1 Aralık 2022

Coach Key


“YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO WORK!” Coach Key shouted at us as we continued our suicides. The floor getting soaked with everything from sweat to tears. I knew that I couldn’t take this for much longer. My legs aching as I ran up and down the basketball court. It was insanity. No coach in history has ever “prepared” a team this hard. You would think that with our ridiculous practices and the harsh schedule, that we would be better. But no. Our school hasn’t went to state since 1989. Its almost embarrassing to admit that you’re on the basketball team at Lyon High School.

I looked over at Jarrett, and realized that there was no hope for me to finish. His light brown hair and brown eyes, melting through me. My legs felt like jello. I was getting light headed when I finally crashed to the floor.


I woke up in the lockerroom, looking up on Jarrett and my coach.

“What…what happened?”

“You blacked out and fell to the court.” My douche bag coach explained. “We’ve been trying for the past hour to wake you up, but you refused to stir.”

I looked down at my shorts and noticed the obvious tent I was sporting, I tried to cover it up with my hand and then realized that I had jizz all over my shorts. Probably another unconscious wet dream about Jarrett.

“Fuck…..” I whispered.

“Well I’m going to go home, you want a ride?” Jarrett said breaking the silence.

“Yeah, sure…” I started but was cut off by Coach Key.

“No sir. You still owe me 25 laps around the court.” He said with his back turned toward us, putting the salt back in the cabinet.

“Oh…..well thanks for the offer.” I told Jarrett with an annoyed look on my face.

Jarrett stifled a laugh as he turned around and walked out the door. I wonder what kind of underwear he has on today. Thanks to my blackout, I missed my favorite part of practice……..showers.

I got up and walked to the water fountain and after making sure coaches backed was turned, i spilt the cold stream all down my shorts.

“Ahhh, Coach Key! Im going to have to change before i do this.” I said in a voice of Ankara bayan escort false suprise.

With his backed still turned, “No.. no youre not.”

This was weird.

“But Coach. My shorts..”

Still not facing me, “Take them off.”

Wait. Was he giving me permission to change now? Even though he just told me, no? I took off of my shorts and underwear and then reached for my gym bag. To my suprise his hand was on top of mine, stopping me.

“No..” he said in a wierd voice.

“N-naked?” I said, kind of suprised. Coach had a large rectangular jaw, and a build of a former wrestler. He was cute in a middle age man way. But i wouldnt want to be with him.

“In the nude.” He said with a grin on his face.

There was no way he was serious.

“Hahah. Shut up Coach Key.” I said rolling my eyes as I pulled my hand away, and started toward the door that leads out of the locker room.

Key grabbed my shoulder and spun me until I slammed into the wall. Before I had to regain my balance and stand up straight, he had ahold of the little bit of hair I had.

“Listen here.” He whispered. “You are going to take of those fucking shorts before I do it for you.”

Was this really happening? Was Coach Key actually trying to get me to strip for him? Did he actually want me to do sexual things with him? Im the only 18 year old virgin left in the school. I dont want to lose it with Key. My plan was to have long, meaningfull sex with Jarrett, as soon as I had the balls to tell him how I really felt.

I guess my pondering was too long, because Coach decided that he would prove how serious he was. He pushed me backwards and i fell down after tripping over the locker room bench. Again before I could react, he wsas there. He grabbed the seam of my gym shorts and half-pulled, half-ripped them off.

I tried to kick him off of me but he was too big and too strong for me to overpower. He punched the left side of my head. Stars. Stars everywhere.

I turned over and tried to find the exit. I couldn’t see five feet in front of me. I tried to crawl but was dragged back by my ankles. I scratched Escort bayan Ankara his face in an attempt to get him away from me. My life was everything to me right now. I just wanted to live. I promised to God that if he would let me get out of this.. i would tell my mom about my gay porn collection, tell my dad about how I didn’t want to play basketball forever, and even tell Jarrett that I was positive that I was in love with him.

A sharp thud to the back of my head stopped these thoughts, then darkness.


I could hear a radio playing in the next room. I tried to open my eyes, but it was so bright! It was all double too. “I need to get out of here” I thought. But I was able to move my hands. Then it hit me.

I was laying on a queen bed, eagle spread with my ass up, handcuffed to the four posts. Completely naked. My head throbbed as I tried to think of what the hell could be happening. My asshole was on fire. Bad.

The pain was too much. I cried. I could feel something dripping down the crack of my ass. God please dont let that be blood. Or cum.

After about 30 minutes of weeping into the nasty smelling pillow, there was a sound outside of the room.

“Hell-hello?” I cried into the direction of the nearby wall. “Please! Someone help me.”

The door to the room opened and the familiar voice of Coach Key spoke.

“We could have avoided all of this, if you just listened.” More weeping on my behalf. “But you wanted to play hard to get.”

He walked around the bed and rubbed his penis on the side of my leg. “But now, we can have some fun.”

He jumped on top of my back and straddled my waist. He spit on my crack, then rubbed it up and town until he hit my anus. He spit some more on his penis. Then rubbed that up and down my ass. He traced his fingers up and down my legs and then told me in a low tone.

“This time I fuck you, you’ll be awake. Haha.” He then put his head on my hole and applied pressure.

I tried as hard as I could to keep him out with clenching my cheeks. Please God.

He breached my defense, Bayan escort Ankara painfully. I screamed in agony. Not only was the size of his dick too massive for my ass, from where he fucked me before, was still burning like crazy.

He pushed the thick shaft in a litle at a time.


This seem to only excite him more as he pressed deeper into my rectum. I screamed and cried out in pain as he decided to throw in random deep thrusts that seem to stretch out my whole body. I tried to throw him away by shaking and moving my whole body, this was a bad idea. By the time his whole length was in, I decided to give up.

I dug my head into the pillow and prayed that god would make this over soon. Tears streamed from my eyes as I lied there. Not being able to move a muscle. Getting raped by the same basketball coach who coaches little league for the elementary.

He rode my ass faster, and faster. Harder and harder. I couldn’t see him. Only feel him. Only smell him. Only hear him.

I could hear his heavy breathing and deep moans. His balls as they slapped with my ass. He was picking up momentum, as if he were about to climax. He dug deeper and deeper into it.

Then after what seemed like years, he yelled out some kind of moan. I could actually feel his semen, flooding my insides. The warm and sticky feeling made me want to puke. I dry heaved between my cries.

He finally pulled his still hard dick out of my ass and started out the room just as casual as if this was what we did everynight.

“Wait!” I said hoarsley. “Can you let me go? I promise I will never say anything about this to anyone. Just pleasw let me go for christs sake.”

He mocked a look of being shocked. As if this were a stupid question.

“Leave? Why, no. Its us now baby. Forever.” He turned around and flicked off the lights. He walked out the door and seemed to be locking some kind of lock. The Nicki Minaj song in the next room was turned up loud. How conciedental that it happened to be “Freedom”.

What was I going to do? What was going to happen to me? I didnt have any fight left in me though.I closed my eyes and bawled. And cried. And weeped. Until I fell asleeo about an hour later. So there I lay, cold, naked and with a mixture of blood and sperm dripping out my ass.

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