14 Mart 2023



I stood, waiting patiently for him to return. The lights were low, but I was still painfully aware of how naked I was.

I didn’t hear him come back in the room, but I felt his warm hands on my hips as he stepped up behind me. He kissed me lightly on the neck and it sent a small shiver down my spine. We had agreed we wouldn’t talk, but I was already finding that hard to stick to.

His hands ran up my sides and then down my arms and to my fingertips. It was strange, but it was interesting to just focus on the parts of me he was touching. As his hands reached the ends of my fingers, they slid back onto my thighs and down the outsides of my legs. It tickled a little, but I fought the urge to laugh, even as he passed the backs of my knees.

I could tell he was looking at my ass even as his hands resumed their slow journey, this time up the back of my legs.

He wasn’t quite massaging as caressing, until he got to my ass where he gave each cheek a firm but loving squeeze. It was quick though, as his hands hadn’t finished their trip, to the small of my back and then on to my shoulders.

I tried to relax into him, press myself against him, but he resisted. He wanted to keep the focus on me, at least for a little bit longer.

He again ran his hands down the sides of my arms, but when he reached my fingers, he pulled my arms from my sides and travelled along my ribs. The urge to laugh and moan and shiver where all present.

He lightly brushed the sides of my breasts and I did moan, just a little. Involuntary, unexpected, amazing.

Finally he turned me towards him. I had expected him to be nude like me, but he was still wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of tight boxer briefs that did little to hide the fact that he too was enjoying our quiet game.

He just looked at me, taking it all in. From my breasts to my stomach to my lightly trimmed bush. I felt incredibly vulnerable, but I trusted him with all of me, so I let him look.

He slowly removed his shirt, revealing his chest and I took the küçükçekmece escort moment to take him in as well. We’d been together for many years, but this whole no-words thing, it was something new and it was pretty intense.

He stepped close to me and pulled me to him, our bodies pressed tightly to one another.

I could feel him down there, the thin layer of his briefs doing almost nothing to dampen the feel of him against me.

He kissed me then. With the slowness and deliberateness of everything up to this point, it caught me off guard. We kissed deep, passionately. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and tasted him as much as I could.

My arms wrapped around him as he pushed me towards the bed. He pulled away from me too soon, and helped me lay down. He positioned himself near my feet and kissed them. Then he kissed my shins, running his hands up and down their sides as he did so. He kissed his way up, licking lightly every now and again. The teasing was intense and every kiss sent electricity up my body.

I found myself squeezing my breasts a little and he gave me a stern look, keeping to our rules about speaking, but I knew he wanted me to stop, for now, and so I did.

As he reached my pussy, he did not delve deep, but instead continued his kissing tour of my body, teasing and licking instead of giving me any real relief.

He licked up from my mound to my belly button, kissed around my ribs, and then kissed ever so lightly the undersides of my breasts. He avoided at all costs my nipples, now swollen and sensitive. He licked the sides of my breasts, then blew where he had licked creating an intense cold. He kissed between them, pressing them together but still he avoided the places I wanted him, needed him to attend to.

He kissed the tops of them, the often ignored areas above the breasts and up towards my neck. He licked my earlobe, sucking it a little.

He kissed me again, but only for a moment.

Then, without any warning, küçükyalı escort he took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked. His tongue flicked across it, and I had never wanted anything more in my life. His right hand played with my other breast while he continued blessing this one, then almost as quickly as he had started, he stopped, pausing all of his movements.

Finally he moved to the other side, but this time he did not surprise me with passion, but with restraint. He opened his mouth and got so close to my nipple, but waited. I tried to move my body up to meet him, but he moved back. He breathed on me and I trembled. Finally, he stuck out his tongue and licked it, sucked it, nibbled it just a little. It was amazing.

This time, as he was paying attention to my breasts, his hand began to wander down my body and to my sex.

He played with my hairs, running his fingers through them. I parted my legs, letting him know I was ready for anything he would give me, but he continued to make me squirm.

He switched breasts, kissing all around and back to my nipple all the while his hand continued teasing me, tracing a finger ever so softly along my outer lips, teasing me lightly. Again I tried to move into him, again he moved away. He was going to make me wait for it. His fingers caressed my lips and finally, one of them pressed into me. The combination of his mouth on my breasts and his finger in my pussy was intoxicating. Any thoughts that made even a little sense were gone. I was just there, in that moment.

He moved up to kiss me as a second finger joined his first. We kissed passionately and his fingers mimicked our intensity.

I wanted to return the pleasure he had been giving me so I pushed him back and though I was sad to feel him leave me, I knew I would soon get more from him.

I kissed his chest, licked his nipples. He liked it a little harder than me, so I bit his nipples with a little more pressure and he moaned lightly.

I maltepe escort kissed down his stomach and then in one quick motion removed his underwear, letting his cock free at last. I kissed it, much as he had me, lightly up and down, licking the length of him. I ran my fingers over his balls, feeling the heat of them, squeezing just a little.

I took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked softly, but only for a moment, returning some of the teasing he had given me. I wrapped my fingers around him and jerked him off as I moved up and kissed him deeply.

I pressed close and could feel my breasts against him. Without words, he stopped me before he came. He breathed in loud pants and tried to settle himself. We looked at each other and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I climbed on top of him, pressing my pussy firmly against his cock. The pressure on my clit was intense, but what I really wanted was to feel him inside me.

I reached behind and grabbed him, leading him into me.

After all the lead up, we had finally gotten here. I felt the fullness of him inside and moaned. I pulled back, almost all the way off and then down again. He was hitting all the right spots as I leaned back. He grabbed my left breast, a little harder than before, but that was okay. Everything was more intense now. He pinched my nipple and I could feel my orgasm growing. I rode him hard until it came. And man, did it come. I shook and I’m sure I broke the rules and said some words, but I don’t remember what they were.

I leaned into him, enjoying the feel of our bodies. I kept moving and realized my clit was now getting some love it hadn’t been getting when I was leaned back.

He took my right nipple into his mouth, grabbed my ass with both hands and increased his speed. I could tell he was getting close, but so was I. Again.

He moved himself in and out of me over and over until I came again. My moans sent him over the edge and he came inside me, moaning and grunting as he did so.

I lay there enjoying the feel of him in me for a few more moments before I finally let him slide out and laid my head on his chest.

They say you never get the intensity of new love, of new sex after you’ve gotten married and been together for a while, but sometimes it’s just takes a change of context, a little trust, and a whole lot less talking.

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