15 Mayıs 2023

Coincidences In Love


A fictional story about two very real loversI have always been skeptical about people who had online relationships. I am unsure if it is due to the inner cop in me, keeping the warning of online predators in the back of my mind or if it is because I believe that you are set up for failure from the very beginning, without that physical touch to kindle your hearts fire. Either way, I knew it was not for me. That all changed for me when I met Carson, known as SxyWriter69 in the cyber world. I cannot even begin to tell you how we encountered each other, only that I have spent every day since that magical moment being captivated by his charm and the unlimited depth of mystery that quickens my pulse by a hundred beats each time I see his name. With his insatiable way with words, he has captured my concrete heart.We live three states, 1,090 miles apart. To some people this may seem minimal, but for us it may as well been three countries and 1,000,090 miles apart. After Ataşehir escort bayan months of talking about our lives, our past, present and future, our wants and needs and the void we both felt needed to be filled,we decided, we needed to face each other in a physical form. It took two weeks of preparation to book a flight, a hotel room, and make plans as to where to meet up and for me to shop for impeccable stop-him-in-his-tracks kinds of outfits. We decided for my own personal comfort that after my arrival, I would drive a rental car to my hotel, get ready and meet Carson at his law firm before going to dinner on the beach. I awoke at the first light of dawn the day of my departure. My flight would not depart until 1:45 pm. I checked, double-checked then triple-checked my suitcase to make sure I had absolutely everything I would need for my four-day stay. Once satisfied, I ate a light breakfast of toast and grape jelly Escort Ümraniye to settle my nervous stomach and left the comforts of my own home around 11:30 am. I arrived at the busy, overcrowded airport around noon. By the time I got through the ticket line, they called out over the intercom, “Flight 720 will not begin boarding.” “This is it,” I thought to myself as I went through security and had my bags checked. I grabbed my carry-on and headed toward the plane that would finally take me to his arms. After a couple hours, my plane arrived at its destination where a rental car awaited for me. Once my luggage was loaded into the trunk, I programmed the address into the GPS and headed off to the hotel. I quickly settled in and took a long, hot bath to relax. I shaved my legs smooth before venturing upward to shave my deprived female sex. One touch of my hand and my body ached to be fucked. I hurriedly finished my bath and dried Bostancı escort off. I picked out a beautiful sea foam green dress. It fell mid-thigh in length and had thin straps, just thick enough to conceal my bra straps underneath. I paired it with white wedge sandals that had ribbons that tied up around my ankles. My long, straight, jet black hair was left to fall loosely over my shoulders and down my back. A bit of mascara and light pink lip gloss and I was ready. I once again programmed in an address on the GPS, this time taking me to Carson’s office. Once there, I walked up to a secretary and told her my name. She quickly replied with, “Oh, Mr.Carson is expecting you.”Should I tell him you’re here?” “Oh, that’s quite alright. I would love to surprise him if you could just point me in the right direction,” I said smiling. “Third door on the left.” “Thank you very much.” I slowly walked down the hallway. His door was open, but he was sitting in his chair, facing the large window. I gently knocked and seductively said, “Hey there, SxyWriter69.” He turned quickly and the first thing I saw was his piercing hazel eyes which gazed into my soul, telling me that I belonged in his arms before he excitedly spoke, “Sweetheart! I have been anticipating you all week long.

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