15 Mayıs 2023

College Buds Ch.1


The below story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real peopleis totally circumstantial. This is my first story, so sorry if it seems less than par, and please give me your criticism! I’m insane. That’s the only explanation. Mark paced around his room frantically, trying to figure out just what in the world had happened. * * * It had started out as a regular day of college. Mark had slammed his phone alarm into oblivion and pulled himself out of bed, collapsed halfway to the bathroom. After perfunctorily splashing some water on his face, he walked into the miniature kitchen to get something to eat before he had to leave. He cooked a simple cheddar omelet and put it between two pieces of toast. As he turned from the counter to return to his desk, he suddenly realized that his roommate’s head was hovering right by his shoulder. “Holy sh—,” Mark flinched away from Brent. “Don’t do that! Make some noise or something; don’t just creep up on me.” Brent gave him a lazy grin. “Why? It’s always so fun to see your reaction.” Mark grumbled a bit. “Yeah, well, you’d better make sure you don’t attack me when I have a knife in my hand.” “I wouldn’t worry. Knowing you, it would probably be a butter knife.” Mark walked past Brent, ignoring his smug smirk. He was utterly pissed; he hadn’t expected Brent, obviously, but to have him so close… it was just too stimulating. “So… are you going to Pendik Escort make me breakfast?” Mark grumbled. “I thought about it, but no thanks.” “Aww, come on,” Brent said coyly, leaning on Mark’s shoulder pretending to paw him like a cat, “you know it was only for fun.” Mark blushed, and swatted Brent lightly. “Get off me and maybe I’ll consider it.” He rose from his comfortable seat reluctantly. “I should charge you for this. You’d better learn how to cook soon or I’m going to whack you with a frying pan.” Brent just smirked. Mark decided on another omelet, since it was easy to make. He found it difficult to focus, however, while Brent’s head hovered by his, breathing down his neck. He was so disconcerted that his finger slipped and he touched it lightly on the edge of the hot pan. “Ow!” Mark hollered and flung his hand back. He swung it around in the air to try to cool the terrible burn on his finger. “Let me take care of that,” Brent said. He held on to Mark’s arm to stop him from flailing, and lightly touched his mouth to the reddening area of skin. Mark instantly blushed, with a startling crimson lighting up his face. “St-stop it!” he tried retrieved his arm from Brent’s grasp, but Brent held on with an iron grip. “Come on, you know we don’t have a choice, the water filter broke last week so it’s not safe to use the water.” “It’s good enough, Pendik Escort Bayan just stop!” Mark was furiously blushing at this point, desperately trying to stop Brent from doing something so embarrassing in broad daylight. Finally Brent let go of Mark’s arm, and it looked like all of the redness from the burn had transferred to Mark’s face. Mark backed away a few steps and tried to calm his facial muscles down, but to no avail. “I—I um…” Mark stuttered a bit, trying to recover from his confusion, only to notice that the food was starting to smoke. “Oh god, it’s starting to burn!” He ran past the smirking Brent and turned off the heat. He slid the omelet onto a ceramic plate and handed it to Brent. “Here,” Mark said, avoiding direct eye contact. “I have to go to class, so…” Brent laughed. “You haven’t even finished eating your breakfast.” “Well I wasted my time cooking for you,” Mark retorted, slightly annoyed. “Anyways, I have to go.” He rushed out the door without a second word, before Brent could respond. * * * Mark walked slowly on the concrete path. There was plenty of time for him to think about what had just happened; he had lied about class. He didn’t have math for ages, and he didn’t need the class either; on matters of intellect, he didn’t need very much. He did have a bit of a problem when it came to emotions, however. College was Mark’s Escort Pendik safe haven in life, but it didn’t help with his life problems very much. He had grown up in a well-educated place, but because of this, he hadn’t really had any experience with a significant other. College was sort of the first place that he had been able to think about a future partner in any way. And then there was Brent… Mark had had a crush on Brent for as long as he could remember. They had known each other since middle school, when Brent moved into his neighborhood and attended the same school. From his impression, they couldn’t have been more opposite. Mark had a streak for academic achievement, while Brent was possibly more average than most, participating in private projects rather than spending time on schoolwork. While Mark was more of an antisocial, Brent got along well with other people and had a very easy-going nature. It had started out as nothing simple, really. Mark helped Brent on academics, and they remained casual friends. Mark didn’t realize it then, but over time, it began taking over his life. He was almost becoming obsessive with his need to talk with Brent, do things with Brent, and be with Brent in general. He had struggled with his issues for a long time. Even though most of the people at his school were open-minded, there were some who wouldn’t forgive him for being gay. He had trouble even convincing himself that it was true at first, and had to steel himself to see a psychiatrist. And the psychiatrist had said that he didn’t have obsessive compulsive disorder, he merely had a crush. There were some occasions that Mark thought he would really lose it though.

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