hung, bet he can go a few more times,” Morticia said sucked in a long breath. “Yummy, he’s full of cum.” She smacked a black gloved fist of one hand into the other and licked her full plump lips. “Delicious, you ever been fisted?” She taunted Woody. “I promise I’ll be very gentle, work you into nice and easy.”

“Payne, call off your harpy bitch and I won’t kill her,” I warned the colonel. At the same time, thinking I had distracted them, my gun was in reach. “Payne we work as a team.”

“Morticia, stand down for the moment,” the colonel responded with a grin. “Chrystal don’t pull your gun, that’s overly dramatic and completely unnecessary. You know Morticia likes to tease.” He turned slight to one side, and said, “Morticia the restraint swing is mobile, please indulge yourself and have fun. Take the sub into one of the other rooms, teach him the ways.”

“Woody, do you mind?” I said with a tinge of hesitance. “She’ll be okay with you.”

“Oh, please, spare me the theatrics,” Morticia snarled at me. “Just a little tug job. I wanna see him cum. It’ll be good for him, he’ll get to exercise his prostate and that’s healthy.”

“She has a point, or wants to make a point with his pointer,” the colonel jested. “What’s a little hand job among acquaintances? So, I give you a tip, and she gets to play with his tip.”

“What the fuck, Payne, you’re jerking me around here,” I said a little frustrated.

“As much as I would thrill at the remote possibility of jerking you off,” he began slowly with his sensual quality of sardonic flare. He knew I was easy in his presence. “Not right now.”

Having been able to secure from the real estate company access to the Drago estate, it was ours for the weekend. For now, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the night here. Not because I believed in ghost, but because my imagination was pretty extraordinary. And, being a very open minded person, thoughts could conjure all kinds of paranormal anticipations. Naturally, there’s no such thing, as a skeptic I need hardcore physical evidence. Nonetheless, at present, I had real spooks to deal with. Spies, spotters and the silent eyes of history, particularly from the World War II era. They were a special breed of human, very dedicated to their cause.

“Payne, he’s a good guy, if she…,” I started to demand from the head spook.

“It’s okay,” he held up hand to stop me. “She likes the gamesmanship. He’ll be fine.”

“I want hesitate to shoot her,” I told him with a very serious look.

As the colonel and I found a nearby brown leather couch, we engaged in our discussion of mutual interest. Morticia in the meantime, gave me a salacious nod and toothy grin with perfect teeth. For a second, I imagined she had fangs. On the other hand, my carnal level kicked in. That mouth, I thought, would do erotically marvelous things on a swollen clit.

In that moment, she wheeled Woody into a side room. Interesting, I pondered, he gave me a wink and a tilt of his head as if to suggest curiosity had gotten a good grip on his testicles. Good thing he is a very healthy man. Lots of energy and good stamina. For that, I figured Woody was developing his inner slutty nature with the intrigue of submission.

“Okay, my fuck toy,” Morticia whispered sneakily. “Let’s use the sissy room.”

“She seems to know her way around this place,” I suggested to Payne.

“Of course she does,” he affirmed without hesitation. “We do our homework well.”

“Alright, cut to the hunt, Payne,” I said with a wry hint of impatience.

“Well, we can do that too, but here’s the thing,” the colonel continued with a subtle hint of metaphorical impalement. “If you wanna know who did the malice, then you have to explore the palace. Loss of a movie director is not a great loss, but, loss of an investment and possible exposure of a national security interest, well that’s a whole special kind of bondage.”

“Love or money, two motivating factors for a crime,” I tossed at him. “Old news, my friend. But, now you added a third dimension to the hardcore fucking well all want.”

“Well, if you’re up for it, you know it’s all about the gain versus the risk, as well as potential loss,” he continued and glanced at the sissy room. “She is having fun with your boy toy. This makes for a good partnership. I admire that youngling, you trained him well.”

“I do my best, now what the fuck is going on?” I quizzed with a dominant tone.

“You know how this works. When you reveal secrets there are consequences.” He made eye contact, he seemed interested in the possibility of stretching this relationship further. “He’s taking one for the team, right?” He referred to Woody’s adventure with Morbia.

“We’re all willing to take one for the team,” I admitted. What the fuck, you don’t live forever, so you screw or get screwed. Given the acoustics, Woody’s muffled whimpers, probably had a ball gag, and echoed around us. “I’d like to look in on them, make sure he’s okay.”

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