12 Ocak 2023

Coming Home pt. 2

Female Ejaculation

Faith closed her eyes and continued her trip down memory lane.Faith had spent that weekend replaying the fight over and over in her mind. She yo-yoed back in forth between anger, sadness, and guilt. She was angry because Hunter just didn’t seem to get it. Sadness because she really did care for Hunter and didn’t want this relationship to end. And lastly guilt. She felt that the strongest. She felt guilty because he really did have a point.Why was she so afraid of deeper intimacy? They had practically had sex the first night they hooked up. And the orgasm he had given her had been amazing. She reasoned that perhaps she was scared of messing it up. Of somehow doing it wrong, and maybe doing lasting damage. All these thoughts warred in her mind. And she swung from straight rational to pure emotional thought.She finally realized Sunday night, that all the speculation in the world wasn’t going to get her anywhere except dizzy and straight into a migraine. What she needed to do was talk to Hunter. So, with that in mind she turned off her side lamp and went to sleep.Monday morning, she accepted that Hunter was not going to pick her up as he usually did, and caught a ride in with one of her squad mates. She made it her mission to track him down as soon as possible, and finally found him hanging with his friends by their lockers. She approached him cautiously.“Hunter, can I talk to you?” she nervously asked.He gave her a cold stare, but with a comment tossed over his shoulder to his friends, he came over.“Yeah Faith, what do you want?”“Will you let me say what I have to say without interrupting?”He folded his arms across his chest and gestured that she had the floor.“Please don’t be mad at me anymore,” she pleaded. “I’ve spent the whole weekend thinking about what you said. You’re right that I am holding out. But you need to understand that I’m scared. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re my first real boyfriend, and şişli escort I really care about you. I don’t want to fuck anything up. I don’t want to ruin this.”During her speech, as requested, Hunter remained silent, letting her say her fill. His stance went from rigid to relaxed the more she spoke. By the end of her narrative, he was smiling. He walked closer to her and folded her in his arms as she finished.“Baby Girl, I forgive you. There’s nothing to be scared about. Everyone starts out not knowing what to do. That’s part of the fun. We learn from each other. So, are you really ready to take things farther?”She nodded, smiling up at him from the circle of his arms. He leaned down and kissed her just as the morning bell rang.“Hey, you wanna ditch first period?” he whispered in her ear.In response, she grabbed his hand and they raced through the halls out to the senior parking lot.They spent all of first period making out in the front seat of his car. After having to duck down for the third time to avoid being spotted by campus security, Hunter suggested they skip the rest of their classes since it was a scheduled half day anyway.“Hey, my parents are going to be at work all day. You want to come over to my house and hang?” he asked.Faith jumped at the chance for some adult free time. It was hard being a teenager living at home, and finding time to spend alone with your boyfriend. Her parents had a strict open-door policy whenever Hunter had come over. Weirdly enough his parents were even more strict, only allowing the two of them in public areas of the house. Hunter had flaunted that restriction once or twice by sneaking in a kiss or two when she was coming out of the bathroom. But every time, just as things were starting to heat up, his mother would yell for him, asking where he was.Having a whole day to spend with him, without parental interruption or supervision, was going to be heavenly. They drove to his two-story Colonial and he parked in the şişli escort bayan back drive that wrapped around the house. They entered together through the back door into a spacious kitchen. Hunter dropped his bag on the little mud-room bench and toed off his sneakers. Faith set her stuff down and took off her shoes as well.Mrs. Richards had a major issue about shoes being worn in the house, and everyone was made aware of the rule upon entering. Hunter then grabbed Faith’s hand and started taking her up the back stairs, to the bedrooms on the second floor. Faith had never been on the second floor, as per the ‘house rules’, so this felt even more dangerous and exhilarating.Hunter paused for a moment before one of the doors in the upstairs hall. After asking her to wait a moment, he disappeared inside. She heard some rummaging around and another door slam, before the door was opened and he grinned widely, gesturing her inside.“Were you cleaning up for me?” she teased.“I wasn’t expecting company, so it was a bit messy,” he replied.The room was a good size with a rumpled, double bed tucked in the corner to her left. A desk was directly in front of her and a dresser was off to her right next to another door. She figured that that must be his closet. A row of shelves housed a few books, but the space was mostly taken up by his basketball trophies. He had a few posters on the walls too. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Shaq were a few of the players she recognized. The walls of the room were painted a neutral cream, but all the accents were a deep green color. She started snickering as she got the joke.“What are you laughing about?” He asked.“The colors of your room. Great sense of humor.”“Yeah, my mom’s a laugh riot. Hunter Green. Ha ha ha,” he said rolling his eyes sarcastically.She walked farther into his room, and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. The whole room was so totally him. It even smelled like him, with a mild hint of Cool Water lingering mecidiyeköy escort in the air. She loved that he wore that scent. She could spend hours cuddling with one of his sweat shirts that he had given her, just smelling it, thinking about him. Most nights she would wear it to bed, just to feel like he was with her, holding her while she slept.The object of her desire chose that moment to come up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. She was immediately enveloped in his scent and sank back against him. He leaned down and kissed her neck right below her ear, causing her to shiver and goosebumps to race along her arms, her nipples tightened as well.With her still in his arms and his lips still on her neck, he walked them over to his bed, where he brought his hands up to begin a slow investigation of her breasts. He slipped his hands under her sweater and kneaded the soft mounds. She was beginning to writhe against him when he grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head in one move. He brought his hands back to their previous, caressing, activity.Soon he began to grow frustrated with the material still covering her breasts and reached down to gently remove them from their lacy prison. He groaned against her neck as the full globes came spilling into his hands. He palmed each one, his finger lightly digging into her flesh. Her erect nipples were centered in the palms of his hands, and he brought his hands tighter into her body. He then released her breasts to begin playing with her nipples directly. He ran his fingertips around the areola, making them become even more hard and taught. She moaned and arched into his hands as he plucked them, rolling them around with his fingers. She felt jolts of electricity pulsing downward with every pinch and tug of his fingers and was soon panting, her head lolling against his shoulder.He slowly leaned down and pushed her forward, bending her at the waist. She reached out and caught herself with her arms, bracing herself. With one hand still gently groping her chest, he ran his other hand down her spine and over her upturned bottom, his back of fingers playing with the hem of her skirt as it rested against her thighs.

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