26 Mart 2022

Clarissa and the Whale (gore)


Clarissa and the Whale (gore)Clarissa stood on the beach. She had brown hair, a tall and skinny statue and was barefoot as always. She felt the sand under her soles. Wearing a red skirt and a small top, her flat and muscular belly was bare too.The girl loved the sun and the beach and loved to raid whales with her girlfriends. Therefore she had a spear in her hand, harpoon type and a rope around her shoulders.All of them would go today, hunting a whale with their boats and on bare feet they would kill the big b**st with their spears. At least this was the plan.Twentyfive girls stood on the dock, fifty exposed, strong feet waited to spill whale blood again. They went into their boats, five girls each and rowed out together.It took so long for them to find a whale they almost gave their hopes up. But in the high noon Clarissa spotted something on the horizon. “There she blows”, she yelled.”She? I was hoping for a male whale. How do you know it is a she”, asked Gabby the girl next to her in the same outfit but blue.Clarissa stared on Gabbys feet, they where so big and the toes so flexible.”It’s a saying. No matter of the whales sex, we always..”, a sound from the whale stopped her speech.”Listen girls. He is waiting for us”, Susanne a smaller barefooter in another boat said with a smile. “And now it is male again?”, Gabby asked in confusion.”That would be hot, I never saw a whale cum”, Nadine said, her bare legs pressed on her body, her bare pale feet toes moving around.”Are we gonna make him cum? I thought we kill him!”, barefoot Lana asked.”We just weaken him, perhaps even make him turn on his back and expose his long stomach in flat water would be best. Then we make him show his penis and jerking him off together”, Nadine said with a glance in her eyes.”Oh yeah, using hand and our feet”, Mila said while showing her soles.”We can do it many times”, Sandy said with protruding nipples and a wicked smile. “Exhausting it, finishing it, watching it squirm”.”And after that?”, Juliette asked, barely able to breath.”After that we take our long knifes from our belts, our feet and legs will be in sperm while we gutting its stomach while it is alive. It might take hours”, Kalinka said.A young girl, names Patricia started to moan, moving her legs back and forth and breathing heavily.”Wow. Did you just came?”, Kalinka asked. “Just because of my words? Lucky girl.”Patricia nodded and her face turned purple.”Don’t be ashamed. When this is over we all will have had many orgasms”, Mila comforted her.Patricia went on her back and the convulsions got her. Mila started to massage between her legs, rubbed gently first, then faster and faster until her hips bucked and her tummy got hard.She reared up several times while climaxing so hard.All watched with a smile, the little girl moaned and whispered “thank you” and Mila kissed her.”My mind is clear now. This was really overwhelming I imagined all of that happening, I mean ALL of us gutting a big b**st in a slow and extreme way, this is just.. Wow”, she said and all agreed.”Barefoot in sperm is impressive too. It is called a sperm whale for that reason”, Luna said.”It looks like a sperm whale indeed”, Clarissa said. “I find them sexy somehow””Their stomachs are sexy too. So white, vulnerable and spotless. Until we act. Then they are red, not so spotless anymore and still vulnerable”, a girl called Hirana said.”Mila, could you please help me too. All your talking is making me hot.”, Gina asked, laying down and Mila worked her way trough her swollen pussy inside tuzla escort and fingered her. Soon she arched up her muscular belly, moaning in desperation ver often, grimacing and going down on her back again. Mila smiled, fingered faster until her belly went up completely and she screamed out.Many of the girls smiled moving to her, patting and stroking her upturned belly.When Gina collapsed hard on her back and was finished, Mila fingered further and she was kicking with her bare legs, bending over to stop Milas hands from ramming her. But without any success. Mila made her orgasmic again.After just two minuted Gina stretched her belly out again and again, while she came hard and she even doubled over several times.”Stop it, Stop it, Stop it, Noo, go on, please finish me again. Ohhh, pleeease stop. Arrggh”, Gina screamed.Clarissa stated something about the whale. Mila nodded: “Just one more time”.She brought Gina very close to cum, while the girls started to row towards the whale. Mila fingered her so hard, pulled the fingers back and watched her hard after orgasm.Clarissa had her harpoon ready, but was still too far away. She wanted to be the first, she aimed, all boats went near the sperm whale.With a single thrust she threw the harpoon and the tip went into the bare back deep and the whale started to flee.Sabine from the other boat threw a harpoon too and hit the softer flank, embedded it deeper into the whale flesh. Then both boats where pulled away from the whale, the others ready to use their throwing spears.Gabby attacked and embedded her spear into the whales back, the girl from the other boat missed. Lets force him back to the other boats, attack the flank.The girls on the other boat threw three spears into the whales flank. He fled to the left, made a turn and the girls controlled his path. In the meantime the other girls where ready.When the whale approached, three harpoons where hurled towards him, all hit the back. Now the a****l pulled all boats behind him.And from all boats, barefoot girlies attacked with many spears. It reared out of the water in agony and they hit him, it turned over in the water and they hit the flanks.It took all their concentration to force him into flat water while having him turn over in agony and floating towards the beach, not able to hide his belly and not beaching, because that would kill him to early.When they did it, the girls gave each other high five, watching the b**st moving his long tail up and moaning.All girls climbed on the whales underbelly.”Where is the penis”, Felicita wanted to know. “It is hidden under his skin”, Mila said. “We need to make it appear””Just rub here and you rub there, with hand, with feet, doesnt matter, when something is bulging we knew its position and can rub there”, she said to all.Clarissa rubbed with hands and feet and many girls did the same. It was funny. A half beached whale with twentyfive girls rubbing his abdomen.Gina thought she saw something bulge, rubbed over this bulge and it grew.”Girls. I think I have it”, she smiled. Then they kneeled down on both sides of the bulge, their bare soles pointing backwards and fifty hands rubbed and Gina and Mile where right. It grew, the more the girls rubbed.The whale could not resist. It just happened. Those tender, small hands rubbed his penis hard. Now the tip of the cock came out of the skin, but the rubbed more and it grew faster.Girls eyes widened when they saw the full length of the penis. They had to move some metres toward the whales centre to touch the heavy ataşehir escort organ. It was flexible but heavy and was reachable for all girls at once.Some stood up to massage the sensitive underside, some the sides of the penis and some even the tip.Gina was in front of the penis, standing there. The tip was pointed towards her tummy and all girls did their best. From time to time the whale moaned, moving his tail, but he was not cumming yet.All those hands where far more caressing than natural sex. It was clear that the big a****l was not able to stop it and the girls where in full control.Without any warning the first blast knocked Gina over, sending her flying and she started to convulse imidiately. She watched her friends moving the penis upwards, rubbing further and counting the fontains of sperm while the whale was squirming and moving his tail. “Two, three, four, five, six”, there was a small pause and they rubbed more and more.”Seven, eight, nine, ten, elven, twelve, yeeeahh”, they yelled, rubbed further although the whales climax was over and the b**st was a bit in agony now. Ginas orgasms was not over and she convulsed her body on the soft stomach of the whale, so many images racing through her young mind.Her friends and herself all over covered in white liquid. They let the penis go down but not get stiff. Their movement where so sophisticated that it was impossible for the whale to relax his cock.Five girls riding it, massaging it with their tights, her white feet dangling around. The others concentrated on the cock.Gina was in a strange mood. Her climax over she almost was relucatant to return to the girls because she felt worthless having squirmed so much while they finnished off the whale.But then she walked barefoot over the whales stomach to the cock and rubbed with both hands.This time she sat down, but after ten minutes when the girls supposed that the whale would cum again, she stood up, helped her friends to tower the big cock and they where right. The whale was bending over a bit while he came and again the girls yelled: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve, thirteen, f******n, fifteen, sixteen, s*******n, yeeaaahhooo”.Exhaused the whale collapsed onto his back. The girls where covered with slimy stuff. “This is hot, ahhhh”, Svenja yelled. “I would like to hurt his stomach with my lance, when he cums”.”And then we all join in!”, Diana said.”Then make it so. Svenja as soon as the b**st start to cum a third time, you start to **** his belly with your lance and we all let him jerk off freehanded and ram our knife into his stomach”, Clarissa said.”It will take some time, so enjoy it, girls”, she added.They used ropes to keep the penis upright and twelve girls massaged it from all sides. In the meantime Svenja used the blunt end of her spear, stimulating the long penis too. Patricia climbed up on one rope and when she started to rub his penis head with both hands, the whale was bucking.”Its about time, cum you b**st so we can kill you”, Juliette said.”Girls, I have a better idea. You should go on rubbing, even while he cums and bring him over the edge while we destroy his white stomach.”, Clarissa said and the whale bucked again.The girls nodded, although they would love to join the fight, but on the other hand getting cummed on, so many times was hot too and they where unaware about the amounts of sperm inside the sperm whale.And again the whale bucked. Svenja scratched like mad, the girls rubbed his whole penis and he bucked again, pendik escort Svenja took her lance back, watched his tail go up and run on bare feet to his center, jabbing the lance into it.It was not a moment to early, the girls went to their knees on different spots of the long belly and stabbing and stabbing.Seconds later, the whale had already some holes into his belly he came hard, this time only the rubbing girls counted, the other girls attacked the soft underside and Svenja pushed her lance deep in, ripped it out and pushed it back in. Rains of sperm came down while the whale was squirming and convulsing hard. The girls stabbed him, the others rubbed hard and the barefoot Svenja with her lance finished him slowly.The whale first collapsed on his back, starting to bend over and convulse again. The girls with the knife where drawing blood the first time, because they stabbed through the thick layer of the skin.Svenja on the other hand had made cuts, opening several spots and prepared to attack the inner organs.But she would have lost her lance then so she took one bucket from one of the boats, filled it with salty water and poured it into the opening. Then the whale was shaking and suffering. Two girls had bows and arrows and four girls took buckets from there boats and soon two barefooters where shooting arrow after arrow into the organs of the whale and girl after girl poured salty water into the b**st, making it suffer.Again he collapsed and again he convulsed up. Twenty arrows inside him, many buckets of salty water attacking his innards the whale collapsed again.The girls on his cock bent their toes and grinned. More buckets found their way into his body, girls shooting arrows.Suddenly the whale convulsed up, squirmed and came again, this time harder and more labored. The girls poured five buckets out at once and the two barefoot shooters let more arrows fly.The sperm turned red and the girls yelled as the whale went down on his back again. He cummed blood! They had defeated him!In agony the whale coiled up.It did not stop, again and again the whale was pumping and pumping, the excited girls watching and the others taking buckets to him and firing more arrows into his organs. Then six girls took their knifes, jumping into the holes and started to gut the whales organs. This was the end, squirming and shooting blood in high fontains the whale collapsed again.The two girls with the arrows where sliding two ropes down and getting inside too. Because of the rubbing girls the whale came again, sperm mixed with blood and the stream continued so all girls went inside the b**st.A last time the whale was rearing up, destroyed all over and the girls sending his body down with many stabs into liver, knidney and even the stomach. They opened the stomach and the acid burned into his insides.The shaking body get up a little bit, just to collapse again, blood was still flowing out and the whale was dying.Ten girls stood in front of the beating hearth and ran ten knifes into the pumping mass. The blood went out and the whale was shaking again. Many stabs later the organ gave up and the whale was death.Inside the blood, gore and death, the young girls found the mood to rub each other off in wild action.Their hard tummies, bare legs and feet covered in blood the girls made a mess of themselves, every girl fingered the girl next to her and most of them came twice.After that the climbed upwards on the two ropes, saw the bloody whale, laughed at his penis who was still upright but crumbled with long lines of dried blood. Lust overwhelmed them and so they made each other out again.Girl after girl came on the death whale, holding their bellies and kicking around with their sexy barefeet.They will do it again, they knew!

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