26 Mart 2022

College Party

Big Dicks

College PartyThe two of us are at a fraternity party. We are having a great time. Doing shots and grinding out on the dance floor. The heat from our bodies begin to overwhelm us, so we move off into a darkened corner. Catching our breath, we stare into each others eyes. At that moment we kiss. Soft and tender at first. We then pull closer as we begin to explore each others mouths. Our hands begin roaming our bodies. You slide one hand to my ass. One of my hands slide down to your smooth legs and the other begins to explore your tits through your dress. Then as a reaction, you bring your other hand to my crotch. You begin to grip and toy with the hardening cock beneath my pants. We stop kissing and stare at each other. I take you by the hand and we leave. We roam the frat house till we find our way to an empty bedroom. We slam the door, throwing our lips and bodies together. We move back toward the bed, where you push me back. After I fall to the bed, you casually move on top of me. As you unbutton my shirt, your gorgeous hair falls on your face. I slide it out of the way so I can kiss you again. As we kiss you start to grind and move over me. Just as you did on the dance floor. Your lips break with mine as you slink down my body. You reach my belt and slowly undo it. One of your hands playing with my cock underneath as the other unbuttons my pants. As you slide down the zipper down, my cock jumps out at you. My decision to go commando paying dividends. You then lift up your dress to tease me with the sight of your bare and perfect pussy. Your decision to go commando also paying those same dividends. Great minds think alike after türbanlı escort all. Then you lift your dress off. You toss your dress, my shirt and my pants across the room. Your naked perfection and creamy skin glows as the light from the room dances off it. My cock is fully erect and my body is filled with lust. You lean over and begin to lick my cock. First, tracing up the shaft and around the tip. Wetting them both with your skilled tongue. One hand grips my ass while the other begins to manipulate my balls, without warning you take me all in your mouth. Licking and teasing my entire cock. I grab your head and start fucking your face. Faster and faster. Your saliva coating my cock, allowing the increase in speed. Your tongue continuing its assault, you start to taste my precum. Not wanting to cum yet, I take you by the arms and throw you onto the bed. I move off and begin to assault your clit. Taking it in my mouth I lick and suck it, you are startled and aroused. Then you begin to moan as I take two fingers and tease your outer lips. Then I take the other hand and start to tease your asshole. As I prepare you holes for what is to come, you pussy is already drenched. It’s delicious juices filling my mouth with each lick and suck. Then simultaneously I enter your ass and cunt with my fingers. Presenting you with a triple assault on your senses that causes you to squirm and yelp. You grind your hips, forcing my fingers deeper in your cunt. You grab me by my head and start fucking my face. Your yelps turn into sexual foreplay as you begin to talk dirty, filling the room and arousing us even türbanlı escort bayan further. The sensations begin to overwhelm you as you begin to scream. A massive orgasm rips through you and yet I continue to pleasure you. With the waves of the first still coursing through you, a second equally massive orgasm hits. You arch your body and shake as the two orgasms course through you. As your orgasms subside, you lift my head up and drag me to your mouth. Our mouths becoming one, I decide its time to become one completely. I run my hand down your left leg, caressing your silky skin as I lift it slightly into the air. I begin to tease your cunt with my cock. Rubbing it against your swollen clit and pussy. I then begin to ease myself inside you, being mindful of your sensitivity since your last orgasms. Inch by inch, you feel me fill you up. As I complete my cocks journey, I let it rest for a moment. Letting your pussy clinch around my cock, I kiss you. We stare into each others eyes as I begin to pull out and then reenter you. Deep and slow we start to fuck each other. You slowly wrap your legs around me as the minutes pass. Your hands reaching around to grab my ass so you can push me in even deeper. Faster and faster, our rhythm progresses. We are totally lost in each other, our lust uncontrollable. Once again you feel your body tightening up. Your dirty words driving me on as you explode with another orgasm. Your tight pussy clenching on my cock hard. I have to focus and concentrate hard to keep from cumming. I flip you around and lay you down doggie style. I place my hands on your shoulders escort türbanlı and arch your back as I start to drive my cock back inside you. My balls slapping your ass as I pound your pussy. I take one hand from your shoulders and start to spank you. Each spank causing you to project even more erotic language from between your lips. Soon, you cum again. Each of your orgasms just driving your lust to higher and higher levels. Even harder than the first time, I must summon all of my will to keep from cumming. You decide to take control. You pull off of me and flip me on the bed. Our bodies glistening from sweat, you lick your lips at the sight of my cock. Then you turn yourself around and start to inch me back in your cunt, reverse cowgirl. You slide your perfect body up and down my dick. The sight of your amazing ass bobbing in front of me becoming too much. I pull you back against me and start matching your thrusts. I place one hand on your clit and the other on one of your tits. Massaging them both, as we fucked each other with all of our might. You turn your head to look in my eyes in anticipation of what we both knew was coming. As we begin to feel our bodies beginning to spasm, we kiss. Screaming out the intense pleasure we feel into each others mouths. Your cunt, having already drenched my body with it’s subsequent orgasms, does so again. My cock, on fire, shoots all of my cum into your waiting pussy. Our juices mixing together as we collapse into each other. Spasms and pleasure wash over us as we hug each other tight. Riding out the waves of our shared orgasm together. Completely exhausted, we face each other. A mixture of love and lust in our eyes. We tenderly kiss each other until we hear people clapping. Confused, we look up to see the door to our room open. People from the party we left cheering our performance. Too exhausted to feel any shame we just begin to kiss again. Causing the spectators to chant, “Encore”!

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