13 Ocak 2023

Company Halloween Party Fun


This is unbelievable, but a very true story. Several years back, our company decided to have a themed holiday party surrounding Halloween and costumes were mandatory. I visited several Halloween-themed stores until I found the perfect costume- a masked marauder character.Everyone in the company seemed to be having fun talking about their plans for the Party. Although everyone was asked to keep their costumes a secret and to keep things decent, “decent” seemed to take on an entirely different meaning for quite a few of my fellow employees.I arrived at the Party, which was in an old warehouse converted into a Party room and sporting a walk-through haunted house. The haunted house was cool, and I went through it twice, once by myself and then again with some of my co-workers, some of whom had no idea who I was because of my mask and voice-altering synthesizer.There was a bar set up and it didn’t take long for beylikdüzü escort some of my co-workers to loosen up, some more than others. The Big Bad Wolf was seen carting Little Red Riding Hood off to the haunted house. Then. Popeye and Olive Oil disappeared as well. I was still looking for my pairing partner, when a very sexy looking girl from HR, named Donna, approached me.Donna was cute as a button, but she was also very married.I asked her where her husband was and she quickly replied, “He’s a party pooper.”She complimented me on my costume and then asked me if I had been in the haunted house.“Several times,” I replied.“But not with me,” she shot back.“Well,” I replied, “Let’s do it.”I had no idea at that point, how those three words would come back to me.Donna was costumed as a “sexy naughty nurse,” and as we entered the haunted house, she asked me what I thought about her escort beylikdüzü costume.“It fits you well,” I replied.She looped her arm under mine and asked who I was. I told her that I preferred to keep my identity a secret. As soon as we turned a corner, a worker in the haunted house unexpectantly lunged from out the darkness and yelled at us. Donna grabbed my arm and attempted to slide behind me, as I reached out to instinctively grab her.“Jesus!” I exclaimed as we both broke out laughing.“He almost made me pee in my panties,” Donna remarked. She paused and quickly added, “Only I forgot to wear my panties.”I politely scolded her.Donna grabbed my hand and placed my hand on her bare ass, under the shortened hemline of her nurse outfit.“Jesus!” I declared. Donna giggled.“Don’t tell me you are embarrassed,” Donna retorted.“Not in the least,” I replied, as I took Donna’s hand beylikdüzü escort bayan in mine and we headed down the blacked-out corridor, illuminated only by the glow-in-the dark-strips pasted along the floor. We found ourselves alone in a small alcove, surrounded by black curtains.“You are such a naughty little nurse,” I whispered.“I know,” she whispered, feeling for my manhood.“Can I show you some naughtiness?” she asked, as she fished for my tool.“Sure,” I replied.She dropped to her knees in front of me, silently unfastening my belt, my zipper and pulling my cock from its confines. Two people passed us by without saying a word.Donna proceeded to slip my cock into her mouth and give me one hell of a blow job. It did not take much for me to shoot my load straight into the back of her open mouth and she seemed quite happy with being able to swallow everything I had to give her. She quickly tucked my tool back into place and we continued our trek through the haunted house, as if nothing had even happened.As we exited the haunted house, Donna pressed me again to identify who I was. Again, I told her that some things were best kept a secret.“So, I don’t get to know who I just pleasured?” she pressed.

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