3 Ağustos 2021

Committed, but Deprived


Committed, but DeprivedI checked in at a hotel today – got settled – did a quick report – then dinner. Upon return from the restaurant, I hit the whirlpool. No one there but me, so I prepared for a solo gig in the hot, bubbling water. This lasted for awhile, until I heard the electronic lock release on the access door. Now, as some of you may know, I tend to release my cock and balls from the confines of my swim trunks – by pulling the crotch to one side and letting the agitated water massage and stimulate my the twig and berries (picked that up from some English peers in my profession). When the door to the pool area opened, I looked over and saw a lovely (in a mousy sort of way), small female ~45 years old. She was wearing a muu-muu, with a nice floral print. As such, I could not see her shape. She looked around, then saw the hot tub. Dropping her things on a nearby table, she began to remove her muu-muu. I cleared my throat, which startled her. She turned quickly, saw me in the maelstrom of steaming liquid, and smiled in rather embarrassed manner. “Oh, I didn’t see you there! Hi.!” I returned the smile and simply said, “You’re welcome to join me. I’ll just need to straighten my swim trunks a bit!” She looked puzzled, but nodded and continued to remove her muu-muu. She was now standing in a very nice, athletic-looking one-piece suit – navy and white. She has a nice shape. Approximately 5’4″ and proportionally-built, she was sporting small tits – a tapered waist – and nicely flaring hips. Her bathing suit was a bit snug, showing off a slight camel toe.While she folded her muu-muu and laid it on the table, I nearly put my cock and balls away – then decided “Fuck It – she probably won’t see me anyway!” Amy (her name, after exchanging some pleasantries) stepped into the whirlpool and sat on the stairs. Only her feet and calves were in the water. With her knees contracted, I had a great line-of-sight to her fabric-covered cunt. No indication of pubic hair on first glance.We had a great conversation, and I could see her as somewhat nervous. It was as though she had something to say, but was uneasy. Finally, she asked “What did you mean by straightening out your swim trunks?” I was ready for the question, even though I wasn’t convinced she’d paid tuzla escort much attention to my comment. “Oh, if you don’t mind a bit of graphic detail, I normally – when alone in a hotel hot tub – exposed my genitals to the water. I find it stimulating and refreshing!” She didn’t blush (after all, she’s in her mid-40s) but did respond: “Oh, did you do that on my account?” I replied, “No, actually, I didn’t do it after all!” She laughed a bit, and said, “Well, you’re honest if nothing else. No worries – I’m a mature woman. Feel free to remain as you are!”She then sunk into the hot water, and we had more conversation. I watched as the bodice of the swim suit became soaked – and the outline of her tits was obvious. I liked what I saw, but was not about to be particularly forward. I did, however, compliment the appearance of the bathing suit – and that it flattered her. She smiled again and thanked me.The timer ran out, and the water stopped bubbling. I said, “Amy, would you mind resetting the timer? I would, but then there’s the matter of my exposure.” She didn’t smile – but said softly, “Don’t worry about it. I’m good with your condition!” I took that as consent, and exited the whirlpool – cock and balls swinging due to the hot water. The thermoreceptors in my groin were doing their job. I returned to the whirlpool and immersed in the water once again. We chatted a few moments more, and then Amy asked, “What are you doing after your soak?” I indicated it was time for some personal pleasure. Her eyes bugged out, and asked: “Does that mean you’re going to masturbate?” I was a bit surprised at the question, as she seemed so mousy and retired. I smiled, and replied: “Yes, Amy, it does. I hope that didn’t offend you!” Amy looked deeply into my eyes from about 5′ away, and said, “God, you’re so liberated. I’m impressed.” Naturally, I thanked her for the compliment and asked, “So, Amy, what are YOU going to do after your swim?” That started a deeper conversation, about sex and sexuality. She stated her husband was a “guy-guy,” who believed sex was for a man’s pleasure – and to hell with the woman. Apparently, he believes women aren’t supposed to have needs. I sympathized, and said I was sorry. She said, “God, you are so free with yourself. I have begged tuzla escort bayan my husband to masturbate with me, but he said ‘That’s Sick'” She then asked if I would ever masturbate with a woman. I chuckled a bit, and said, “Amy, I’ve done that numerous times. Sometimes, that’s just what evolves when I’m with someone. Not often, but sometimes.” She looked a bit bewildered – perhaps shocked. She again looked deeply at me – and, this time, leaned forward. She asked if she could join me. I said, “Amy, are you propositioning me? Are we going to have sex?” She slightly shook her head, and said: “No. Not in they typical sense. It may seem strange to hear this, but I’m very committed to my marriage – even if he discounts the physical and emotional needs I have. I simply would love to join you, and we could masturbate together!”I thought for a bit, and then said, “Amy, if this is a lust of yours, and your husband doesn’t get it – I assure you, I get it! Of course, you may join me!” She began to tear up. “I’ve always wanted to do this, but no guy I’ve ever been with, sexually, understood the notion. This is unbelievable – a dream and fantasy come true!” I asked her how she wanted to proceed. “Would you like to come to my room, or shall I come to yours? Would you like to set a time?” She very quickly said, “Your room, and – no – I don’t want to set a time. If I go back to my room, I’ll probably chicken out!” I stood up, repositioned my cock and balls into my bathing trunks, and d****d a towel over her shoulders. We gathered up her things, and I escorted her to my room. I told Amy that I generally watch adult videos for stimulation. She blurted, “Porn? God, I’ve never watched porn before!” I booted up my computer and connected it to the flat panel TV in the room. Soon, I’d opened a lesbian flick from XHamster (naturally). We sat up on the bed, near but not touching the other person, and simply immersed in our self-pleasure. She began rubbing her cunt lips, as I stroked my cock to erection. I’m not sure how much of my hard-on was from the video, and how much was from the presence and action of Amy. I would steal glances toward her, and saw that one of her fingers had penetrated her love tunnel. I was now oozing precum, and I could tell her cunt slit escort tuzla was oozing lady juice, as well. She began to moan, and one of her hands began massaging her tits. I was really fucking hard now, and my stroking intensified. Normally and edger, I continued my roller coaster of self-sex. She continued to work her cunt and tits simultaneously. Her breathing was now very rapid and deep, and her throat was emitting sounds that were as stimulating as anything we’d yet experienced.I leaned over to her, and asked if she wanted to cum together. She shook her head, and whispered “No – watch me and then I’ll watch you!” I was near heaven with that comment. I continued stroking myself, but my eyes were glued on her hand and cunt. Suddenly, her back arched, she grunted repetitively, and clenched her teeth as she peaked. It lasted upwards of a minute, and then she collapsed on the bed. As she began to moan in recovery, she turned her head toward me. I was thrilled to have her so close – and watching me masturbate. Very soon, I also began to suck in air as most of us do when we’re about to orgasm. My cock was really hard, and this had been going on for awhile. When I finally peaked, the first rope shot across my belly and chest, with the remaining volleys drenching my entire front. She gasped, and sighed. “Oh, my God – it’s more than I thought it would be! Thank you a thousand times! This was the first!”At no time did either of us reach for the other – a tribute to our agreed-upon playtime. It was strange, but wonderful. NOTE: during the activity, I managed to snap a couple of pix – one of her “nether regions” and one of mine. They’re posted here.It was a great experience, unlike I’d experienced in all my years. She said, “I don’t know what to do with this! Now that I’ve finally fulfilled my fantasy, I don’t think I can let it go.” I told Amy she didn’t need to “let go.” I then said, “Well, Amy – we only live 4 hours from each other. I thought this was amazing, and you’re welcome to reach out if you like!” I gave her my card. She produced one of her own. I then asked her if she’d consider doing the same thing on web cam. She responded, “You can do that?” I assured her we could. When she returns home, she’s going to contact me and I will help her set up an account that will permit her to cam & cum with me and – perhaps – others.Very Cool, and Very Hot, Experience in N. Central Wisconsin (of all places).http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6248200/amy_and_me.html]

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