4 Ağustos 2022

Coming Home


So now the day for Fern’s release had arrived. The time had come for her to enter the world as a new bride and a one legged one at that.

For her release from hospital, Fern had asked her oldest friend Christine to bring a special outfit to wear. It was a deep plum coloured full length skirt that was complemented with a black, sleeveless vee-neck blouse, just tight enough to highlight the sweet breasts that had always been such an attraction of Fern’s. On her foot, she would wear a light brown, 5.5 inch calf boot with 1.5 inch platform, inner zip and lace up front. These were comfortable clothes and she knew that she needed to feel comfortable this day.

So here she was, sitting in a hospital issue wheel chair waiting in her room when Don arrived about noon time. She was ready. Her right foot sat strangely alone on the footrest of the wheelchair that would be her locomotion to the front door of the hospital. What was left of her left leg was only noticeable because the suede dress material cascaded over the end of her stump and fell flat to the seat of the chair. She looked down at the chair and its one foot rest with its one leg resting and smiled. She was radiant and at the same time nervous about the adventure ahead.

Don had always liked this outfit and in fact it had been one that they had used for one of their fantasy outings to Vancouver. He wondered if Fern had chosen it for the fact that it had many erotic moments attached to it. At any rate, his Bride of less than 1 ½ months was beaming as he strode into the room with a bouquet of red roses. He handed the bouquet to her and with his other hand pulled her up from her chair. He wrapped his arms around her back and engaged her in a most passionate kiss.

Fern’s knee buckled slightly and if Don’s hug had not been secure, she might have stumbled, hopped and possibly fallen back into the chair. As it was, she literally fell into his arms and kissed back with the passion that they had missed and that was coming from Don in such waves. To an onlooker if there had been one, Fern’s right foot, stretching tippy-toe as she reached to receive Don’s kisses looked very natural and used to its role of assuming all the balance required to keep her luscious and womanly body from falling.

As per the rules of the Hospital, she had to be wheeled to the front door. Don continued to wheel her up to the door of her black, late model Mercedes SUV. He opened the door, steadied Fern’s chair and she rose from her chair. She grasped the opened door and the roof of the car and took several hops to align herself with the seat of the car. Looking into Don’s eyes, she smiled and hopped to him for a quick kiss. Hopping back and repositioning herself again with the seat, she sat down in the seat, shifted her stump around to the centre of the car, lifted and guided the skirt into the car and followed that with her long, lithe right leg and its sexy shoe adornment.

Settling in, she noticed how strange she felt. First off, she was a passenger in her own car. Second, looking down into her lap as she was pulling the seat belt into position she noticed only one long, leg extending forward. There was nothing issuing from her left hip beyond the fallen fabric draped over the round stump of her left leg. The left side of her seat was mostly empty!

Don was ataşehir escort eager to get Fern home and show her the many convenience features he had installed in their new home while Fern recovered in the hospital. These included things like lever door handles, remote electric switches, bathroom renovations including a handlebar and a new, raised toilet, a safer surface on the floor of the tub and shower and a shower that now was at the end of a portable cord that reached down to the small stool sitting expectantly in the corner of the shower stall. Originally, the shower had been designed to accommodate two but now the stool and a one legged Fern would fill the stall. There was still room without her stool though, for a Fern and a Don holding her for support.

First he had to drive his new wife, his newly amputated wife, home to start their new life together. He returned the chair to the hospital doors and stashed Fern’s crutches in the back seat of the car. They were ready to begin their new life as a married couple and at the same time adjust to the new reality that was a wife with one gorgeous leg and one tantalizing stump of a leg.

When Don climbed into the driver’s seat and leaned over to kiss his new bride and lay his hand on what was left of her left leg, he nearly lost his “cool.” He instantly felt an urge toward hardness in his groin, a desire to take this gorgeous woman, his new wife, home to love her, to caress her and to stimulate every inch of her abbreviated body. Fern too felt aroused as she was not unfamiliar with the feel of Don’s hand on a pretend stump. But this time, instead of sensing Don’s hand on her folded knee, she felt a twinge of sensation coming from higher on her thigh than past experiences. This new sense was more of a touch on the inside and back of that remaining thigh stump as opposed to a sense of touch on the end of a folded knee stump.

It was only curious where the sensation was coming from. Probably because of all the connections from those amorous moments that the two had spent together with a simulated stump over the years, Fern now felt that familiar twinge in her womanhood. It was a sense that she had “been here before” and that she knew how much pleasure was ahead with the touches and caresses of her real stump. Perhaps really being one legged wouldn’t be all that different than before and this sense suggested that it might actually be better.

“Come on Honey, we have to get home. I have a nice lunch prepared, some wine in the fridge and some new things for you to see that will help us both in our new life together,” Don said as he engaged the car and the two of them drove on into their new life together as an amputee couple.

They drove lost in their own thoughts. Neither doubted their new future. Both reflected on how the fates had brought two people together who shared an interest in a certain charade that had just recently become reality. The pleasures they had shared before, whenever Fern dressed as an amputee had grounded them and in a sense, prepared them for this moment. Don turned into the driveway of their new split level house, parked the car outside the garage door and turned to Fern before smothering her lips in another passionate kiss.

“It has been almost two weeks since avcılar escort we have been able to touch, tease and tantalize each other,” he said. “That’s too long to wait. That wait might just have been worth it though because of what we have done during that time. Look at you! You’re beautiful, your eyes sparkle, your hair is gorgeous, your complexion is shiny and look what we now have that we didn’t have before: we have a real stump of an amputated leg in our family. I can’t believe that I now have one of the most gorgeous legs to play with as well as a stump of a left leg. I love the new gift we have to share and enjoy.”

“Oh Don, I’m so nervous about all of this. Yes, we surely do know how excited we got when we played our game. But now it’s no longer a game. Now I can’t do some of the things we did together when we enjoyed our love fantasy and I would unwrap my “stump” and get my leg back. Now, my leg is never coming back.”

“Darling, my love for you is stronger than the games we used to play. Those games we used only to arouse and excite ourselves beyond what others can only dream of. But there has always been more to us than our love fantasies. I know that once you heal and get fully adapted to your new shape, we will still walk together, go fishing and visit antique stores. How will the loss of a leg interfere with our love of good food and wine and shared enjoyment of cooking? If we can no longer X-Ctry ski, who cares, we can still toboggan, go tubing and even learn to downhill ski. You should still be able to swim and I’m sure we will find ways to dance together; I really sense that our slow dancing is going to get better. No Fern, this accident is sad. I wish it hadn’t happened to you. But it has and I’m not bothered. I would go through our wedding vows again tomorrow and I would burst with joy to see you crutch down the aisle on your one leg. We WILL make more out of this than seems possible now. Come on inside and let me get lunch together.”

“Oh Don, I want you to lick and touch and caress all that is left of my left leg. It’s all we have now my love but it’s more than we had before when we pretended and when I was your 2 legged wife. After all, you have only ever been able to love one of my legs at a time. The other one languished from inattention. Now, ALL your attention can be focused on just one of my legs and at the same time, your tongue, and YOU, can get aroused by the thought that there is a new “toy” to play with that hangs from my panties on the left side. How many of your friends have BOTH a leg and a stump to play with, to tease, to tantalize and enjoy? Aren’t you the lucky boy”” she cooed.

It seemed that lunch could wait. Fern crutched her way into their new living room, and sat down in the deep leather love seat. She beckoned for Don to join her. Don placed the rose bouquet on the counter and sat eagerly on her left side. He reached out with his left hand and took Fern’s cheek in his hand and smothered her in another passionate kiss. “Oh how I love you,” he whispered. “I loved you as a woman with two legs and now that you only have one leg, one that just so happens to be one of the world’s most outstanding legs, makes no difference in my love for you,” he assured her.

Fern quietly pulled Don’s head down to avrupa yakası escort her lap and pulled up her skirt so that Don could kiss her stump, so that he could nibble what was left of her thigh and arouse her feminine urges as they had done so many times in the past. His supple tongue began to lick and his teeth began to nibble Fern’s STUMP everywhere but on the sutures.

Fern was swooning in pleasure as a strange, warm sensation encircled the remnant of her thigh. When he licked the bottom of her stump and around back where an upside down “U” shaped stitch line marked where the Surgeon had taken the residual anterior quad muscles and folded them back over her 9″ femur to form a robust and thickly padded stump, Fern’s sense was that Don was licking the front of her amputated left front thigh. And when Don’s tongue was on the back of her stump Fern sensed a caress on the front middle of her thigh. That was so odd but so sensual and arousing as well. Fern was very wet and eager to be filled with Don’s passion. “Help me up my darling Husband and take me to our bed. I want you again. I want to make love so slowly and passionately that this first time for real as a one legged lover is a moment that we will never forget.”

Don bent first to unzip the calf boot Fern had worn home. And as he was removing the boot, he allowed his hand to caress and tickle up and over her well shaped right calf to her thigh. There his fingers caressed and kneaded Fern’s toned thigh and Don began whispering to her about the perfect leg that he was worshipping. Fern was getting wetter and wetter and wondering how she was going to make it to their bedroom when Don rose and reached out his hand to her. She took his hand and allowed herself to be pulled to a standing position, albeit a rather shaky one. Her passion and general weakness made it harder than usual to balance on her one leg and she hopped gently as Don embraced her.

He handed her crutches to her which she slipped into. In a dazed and weakened state, she crutched down the hall to the bedroom with Don right behind her, his eyes feasting on her one precious bare naked foot peeking from the bottom of her skirt. He reached out and tried to gently clasp and caress her stump through the skirt fabric until she scolded him and reminded him that she was having a hard enough time balancing and crutching without further arousal. With that she tossed her hair back, looked over her shoulder and asked Don to get her to their bed as fast as possible so that he could kiss her, and love her and make love to her one fine leg and its new partner, a round, robust, soft, breast like stump of a left thigh.

It wasn’t but a few more moments and the two of them were under their eider down each clasping the other as if the moment was to last forever. They hugged, they swayed and Fern was able to use her stump as an extra hand to rub Don’s thigh and stomach and urge its inclusion into the space between his legs where she found a swollen member just waiting to fill her with its love and care and warmth.

So far, the real stump was proving to be even more arousing than the simulated one. Fern loved Don’s gentle attentions to it and Don loved everything she did with her new stump. This new toy, the fact that they had not laid together for a couple of weeks, and the reality of their very passionate love, took the two of them from the early afternoon until the early evening without even getting out of their bed. Then the two of them collapsed together in passion and love and let the perspiration and juices from their sex mingle and cool together. “Perhaps,” Fern whispered to Don, “this is going to have some very good points.”

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