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Control Geek-Chapter 3


If you have not read chapters 1 and 2, you should do so, before reading this. Clicking on my name, in yellow above, will take you to the list of all my stories. Then just click on Control Geek!

Control Geek

By Randy MacAnus

Copyright 2018 All rights reserved by the author

The next morning, Mitch called up a couple of his nerd friends and asked them if they’d like to make use of a submissive hot stud football player. Neither had believed him at first, but he promised them each a blow job if the stud failed to show or didn’t deliver. They knew Mitch well enough to know that giving blow jobs had never been on his to-do list. So they figured he really had some stud by the balls, and agreed to meet Mitch at his house at 2:30.

Trevor was five foot ten, but only weighed 140 pounds. He had shaggy blond hair, and big blue eyes. He was brilliant, but he perpetually wore an expression that made him look like a confused puppy dog.

Trevor had always wanted to top, but because of his looks, the only offers he ever got required him to be the fuckee. Trev was trying not to get his hopes too high, but his seven inch rod had refused to go down since Mitch’s call.

Steve was a classic nerd. 5 foot seven inches and 125 pounds of skin and bones, with a homely-cute face featuring a big nose. Steve had zero muscle definition, but no fat, a flat stomach and a nice tight butt. He had black shaggy hair and green eyes that appeared larger than they were because of the thick horn rim glasses he wore. He was in the same boat as Trevor, wanting to top but never getting the opportunity.

And while either would have happily topped anyone one who’d submit, they did have their preferences. Steve loved hunky hot, and preferably stupid studs his own age to about ten years older.

Trevor’s tastes were a bit more unusual for an eighteen year old. He was hot for Polar Bears. He really didn’t care about their weight, but they had to be over forty, broad shouldered and hairy. And he especially lusted after men with gray hair. They could be balding or not, but the rest….

Though he lusted after Polar Bears as a top, submitting to one held no interest for him. The two guys he had submitted to, for the experience, and been smooth slender college boys. He’d been hit on by any number of bears but he damn sure wasn’t going to submit to one, and so far that’s all that had been offered.

Though both boys were eighteen, their only body hair was in their pits and around their junk. They hadn’t even started to shave yet.

They both showed promptly at 2:30 and Trevor said, “Okay where is he?”

“He’ll be here at three,” said Mitch, “I want to brief you guys before he gets here.” Mitch was not about to tell them his secret. He was, after all, brilliant. But he did tell them who it was.

“Holy Shit!” both boys said at the same time, which made all three giggle.

“I’ve got him by the balls,” said Mitch, “I’m not going to tell you how, but the result is he behaves as though he’s afraid of nerds, feels guilty for what he’s done to them and needs to submit to them, especially sexually.

“Holy Shit!” the two boys said again. But this time there was no giggling. They looked at Mitch in awe. “Have you had him?” asked Trevor.

“He blew me yesterday afternoon on my front porch, after stripping completely naked and hiding his clothes in the bushes so he couldn’t see them. That’s a compulsion of his now. So is swallowing cum. He feels a strong need to be humiliated by the kind of people he’s fucked over—namely nerds and girls.”

This time the two boys gave low whistles. “How the hell did you manage that?” asked Trevor.

“Rule one,” said Mitch. “You want to use him, no questions about how I did this. You just enjoy the ride.”

Trev and Steve nodded and smiled evil smiles in stereo. They could appreciate the need for Mitch to keep his secrets. But given their inquisitiveness, it was going to be tough for them not to ask!

Promptly at 3:00pm the doorbell rang.

Mitch opened the door, with his two friends standing right behind him. Darrin stood at the door, his head hung in shame and his dick hard as a rock in anticipation of the humiliation to come.

“Strip, bitch”

“Yes, sir!” said the hunky slave.

Trevor and Steve cracked up laughing when they saw the pink panties. Darrin just cringed, as tears rolled down his cheeks. For the first time he got a good look at Mitch’s friends. They were both geeks! Darrin began to tremble in fear. Three of them! He’d have to be extra sure to please them or heaven only knew what they might do to him. They were smart, and could think up stuff!

“Hand me your clothes, slave”

Darrin, who had automatically assumed the display position from the day before bent down on one knee, picked up his clothes and handed them to Mitch.

“Enter, slave and follow us to the basement.”

Darrin dutifully followed, his hands still behind his head with his elbows out to the side.

The four boys entered the basement, which was mostly taken up with Mitch’s lab. His two friends had spent plenty of time there of course, but Darrin stopped short in awe and fear.

“Cripes!” thought Darrin they could make all kinds of evil stuff here!” His legs began to tremble.

“As you can see, you big oaf, power can come from all kinds of places. And physical power is the least effective. Let me show you.”

Mitch walked over to a massive cauldron on the lab table that sat under a large exhaust fan and hood.

“Knowing you, I figured you’d be wearing the nylon warm-up pants and tee you love so much. In fact, other than your cotton socks, everything you were wearing Ankara escort is made of man-made material, your running shoes, your workout jacket—even your hot pink panties!”

Trevor and Steve giggled as the big football jock blushed. But even they didn’t anticipate Mitch’s next move!

“This cauldron contains a rather nasty caustic substance. I won’t tax your little pea brain by telling you it’s name. What it does is dissolve anything made from petrochemicals. That would include all your clothes, except your socks.”

With that, Mitch turned the vent fan on high and dumped all of Darrin’s clothes into the cauldron.

Darrin blurted out, “What are you doing!?”

Mitch smiled and said, “I’m melting all your clothes. Except your socks. They’ll survive if they’re 100% cotton. If not, then there will just be clumps of cotton left.”

The socks weren’t 100% cotton. Trevor and Steve both got instant boners as the cauldron boiled and the noxious gases were sucked out of the house by the vent system.

“See?” smirked Mitch. The big stud stumbled over to the now still cauldron—nothing left but clumps of cotton!

“Too bad about the socks. I was going to let you wear them home,” Mitch said with a smirk.

The open-mouthed stud was trembling all over. Nerds were so mean! “But how will I get home, master?”

“Very carefully. I’m keeping your wallet and keys, by the way, as you have no place to put them now. Now we start the fun part. Put your hands behind your back.”

The hapless hunk complied. Mitch had told his friends his plan for his bitch, during the half hour before Darrin arrived. So no coordination was now needed. They simply went into action.

Mitch locked a pair of handcuffs to the big naked stud’s wrists. At Mitch’s direction, Trevor lowered the hook and chain that Mitch had installed on a pulley system, while Steve went to Mitch’s ‘Cupboard of Doom” and retrieved the spreader bar.

Steve hooked the spreader bar to the stud’s ankles, and spread them to the bar’s maximum width. Darrin had to work just to keep his balance. Trevor hooked the hook and chain to the chain that connected the handcuffs.

“This is strictly symbolic. I know you would never disobey, would you, bitch?”

“No, master, never!” said the terrified slave.

Steve and Trevor suppressed another giggle. They hadn’t giggled this much in like, ever!

“Mostly, this is because I like to see my hunks helpless,” Mitch said.

Mitch began pulling the chain through the pulley, slowly pulling the naked football hunk’s arms up behind him until he was forced to bend over at the waist, his torso parallel with the ground, placing both his mouth and ass at crotch height. Mitch actually had him up on the balls of his feet! Hell, the guy had really strong legs. Why not?

“Ever been fucked in the ass, slave?”

“No, Master!”

“Who do you want to take your cherry, bitch?”

“Y-you, Master..” the stud said reluctantly.

“You got it!”

Mitch had been lubing up his meat. He promptly shoved all seven inches in to the hilt. The buff, naked teen screamed and Mitch slapped his ass hard.

“Did I give you permission to scream, pussy boy?!”

“No, Master!”

“Then you have some serious punishment coming!”

The slave whimpered as Steve and Trev looked on in awe. Mitch pointed to Trevor and indicated the open mouth. Trevor didn’t need any more encouragement! He pushed his seven inches all the way to the back of Darrin’s throat, felt the bitch’s throat around his cock and smiled a radiant smile. For the first time he was the top. Trevor proceeded to face fuck the helpless muscular sex slave with a vengeance!

“Take it all bitch,” he screamed. Mitch raised an eyebrow. He knew no one had let Trevor top, but this was something more. He’d have to ask Trev about that later.

The spit roasted teen’s buff body was pouring sweat, making his muscles glisten. It was a magnificent sight! Mitch couldn’t wait any longer.

“You’re about to get your first load of geek cum up your ass slave,” yelled Mitch.

Mitch could just make out the naked hunk replying around Trevor’s cock, “Annk ooo aaster!” That amused Mitch, but his focus was on the incredible orgasm he was having. It just went on and on, as he continued to hump his submissive slut’s beautiful ass.

As Mitch pulled out, Trevor dumped his load down the helpless teen jock’s throat. Darrin swallowed every drop and continued to enthusiastically milk Trevor’s cock for every last drop.

“You just love to slurp up nerd cum, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes, sir! Thank you sir!”

Trevor pulled out of Darrin’s mouth as his dick began to go soft. Then Mitch said, “Trev, you need a break or would you like to start pounding his ass?”

Trevor promptly got hard again at the thought. (It’s great to be eighteen if your getting laid!) Trevor moved around behind the helpless stud. The wicked grin on his face gave Mitch pause.

But a slave mouth awaited, and it was Steve’s turn. The poor kid had been watching the proceedings with awe and lust. It had been all he could do to keep his hands off his eight inch dick (which looked huge on his small frame). And even though he had managed to leave his junk alone he was leaking so much pre-cum, it had soaked right through his boxers and his tan chinos! Steve would have been deeply embarrassed by that, had he noticed.

“Take his mouth Steve,” Mitch said.

Steve didn’t need a second invitation. He rammed the full eight inches down the willing stud’s throat. “More cum is coming!” thought Darrin.

When Darrin was under Mitch’s spell, he had told him how to deep throat and also told him he would never have a gag reflex Ankara escort bayan when a cock was shoved down his throat, so he took the full eight inches with ease.

However Mitch had also told him that he would feel deep shame that he was a natural cocksucker. So Darrin also felt humiliated by his skill and his greed for cock.

The stud moaned, “Ank ooo ‘ir” as his face turned beet red with shame. Mitch was watching all of this with great satisfaction. Then he noticed how violently Trevor was reaming the bitch’s ass. Mitch had decided he would give Darrin to Steve, since he knew Trevor was really hot for older bears.

Watching the way Trevor had lost control of his emotions, Mitch decided to tell Steve not to share Darrin with Trevor just yet. Mitch felt he needed to find out what was up with Trevor first, or he might just kill someone! And if Trev went to jail, he’d never top again!.

Mitch decided to save the rest of this day’s cum supply for his personal slave, now being trained by Hans, the town’s scariest leather master. Mitch liked Hans and wanted to be even scarier some day, but he was cautious around the German. He would never turn his back on him—because with some people you just don’t know, you know?

Both nerds came at the same time, feeding their loads into both ends of the beefy hunk. Darrin was in heaven! His big dick was hard as a rock as he swallowed Steve’s load, and felt Trevor’s fill his ass. But as soon as the nerds stopped cumming, his dick promptly shriveled, as he had been instructed while on Mitch’s potion.

All the former date rapist could do was hope they would use him some more, and if he did a good job, maybe they’d let him jack off in front of them!

‘You want his ass, Steve?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“You done, Trev?”

“Fuck no!”

And with that the two naked nerds swapped ends.

When it was over, Mitch said, “You want him as your personal slave Steve?” Steve’s eyes grew wide, then so did his grin. Mitch grinned back.

“Slave, you now belong to Steve here. I just sold you to him for a nickel. If he knew how worthless you are, he wouldn’t have paid that much.”

Steve giggled, went to his cum soaked Chinos pulled out a nickel and tossed it to Mitch, who showed it to the terrified stud. Darrin didn’t know which one was which, and he was horrified at the thought that Trevor might be Steve, his new owner. The bound naked teen had also seen—and felt—that Trevor was filled with rage.

Mitch knew that Steve’s parents were on a summer tour of Europe, so he made a suggestion to his friend.

“Steve why don’t you take him home in your Nerd Mobile and have some more fun. Since he has no clothes, he’ll be riding to your place naked of course. And if he fails to please in any way, I suggest you make him walk home when you’re done with him for the day.”

The expressions of both Steve’s and Darrin’s faces were precisely the opposite of each other—and both were absolutely priceless. It was Mitch’s turn to giggle.

Steve released Darrin from his bondage and was delighted to see his new fuck toy promptly kneel at his feet.”Master I will do my very best to please you. When I do, if you think of it, I’d be very grateful if you’d allow me to jack off and eat my cum.”

Steve’s eyebrows shot up and he looked at Mitch in wonder. Mitch smiled and said, “Told ya!”

Steve borrowed some toys from Mitch’s ‘Cupboard of Doom’ and prepared his slave for departure. He placed a ball gag in his mouth, a studded leather collar around his neck, nipple clamps on his dick head and a strap around his balls. Then he connected the leash to the ball strap.

The naked slave moaned in pain and humiliation as Steve started for the stairs. The stud hadn’t noticed and Steve had given the leash a good yank. Darrin yelped like a spanked puppy and got his ass in gear. Steve looked at Mitch with the look a kid who got just the birthday present he always wanted!

When Darrin saw the Nerd Mobile, he started to cry. It was a 1973 VW Thing, a short-lived vehicle that was supposed to be the VW answer to the Jeep. It looked like a World War II German staff car, but smaller. And as luck would have it, Steve had taken the top off for some summer open air driving!

Everyone knew Steve, Mitch and Trevor were gay, so not only did Steve not give a shit that his naked prize would be seen, he wanted him to be seen! If the police stopped them, it would be Darrin that got arrested for indecent exposure!

“You’ll sit in the back slave,” said Steve with a stern/cute expression. The seat is higher back there and you’ll be more visible. As he continued to sob, Darrin immediately obeyed his new master.

Steve said, “You will hold the display position throughout the ride. As tears ran down his cheeks, Darrin put his hands behind his head, sat up straight and spread his legs wide. Because he was so deeply humiliated, his cock was hard as a rock.

Steve climbed in, and began a leisurely drive around the town’s residential areas. The cops never came to the area unless they were called. They were too busy downtown eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.

To Steve’s frustration, no one seemed to be out and about. But the more he thought about it, the more he figured things might get unnecessarily complicated if the naked stud were seen. His parents might ground him for one thing.

What would be the point of having a slave if he couldn’t get to him? So Steve decided to head home, and wait until just before Darrin was to leave for his football factory college to take him for another drive.

He didn’t bother to tell Darrin this of course. The teen hunk was sitting in the back shaking in terror, his eyes moving constantly, Escort Ankara hoping he wouldn’t see anyone—especially his football buddies! A dog barked and Darrin nearly jumped out of his skin. Steve saw the stud jump in the rear view mirror then heard him whimper. That alone made the leisurely drive worthwhile!

Steve pulled into the driveway of his parents’ home and pulled into his spot in the garage. As the door closed behind him, Darrin collapsed on the back seat shaking like a leaf, whimpering and moaning. He knew his fear of nerds was well justified. They were smart and could think up all this really evil shit! He looked over toward his new master, but kept his head down for fear of another reprisal.

“My folks are gone for the summer, slave. If I thought your folks wouldn’t notice you missing, I’d keep you here until September. But now that I think about it, if I did that, I’d have to feed you something besides cum, so I’ll send you home most nights,” Steve told the quivering mass of muscle in front of him.

“I like cum, master. Please feed me all you want.”

The bemused nerd looked at his new toy in wonder. What the hell had Mitch done to this guy? He knew damn well Mitch would never let him in on the secret. Steve sure as hell wouldn’t share something like that, if he invented it. It would be too dangerous!

“You will have to earn your cum, slave.”

“Anything you want, Master,” Darrin enthused.

Steve knew it couldn’t be blackmail. This guy wasn’t just saying what he thought Steve wanted to hear. It was clear he truly craved cum and feared geeks!

“Go down those stairs to the basement, slave.”

“Yes Master,” said the trembling muscle bitch.

“You will hold the display position until I tell you otherwise. I’ll be down when I damn well feel like it.”

“May I jack off and eat my cum, Master?”

“No. You may not ever cum unless I order it!”

The slave moaned as he walked down the stairs.

Steve thought, “It will be interesting to see if that actually makes him incapable of cumming or just causes him to try his best not to cum. That will tell me something about what Mitch has done to him!”

As Steve was wondering about Mitch’s control method, Mitch was finishing his heart-to-heart talk with Trevor.

“That rat bastard!” fumed Mitch.

He was truly feeling Trevor’s rage. Trevor had told him what had happened. Mitch knew Trevor badly wanted to top polar bears, but under no circumstances submit to them.

It was a power thing. Older men were always in charge. They were the ones who usually had the power. So the idea of owning one really made Trevor’s dick drip! By the same token, submitting to one would just be reaffirming his status as a powerless skinny teen. The idea of that made Trevor want to hurl.

Trevor had wanted to lose his cherry and see what it was like to get fucked and blow someone, so he had serviced two college roommates a few times, and that was fine. They had no power either, and he liked them and they were nice to him.

But then Trevor had his run-in with Coach Crawford. The coach was precisely the kind of man Trevor wanted to own. He had what amounted to absolute power over the teens on his football team. He was 52 years old, six foot four, with gray hair pretty much everywhere except the large bald spot on his head.

He had been a linebacker at a major college but never got a chance at the pros. He was broad-shouldered and muscular, and had kept himself in excellent shape over the years.

The problem was, like the other bears who had approached Trevor, he wanted to own the slender teen and bragged he might even share the boy with some of the guys on his football team!

That approach had happened at the start of his senior year and Trevor had stood up to him, warning him that he was still under age and would file charges against him if he tried anything.

The coach had backed off until April. That’s when Trevor turned eighteen. Trev still turned him down. Then one day Coach managed to corner him in the locker room when Trev was naked and alone. He got Trev in a full nelson, and forced him to the floor. The only thing that saved Trevor from being raped was when the school principal walked in.

It was clear the principal knew about the Coach’s little hobby, but he was unwilling to fire him, because the football team kept winning titles. But this he couldn’t ignore. Trevor agreed to keep quiet about the incident, provided the Coach never touched him again.

“I may be of age, but if you ever touch me again, I will file charges against you for rape!” yelled Trevor.

It was clear to both the Coach and the Principal that the boy meant it. After that, the coach never bothered him, but Trevor always made sure to be out of the locker room well before everyone else. He even stopped taking showers. The two months until graduation, were pure paranoia for Trevor.

“Do you want to own him?” asked Mitch.

“You bet your ass I do,” said Trevor in a quiet voice. The look of malevolence in Trevor’s eyes really worried Mitch.

“Trevor, I really want to give him to you. He certainly deserves any punishment you can think up for him. But you’re scaring me. Your rage is out of control. You kill or maim this guy, you go to jail. That I can’t help you with. And you don’t even want to think about what they’d do to you in jail.”

Trevor gave Mitch a startled look. Then the confused puppy expression returned to his face and he began to cry. Mitch held him until it was over.

“You’re right, I’ve been out of control about this,” Trevor whispered. “But I promise you that won’t happen again. It’s mostly because I was so helpless with the guy. But now I’ll have the control. That will help. And I’ll have control of myself now, knowing that.”

Mitch looked into the confused puppy eyes and smiled. He believed him.

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