26 Mart 2022

Couples massage (part 1)


Couples massage (part 1)One might have accused me of pampering my wife. In over a decade of marriage, not a month would go by without me giving her funds for a trip to the spa for her hair, manicure, pedicure and a massage. Each time she would return refreshed and advocating for me to join her sometime in a couples massage. She always said that it would be a nice break from the stress and demands of my business. However, I always declined. You see, I am a “take charge” sort of man. In business and in bed, I tend to call the shots. Something about laying on a massage table with limited vision having a stranger rub from my feet to my neck just seemed to leave me in a vulnerable position. One day, my wife began her plea for a couples massage once more. It was our anniversary, so she was playing that card as well. Every objection I had, she tried to eliminate. “I don’t want someone touching my feet or ass,” I said. “Just indicate that on the form at the beginning,” she replied.”I don’t want a guy giving me a massage.”She promised to reserve us both women.”Am I going to be laying there all exposed?” I asked.”You can leave your boxers on and you’ll still have a towel over you.” she promised. Entering into the 5-star day spa seemed to be advertised by my wife as promised. A professional staff escorted us past a fountain into a tranquil room with our wine glasses melikgazi escort in hand and a robe covering our bodies. Two massage ther****ts introduced themselves to us as they entered the room. Her ther****ts was a plump young blonde with a black shirt and pants on. I drew a middle-age brunette with mocha skin and tattoos across her cleavage and tone arms. The low cut v-neck white shirt accented these features on her perfectly. As she smiled and told me that she would be “taking care of me today”, I wanted to take back all my restrictions I provided on the sheet. With the other ther****t talking to my wife just a few feet a way, my ther****t asked if there were “problem areas” that I had. I softly confessed that this was my first professional massage and I just had a few jitters when filling out the form and to just disregard any restrictive areas I may have listed. She smirked. “I just realized that I’d be robbing myself of the full experience,” I said. After being looked at with a little more suspicion, she had me initial over my previous markings on the chart. My wife’s ther****t then turned to us both and said,”We’re going to give you both just a few minutes to get comfortable on the table. Just place the white sheet over you and lay face down on the table and we’ll both be back momentarily.”As they left my wife and I smiled at one another and I watched her lay down. As I thought about the woman who would be coming back to massage my tense body, I secretly slipped my boxer briefs off beneath the blanket and tossed them by my robe before lying face down. Soft music began to play as I heard them enter again. I felt warm oil fall along my shoulders and back when her firm hands began to rub my aching muscles. Her fingers caressed behind my ears. It felt heavenly. Her hands wrapped around my bicep and slid down my arm to my hand. Holding my hand in hers and interlocking fingers she pressed her thumb hard into the palm of my hand. Moving her thumb in circles causing me to grow erect against the table I was laying face first on. She took special like this on every inch of me- from my feet and up my calves and thighs. As her hands moved up my thighs I felt the blanket slide up, knowing that my bare ass was showing and the back side of my balls and thick cockhead. She began to massage my bottom. It was all I could do to prevent humping the table as she did. As she moved her hands from my bottom I felt her gently brush my balls. I wanted her so bad even if my wife was a few feet away. She told me to turn over and placed a warm cloth over my eyes. At this time I knew that I had to be pitching a 8.5 inch tent clearly visible for her and the other massage ther****t. She began rubbing my hands again and I could feel my forearm against her stomach as she slowly rocked each arm and hand to rest by side (on the edge of the table). I could feel the fabric of her skirt brushing against me as she rubbed my chest. In a moment of a****l instinct, I felt the bottom hem of skirt and moved my hand up her thigh to her warm sex. I felt her wet pubic hair grinding against two of my fingers. I curled them towards her g spot while thumbing her clit when she took her hands off of me and I felt her move away. I then heard her whisper in my ear, “Sir, I am a professional and you are being unprofessional. Now I suggest you keep your hands to yourself while I finish your massage, you pervert. Your wife is lying right there, for Christ’s sake!”When hearing nothing more and feeling nothing more,I lifted the warm compress off my eyes and found the other ther****t still massaging my unaware wife while giving me a judgmental stare. I turned over and faced the wall while I waited for my wife’s massage to conclude. I then held my two fingers up to my nose that had formerly been in the massage ther****t. My fingers were still wet which made me think that she half way liked it. I licked my fingers and tasted her. When the massage was over I walked back into the mens locker room to shower and change clothes. Totally naked I turned around to see the woman who didn’t complete my massage glaring at me. “You know….you’ve got some nerve!”to be continued….

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