14 Mart 2023



Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. We had been talking about LS’ submissive nature and this is what I wrote. Overall she quite enjoyed the idea of being bound. Any feedback will be viewed by both of us. Enjoy!

PS: Imagine, if you can, the really bad German accents from the 70’s TV show “Hogan’s Heroes” and you’ll know the type of voice I was after. 😉


You start to drift awake. Stretching you run your hand up my chest, entwine your legs in mine. But something is very wrong. You open your eyes and see that I am not in bed.

You sit up and look around, fully awake in an instant. On the bedside table is a note. It simply says, “Dress sexy, I’ll be home at noon. Be ready to talk about your recent behavior.”

You look at the note again, confused. You check the back, but nothing else is written down.

What do I mean by “your recent behavior”? You thought everything has been going well. You are signed up for classes that start in a couple of weeks. We’ve been spending lots of time together, talking, holding each other, having great sex. We have discussed things, but we haven’t argued about anything.

Looking at the clock you see it’s 10:30. One of the cats is laying on the bed by your feet. As you look down at Meso, he looks up at you, but since you don’t seem eager to either pet or feed him, he just puts his head back down.

You get up and start getting ready for me. A piece of fruit for breakfast, then brush your teeth. You are just going through the motions, what behavior is he talking about?

You start the shower and get in. The water is hot and you take your time. You might normally spend a little extra time, playing with yourself, but not today. You’re distracted wondering about what will happen when I get home.

You get out of the shower and dry off. You fix your hair. You look at your makeup and decide to have a little fun. You make yourself up and look at yourself in the mirror. “Well,” you think, “looking like this he won’t be able to be mad for long.” You smile at the thought of the last few days.

We’ve both been horny a lot and have had wonderful sex. We haven’t actually had sex in bed the last couple of days. The living room, the dining room, and one late night standing up against the car that was parked along a dark street!

It’s 11:30 and you start to get dressed. Sexy clothes, what to wear?

You put on the corset I gave you. It’s white and contrasts beautifully with your tan skin. It goes down your waist but at the top only supports your breasts, but it leaves your nipples exposed. You would need help to get it super tight, but you get it fairly istanbul escort tight on your own. You can breath normally, but you are aware of each breath.

Then you put on a pair of sexy thong panties and a short dress. You finish off the outfit with a pair of sexy high heels. These have little straps that attach them to your feet. You know I love you in these shoes and the straps are like little bondage ties for your feet.

It’s now noon and you walk out into the living room to wait for me. You like how sexy you feel in the combination of high heels and the corset. Your hips swaying, aware of every breath.

You start to read a magazine, but are too distracted. The act of getting dressed had moved your mind away from the ominous tone of my note, but now that’s all you can think about. You go back to the bedroom and get the note. You read it over and over, looking for some clue as to what I might be upset about as you walk back to the living room.

You look at the clock and see I’m 5 minutes late already. You try to focus on something else while you wait, but every noise makes you look at the door, am I home yet?

Finally, at 12:20 you hear a key in the lock. It turns and I walk in. I have a bag in one hand and my keys in the other.

You stand up and start to talk, but I’m clearly not listening. I put my keys on the hook by the door, walk into the sitting area, position a chair in the middle of the room and finally look up at you. I’m still wearing my sunglasses so you can’t see my eyes, but the rest of my face looks stern.

“Sit here.” I say.

You walk over and sit down. You start to ask what this is about.

“You’ll know soon enough, now be quiet until I tell you to talk.”

You go to cross your arms over your chest, but I take 1 hand and pull it down the side of the chair. You hear me get something out of the bag. The next thing you know, you look down and you see that I’ve tied your wrist to the chair.

Moving quickly I grab your other wrist I tie it to the chair as well.

This chair doesn’t have arms, so your arms are tied down your body, but slightly back.

Grabbing more rope I further secure your arms to the chair just above your elbows and lastly I wrap several times around your upper chest holding you back in the chair. This last tie reminds you of the corset, since the corset is holding your breasts up and the tie is forcing them down.

You ask what’s going on and I just say that you’ll find out soon enough. I am tying a length of rope around your ankle and as I pull your leg around to the side of the chair your dress prevents your legs from spreading too far. Seeing this, I push you dress up so that your legs are fully on display kadıköy escort and proceed to tie both ankles to the back legs of the chair.

Your legs are now forced open and your arms and upper body are fully secured to the chair. You are staying here until I let you up!

I step behind you, where you can’t see me. I hold your face in my hands and now you here me speak in a very bad, very funny German accent: “You vill confess to your extreme naughtiness! I warn you, vee have ways of making you talk!”

You don’t know what to say… “What do you mean? I haven’t been naughty!”

You feel my hands run down your neck, over the ropes on your chest and to your breasts. “Oh, really” I say, still speaking in the bad German accent. My hands had felt nice on your breasts, but now I grab and pinch both nipples. You gasp at the sensation. More from surprise than anything since it wasn’t very hard.

Then you hear me continue, “Vell, then, I knew you would be a tough nut to crack! When you are ready to confess, I will be ready to listen.”

And with that I removed my hands from your breasts and you hear me going through the bag again. This time the last thing you see is the scarf coming down over your eyes as I blindfold you.

You feel my hands running up and down your arms, over your breasts, down to your legs. I some time slowly running my hands up and down your legs, caressing your inner thighs, getting close, but never quite touching your most sensitive areas.

I alternate all over your body. For how long? 1 minute, 1 hour? You are quickly losing track of time as all you have is your sense of touch.

After sometime, I pull my hands off you, trailing them slowly down your thighs. Then nothing. You strain your ears, you hear your own breathing, you feel each breath as you are constrained both by the corset and the rope.

Again, you have no sense of time. You want my hands back on your body, you want to FEEL, but there is nothing.

What is that? Did you hear me move? A slight push of air tells you I am in front of you again. You feel my finger as I run it down the edge of your panties, getting my finger under the edge. When I am at your slit, I pull the thin material away and you hear cutting. Then the material falls back down, clearly not whole any longer.

Again noise behind you and then I am in front of you again. You hear the soft hum of a vibrator. You jerk your body as you feel me press the vibrator against your clit hood. As the surprise wears off, you realize that the vibrator is on low. Worse it is barely touching you. It could stay like that for HOURS and it wouldn’t be enough to get you off!

As I see the realization on your face I smile. I say, “Yes, my kağıthane escort dear, know you see how bad your position is! Confess!”

You shake your head and say, “But, but I’ve been a good girl!”

I reach down and pinch your nipples again and let the vibrator do it’s job.

You aren’t sure what happening, other than you are slowly going mad. Sometimes I leave you with the vibrator, other times I am rubbing various parts of your body. Caressing your face, pinching your nipples, rubbing your legs, especially the soft, sensitive upper thighs.

Sometimes I take the vibrator away, other times I turn it up on high. Each time you get close to orgasm, each time you think you are about to reach the point of no return, I remove all sensation. Only to slowly restart the sequence a few moments later.

You never have a chance to come down from the high, but I never let you reach the summit. Each time, you just climb higher.

You are tired of struggling, you give in, you don’t care if you don’t orgasm, you just want the sensations to stop!

“Please, please stop! I confess! I’ve been a naughty girl! Just, please, stop!”

“You confess, do you. Of your own free will? You confess willingly?”

“Yes, I confess willingly, please, just stop!”

“Good, the interrogation can stop. Now we can move on to the punishment phase!”

The look of shock on your face is short lived as you feel the vibrator pushed back onto your clit, this time it is on high. Then you feel my hands on your breasts, squeezing your breasts, pinching the nipples. Hard this time. It doesn’t take long and your orgasm hits!

Your body spasms and you have the detached thought that it’s a good thing you are tied to the chair or you would be flapping around on the ground! But you are tied to the chair. You are secured and there is no escape from the vibrator, still on high. Or from my hands, still squeezing and pinching.

As your first orgasm eases, you feel the next building.

You aren’t sure, but you think that part of why I’m holding your breasts so firmly is to help stabilize the chair. You are thrashing so hard you might knock yourself over!

But that is a minor thought as orgasm 3 hits you hard. Time stops. You don’t pass out, but all sense of who you are or where you are go away. Wave after wave of orgasm floods your body.

You are dimly aware that you are not alone.

You’re body is being moved, but the idea that you can control your body seems funny now.

Where before there was tightness and constriction, now there is cool air.

Now you are embraced, lightness as you rest your head against something… it’s familiar, safe.

You are seated again. Embraced but not constricted.

Your eyes focus on my face. You are dressed only in a soft fluffy robe and you are sitting on my lap as I hold you. You drop your head back to where my neck meets my shoulder, you cross your arms tightly across your chest and snuggle into me.

As you fall asleep for a short nap, you hear me say, “I love it when you confess to me.”

The End.

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