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Subject: CRASHING WITH MY BROTHER (Incest), Chapter 10 Back to School CHAPTER 10 BACK TO SCHOOL RYAN: By late July it had begun to occur to me that if I were going to be living on campus with Jon, as his boyfriend, I’d better explain what was going down to Mom and Dad. When they’d last seen me, they thought they had one queer son and one straight son, so there clearly were a few things I needed to tell them. Mom and Dad had handled Conor’s coming out pretty well, so I wasn’t really afraid of how they’d react, but that didn’t mean that I was looking forward to this discussion. I was a little concerned that they had more easily accepted the likelihood that Conor would not have children by figuring that they could still hope that I’d make them grandparents. With my coming out, they’d know that they were facing much longer odds on that happening. I know that some gay male couples do have children these days, but it’s complicated and expensive. You have to really want a kid and be able to afford to go through what it takes to have one, to put yourself through all that. I loved to imagine making a life with Jon after college, but I was far from sure that either of us would be up adoption or surrogacy. What made me start thinking about all this was that Dad’s birthday was coming up at the end of July and Conor and I were planning to spend that weekend at home to help him celebrate. That would be the best opportunity I’d get to tell them the news before somebody else did or they figured it out on their own. This was going to be a big birthday for him, so my aunt and uncle, and their two kids, were also going to be there and staying with Mom, Dad, Conor, and me. Even though my young cousins would sleep in a tent out back, this meant that Conor and I wouldn’t have much privacy, so the illicit thrill of being naked in bed with my brother in our family home, would have to wait. Conor and I got an early train to Albany so I could out myself to the parents before the others arrived, and it went better than I’d thought. If they were disappointed, they didn’t say so. Mom said that after Conor surprised them with his coming out, they hadn’t taken anything for granted with the two of us, and only wanted us to be happy. Dad agreed, and that was all there was to that. Even so, I was relieved to have it behind me when Conor and I boarded a train back to New York on Sunday evening. August passed happily. I saw a lot of Jon, and of Jamie too, since he and Conor were spending a lot of time together. I’d had a wonderful summer and it was drawing to an end way too soon. Jon’s and my sophomore years were going to begin right after Labor Day. On the bright side, he and I would be living together for the first time, and I was so looking forward to that. As for the logistics of getting back to school, the plan was for Conor and me to head up to Albany to spend the holiday weekend with Mom and Dad, especially because this was the first summer they’d spent without at least one of us in the house. (I’d have thought that a summer of peace and quiet would make them happy, but it didn’t.) Then Jon would meet us there and Conor would borrow Mom’s car and drive us back to campus in western Massachusetts. He’s an alum, remember, and wanted to see a couple of friends in the area. Conor had to be back at work the day after Labor Day and that was also the first day that the dorms would be open, so we reserved a hotel room for the three of us to use the night before Jon and I could move into our room. Mom and Dad met us at the train on the Friday before the holiday. After Dad’s birthday party, they converted Conor’s old room into office and hobby space, and moved twin beds into my room so that we could both stay there when we were home together. For the rest of the afternoon, we caught up on everybody’s news, played tennis, and then came home to shower and head out for an early dinner at my parents’ favorite restaurant. Later we spent a few hours watching TV before Mom and Dad headed to bed. Conor and I went out after that to hang with friends of his for a while, before we finally got home again and headed for bed, ourselves. We undressed, got under the covers, cuddled up to each other, and started whispering. “What do we do, now?” I asked. “I’m not sure, but whatever it is, we had better be quiet.” “Ever since that Fourth of July weekend I spent with Jon and his Dad, where I almost felt like the third person in a sexual rivalry between the two of them, and Jon made sure that his father heard everything we did, I’ve wanted to be just a little bit more like him and a lot less intimidated by Mom and Dad’s discomfort around sex. Plus, as you once told me, no risk, no fun.” “Okay…. So what do we do?” “There’s something else I want to ask you. We’ve said before that we’d avoid going further than jerking off together unless “going further” was something we both wanted. I’m ready. How about you? You down for a blow job from your little brother?” “Actually, I am. The reason I didn’t want to take things to that point before was that I still wasn’t sure where your sexual experimentation and identity might end up. For all I knew, you might suddenly decide that you were straight after all, and never want to be reminded that you’d ever had any kind of sexual encounter with a man. I was afraid of losing you if I let things go any further between us. “Now we both know that your being some flavor of queer is a settled fact. You’ll never think of yourself as straight again. So, yeah, let’s go for it!” “Think you can keep from yelling if I blow you?” “If I can’t, you have my permission to cover my face with a pillow.” That was all I needed to hear. I looked at Conor with my most devilish grin, licked my lips, and pulled back the covers to expose his semi-hard cock and watched it flop around as it continued to rise. I gazed lustfully at it until it was fully erect before straddling his ankles and lowering my face so I could flick the tip of his dick with my tongue a few times. Then I pulled back a little to check the expression on his face. His eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply, inhaling through his nose and exhaling through his mouth. That was all I needed to see and I got back to work. I wanted this to be the best blow job I’d ever given in my short career as a pervert, so I tried to remember every technique I’d ever learned from guys who’d blown me. I used my tongue as well as my lips and I rotated my mouth around his cock shaft as well as moving up and down it. I pulled off and blew cold air on Conor’s wet dick, I tugged his balls with my teeth, I swirled the tip of my tongue around just the head of his dick. Conor struggled to stifle the impulse to yell and swear, but he did it. His breathing was now somewhere between “loud” and “grunting,” but I didn’t think that would be enough to wake our parents across the hall. I wanted to make this last for Conor, and my mouth needed a break once in a while, so I’d sometimes pull off completely and just tease his cock with a light finger or two. A couple of times Conor grunted that he was close, and then I hit the pause button for maybe 30 seconds. Meanwhile, my hands weren’t idle. I reached up to play with his tits or under his ass to get to the entrance to his hole, which really made him squirm and grunt. Finally, no matter what I did — or didn’t do — Conor hit the point of no return. “I’m cumming!”, he hissed, and he did, filling my mouth with a large load. I didn’t swallow it. Instead, I waited until his breathing had almost returned to normal, then scooted up to give my brother his first lip kiss from me and shot the cum back into his mouth. When I broke the lip lock, Conor had finally opened his eyes. “Fuck!!”, he said in a loud whisper. “If I’d known you were that good, I’d have pushed your face into my lap back in the gym sauna the first day you showed up in New York. Let me rest a minute, then it’ll be your turn.” “You know what I really liked about that,” I said, “apart from the fact that I love sucking dick? I loved that it was YOUR dick. Part of me was thinking about how natural and easy it felt to have you in my mouth, and part of me was thinking about how fucking taboo this is and what other people would think if they knew. And the weird part is, that taboo made what we were doing so much hotter. “The other thing I’ll say about doing you is that as much fun and as intimate as it was, it wasn’t the most intimate sexual situation I’ve ever been in with you. That would be the time we were camping by the creek and Jamie was getting ready to fuck you. You were face down and he spread your cheeks and hole so wide that I could see inside your ass. “THAT, was the most naked I’ve ever seen you and the most physically intimate I’ve ever felt with you. It was also the first time I began to wonder if you and I would ever have sex.” “I know what you mean,” Conor replied, because that evening was the first time I began to wonder the same thing. . . . . “Are you going to tell Jon about this?” “Uh huh. He’ll probably think it’s really hot. But just in case it bothers him, it’s better I find that out now.” CONOR: Soon after I came in Ryan’s mouth, I asked him if he was ready for me to do him. “Maybe not. How would you feel about having my dick up your ass?” “You want to? Think we can still keep the noise down?” “I think having to keep quiet would make a hot fuck even hotter. And I know you WILL keep it down, because you don’t want to hear a knock on the door followed by a nervous-sounding `ARE YOU TWO ALRIGHT IN THERE?’ And Mom and Dad would do that because, being the two most sweetly innocent middle aged adults I’ve ever known, it would never occur to either of them that it might be better to pretend not to have heard us. I can’t wait to watch you struggle not to make a sound while I’m deep-dicking your ass. I almost don’t think you can. But like you said, no risk, no fun. I think Jon is gonna love hearing about this. Jamie, too.” Ryan got one thing right. I was gonna have to struggle mightily not to wake up Mom and Dad, but I couldn’t admit defeat, so I got the lube out of my backpack climbed back into bed, and hoisted my legs up high. Looking between them, I could see Ryan’s evil grin as he contemplated his big brother’s exposed and hairy hole and how he’d feel when he was in it. Already I was having trouble staying quiet and was starting to have second thoughts about the wisdom of what we were about to do. “Take it easy going in,” I whispered, “and don’t pound my ass too hard once you’re in there, or I may not be able to keep my mouth shut. Even a couple of loud grunts and we could be busted.” “C’mon Conor, don’t be a pussy. You can do it.” Easy for him to say. I was not reassured. “Okay, big bro. You ready? I’m going in.” Seeing the worried look on my face, he added, “Stay calm and breathe. You must know how to do that, considering some of the humongous dicks that have regularly stretched your ass. I’ll go easy.” Now Ryan looked totally serious and he locked his eyes right on mine as he pressed the tip of his erection up against the outermost part of my hole and held it there for a few moments before he started to push it inside. Because I was still a little tensed up, my ass was tighter than usual and Ryan was pushing hard, but so far, so good. I kept my breathing steady and my mouth shut. Inch by inch, he slipped deeper inside me and neither of us made a sound. When his pubes finally landed on my ass, he smiled and so did I. “Let me catch my breath for a minute izmit escort and get used to having you inside me,” I whispered. “Besides, I’ve never had my brother’s penis poking deep into my ass before and I want to relax and enjoy the feeling while I can.” Ryan said nothing, but continued making eye contact with me, as he did almost until he came. When I finally smiled weakly and nodded, he began to move. Immediately, I could tell that Ryan had learned a lot about fucking guys this summer. I thought that maybe fear of being caught might make him pound me as hard as he could and cum as fast as he could, like that punishment fuck he gave Jamie in the Catskills — which, to be fair, Jamie asked for — but that didn’t happen. What did happen, was that Ryan didn’t just “do” me; he made love to me, just like I imagine he does with Jon. He read my eyes, knew what I wanted, and he gave it to me. Sometimes he teased the entrance to my hole with just the head of his cock, which made me bite my tongue just to keep from howling. Other times, he massaged my ass with long, slow, deep, strokes. Now and then he’d do a little dance over me so that his cock would corkscrew around inside me. Fuck, he was good! As he worked on me, I loosened up more and more, and as I did, I began to realize that the need for both of us to remain silent and read each other’s eyes and body language instead of talking, was making this possibly the sexiest fuck I’ve ever had. It must have been like that for Ryan, too, because a couple of times when he was teasing my sphincter with only the tip of his dick, he bent low so we could kiss. Never in my life did I expect Ryan to kiss me that passionately. The second time he did it, he brought me right up to the edge. “Fuck, I can’t hold back anymore,” I hissed. “Here it comes.” Before the words were out of my mouth, I was firing ropes and blobs of cum onto Ryan’s belly and chest as well as my own. As I lay there trying to keep from hyperventilating, Ryan whispered, “Here’s mine!”, followed by three or four hard slams as he pumped his semen as deep inside me as he could and held his penis there until he finished ejaculating. Then he collapsed on top of me. When he had recovered a little, there was one more long, deep, kiss, before he pulled out and presented his still hard cock for me to lick the cum off it. It was too risky for us to go to the bathroom and clean up, so we wiped ourselves off with tissues as best we could, and cuddled until we fell asleep. It was one of the best nights of my life. The next night, Saturday, was something of a replay of the night before, except that this time I got to fuck my brother for the first time. Just as things were getting lively, he couldn’t completely stifle a yelp. I pulled out at once and shot right back into my own bed. We lay there, scarcely daring to breathe, for a couple of minutes, before we both started to laugh (very quietly) and I jerked off till I had my erection back. Then we picked up where we’d left off. RYAN: Jon came up on Sunday afternoon. As he told me later, he liked my parents immediately, and they told me that they felt the same about him. We grilled steaks that evening on the patio, and Dad relented enough from his usual hyper-legalistic attitude toward alcohol, to let Jon and me have beers with him, Mom, and Conor. If he was surprised to see that we seemed to know what it tasted like, he didn’t let it show. Later that night, Jon told me that what he envies about me isn’t just that my parents are really nice people and easy to like; but what he called their sanity and normality, which I always thought of as ordinariness. He was jealous of the absence of drama in our house when we were growing up, and Mom’s and Dad’s ability to love Conor and me without making us crazy at the same time. I never thought of my parents that way before, but now that I knew his dad, I saw Jon’s point. Later that night, I told Jon that I’d finally fucked Conor. After what Jon had already seen go on between Conor and me, not to mention the crazy sexual vibe between him and his dad, he acted like fucking your brother was the most normal thing in the world. Which meant that he wanted all the details, and the more forbidden the deed, the better. After Conor and I finally got to bed, we just cuddled before going to sleep. We’d all be sharing a room the next night where we could do whatever we wanted without having to worry about waking parents sleeping just across the hall, so we decided to hold off on sex till then. The next day, Monday (Labor Day), we left for Massachusetts and school right after lunch. By late afternoon we had checked into our hotel and gone off to have drinks and dinner with friends of Conor’s. The company and the dinner were both good, and the three of us all had a nice buzz on when we got back to our room late that evening. Nobody said anything about sex, but nobody seemed surprised when things started heading in that direction. I certainly wasn’t. We just walked in the door and got out of our clothes. Jon left his underwear on, though, so Conor and I did, too. I know I’ve said it before, but Conor looks almost hotter in his underwear than completely naked. Those low-riding white briefs that perfectly hugged his ass and bulged out in front, with the head of his dick clearly outlined over his balls, made me realize, one more time, just how insanely sexy he is. Maybe it was the way their bright whiteness worked with his tanned skin, or the way the wide waistband accented the slenderness of his waist and the flatness of his stomach, and contrasted them with his solid chest, powerful back, and strong arms. I took a few moments to savor the effect he was having on me, and thought to myself, “Jamie is one lucky dude — they both are.” Then I turned to look at my boyfriend and realized that I’m a pretty lucky dude, myself. The small black briefs clinging to his hips had the same effect on me that Conor’s had just had: they focused my attention on just how fucking handsome and sexy Jon is. He doesn’t look much like his dad, but he resembles Tom in one thing: they’re each a walking streak of sex. He’s a little less muscled than Conor is, but whereas Conor’s ass is only pretty decent, Jon’s ass can make you forget all about the serious things in life. One thing both of them made me realize is that I need to update my own underwear drawer. I was still wearing the same loose boxers I’d moved to New York with, which I bought before I allowed myself to appreciate how much better well-cut underwear can make you look and why you might want to look good in it. The times I’d had to borrow clean underwear from Conor underscored that point when I saw myself in the mirror while wearing them. With that thought, my reverie ended. I moved over to face Jon, took the back of his head in my hands and pulled him in for a long kiss. I let them slide slowly down his back to his ass and played with it ever so lightly. This was the first night of the many we’d be together over the next school year and I wanted to take my time and enjoy the feeling of having Jon in my arms, knowing that he wouldn’t have to leave the next day. CONOR: When we first stripped down to our underwear in the hotel room, I was totally focused on how hot Ryan and Jon looked and how much I wanted to get my dick inside both of them. But when Ryan pulled Jon into his arms, kissed him and softly moved his hands over Jon’s body, I stopped thinking with my dick. As my brain took over, I so easily saw how in love they are and how much they want to be together. It was a pleasure just to be able to watch them show that without speaking a word. Then I began to ask myself why I could so clearly see the love and commitment Ryan and Jon have for each other, but have been blind to the same depth of love and commitment between Jamie and me. I had no answer to that question except that I knew better now and that I had to talk to Jamie as soon as I got back to New York. Just at that moment we heard the sound of loud knocking coming from the corridor outside our door and a voice yelling at someone to open the fucking door already. When it continued for a little while, I looked through the peephole of our door and saw a guy around Ryan’s age in only his underpants banging on the door of the room across from ours. Next to him, a room service tray full of dirty dishes sat on the floor. When the guy kept pounding on the door and started yelling, but nobody answered, I opened our door and asked him if he wanted to come inside. Seeing three guys inside our room also in nothing but underwear probably reassured him some, but really, what choice did he have? In he came, looking as embarrassed as he was angry. His name was Matthew and he was sharing the room across the hall with three other returning students for the same reason we were in the hotel; the dorms wouldn’t be open till the next day. He’d stepped out of the room in his underwear to leave the room service tray in the hall and his practical jokester friends had decided to leave him out there like that. By now they were probably wondering where he’d disappeared to, but Matthew was chilling out and starting to enjoy having flipped the joke back on them. As for us, we were starting to enjoy having another nearly naked and ever so cute guy in our room. Matthew was on the small side, slender and nicely built, with an intelligent look to him in spite of his pretty face. He had enough muscle to keep him from looking skinny, and a perky ass; the kind of body that guys who do a lot of yoga have. His light brown hair was medium long on top, tightly undercut on the sides. His chest and stomach were either naturally smooth or shaved, I couldn’t tell which, and there was a seriously promising bulge in the front of his neon-bright purple, orange, and blue trunks. Somehow, he didn’t look like a kid I’d expect to see hanging out with three practical joker bros. We’d bought a bottle of bourbon and a mixer on our way back from dinner, so we invited Matthew to stay and have some with us. We didn’t have to ask twice. Ryan had introduced us all, saying, “I’m Ryan, and these guys are my brother Conor and my boyfriend Jon.” The word “boyfriend” seemed especially to get Matthew’s attention. “Are you all queer?”, he asked. “Uh huh,” I deadpanned. “Me too, and so is one of those assholes across the hall I came here with. We’re not boyfriends, though. The other two guys are straight. We’d already had a couple of drinks when I got up to get the room service tray out of our way and leave it in the hall. I could hear them laughing their heads off after they locked me out, but now I’m sure they’re wondering where the fuck I disappeared to with almost no clothes on. Good!” Since all of us were already a little buzzed, we sipped our drinks a little more slowly than we might have earlier, while we and Matthew started to get to know each other. When Ryan told Matthew that he’d only had his first experience of sex with another man at the beginning of summer, Matthew naturally wanted to know how it happened. So Ryan told him. Told him, that is, about his and my encounter with those other two guys in the gym sauna, the day Ryan showed up in New York. “You mean your first experience of queer sex was jerking off with YOUR BROTHER in a gym sauna while you watched two other guys do it?”, he asked incredulously. “Even if my one of my brothers were queer, I couldn’t begin to imagine jerking off with him in public or anywhere else.” “Well,” said Ryan, “try imagining that one of your brothers yahya kaptan escort WAS queer, but YOU weren’t. Or at least you had no idea that you were. That’ll give you an idea of how I felt. “It helped,” he went on, “that Conor and I have always been super-close and we’d seen each other naked and hard many times, because honestly, I don’t think I could have done that with anybody else — not then, anyway. Now that Ryan was on a roll, he decided to really see how much he could shock Matthew. He told about the two of us having sex with Jamie in the tent, and about his getting gang-banged while Jon and I watched. Then, just to stick his own two cents in, Jon told him about fucking Ryan in East Hampton while Jon’s dad was in his bedroom across the hall. As he listened to all of this, Matthew checked each of us out again, probably wondering if he’d have been better off staying out in the corridor. Despite whatever misgivings Matthew might have been having, I noted the slowly growing tent in the front of his underwear and the spreading wet spot at its peak. Jon saw me observing Matthew’s situation, put down his drink, reached over and pulled Ryan in for a long, slow, kiss as his hands started to roam. Whether this was for Ryan’s benefit or Matthew’s, was hard to say. As for me, I looked over to Matthew, put my hand over my own swelling cock and rubbed it lightly. Now that he had something to focus on, Matthew looked me straight in the eye and mirrored me while running the tip of his tongue lightly over his lips. Snacky little Matthew was getting ready to join the party. “I’ve never had sex in front of anybody else,” he said. “I’ve thought about it but never got up the nerve to do it. How did you guys do it the first time?” Then Jon broke his lip lock with Ryan and spoke up. “Until this summer, I was the same as you. I never could have had sex in front of another guy, and I certainly couldn’t have had sex with my dad sleeping across the hall. Then I started dating Ryan, who was making up for lost queer time as fast as he could. Ryan and Conor, and Conor’s boyfriend, Jamie, made group sex seem like some of the most fun you could have. And once I got over myself, it fucking was! “It’s a matter of confidence. You just have to believe — even if you aren’t completely convinced at first — that other guys will find you hot enough to want to watch you, and then you have to give yourself permission to enjoy letting them do it. I think you already know how hot you are. Whaddaya say Matthew? Wanna give it a try? The front of your underwear says that you do.” With that, Matthew looked down at the very large wet spot over the impressive erection that was pushing out the front of his underpants and grinned sheepishly. Then he looked at each of us in turn, and his grin turned more devilish. “Okay,” he said, “I’m in. One thing though. Most guys think that small, cute, guys like me are all bottoms, especially if they don’t have bulging muscles. In my case, at least, they’re wrong. I’m a power top. You guys okay with that?” RYAN: “How soon would you like to find out,” I answered. Matthew looked me and then Conor straight in the eye. The devilish grin was gone. Now he looked deadly serious. Up till then, every guy I’d had sex with had been pretty big. Matthew, however, reminded me that there’s a lot of truth in the adage that good things often come in small packages — though while he may have been small, his package definitely wasn’t. That guy was working with some serious equipment. He’d been sitting on the bed near Jon and me, so I reached over, pulled him toward us, and gently pushed him flat on his back. I leaned over to kiss him, while Conor moved over to join Jon in licking Matthew’s nips and belly, and in chewing the hypnotically large bulge in his underwear. We kept this up for a while, only changing places so that each of Jon, Conor and me got a turn to experience a different part of Matthew, who didn’t say much, but whose breathing and the look on his face spoke for him. By then, we were all hard and leaking profusely, and our dicks were uncomfortably straining against our underwear. Conor broke off what he was doing, stood directly in front of Matthew and looked into his eyes. A moment later he pushed his briefs off his hips, and let them drop to the floor. Never taking his eyes off Matthew, he nonchalantly kicked his underpants in the air with one foot, caught them, and tossed them on Matthew’s face, all in one smooth motion. This, Matthew watched — at least until Conor’s underpants landed on his face — with intense interest, raising his head with his interlaced hands, the better to see Conor. After giving Matthew a little time to inhale the scent of his underpants and then to appreciate the view, Conor reached for the waistband of our new fuck toy’s underwear. Matthew lifted his ass without having to be asked, but his underwear stayed put. Conor couldn’t get the waistband over the head of his dick without leaning in further and stretching the elastic back up and over Matthew’s uncircumcised penis. When it finally sprang free, it slapped his belly on the rebound till it stood at a 45 degree angle to his body. It was a sight to take your breath away. Matthew’s cock, its head still covered by a precum-leaking foreskin, arched over his shaved pubes and halfway to his chest. Jon, Conor, and I, looked at it, then at each other, uncertain as to what to do next. Sluts to the bone though we were, we all wondered how in the hell we were supposed to get that thing inside us. Matthew’s dick was big by anybody’s standard, but seeing it against his small body, made it look even bigger. And it wasn’t just long, it was thick. On top of that, his balls were big and heavy, too. Now I knew why those guys locked him out of their room. They were jealous. We were determined to send him back to them with a story that would make them a lot more jealous. Matthew must have been used to reactions like ours when guys saw his dick for the first time, because he certainly seemed to enjoy watching us look at him. The devilish grin was back and he clearly decided that he’d had enough of passivity. I was closest to him, so he reached out and pulled me on top of him. Now his kisses were much more passionate, and it was his hands that started to move first, not mine. As he rubbed his dick against my belly, his hands went straight to my ass, cupping and kneading it, then prodding the entrance to my hole with his fingers. While Matthew was warming up my ass for the mayhem to come, I felt like a boxer just after the opening bell has rung, and now some gorilla twice his size is coming out of the opposite corner of the ring with his fists up and murder in his eyes. Very nervous. I didn’t have long to wait. Within a few minutes, Matthew stopped what he was doing and told me to get my mouth around his dick. There was a tone of authority in his voice that I hadn’t heard from him before. I had to stop myself from answering, “Yes, sir.” Matthew scooted back on the bed and I knelt with his legs between my knees and bent low, wondering how much of this kid’s dick I’d be able to get in my mouth. Then I went for it. I opened wide and slid his dickhead as far back into my throat as I could. Then I backed off some and started using my tongue on the head and the sensitive area just underneath it. I supported my weight with one hand and used the other to work the lower part of Matthew’s shaft that my mouth couldn’t reach, and to tug his shaved balls. From the guttural sounds he made, and the way his dick kept spasming, I figured that I was doing a decent enough job. “You’re pretty good,” he finally said. “Better stop now before I cum, because I’m not done with you yet. Lie face down on the bed and spread your legs apart.” I did, but not before checking out Conor and Jon, who were standing next to me and stroking each other’s cocks. The looks they gave me were more like “Sooner you than me, buddy,” than “Way to go, Ryan!” Lying face down, the first thing I felt was Matthew burying his face in my ass, then licking and biting while he squeezed and slapped my cheeks. Fuck, he felt good! Sometimes he pulled my dick back so it pointed toward my feet, while I raised my hips, and he sucked me off. Even then, he didn’t stop playing roughly with my ass. I was in heaven until I heard Matthew ask, “You guys got any lube?” I looked around just in time to see Jon toss him the bottle. Matthew took his time loosening me up, just as Derek had done before fisting me. I suppose when your dick is as big as his, you get used to taking it easy on your partners if you have any hope of ever getting inside them. I loved what Matthew was doing, but wished I could watch him do it, and watch Jon and Conor watching us. That thought was interrupted by Matthew saying: “Now I’m gonna fuck you with the biggest dick you’ve probably ever had, while your brother and your boyfriend listen to you groan and watch you squirm underneath me while you take it. Then when I’m done, I’m gonna fuck those guys while you watch. I think you guys were right. I’m really beginning to understand why you all like kinky sex so much.” And with that, Matthew smeared some more lube around and in my ass and the next thing I felt was something almost as wide as Derek’s fist pushing insistently at my sphincter. I’d like to say I loved it, but really I was closer to panic than ecstasy. I kept breathing deeply and pushing out, just like I’d done with Derek, and Matthew had the good sense to push his way inside a little bit at a time, giving me time to get used to having my ass stretched between each push. It was fucking intense, but at least I wasn’t panicking yet. From what I’ve heard about childbirth, it was the same thing, except in reverse. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Matthew announced, “That’s it. You’ve got it all in you now.” But he didn’t start fucking right away. In fact, the next thing I felt was Jon’s hand taking mine. While he held it, Matthew started to move slowly inside me. Now, just as when Derek fisted me, the feeling in my ass was still powerfully intense, and yes, it hurt, but it was also exhilarating. I hoped Conor and Jon were enjoying this show, because I was enjoying giving it to them. As Matthew began to thrust into me with harder and longer strokes, his dickhead started butting into my second sphincter. I won’t lie. It hurt even more than before. Even as I was getting off on the whole experience of having a giant cock moving around inside me, I also hoped that Matthew wouldn’t last much longer. He didn’t. Less than a minute after he started really pounding me, he grunted and slammed into me three or four times. Then he collapsed on top of me and was still for a minute or so. When he pulled out, a large blob of cum came out with his dickhead. I didn’t see that at the time, of course (Conor showed me the vid on his phone later), but I did feel it dripping down my perineum. When I got up and looked around, I saw that Matthew was still hard. And ready to go again, because he soon turned to Conor and said firmly, “Your turn now.” The look in Matthew’s eyes told me that he meant it. The look in Conor’s eyes told me that he wasn’t sure this was such a good idea. JON: I’ve seen a few guys stay hard after they cum and be ready to go again right away, so it didn’t completely shock me when Matthew turned out to be one of them. Besides, I was still too caught up in what I’d watched him do to my boyfriend to focus on what gebze escort was going to happen next. I’d seen Ryan get fucked in that sling at the party, but even with his legs in the air and his ass wide open, he was a diva and calling all the shots. That was not what happened this time. Lying there on his stomach with his legs spread wide apart in quiet obedience to Matthew’s order, he looked so passive and so vulnerable. Matthew’s being so much smaller than Ryan only emphasized Matthew’s power to command. This was a Ryan I’d never seen before. With me, Ryan has always been pretty expressive and I always know how he’s doing, especially when I’m on top. With Matthew now, he just lay there on his belly, silent, immobile, his eyes closed and his head resting on the backs of his hands, waiting for a fuck that he seemed to feel he was powerless to stop. To be fair, my dick is big enough but nowhere as big as Matthew’s. Faced with having that thing about to be shoved inside him, I can see why Ryan might have been quietly focused on his breathing. If I was surprised at how quietly submissive Ryan was being, Matthew didn’t look surprised at all. He looked like he was getting exactly what he expected from Ryan. “Amazing what a monster cock will do for a guy’s confidence and control,” I thought. “Especially for a little guy like Matthew. The stereotype of small, cute, 19 or 20 year olds, is that they’re all hungry bottoms. Matthew must just love playing against type. Well, good for him!” My brief reverie ended when I noticed that Conor was now in the same position Ryan had been and Matthew was lubing up his cock and Conor’s ass. This time there was no oral play and not much other foreplay either, except that Matthew did take his time loosening Conor up. Other than that, Matthew was swinging for the fences on the first pitch. Now it was Conor’s turn to lie face down, quiet and submissive, waiting to see if he could get that log inside him. “Did I look as scared as that,” Ryan turned to me and asked. “Uh huh.” “If he’s up for one more after Conor, would you let him do you?” “I’d be scared shitless, but I suppose I’d have to try.” “You’d have reason to be scared. I was thinking that getting his dick inside me was like giving birth in reverse. At the same time, it was the most amazing feeling when he finally was inside me. Go for it, if he’s up for more.” A large “OW!” from Conor interrupted our discussion. Matthew stopped to let Conor get used to his cock, just as he had for Ryan. If anything, he was a little gentler with Conor, probably since he’d already cum just a few minutes ago. After a few more yelps from Conor, Matthew was all the way in. This time he fucked slower but lasted longer than he had with Ryan. “Longer,” however, is a relative term and in this case it didn’t mean “long.” Within ten minutes, Matthew was growling, “I’m gonna breed your fucking ass now, bitch!”, and he did. And once again, his dick dragged a big blob of cum with it as it popped free of Conor’s ass. As for Conor, he just lay there, face down till he felt able to stand again. This time I shot the vid for Conor to see later. As for Matthew, in telling him all about our kinky sex lives, he must have thought we were issuing a challenge. When his breathing returned to normal after his second nut of the evening, he didn’t smile and he didn’t say much. Mostly, he turned to me and said, “If you give me a little time to rest, I’ll fuck you too.” When Ryan, Conor and I were telling Matthew about our kinky adventures a little while before, I don’t think any of us could have imagined what a sexual demon we were unleashing. This kid who’d never had sex in front of anybody else before, now was unstoppable. I seriously doubted that I could get Matthew’s erection inside me, but I was even more afraid of looking like a complete wuss than I was of at least trying to let him fuck me. And while Ryan had been able to get a fist up his ass, Conor couldn’t, and Conor was still able to let Matthew fuck him, so I figured I really had to try. I wished, though, that I’d had some poppers with me. Ryan had gotten back on the bed and cuddled with Matthew for a little while, until Matthew was hard again (with a manual assist from Ryan). He kissed Ryan, looked up at me, and asked, “Want me to fuck you?” This time his voice was soft and there was actually a pleasant look on his face. “I don’t know if `want’ is exactly the word I’d have used,” I said, “but I’m gonna try. Just be sweet, please.” By now, Matthew was totally into playing the rough power top. All he said was, “What position do you want me to do you in?” “On my back. If somebody’s gonna fuck me, I want to see him.” Matthew didn’t say anymore, I got on my back and raised my legs. Matthew squirted some lube onto my hole and began to work it with his fingers. As with Conor, this was as much foreplay as Matthew was offering. He must have seen the look of fear on my face, because the look on Matthew’s own face finally softened and he told me not to worry, that he wasn’t going to force it if I couldn’t handle it. This was some comfort so I told him to start putting it in me, but to please start slowly. Somewhat to my surprise, that was exactly what he did. I suppose that, having cum twice already, Matthew’s need to fuck wasn’t as urgent and powerful as it had been before; but no matter the reason, this time he was actually gentle. For the longest time, he just put the tip of his dick into me, loosening up my sphincter until I was ready for more. And even then, he only pushed another inch or two into me, until I was ready for a little more. Finally, he was all the way in and my ass hadn’t been split in two. When he finally began to fuck for real, I was surprised at my ability to handle him. It hurt some when he hit bottom, but not enough to keep me from enjoying jerking my cock while Matthew fucked me. When I looked to one side, I saw that Ryan and Conor were doing the same; or rather, that Ryan was working his dick with one hand and Conor’s with the other, while both of them watched Matthew fucking me. By this point, all of us except Matthew were getting close to busting. I certainly was, and I could see it in Conor’s and Ryan’s faces, and in their balls, which were tightly contracted. Ryan came first. “I’m fucking cumming,” he cried, letting go of Conor’s penis and moving up toward my face. A few seconds later streaks and blobs of cum flew onto my mouth, chin, and neck. Less than a minute later, as I continued working my own cock and licking up as much of Ryan’s load as I could reach, Conor moved up to where Ryan had been and shot his load all over my face and in my hair. That was all it took to push me over the edge. Ropes of cum shot over my stomach all the way to my neck and face, which by now was dripping with three loads worth of semen. This was Matthew’s cue to pull out and finish himself off by hand. His third load of the night joined the other three, and then all three of them began to scrape up as much cum as they could with their fingers and feed it to me. Fucking delicious! Somehow, in the middle of all this, Ryan took a picture of me with my face full of cum and and an idiotic grin on my face. (I wonder if I should send it to Dad. Hmmm….) MATTHEW: Like I told these guys, I’d never had group or public sex before I met them. I thought about it — a lot, recently — but it had never sounded like something I was ready to try before I met them. At first, I thought all the serious kink they talked about was a little weird, but as my dick began to grow, I realized that I wanted some of that, too. Once I made the decision to go for it, I wasn’t ready to stop till I’d fucked them all. I was that horny! Also, lots of guys see small, cute, guys like me and think we’re all bottoms. I was determined to show them that some power tops look like me. After we’d all cum and cleaned ourselves up, they asked me if I’d like to spend the rest of the night with them, since there was room for one more in Conor’s bed. I thought about it for maybe a second. Not only did I like these guys, I also wanted to pay back the practical jokers I was supposed to be staying with. If they didn’t find out how or where I was till morning, that was gonna be fine with me. EPILOGUE RYAN: As I write this, first semester exams are over and Jon and I are in our room, waiting for a buddy to come by and give us a lift to my parents’ house. We were pretty close before we moved into this room, but there’s nothing like seeing your boyfriend first thing in the morning, every morning, to know how you really feel about him. For us, the better we’ve gotten to know each other, the tighter we’ve become. I know it’s early, and we’re both pretty young, but I’m hoping he’s the guy I’ll spend the rest of my life with. Jon says that he feels the same way. Matthew lives on the floor above ours. After we checked out of our hotel (Matthew borrowed some oversized clothes from me to go across the hall to retrieve his stuff.) and got some breakfast, Conor dropped us all off at the dorm. Later, Matthew met Jon and me for dinner, which gave us a chance to discover that there’s a lot more to him than a dick they can see from space. He’s been a good friend this term. While I wasn’t terribly afraid of coming out to friends from freshman year, I was nervous enough to ask Conor, over breakfast, to tell me one more time how he handled that issue. His basic answer, which Jon agreed with, was to remember that this was going to be a much bigger issue for me than it would be with my friends. As he put it, “There might be one or two douchebags who’ll be uncomfortable about having a queer friend, but mostly, they’re all going to be happy that you’re in a better place than you were the last time they saw you.” And that was pretty much what happened. CONOR: I meant it when I promised myself that I’d ask Jamie to marry me as soon as I got back to the city, and I did. His initial reaction was basically, “What the fuck took you so long?”, but that quickly changed to YES!! Whatever my fear of commitment might have been about, I knew I’d done the right thing in asking Jamie to marry me the instant the words were out of my mouth. At that moment, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. A month later, Jamie sublet his apartment and moved in with me. We’re planning a nice, small, wedding for early January. JAMIE: I knew that if I gave Conor enough time and didn’t bug him about marriage, he’d come around. Now I’m hoping that if I’m patient, in a few years he’ll be ready for us to adopt a child. Knowing him as well as I do, I’d say the odds on that are in my favor. JON: About a month after school started, Dad let us know that Ryan and I would be welcome to come back to work at his company the next summer. And not only that, he offered to help us with the rent in a sublet apartment, so I wouldn’t have to live at home again and Ryan and I could stay together. If I had to let Dad blow — or fuck? (I still haven’t asked Ryan about that) — my boyfriend every now and again for him to be willing to do that for us, then if Ryan’s cool with it, so am I. Life’s good _________________________________________ AUTHOR’S NOTES: Well, this wraps it up, finally. These characters have come to feel almost like people I actually know, and I’m going to miss them. Thanks again to all the readers who’ve let me know that they like this story. I hope you continued to enjoy it through to the end. If you’re interested in an earlier story of mine, you’ll find Finding My Tribe in the Adult-Youth section. ALSO: Please join me in supporting Nifty in recognition of the unique role they play in bringing readers and writers together. Even a small donation helps, so if you haven’t done so yet, please give!

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