1 Ağustos 2021

C’s facinating masturbation scene


C’s facinating masturbation sceneThe story I am about to tell you is about the girl pictured in the above screen cap, the video was not captured byme as now this girl is now my ex wife and I can only imagine the video was captured either before or after my marriage to her.Take it for what it’s worth, but what I am about to tell you is 100% true and this has lived in my mind for20+ years now and has gotten me off MANY of times.Just for the sake of identity privacy I will just refer to my ex as “C”.About twenty some odd years ago I had gotten with C, we had dated off and on before but nothing real serious,after our third go around we decided to move in together and have a go at it, well needless to say we wound up getting married. This certain event I am going to tell you about took place about 3 or so years after we married. I had always known that C masturbated, she knew I did too, we made no bones about it, although she always teased that only she could get herself off better than any man could, she had also told me in previous yearsthat her nastiest and wettest dreams usually came after a night of drinking. I Never gave a second though about it.A few years after we married we decided to go out and do some light partying, only because she had to work the next day, well that partying lasted until about 2 or 3 in the morning. We decided to head on back to the house by cab because neither of us was in any condition to drive.In the back of the cab there was some pretty heavy kissing and feeling but by the time we got home we both decided we were too intoxicated for anything meaningful to happen. C told me she was going to go upstairs and get changed and we could watch a movie. So after finding a movie to watch and me sitting downstairs almost 30 minutes by myself, I decided to go upstairs to see what the hold up was. Well it seemed that C laid her nightgown out on the bed and got undressed but passed out naked on the bed, I put the covers over her and kissed her forehead goodnight, I returned downstairs to finish the movie, which is where I wound up falling asleep.I awoke at about 6 am that morning etiler escort with a piss hard on that could cut stone. Half asleep I made my way upstairs to the bathroom which was at the other end of the hall from our bedroom, since it was only me and C and she was asleep I didn’t bother closing the door.Think of this what you will, but when I am half asleep or groggy I don’t stand and pee especially with a piss hard on so I decided to sit and do my business, as I was mid stream I thought I heard sounds coming from the other end of the hall, by the time I finished the sounds were coming more often and sounded an awful lot like moans, it could have been C talking in her sleep as she does it a lot. Now I usually flush when I am done using the commode but something told me not to do it this time. I stood up and pulled up my boxers and proceeded to make my way down the hall, making sure not to make a sound. When I put the covers on her the previous night I left the door propped open 5 or 6 inches which in hind sight proved to my advantage. I crept up to the door way and peaked in, now my headboard was on the same wall the door was on so I was looking in and C with her head to the door never even seen me, and there she was, covers thrown to the side, all naked and working her meaty pussy like she could not get enough.Now I have masturbated with and in front of women and women have masturbated in front of me, but there is something special about watching a woman when she thinks she is alone, it’s fascinating because 99% of the time they will do things to themselves they would never dream of doing in front of anyone, even their husbands, this will prove to be one of those times.I stood at the doorway in awe as she worked the wet meaty flesh between her thighs with one hand and tweaking her already erect nipples with the other, the squishy sounds it was making as she breathed heavy and moaned, I INSTANTLY became rock hard once again and this was no piss hard on, this was a throbber, I could actually feel the blood pulsing through my cock. She stopped ümraniye escort for a moment and spread her pussy lips to reveal her rock hard clit, I could tell it was hard from my angle because her clit hood stood straight out and up as she spread her pussy lips, moaning “oh yes” quietly she proceeded to go after her clit with a frenzy, C’s pussy all wet and squishy, her fingers glistening from her wetness as she bucked her hips up and down to meet the rhythm of her fingers.I don’t know when it happened but I looked down and my boxers were at my feet and I was pumping my hard prick, trying my hardest not to breath heavy or cum, pre jizz from the head of my cock hanging halfway to the floor, I was doing my damdest not to cum, so much my balls started to ache.Well I guess her fingers where not enough for her, C reached across the bed and grabbed her 8″ rubber dong I had bought for her a year or two before for when I was not around, again, I knew she did this but never DREAMED to this extent! I was surprised she had it ready and waiting. She scooped some of her wetness from her snatch a couple of times and rubbed it all over the dong for easy insertion, she spread her legs nice and wide and with one push buried that rubber cock balls deep with deep husky groan “OH GAWD”.She started pumping herself slowly with nice grunts of “OH” or “Oh Yes it feels good” or some other hot mumblings every time she went deep with it, it was starting to become a blur, I wanted to cum so bad but I just HAD to wait for the finish. C’s thrusting pace started picking up, her breathing and grunting getting heavier and a little louder, legs lifted in the air to afford her deeper penetration of her 8″ rubber fuck buddy, she picked up the pace and proceed to start pounding wet soaking wet pussy furiously, sometimes so fast the dong was a blur, the squishing sounds it made going in and out was about to send me over the edge!After a couple of minutes of constant pussy pounding, groans, moans and cries of the delicious pleasure she was invoking on her meaty but wonderfully sarıyer escort wet and beautiful pussy, she stopped, pulled the dong out of her pussy, she smacked her clit with the dong five or six times and as her pussy made one big pulse a glorious sight of female jizz cam FLYING out of her snatch, must have been or could have been a couple of cups full, she tried to hold the tone down as she cried in one long wailing ‘Yessssssssssss!” , another pussy pulse and another stream of jill jizz hit the sheets and a groan of “Ohhhhhhh Shiiiiit!” One more pussy pulse and another short stream and a yell of “EiiiiiiE!.Her legs hit the soaking wet sheets, drained from her self motivated, thoroughly indulged, extremely satisfying, pussy drilling cum fest had come to an end, She lay their trying to regain he composure, I look down and my limp cock in my hand that is covered in cum, a nice puddle of jizz at my feet, I don’t even remember cumming as I was watching the extremely gorgeous sight before my eyes. Definitely the most I had ever cum before or since. A masturbation scene that has gotten me of NUMEROUS times and was probably better than any filmed masturbation flick I have ever watched, I had seen it in person.I quietly picked up my boxers and returned downstairs as I licked my jizz off my hands and returned to the couch and got under the covers. I can hear C get up to take a shower, she got dressed for work and left. I got up and went upstairs and seen she had made the bed, I pulled the covers back on her side to reveal a sheet soaked with her love juice, must have been at least a foot in diameter. I took the sheet off the bed and carefully folded it and put it in a vacuum sealed bag that I have to this day, every now and then I crack it open so I can smell her sweet sex aroma. I put a new white sheet on the bed. Not a word was said, I never let on to what I saw and chose to relish that scene as the years passed. Although, when C got home that night I did attack that pussy like a mad man, even after jacking off 5 or 6 times that same day because I just could not get the hotness of it out of my head!We fucked like two or three times that night and if I had not fallen asleep I am sure we would have fucked more.Well, things happen and C is now my ex, I cherish that memory and the vacuum packed sheet I have from that night ;)Feedback on this is appreciated but not necessary, it is true and I hope you get off as hard as I did!

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