17 Kasım 2022

Coach’s MVP


Note: I am the original author of the story on furaffinity under the author/pen name Crimsonskies455 and Dog455 on sofurry. With some tweaks, I have made this story palatable for .


The steaming hiss of shower water filled the locker room as a lone male stood underneath one of the many heads that dotted the locker room. His skin was a dark tan with exception with his arms and legs which had a lighter tinge. Tattoos across his chest and arms streaked across his skin, joining together near his belly button before diving down to his pelvis. The man gave a long purr, his hands moving over his muscular pecs and over his nipples, the muscles throbbing with a dull, aching pain due to the intense workout he had with his coach. His hair was well-kept and a dark black along with his beard which was well trimmed, but provided definition to his face. A tuff of black hair created a treasure trail down to his most private of areas.

“I never want to hear the words ‘clean jerk’ and ‘squats’ ever again,” he mumbled under his breath as he began to lather his body up. The only sound in the locker room was the shower, the gym mostly private due to the fact that it was spring break and barely anyone was around. It was nice to have the weight room alone with the coach, especially since he could eye up the bull of a coach without anyone really noticing. Wrestling for the Cougars definitely had its perks; not only because they had one of the best teams in the Illinois region, but also one of the hottest coaches.

Well, in Thomas’s opinion, anyway.

Beginning to rub down his thighs, Thomas’s hands grazed over his most private of areas. He cupped the two large orbs that hung below his shaft with a small groan, rolling his weighty balls in his hands before reaching up to give his hanging shaft a small stroke. Thinking for a moment of how long it had been since he had gotten off, the wrestler began to think back to the night at the Studio 11 Lounge. He remembered the flirty bartender and the drink specials…he also remembered the well-built arm of one particular wolf around his shoulder as he drank said specials.

Giving a small smirk at the thought of the older male’s graceful hands fondling his package in his jeans, his member gave a small jump upwards. Looking back over his shoulder for a moment, Thomas spotted an inconspicuous black duffel bag sitting on one of the benches behind him. Although the bag was zipped up tight, Thomas knew exactly what was inside; a navy blue assless singlet that barely left anything to the imagination. And Thomas was so ready for fetish night at Studio 11.

The wet slaps of feet on the tile floor broke Thomas out of his reverie, and he knew exactly who was coming. Coach Wallace came into the locker room, his heavy footfalls echoing down the rectangular row of lockers as he made his way to his office between the locker room and the shower area. “Good work today, Baglio,” the bull of a man said loudly enough to be heard over the sound of the running shower. “Couple more workouts like that, and I don’t see why we can’t take you the whole way to the state championships!”

Thomas jumped, looking over his right shoulder to see his coach with with a towel slung over his shoulder and a grin on his face. The man was built like a tank; his muscles of his arms and legs large and imposing. Beneath his tank top and over his gym shorts, a paunch was easily seen in the shirt, but Thomas knew from the multiple sparring matches he had over the course of his college career that the paunch was nothing to laugh at, and behind it was pure muscle. His hair was as equally black as Thomas’s, but thicker around the chest and trailed deep into Wallace’s shorts.

Still washing himself down, Thomas grabbed the body wash that sat on a small shelf near the right side of the shower and said, “Thanks coach! Always good to have someone with your experience when sparring and working out.” A small, red blush crossed the wrestler’s cheeks as he let go of his balls and began to lather up his abs. He hoped that Wallace was too focused on his office to notice him openly groping himself.

“Bah, I just tell ya what to do, and you do all the hard work,” Coach Wallace laughed, walking back out of his office and into the shower area with a bottle of shampoo in his hand. “Though I can’t say I know of any other coaches who do the workouts right alongside their wrestlers, so perhaps I should take a little credit, especially at my age.” He cast a glance over into the cubicle Thomas was in before moving to one across the room in an effort to give the panther some privacy. “Mind if I shower at the same time as you, or would that be a little weird?” he asked, shucking off his tank top and tossing it on a nearby bench. “I’d wait politely for you to be done, but I got stuff I wanna do tonight, so I can’t be late for that.”

Thomas nodded, looking over at his coach to see him shirtless with a thumb in the waistband of his gym shorts. “Yeah, don’t worry about it. To be honest, istanbul escort I’ve been around men long enough in this sport that we might as well be wrestling naked. I’ve seen and felt it all.” Thomas gave a chuckle as he lathered up his armpits, lifting up his muscular biceps in order to get in all the heard to reach places. “I honestly have something tonight as well. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s on your plate, coach?”

Wallace was silent for a moment, either not hearing the question or debating how to answer it. “Was actually gonna go to a bar. I know it sounds a little pathetic to go drinking alone, but if I only drank when I wasn’t going solo, I’d be sober all the damn time,” he grumbled, sounding a little frustrated as he slipped out of his shorts and jockstrap, tossing them onto the bench and making his way into a cubicle, turning the hot water on. “What’s your thing, if you don’t mind me askin’?”

Taking almost as long of a pause, male gave a nervous chuckle and said, “Well…my night and yours are pretty much the same. I’m going out to a bar myself. There’s an interesting one near the Grove that I have been debating on going to. Might meet some people there, but I don’t know.” Looking towards the coach’s cubicle, Thomas’s curiosity got the best of him, and he let out a bit of a long exhale as he stared at Wallace’s two large, muscular, and round globes of his ass for a moment before going back to staring at the front wall. He knew his coach wouldn’t be gay, but it was always fun to pretend. He wondered how his coach would look in leather for a moment and then shook his head. Although he had felt Wallace’s bulge and often even his entire body on top of him when sparring, there was something nice about seeing fellow wrestlers naked and vulnerable.

“A bar by the Grove? Ain’t that the hipster bar with the attached hookah lounge or some shit?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at his student’s naked body, not really checking him out, just turning his head so he didn’t have to yell quite as loud over the shower as he lathered up his skin with shampoo, his hands massaging the shampoo into his pecs and his slight gut.

Thomas chuckled, his ears flicking slightly. “Yeah…uh those strings of bars. Not going to do anything tobacco related. Can’t risk that with my lungs, but might have a few beers or something.” What Thomas did not mention was the Grove was his destination, but more of the string of gay clubs that ended up lining the streets near the local beer shops. Thomas could already hear the squeaking of leather and smell a combination of alcohol and smoke as he imagined being on those very same streets. Beginning to rinse the soap off of his pecs before turning around to rinse off his back, Thomas stared unabashedly at Wallace as he washed his upper body.

“I didn’t think you were much of a beer drinker, Coach. If you ever need a partner…” Thomas gave a joking grin before crossing his arms and letting the warm water wash over his back.

“I’d love to take ya up on that, trust me, but probably wouldn’t be terribly professional of me to go drinking with my wrestlers,” the Coach sighed, casting a glance over at the panther with his green eyes. “Imagine the university would frown upon it either way,” he shrugged. “Besides, if I’m being blunt, I was rather hoping to not go home alone tonight, if you catch my meaning.”

Thomas gave a smirk and started to sway his hips a bit, forgetting he was naked. “Ooooo, Coach! Going to make some lady very lucky? I getcha.” Giving a sly wink, Thomas stuck out his tongue at his crude joke as he reached behind him to turn off the shower. Walking forward towards the benches in the middle of the shower area, the panther grabbed a snow white towel and began to dry himself off. His hair started to poof up comically, but he still had a teasing grin across his face. “Going to show someone your more secret wrestling move selection?”

The man snorted, grinning as he looked over his shoulder once more while he washed his lower regions. “That’s the idea, but at this point, I’d be happy with just scoring a phone number or even a date. Starting to get up there in years, so starting to realize it looks a little pathetic to go home to an empty house, ya know?” He paused. “Second thought, you wouldn’t know, being a young, virile collage student like you are. Probably have ladies lining up outside your dorm room,” Coach Wallace chuckled, finishing up his shower and turning off the water before turning around and giving Thomas one hell of an eyeful. The wrestler already knew what his coach’s thick chest, arms, and stomach looked like, but it took everything in him to not gawk at the large, low-hanging balls and the thick log of a flaccid cock resting on them, the bull’s private parts bouncing a little as he walked over to collect his own towel from the bench.

Not missing a beat, Thomas playfully started to roll up his towel before letting it fling forward and slap audibly against his coach’s muscular thigh. The şirinevler escort movement gave Thomas an excuse to watch the male’s large, low-hanging orbs wobble a bit as well as eye up Wallace’s package. If the coach was gay and willing, there was no telling what he would do to that thick cock.

“Ehhh, don’t be so down on yourself. You are still in your prime, and some ladies like the daddy types.” Giving a smirk, Thomas was about to add “And some dudes do too” but stopped short, his smile fading a bit into an awkward grimace. Still drying himself off, Thomas’s eyes flicked towards his locker that sat a few rows down. In all honesty, he wanted to put on his fetish gear now. There was an odd elation he always got suiting up for fetish night in a public area.

Wallace shrugged. “Maybe you have a point, Thomas. Guess I’m just used to ladies being either too scared to talk to me, get turned off by my age, or they see this muscle gut I’ve got going on here and decide to go after a guy with abs instead,” he sighed. “Anyway, I’m gonna go get changed in my office and head out, so just turn off the lights and stuff when you leave,” Coach Wallace added, wrapping the towel around his waist and clopping off to his office.

Giving a smile at Wallace, Thomas said, “Go get em’, tiger. Now that you are fresh, you can hit up the bars, and I think a lady would be mental to miss out on the slice of beef you offer.”

Thomas gave a small chuckle, a grin across his face, but a small pit of melancholy in his stomach. “If only Coach would know how much he would be valued by the gay community,” Thomas thought to himself as he slung his duffel bag over his shoulder and made his way back to his locker. His footfalls echoed off of the cool concrete of the locker room, and he looked over the numbers above the cherry red lockers until he got to his number that was just on the outside of the rows; number 332.

Placing his black duffel bag down onto the bench nearby, Thomas gave a long sigh and laid the towel out over the middle of the brown bench. Reaching forward, the panther zipped open the duffel bag, his arousal growing as the smell of neoprene reached his nose. Reaching into his duffel bag, the panther began to dig out his fetish wear for the night; an assless navy blue singlet with thigh pads and a leather codpiece. With a wide grin, Thomas held it up to his chest and began to feel over the fabric.

Looking to his right, Thomas could see light spilling out over the rows of lockers to the right of him, indicating the coach’s office light was on. He felt a rush of blood move to his groin as he thought of his coach catching him putting on his fetish attire before he began to slip into the tight embrace of the neoprene and spandex combination. He felt the material hug the curves of his body, the thin, spaghetti like straps that slung over his shoulders and connected to the backpiece showing off the curves of his upper body and allowing anyone who looked at him to get a full view of his abs and chest. The piece around his hips covered most of his back, but was low cut, leaving his adonis belt wide open and the leather codpiece fit snugly around his cock, bringing it out and making his pouch look much larger. He snapped the codpiece into place before adjusting the straps as well as the area around his ass which cupped his round rump and pushed it upward, highlighting the different curves. Giving a lustful sigh, the panther took one of the straps of the singlet and let it go to hear a rough snap echo through the locker room. Leaning over, Thomas began to dig through his duffel bag, avoiding his dirty clothes from his work out to pull out a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt that would easily fit over his fetish attire and make him appear more civilian.

As he leaned over, Thomas took his right paw and began to lightly press on his exposed hole, pushing on it slightly with his index and middle finger before spreading his cheeks and letting them go to feel the muscular globes wobble. He felt very ready for tonight.

“Aight, I’m heading ou–” Coach Wallace started to say, rounding the row of lockers with a duffel bag over his shoulder before stopping, mouth agape as he stumbled upon Thomas playing with his ass. “What the hell did you do to your singlet, Thomas–” he started to ask before realizing he hadn’t simply torn the ass out of his Cougars singlet, but rather it was designed that way. “Oh. OH!,” the bull blushed, averting his head and feeling incredibly awkward as he cleared his throat.

Heat traveled instantly from Thomas’s throbbing dick up into his cheeks, and the panther felt as if his heart was going to leap out of his chest as he slowly got up and turned around, eyes wide. “C-coach! I…thought that…”

The brash and bold Thomas who towel snapped his own coach on the thigh was gone and replaced with a flustered, mewling human as he tried to cover up his indecency. Using his clean gym shorts and shirt almost like curtains, Thomas taksim escort covered up his obscene bulge in the codpiece before covering up his revealing chest and abs. Thomas’s eyebrows furrowed towards his head, and he said softly, “Ummm, I think your light is still on in your office, Coach.”

Looking over his shoulder, Wallace saw that his office light was indeed still on. “Woops, my bad. Heh…” He quickly turned on his feet and walked back to his office briskly to turn off the light and shut the door, realizing on his way back to Thomas that it had been how he was judging where Wallace was at. “So you uh…not exactly going to a hipster bar, are ya? Not that it’s really any of my business what you do after hours,” he asked, leaning against the lockers and not making eye contact with his wrestler student.

Letting his guard down a bit, but still just as embarrassed that he was caught, Thomas ended up choking out, “N-no…well, I mean yes.” Shuffling on his feet a bit, Thomas sighed. “It is a bar, but it’s more of a…a lounge.” Thomas hoped that Wallace wouldn’t know what bar he was referring to, but he had already given him too much info of where he was going. Pretty much with the singlet, the cat was out of the bag. Watching his coach closely, he was wondering if he should already get on his hands and knees to start begging not to kick him off the team for doing lewd things in the locker room and for being gay. He had heard of other wrestlers getting kicked out of their respective teams for it. Wrestling was not exactly a sport that was homosexual friendly.

Wallace turned and looked at him dead in the eyes for a moment, looking the panther up and down for just a second before the puzzle pieces started fitting together. “So you’re going to one of the gay clubs, I take it?” Coach Wallace asked simply. “Which one?”

Not looking away, Thomas ended up saying very softly, “Studio 11…Coach. I have been going after every training session. Please don’t kick me off the team!” Thomas felt himself practically begging, shaking his head, but not crying. “I’m sorry, Coach. I shouldn’t have…done anything here!”

Holding up his hand to silence Thomas, Coach Wallace shook his head. “I don’t care that you’re gay, kiddo. Or bisexual, or whatever you identify as. If anything, I’d scold you for lying to me, but it was an understandable lie, since you were scared of how I’d react if I found out. Don’t worry about being kicked off the team, Thomas, and if any of your teammates find out and give you shit about it, then I’ll make them do wall sits until their legs snap,” he added with a small smirk.

“Wha-wha…” Thomas stuttered out a bit confused as he was just about to turn on the waterworks. His coach just found him almost butt-naked in fetish gear, and he was actually defending him? Like a tightly-wound rope beginning to give before snapping, Thomas felt a strange sense of calm and serenity wash over him before he held his chest and heart. He could hear it beating in his chest extraordinarily fast, and he dropped the clothes he was holding in surprise. “Well…I can’t…thank you enough, Coach.” Feeling himself beaming, Thomas wrapped his arms around Wallace’s thick neck.

The bull tensed up and blushed brightly as the young male hugged him like a child who had been given the exact Christmas present they’d wished for all year, but he soon found it in himself to wrap his arms lightly around Thomas’s muscular body, holding him tenderly. “You’re welcome, Thomas, and as your coach, if you ever need to come talk to me about anything, my office door is always open, and you have my cell number.” He cleared his throat, trying to ignore the man’s erection pressing against his thigh. “I appreciate you being excited and all, Thomas, but you’re kinda…poking me a little,” he chuckled.


Backing his hips away but still hugging his coach, Thomas’s lower body was awkwardly hunched away from the bull, but his upper body was still wrapped around him. He could smell Wallace’s sent on his fur, and he gave a long, relaxed sigh as he felt relief wash over him before breaking away.

“Sorry…umm…I was just really excited, I guess,” Thomas said with a beaming smile. “I…wasn’t honestly expecting such a reaction. I mean…wrestling isn’t exactly that open-minded about gay people, but I…fuck it, I guess.” Shrugging away his embarrassment, Thomas was back to his excited self. “I’m sorry I lied to you, Coach. I didn’t know how you would react. You said you were going to some bars, but gay bars are a whole different breed to talk about. I just…didn’t know how open you were.”

Wallace chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. “A little more open than you might think, admittedly, but since you’ve trusted me with your secret, it’s only fair I trust you with mine,” Wallace said, lifting up his red t-shirt up over his blue jeans and up over his gut, revealing an almost identical singlet to Thomas’s own, though his was black trimmed in red, the black matching the male’s muscles so perfectly that they made them stick out and bulge even more than usual. “I haven’t exactly been honest with you either, Thomas. Turns out you and I were planning on going to the same place tonight,” he smirked, looking a little embarrassed.

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