14 Mart 2023

Craigslist Adventure


I’ve never been good with girls. I could never muster the easy way of just talking to someone I like. I would always try but it never went anywhere serious even when the girl was into me. There are so many girls that I’ve learned were attracted to me but because I never asked them out or asked them out too late it didn’t go anywhere.

I’m not an ugly guy despite my lack of self-esteem. I weigh more than I should at 225 at 5’11. I’m working on it, I’m eating less and trying to hit the gym at least once a week. I have broad shoulders a strong back, a bit of a beer belly, and overall a nice face. As with most black guys I was blessed with a nice cock if I do say so myself. I’m slightly less thick than a beer can and 9.5 inches. My dick is dark veiny and cut.

In college, I knew this friend who used Craigslist to get laid and while until today I had never considered I was tired of my hand and after using just about every dating app I could think off with no luck I decided to give it a shot and post my own ad. It was simple and straight to the point.

“Hi I’m a 24-year-old guy who hasn’t had much luck in the women department and I’m looking for some fun. Possibly a friend with benefit type thing. I have my own apartment and can host. sarıyer escort We can even meet at a bar or a confession to make sure that you are absolutely ok with me. I’ve attached a few pictures of myself and my tool. Please send some pictures of yourself when replying thank you.”

My friend had exaggerated how easy it was too get laid with craigslist. I got a shit ton of replies from weirdos, women who could be my mother or even my mother’s mother, a lot of bots, and a few gay men. After a few days of this I started seriously considering the possibility of hooking up with one of the men, I got lucky though and got a reply with a genuinely attractive girl. From the picture, she sent and her stats she was 5’6 32B and a claimed she had a nice ass. She was a little chubby but still quite attractive. I asked her to meet me and she agreed to meet at the Starbucks near my apartment in an hour.

I went and took a long shower cleaning everywhere I could thing off. I then made sure to shave both my face, dick and balls. All of this took me nearly 45 minutes. Although I regularly shaved my face I had any reason to shave my dick in like forever and it was nearly a forest down there.

I made sefaköy escort it to the coffee shop with about 5 minute to spare and got in line trying to figure out how I’d know who she was. I didn’t have to figure it out because right after getting my drink she called my name from her table.

“Hi Kaylee” I said when I walked up to her. I could relax because she looked exactly like her pictures. I sat with her at her table and asked her “Hows your day been?”

She laughed and said “You’re cute, but do you really want to have small talk or just head on back to your place?”

I didn’t need to be told twice and responded with an excited “let’s go”.

We took my car because she said she had taken an uber here. We didn’t say much on the short trip me because I didn’t know what if I should say anything. Once we got inside my place I took her to the bedroom, sat on the bed and then I didn’t know what else to do.

Luckily for me she took the lead, and walked up to me and kissed me. While we were making out she took off my shirt and unbuckled my belt. She then slid her hand inside my boxers and gasp. “Your pictures weren’t fake” she said with a laugh. “Nope” I replied while flipping şerifali escort her over. And the it was my turn to take off her shirt then her bra. Her tits were perfect. They were tight and perky and her pink nipples looked like they were begging to be kissed and bitten and I obliged. Taking turns licking and biting both her nipples till I had her moaning under me. Usually I have no qualms eating a girl out aka the three girls I’ve been with but because of the way we met I didn’t this time. So, I stopped took off my pants and boxers while she took off her skirt and underwear and put on a condom. I then pulled her to the edge and lined my dick up with her pussy. I slowly sunk into her until I was halfway and then I just had to pull out. She was so tight, I forgot how good this felt. I kept slowly stroking in and out while rubbing her clit. Ten minutes in and she started coming.

Then I made her turn over on her stomach and kept fucking her. With each thrust I pushed her into the mattress muffling her moans and cry. I had such a nice view of her ass that I started slapping it with each stroke. Having sex after so long made me lose control and I was stroking in and out her as fast as I could. After only a few more minutes I came so hard inside her I saw stars. I then got on the bed with her and laid down.

After a few minutes Kaylee got up and went to the bathroom after asking me where it was. She came back after a while fully dressed telling her uber was here and to text her next time I wanted to have some fun. I was too tired to say anything but thank you.

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