4 Ağustos 2022

Couples Cleanup Slave


How it started I am not even sure. All I know is I found my way over to the married couple I was serving as a cleanup boy. I would get the call once a week, my part of the deal was to get there right away and fulfill my end of the agreement… That agreement was little more than doing what I was told.

As I pulled in their drive I would know what to expect, I would know what waited for me inside the front room. The door would be open and waiting for me.

When I entered the house I was to strip naked and go into the front living area of the house. the windows would be open, the sun shining in, and the couple would be waiting for me nude.. on the couch.

Talking wasn’t allowed for me, I was to kneel between my Mistresses legs, and press my nose and lips to her spread red lips. . Her husband next to her his flaccid cock waiting for the touch of my hand.

Lena, my Mistress spoke…”You were late pet, do you want to be replaced?” I waited for orders, she didn’t want a reply in words. “Why don’t you rub your face against me for my enjoyment ” Her warm mound was swollen and warm, I could feel the heat off of it before my mouth touched it … As we came together she rocked her hips some, and as my lips and nose rubbed in hers slit I could tell she had already been filled with cum today, and probably not long before I got there.

“Hows that pet? did you get what you came for? my nose and face was slowly being coated with cum, a mix of both hers, and her husbands.. bahçelievler escort As my face slid up and down even the inside of my nostrils were being coated with that slick syrup.. which thickens and dries sticky and musty on my skin.

She reached down and put my hand on her Husbands cock. It was soft spongy, it had that dried cum feeling that only happens after your cock slowly shrinks while coated with a pussies heavy juices…his cock was warm and flexible, bending under its own weight as I handled it. Lena leaned back and rocked her hips, she didn’t even tell me why, or what to do. I found out on past trips, I found out not to ask, or waste time, she wanted her asshole licked. I moved my tongue broadly around the hole she made a small moan, for herself, not for my sake. As I worked around that small hole I could smell that odor that never really can be washed away, that and the sweaty aroma left over from their previous coupling.

Slowly working to the center I found my tongue mainly on the clenched knot of her asshole, Working it alternately with my tongue and lips it began to loosen and relax.. “Get it in there” Lena said sharply .. “And keep your hand working that cock ” I began to notice his cock hardening in my hand as I my tongue began to edge deeper in her asshole, eventually my tongue was stiff deep in her ass, nearly as stiff as the cock in my hand.

My tongue wriggling in her ass, cum from her pussy running down my bakırköy escort nose and lip, I was buried in her for the most part. Lena’s Husband now rock hard leaned over and began to run his lips around her nipple teasing it, when I couldn’t see his mouth on it I could tell when he changed his grip on her, as her asshole would clamp on my tongue trying to pull it from my mouth.

Needless to say my cock ached and flexed, and I am sure was dripping from the situation I was in, but no satisfaction was ever involved, nothing more than a painful lack of sexual contact to my genitals was the norm…My payoff was simply masturbating later at home furiously over the treatments I was instructed to give.

“Prep us pet, I am wanting more inside” So I did what I had learned to do.. she wanted her pussy sopping wet top to bottom, and she didn’t like a dry cock either ….Her body was making cum from the second I would arrive so that wasn’t much work.. But Hubbys cock was hard and dry. I really didn’t come for the penis in my mouth, its the price I paid to taste her. I did what was expected running my mouth up and down the shaft, the thick veins along the bottom rippling against my lips. Time to get it over with, I would take the tip of his cock in my mouth.. The cum obvious but not strong. I slid his cock deep in my mouth soaking it, he didn’t expect any long time consuming blow job, I was just there to soak his cock quick and put it balgat escort in her. After a few noisy slides down his cock Lena said “That sounds wet enough, stick it in me pet” I slid over as her husband stepped between her legs, I lined it up and held it on target as he waded into that sopping wet hole.

While Lena takes her husbands cock my job is simple.. No juices touch the couch, So in between licking the steady flow of cum my face is close to the action, that strong smell of sex in the air ..either you love it,or you don’t ..in my situation you have to ache for it. As he pummels her the sounds are delicious, she foams and sprays off moisture like a humid musky breath hanging around their repeating collision.. My tongue flicking in to get some cream, his hips hitting me as I dart in and out.. Occasionally I steal a lick down his shaft as he pulls out, and hammers back home.

As they grow close to a finish I wonder how it will end… for me.

Just as the thought crosses my mind the cum crosses the length of his cock and explodes into her.. he groans ramming home deep and slow..each time he withdraws thick strings of cum slip down my Mistresses asshole.. which I lick with a fervor. He pulls out and steps back.. “In your mouth!” comes the order from Lena. I take the knob of his cock …pry it into mouth and in two long strokes a new mess coats the inside of my cheeks. “Now clean Momma : says Lena.

The back of my head is pushed into her wrecked hole, my face seems to slide everywhere, seems able to go in her. I dig and suck the mess ..the never ending mess.. and as I finish the job her hubby rubs his drooling cock on my aching balls.

“Get your clothes, don’t be so late next time ” Lena says .. her husband is still laughing as I walk to my car …Simply wondering How did I get here?

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