12 Mayıs 2023

Coming Awake, Ch. 02


No matter how heavenly the hotel chain claimed its bed to be, Carly was starkly aware that she was alone in it as the alarm clock beeped. She’d been lost in the most delicious dream: her face was buried in the pillows, her ass in the air, and her husband Steven was pounding his cock into her again and again. That’s probably because I fell asleep with my fingers buried in my pussy, she thought. Although she adored Steven and their sex life, one of the things Carly loved about business travel was being in an unfamiliar hotel room. She’d slowly undress herself, then lie back on a luxurious bed and slowly make love to herself. It wasn’t unusual to bring herself off three or four times in these sessions. Last night, though, she’d simply teased herself for a couple of hours, watching the hotel’s soft porn and enjoying some erotic stories on her e-reader before finishing off with one mind-blowing orgasm. As satisfying as she found it though, the memory of her dream had her craving Escort Küçükyalı her husband – or at least the sound of his voice – right now. Flipping onto her back, she retrieved her phone from the nightstand and hit the speed dial for home. Across the country, Steven was awakened by the insistent ringing of the bedside phone. Reaching for it, he realized that Alexis had left his bed while he dozed. He heard the distant sound of the bathroom shower as he fumbled the phone to his ear. “Hello?” “Good morning, sleepyhead,” Carly cooed, the fingers of her free hand already idly moving over her nipples.. “Hey, baby, what’s going on? How’d you sleep?” “I miss my bed,” Carly pouted, though she didn’t miss it nearly as much as she was implying. “More precisely, I miss being in my bed with you.” Steven felt a momentary stab of guilt as he looked down at the disheveled condition of the bed in question and felt the wet spot created by fucking Kartal escort his wife’s mother. “Awww, baby, your bed misses you, too,” he replied. “Just my bed? Don’t you miss me, too,” Carly said teasingly. “Oh, you have no idea how much I’d loved to have had you in this bed last night and this morning,” Steven said, flashing back to the vivid word pictures he’d created for Alexis about having Carly between them. At that moment, Alexis emerged from the bathroom, her daughter’s robe opened to display her trimmed bush and bountiful breasts. Even at 52, Steven thought, his mother-in-law defied gravity, and her belly and ass were every bit as tight as his wife’s. Steven put a finger to his lips and silently mouthed, “Carly,” to alert Alexis. The thought of standing in this bedroom with her son-in-law splayed naked across the bed as he chatted with her daughter gave Alexis the most delicious chill. With Steven’s eyes locked on hers, she shrugged Suadiye escort bayan the robe of her shoulders and climbed onto the foot of the bed. “So did you do anything wild last night with me gone,” Carly asked, her hand sliding over the smooth skin of her belly. “Host an all-night poker game? Close down a bar or two? Hire blond twin hookers for the evening?” “Just the hookers – in fact, you just missed them,” Steven laughed. “Actually, sweetness and light, I had two beers with Brian after work and came straight home.” Where your mother was waiting, he added silently, as Alexis ran her hands up and down his thighs. “Boring old Steven,” Carly answered, chuckling softly, “just the way you should be without me.” “Yep, I just don’t know what to do with myself when you’re not here, darling wife.” “Hmmmmm, well, I know something you can do with yourself right now,” Carly said before inserting a finger into her mouth and pulling it out with an audible “smack” to tease him. Carly loved starting her out-of-town days with morning phone sex with her hubby. Steven smiled at Alexis as she began to trace the faintest little circles on his balls with a brightly painted nail. He heard a click on Carly’s end as she switched her phone to speaker mode, and he did the same.

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