21 Şubat 2023

Come Together Ch. 02


“What the hell are you doing here?” Sunny said indignantly, not at all as Nitin had expected him to react. Nitin expected shock and fear, maybe even a hint of guilt. Nothing of that sort happened. It was as if he had walked upon them while they were having their breakfast!

Plus, he was also surprised that neither made any effort whatsoever to hide their bodies, nor did they try to stop fondling each other.

“I thought that I would be asking you that question myself,” he managed to reply. He was still a few meters away from them and was so positioned that they could not see the lower part of his body. Only his face was visible, which at this moment registered, much to the siblings delight, embarrassment.

“Only an asshole would ask such a question as that, presuming you have been here for the last half an hour or so,” Sunny smirked.

Nitin took another step towards them. Preeti, her hand caressing her brother’s cock, was staring curiously at him. Not that she was totally unaffected like her brother was; there was a hint of a faint blush on her face, and he felt that sudden hollowness in his belly when he realized again how remarkably similar she looked to his own wife.

“So, you are not surprised?” he asked, bringing a very slight hint of mockery in his voice.

“Say what?” Sunny was always known to have been brash. “Did you say surprised? Why the hell should we be?”

His question flustered Nitin. “Well, I don’t know about you, but the act doesn’t surprise me at all. I mean a hell of a lot of men fuck a hell of a lot of women. But excuse me, isn’t she your sister?”

Sunny laughed out loud. His hands continued kneading her breasts.

“What is this?” he asked, taking away one hand and pointing to his cock.

“I can see that it is a cock.”

“And,” Sunny continued, directing his hand to her pussy, sliding one finger inside it, “what’s this?”

Nitin smiled nervously. “What is this? Some kind of an demo of a identity parade?”

“That, my dear Nitin, is a pussy. So what the fuck should you care whether the owners of these equipment are brothers, sisters, friends and whatever the hell you want to add?”

Nitin paused, watching Sunny’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy even as she tugged on her brother’s cock. He looked into her eyes and then looked back at Sunny who was watching him with an amused expression on his face.

“Want to know something?” he asked softly.


“Just before you charged down that goddamn door and into the basement, I had Preeti practically naked, leaning over the table and my dick was almost inside of her.”

Sunny looked quizzically at him, and then glanced quickly at Preeti. She blushed and looked away demurely, her fist squeezing his cock, as if refraining him from getting up.

Suddenly, Sunny laughed. He laughed till, for a moment, Nitin thought that his senses had taken leave of him.

“What’s so funny about it?” there was anger in his voice.

“So that was the noise,” Sunny broke in. “Preeti, I didn’t know you had the hots for your brother-in-law. I wonder what Rita would make of it.”

“She doesn’t have to know,” Nitin was sheepish about it and took another step towards them. The light from the candle now revealed his pulsating shaft to them for the first time. At least, Sunny hadn’t seen his naked cock before.

“Why, Nitin! You have a fucking hard on!” Sunny exclaimed. Preeti stared at Nitin’s cock bobbing in front of him, peeping out of his fly. Curiously, she compared his cock with Sunny’s cock that she was now jerking on.

Sunny had a long cock that slightly curved upwards when it was erect. It wasn’t as thick as Nitin’s, but was definitely an inch longer. While her brother’s erection almost always throbbed, as if it had a life of it’s own (which it had), Nitin’s cock seemed to be almost dormant even when it was erect, as it was now.

“I seem to be walking around today with a perpetual hard on,” he admitted. “Preeti has been flirting around with me throughout the day and, I suspect, coming around quite strongly.”

“You flatter yourself,” she spoke for the first time.

“Then tell us you didn’t want me to fuck you just before he barged in.”

“Enough arguments,” Sunny interrupted. “Say, Preeti, you want to fuck with him?”

She looked for a long time at Nitin, and then shifted her eyes to his cock dangling between his legs.

“Sure she does,” Nitin broke in, “She was telling me to put in her standing up before you came in.”

“Really?” Sunny smiled wryly, pulling his finger out of her pussy and bringing it to her mouth. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and accepted the finger, sucking gently on it.

“Ask her,” Nitin was now barely a couple of feet away from them. “She might answer that if only you could take out your finger from her mouth.”

Sunny laughed delightedly. “Sorry, pal. Isn’t it only little brats who suck their fingers? Sexy women like Preeti deserve more than that.”

Before Nitin could reply to that, şişli escort Sunny moved with amazing speed so that his body had shifted upwards and his cock was aimed at her face. They were still lying beside each other and he had to slightly lift his lower torso to feed his cock into her mouth.

She took it in her mouth just as eagerly as she had taken his finger a while ago. Nitin watched with lust in his eyes as her cheeks hollowed and puffed, sucking the cock deep in her mouth.

“I still want to fuck her,” Nitin persisted, reaching for his cock and beginning to jerk on it.

“Don’t ask me, ask her.”

“At least allow her to answer, will you?”

Sunny drew his hips back and his cock escaped the confines of her mouth. “Well, baby?”

“Yes, damn it,” she squealed, feeling the wetness gush her pussy again.

“You got your answer, pal,” he told Nitin.

Nitin advanced towards them, now a confident stride covering the distance within a few seconds.

“I still want to fuck you from behind.”

Sunny immediately pulled himself back, propping himself against the table, his legs spread wide apart. He grabbed her to him, pushing her head down into his groin. “Suck my cock and make it hard again, honey and get on your knees and make like a doggie.”

Preeti crawled on her knees to where her brother was sitting, his legs spread wide apart, his erect cock sticking up and pointing towards the ceiling of the basement. She had to lower the top half of her body to take his dick back into her mouth and he reached between their bodies to take hold of her heavy breasts again.

Nitin was panting with lust as he arranged himself behind her bent body. He held the base of his shaft between two fingers of his hand and aimed it at her entrance. He stabbed forward, and missed.

Frustrated, he tried again, with the same result. Sunny looked on with amusement. “Relax, pal, take it easy. She’s not going anywhere.”

Preeti finally reached below and behind her and held her cunt lips apart. Nitin could now see her opening, wet and inviting, and this time, when he jerked forward, he felt his cock being enveloped in her hot cunt.

“Ahhhhh!” he groaned, slamming all the way in and pausing, his balls resting against her ass cheeks. He grabbed the side of her narrow waist, and drew back slowly till only his tip remained inside her. Then, he slammed into her again, drawing a gasp from her and rocking her forward, forcing her to completely take her brother’s cock inside her mouth. All this time, she had been merely licking him and taking just the cock head inside. Now she felt his cock spearing into her throat and she gagged.

By the time Nitin started slamming into her, she had made the adjustments required to deep throat Sunny. Neither he nor she had to move; Nitin was taking care of that. His thrusts rocked her body back and forth and she didn’t even have to bob her head because the rocking movement of his body was enough for Sunny’s cock to go in and out of her mouth. All she did was to wrap her lips around the shaft and apply the suction on it.

The pleasure for her was doubled. A throbbing cock fucking her mouth and another equally erect dick working furiously in her sopping wet pussy. Sunny’s hands on her ripe breasts and Nitin’s holding her waist, occasionally squeezing her ass cheeks felt as though they were a pair of heaters on her super sensitive flesh.

Nitin was crouched over her and he now took another step so that her ass was high up in the air and he could straighten. He did not interrupt his movements when he made the adjustment. He began to now ram into her with hard and fast strokes.

She hummed around her brother’s cock, breathing through her nostrils. She brought her tongue into play now, licking the flesh of his shaft; the underside first, and then the topside. She summoned as much saliva as she could so that his cock was flooded in it. Gently, she began thrusting back against Nitin’s cock now.

“Oh, shit,” he muttered hoarsely as he felt her moving. He almost came when he felt her cunt muscles squeezing around his pulsating shaft, as if trying to milk his juice out of him.

He had to pull her hair up above her head so that he could watch her pouting lips sliding up and down over Sunny’s cock. The sight fascinated him and the fact that she was his sister seemed to inflame him further.

Watching her suck him, suddenly brought visions of his own wife. Oh God, he thought. With her eyes closed, she looked a splitting image of Rita and it was almost like it was she who was sucking that cock! For some curious reason he couldn’t fathom, just the thought of his wife sucking on her brother’s cock made him gasp and he had to slow down so that he wouldn’t lose it. He didn’t want to come so soon. He wanted to savor the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of his sister-in-law’s tight cunt even as he wanted to watch her suck on Sunny’s cock till he would erupt into her mouth.

Sunny let go of her tits and cupped her chin, holding çapa escort her head firmly in place. “Now, honey, I am going to really fuck your face.”

She whimpered and a strangled cry escaped from her throat as her brother began to plunge his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue went wild, lashing at his shaft.

The two cocks rocked her to and fro and the men established a rhythm that had their cocks disappearing into her at the same time and drawing back simultaneously.

“Oh shit, she is hot!” Nitin croaked as he speeded up, his fingers now digging into her fleshy ass cheeks. He felt his cock being gripped inside her hot cunt and knew he wasn’t far from coming.

Preeti drew back, disengaging her brother’s cock from her mouth. “Ahhhhh, Sunny! This is so good! I love it when you fuck my mouth. And Nitin’s cock in my pussy is driving me crazy. Oh yes, Nitin, fuck me, fuck me! Shove that cock inside me! Deeper, oh yes, like that, harder now, harder and faster!”

She took one of her large, round breasts in her hand and bent over Sunny in such a way that her erect nipple was directly over the little hole at the end of his straining cock. She pressed the nipple to the aperture and felt the warm, premature stickiness of a few drops of his building lust spreading over the sensitive surface.

“Oh! That feels so good!” she told him breathlessly.

“Same at this end too,” he replied, sliding one hand down the front side of her rocking body, between her naked thighs to capture her stiff clit.

“Oh God, like you said, she is a hell of a sexy bitch!” Nitin groaned, slowing down gradually and pumping the entire length of his cock inside her moist and hot cunt.

She giggled and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of Sunny’s cock, reaching under his balls, and working her fingers through the curly hair there. She bent further and furrowed the hair with her tongue, licking his balls.

“Lick it, Preeti,” he said, thrusting his cock at her face, his hand now heavy on the back of her head.

She laughed excitedly and then licked the shaft all the way up and then all the way down. As she switched over to lick his balls, he closed his thighs around her ear.

She wriggled out of his thighs, moaning as Nitin slammed into her with renewed vigor, and took a goodly portion of her brother’s cock back into her mouth. She felt her throat open widely. His cock slid easily down it and she sucked it violently from the base. He began thrusting it in and out. She sucked harder, matching the swift movements of Nitin’s cock fucking her pussy, Sunny’s hot, hard shaft filling her mouth and her throat, pumping viciously.

She felt his fingers beginning to move rapidly over her clit and moved her own body against Nitin’s shaft, spearing her cunt.

She burrowed more deeply into Sunny, moaning at the twin sensation and wiggled her buttocks. Nitin’s hands found her tits and squeezed them. He twisted her hardened nipples roughly. A delicious shiver ran down her spine. Slowly, almost teasingly, he pulled his cock outside.

She pulled her head away from Sunny’s cock. “Oh god, don’t take it out. Put it in me! Stick it in! Please, you bastard, now, now!”

He laughed harshly and she felt the tip of his cock enter her slippery cunt again and his balls began bouncing against her ass again.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, “Fuck me, damn it!”

He did, grabbing her tits again and kneading them, his cock burying deep inside her.

Sunny was watching all this and impatiently, pushed his cock against her lips. “Why did you stop sucking me? Go on, take me in your mouth and suck on my cock!”

The room reeked of sex. She made a slurping sound as she sucked on Sunny and the sound of Nitin’s thighs slapping against her own seemed to fill the basement.

She tensed her body and squeezed her cunt muscles around Nitin’s cock. Taken by surprise, he lost control. He grabbed her hips, leaned forward to pin her with his weight and groaned.

“Oh yessss! I’m going to come, oh yes, oh fuck, fuck!”

He pulled out of her. He wanted to see his own juices splatter her ass cheeks and her naked back. He finally released a stream of his hot juice, aiming for the target he had in mind.

She felt the juice splatter first on her ass cheeks, and then, gradually wetting her back. She redoubled her efforts with her mouth, bobbing her head furiously over Sunny’s cock, wanting him to come too.

She felt her brother’s finger sink inside her cunt and he slammed forward, burying his cock deep into her mouth.

She felt the jets of his come hitting the back of her throat and instinctively, she began to swallow. When Sunny came, he came bucket full and she had to pull away when her mouth filled up with his seed.

She directed his spurting shaft to her face and moaned with ecstasy as she felt his juice landing on her cheek. He shook his hips, gurgling with excitement, making his come drench her face, as he furiously fucked his finger in and out of her cunt.

She whimpered, bringing fındıkzade escort her hand up and spreading his warm semen over her face, flicking out her tongue to catch as much of the nectar as she could that dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

Watching her, Nitin reached forward and began to drag the tip of his cock over her ass cheeks and her back, as if to anoint her flesh with his come.

“That was awesome!” he breathed, looking at Sunny.

Sunny laughed weakly, his chest heaving, his finger still working inside her pussy, realizing that she was on the verge of her orgasm.

She let out a scream, muffled by the fact that Sunny had again slid his spurting cock into her mouth. Reaching down, she rubbed her clit furiously.

“Let me do that,” Nitin told her, pushing away her hand and replacing it with his own. He felt for her swollen clit, his hand brushing Sunny’s, and he masturbated her, his finger, surprisingly gentle.

She shuddered with the impact of the orgasm, slamming her hips down to envelope her brother’s finger inside her cunt.

There was a sudden quietness in the basement now, save for their ragged breathing. She rolled over to lie on her back on the floor, looking up at the two men, her chest heaving, an impish grin playing on her lips.

“Wasn’t that great, guys?” she whispered. “But, I reckon I’m still horny.”

Nitin couldn’t believe his ears. Here she was, having already climaxed more than a few times and she still was asking for more! Sunny merely laughed, quite used to her insatiable sister.

Nitin almost felt jealous. He wished Rita were like her sister. It wasn’t that she was not horny; she was. But she had never asked for more like Preeti was doing now. Rita was capable of maybe three orgasms in a row, if she was in the right mood.

Preeti lifted her head up towards Nitin’s; he was still kneeling beside her, and leaning into him, kissed his mouth. Involuntarily, he opened his mouth and let her tongue slide inside. He let her suck on it for a while, watching Sunny fondle her tits from behind her.

He loved the feeling of sucking on her tongue, but was apparently not quite ready for a return bout, having spewed his juices thrice in such a short time. He felt her hand close around his cock, limp as it was now after that furious round of fucking her.

He decided to do what a man can always do even without an erection.

He pushed her back so that her head was cradled in her brother’s lap and slid down over her. He gripped her tits after shoving Sunny’s hands away from them and shoved his face between them. They were slick with perspiration; after all, they had been at it for quite some time and the pace had been pretty fast and furious.

He licked her between her tits before raising his head and putting his mouth over one nipple. She moaned when she felt him sucking her breast. Quickly, he turned his attention to the other, fondling the one he had been sucking.

He alternated between her tits like that for a couple of minutes. He would take as much of the tit flesh into his mouth as was possible for him to, his tongue flicking the nipples.

Then, slowly, his lips trailed down onto her belly. She squirmed when his tongue licked around her navel and her legs spread apart on their own volition. He kept his hands on her tits, fondling, squeezing and pinching as his tongue began to go down lower and lower.

She moaned when his lips finally reached the target: her cunt. He traced a line from the top of her slit to the bottom with the tip of his tongue. Her hand groped down and she grabbed the back of his head as his tongue reversed, licking her from the bottom to the top.

“Oh god, yes, lick me like that, oh yes. Lick my cunt, you bastard, oh yes, yes, shove your tongue inside, aahhhh…”

His hands left her tits and slid down her body and she felt his fingers spreading her cunt lips apart. He raised his legs up so that he was now crouched on his knees and as she clamped him by her thighs, gazed at the inside of her wet and red cunt.

“Don’t stop, now, please lick me, oh god, lick me,” she urged.

He stabbed at her clit with the tip of his tongue and her hips lifted off the floor as she wailed, pushing her cunt harder against his face.

“You are making too much noise,” Sunny interrupted. He had been watching them for quite a while now.

“And,” he continued, “there’s only one way to shut you up.”

He moved forward, forced her to turn her head into his hips and jammed his cock in her mouth.

She hummed around his cock; it wasn’t as erect as it had been a while ago, but she could feel it stirring inside her mouth. Pushing Nitin’s head deeper between her legs, she took the base of her brother’s cock in her other hand and began to stroke it, sucking the head lasciviously.

Sunny grabbed her tits, bringing them together and mashing the flesh almost cruelly. He began to rock his hips back and forth, desperately wanting his cock to regain its hardness.

“That’s it, pal, suck her pussy, shove that tongue of yours inside it, make her cum, man, finger her clit,” Sunny suddenly became vocal, now, knowing that it was just another ploy on his part to will his cock into regaining its erection.

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