13 Mayıs 2023

CourtesanCh. 04


I parked my car in the driveway rather than pulling it into the garage. I didn’t live in this house anymore. Using the garage seemed inappropriate. I got out of my car and walked up the side walk. At the front door I started to take out my key but stopped. Using my key wasn’t appropriate either. Instead, I rang the door bell. I heard footsteps inside and then the front door opened. Kelly looked beautiful. It was a chilly October day. She was wearing a pink cable knit sweater and a pair of denim jeans. She’d put on fresh makeup and brushed her hair. “Why didn’t you use your key?” “I don’t live here anymore Kelly.” “I see.” Disconcerted by my answer, Kelly paused. She took a moment to regain her composure and then she said, “Timmy please come in.” I stepped inside. “Why don’t we sit in the living room.” “Very well.” I followed her into the house. She gestured towards the couch. “Let’s sit here.” I walked over to the easy chair opposite the couch and sat down. “I’d prefer to sit over here.” Kelly nodded uncertainly. My usually self assured wife appeared hesitant, insecure. I wasn’t certain what she was expecting, but my attitude was apparently unsettling for her. That gave me confidence. Maybe she did still care about me. “Can I get anything for you?” The question surprised me. This was the first time in almost a year that Kelly had offered to do something for me. I shook my head. “No, I’m fine.” Kelly sat down on the couch. As soon as she was seated she said, “Timmy I’m so sorry about everything. I don’t…” I put up my hand and interrupted her. “Kelly before you begin I have two things I have to say.” “Okay.” Marshaling my courage, I said, “Kelly, if you want a divorce I’ll let you have everything. You can keep the house, our savings account, all of our stocks and bonds, everything. All I’ll take will be a few personal items and my car.” Staring at me, Kelly asked, “Timmy is that what you want?” “No Kelly, it isn’t. I love you. I will always love you. I’d like to find a way to resolve this mess so we can start living together again, but if you want to end our marriage I’m offering you that opportunity right now.” Kelly shook her head. “No Timmy, I don’t want a divorce. I want to stay married to you. I love you too. Please give me a chance to explain…” I interrupted her again. I was trying to be firm. “I am going to give you a chance to explain, but please don’t lie to me. I don’t care how many men you’ve had sex with during the past year and I don’t believe you’ve done anything that I can’t forgive. I just want you to be truthful with me.” Kelly whispered. “Timmy I’m sorry that I lied to you. I am so very sorry that I lied.” She stared at the floor. After a moment she said, “I’ve done awful things. I’m really not certain how many men have fucked me in the past year. It’s a lot.” She looked up at me. “Timmy I don’t know how to tell you all of this. I’m sure you’re going to hate me when you find out what I’ve done.” “No Kelly, I know you. You’re my best friend.” She smiled at me. “I don’t believe you could ever do anything that would make me hate you. We have a lot of time. Let’s go slowly. Start at the beginning. Tell me about everything that’s happened since you started working for JTandR.” Kelly again stared at the floor. I watched her take several long slow breaths. She was gathering her courage. I waited. Suddenly she looked up at me and blurted out, “Timmy, I was a prostitute for JTandR.” “I thought you preferred the term courtesan.” I was smiling. She’d finally told me the truth. Looking at me with a puzzled expression, Kelly asked, “How did you know about that?” “This morning I spent almost an hour talking with Martin Jackson.” “You talked with Martin this morning?” “Yes I did.” “What did he tell you?” “Enough Karşıyaka escort bayan so that I now have a pretty good idea about what you’ve been doing for the past year.” “And you still called me? You still came to see me?” “Yes I did and I still love you.” I paused and looked at Kelly. “But I do need to hear you to tell me about it, all of it.” “Okay.” There was a tone of resignation in Kelly’s voice. She was silent for a moment and then she said, “I don’t know where to begin.” “Why don’t you start by telling me about Chris Kendricks.” “Mr. Jackson told you about him?” “Yes he did.” Kelly sighed and closed her eyes. She didn’t say anything for almost a minute. Finally she looked at me and said, “Timmy you know how much I love sex.” “Yes, of course I do.” “In my family girls were expected to be proper ladies. I was taught that sex was an expression of love that was supposed to be reserved exclusively for my husband. When I graduated from high school I was still a virgin.” Kelly smiled. “Because of my big tits the boys were constantly hitting on me, but I was a good girl. I always fought off their advances.” I nodded. Kelly had alluded to this before. “When I got to college I rebelled. I think that’s pretty common. I lost my virginity during freshman orientation week. It was wonderful and I immediately fell in love with sex. Timmy I fell in love with cocks, big hard magnificent cocks. I loved touching them, playing with them and getting fucked by them. Most of all I loved sucking them. By the end of my freshman year I was a dedicated blow job queen. I had an insatiable appetite for sucking cocks.” She sighed. “And then during the winter of my sophomore year I met you and immediately fell head over heels in love. Timmy you are the man of my dreams. You are my white knight. You are my soul mate.” She paused and then she quietly added, “Except….” Her voice trailed off. I finished her sentence. “I can’t fuck worth a damn and my tiny cock isn’t much fun to suck.” Vehemently shaking her head, Kelly answered, “No that’s not true, I love sucking your tiny cock. I adore your tiny cock.” She looked at me for a moment and then she whispered, “The problem is that sometimes I need more. Sometimes I want to suck a really big cock.” “I know that and I never objected when you did it.” “Yes and that was just one more reason for me to love you. Timmy you were the perfect man.” “And you were the perfect girl.” “No Timmy, that’s the problem. I wasn’t.” “What do you mean?” “I was taught that the perfect girl is faithful to her man. She doesn’t sleep around.” Kelly shook her head. “Timmy during college I always felt so guilty when I left you waiting in my dorm room while I went out on a date with another guy.” “But it was okay with me. I knew what you were doing and I didn’t mind.” “Yes, but I’d been taught that what I was freely giving to those other guys should only be given to you. Timmy, I loved having sex with all those other guys, but while I was doing it I felt like I was cheating you out of something that should exclusively belong to you and only you.” “But I didn’t care.” “I know that, but I did.” Kelly looked at me.”The night we decided to get married you made me the happiest woman in the world. That night, after you went to sleep, I vowed to myself that after our wedding I would be faithful to you for the rest of our lives. You were the perfect husband. I wanted to be the perfect wife.” “But you didn’t have to do that.” “Yes I did. Not for you, for me.” Understanding, I said, “Okay.” “After we were married I spent a lot of time fending off old boyfriends.” “I didn’t know that.” “They called me on my cell phone. Baby I was so proud of myself, I turned all of them down.” “So what happened Escort bornova when you went to work for JTandR?” “They assigned me to the guy you just asked me about, Chris Kendricks. He was one of the corporate analysts. Timmy when I met him I nearly wet my panties. He was so handsome. Chris is about thirty. He’s tall, at least 6’2″. He has sexy long dark curly hair and a gorgeous face with deep blue eyes. He’s in excellent shape. He goes to the gym every day. He has a slim waist, broad shoulders and nice firm muscles. I’m sorry Timmy, but Chris is an absolute dreamboat.” I nodded. “Timmy as soon as I saw him I had the hots for him, but I wanted to be a good wife. I resisted him. At the end of our first day working together he made a pass at me. I was putting some folders back in one of the file cabinets. He came up behind me, put his strong hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear that I was irresistibly beautiful. He longed to take me in his arms and kiss me. Then he let his right hand slip to my breast.” “What did you do?” “Timmy I almost gave in and let him kiss me, but I didn’t. I really did want to be a faithful wife. Instead I pulled his hand away from my breast and told him that good girls never play around at work.” “That was an odd thing to say. Why didn’t you just tell him you were a married woman?” “I don’t know. I guess I’m so used to fending off advances that I rarely think about what I’m actually saying. I always try to crack a silly joke when I’m saying no to a guy. I think it makes the situation a little less awkward.” I nodded. That actually made sense. It also explained why Martin Jackson and his partners thought Kelly was turning down Chris’s advances because she was already inundated with dates outside of work. “I held out for two months. After his initial attempt to seduce me failed Chris cooled his advances, but he kept working on me.” “What do you mean?” “Maybe I’m not being completely fair to Chris when I say that. He’s an extremely thoughtful and considerate man. Working for him was pleasant. He’s one of those people who are always making you feel good about yourself. He complimented me on my appearance all the time. Not in a creepy way. It was more like he was just being friendly. He always noticed when I got my hair cut and styled. If I was trying a new shade of lipstick he would comment on it. Things like that. And he was constantly telling me how smart and efficient I was. I really started to like him.” Kelly sighed. “After a while I began having fantasies about sex with him. Timmy you are the love of my life and if someone told me that I could only have sex one more time before I died I would want it to be with you. I would want you to lick my pussy, there is nothing in this world I enjoy more than that.” I laughed. “It’s lucky we found each other because I feel the same way. There’s nothing in this world I enjoy more than licking your pussy.” Kelly grinned at me. “Timmy I’ve missed you so much during the past year.” At first that struck me as a strange comment. After all, up until five days ago Kelly and I were living together, but as I thought about it, I understood exactly what she was saying. We smiled at each other. For a brief moment I felt a surge of electricity between us that hadn’t been there for months and then just as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone again. Kelly must also have felt it dissipate because her excited smile turned into a frown. She sighed and then she quietly continued. “Timmy after two months of being faithful to you, I have to admit that I was beginning to miss the wonderful sensation of sucking and being fucked by a beautiful big hard cock. I’m ashamed to tell you that I started day dreaming about Chris. I couldn’t üçyol escort get him out of my mind.” “I wish you would have told me. I would have given you my blessing.” “I know, but I wanted to be a good wife. I had to be a good wife. It was important to me. I was trying so hard.” Taking a deep breath, Kelly said, “On the first Wednesday in September the firm completed a takeover of a struggling company. Chris had been instrumental in drawing up the initial plan. Since I worked for Chris I was also involved. The stockholders meeting was held in the early afternoon. We succeeded in taking control of the board of directors. When the partners got back to the office they called everyone who’d worked on the project into the conference room. Timmy, they had two cases of French champagne. I’d never even tasted French champagne. It was wonderful, I had three glasses.” Kelly’s voice dropped to a whisper. “After the party ended Chris and I went back to his office. I was organizing some papers on his desk when he walked up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders and whispered to me that I’d been an important part of this success. He told me they couldn’t have done it without me and then he kissed my neck.” Closing her eyes, Kelly slowly shook her head. “Timmy I’m so sorry, I melted. I fell into Chris’s powerful arms and let him kiss me. It was a soft, gentle kiss. Sometimes those can be the most exciting. While he was kissing me he slipped his hand to my breast. Timmy I didn’t stop him. I didn’t even try. Instead, I let my hand slip to his crotch. He had an erection and it was huge. I was so excited. Baby the next thing I knew I was on my knees. Chris’s pants were unzipped and I was sucking his cock.” I nodded. “I let Chris fuck me three times that afternoon. The last time he fucked me I had this huge orgasm. It was wonderful.” Kelly closed her eyes. It looked like she was reliving the moment. Suddenly realizing what she was doing Kelly opened her eyes and looked at me with an alarmed expression. I smiled at her. I knew my wife. I understood how much she enjoyed sex. I also realized that it had nothing to do with her love for me. I was happy that she was finally being honest with me. Kelly smiled back, but it was a smile laden with remorse. “Timmy I’m sorry I slipped. I was trying so hard to be a good wife.” “It’s okay, I just wish you’d told me about it.” “I couldn’t. Timmy, you weren’t the problem. It was me. I was the problem. That afternoon I let both of us down. Later, when I was driving home I cried. I felt so awful about what I’d done. I drove around aimlessly for over an hour. I was afraid to face you. I was overwhelmed with guilt.” Kelly looked at me. My smile had encouraged her. Her eyes were pleading for my forgiveness and understanding. I did love Kelly and I did understand her. My anger was dissipating. My resolve was wavering. I wanted to reach out and console her, but then I remembered the blatant lies and callous treatment I’d endured for the past year and my heart hardened. I looked back at Kelly with fixed eyes. Sighing, she continued. “When I got home that night and finally did face you I was so ashamed. You’d prepared a wonderful dinner. While I was eating, it was all I could do to keep from crying. After dinner I tried to make it up to you. I took you into the bedroom. We made love for a really long time. That night I desperately wanted you to be able to enjoy my body even more than Chris had.” I remembered that night. It had been wonderful. The memory was further weakening my resolve. Suddenly a thought occurred to me. I asked, “Did Chris wear condoms that afternoon?” Immediately grasping the significance of my question, Kelly gasped. She stared at the floor. After a moment she looked up at me and asked, “Do you really want to know?” “Yes I do.” She shook her head. “No he didn’t. It all happened so suddenly. We didn’t have any and Chris told me that he’d just gotten himself checked by his doctor.” “I see, so that night when I was licking your pussy I was also eating Chris’s dried semen.” Kelly nodded.

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