14 Mart 2023

Cul-de-sac Living


I live on a cul-de-sac of 5 houses. I spend most of my time there as I have a home business. One rainy afternoon I got a call from a neighbor that lives on my cul-de-sac, asking if I would mind sending a fax for her.

“Of course. Come on down and we’ll send it right out.”

Donna is attractive, about 5′ 4″, and has a beautiful sultry voice. I’ve known her for several years and our families have visited back and forth. She’s a good cook and a real ‘family’ mom. She has always been a stimulating woman to be around. However I found her often stated religious convictions and involvement with church activities a bit over the top.

I saw Donna, manila folder over her head, running down the street. I opened the door and she arrived breathless, drops of rain sparkling on her face. She was wearing a smoky blue sweater and rust corduroy, elastic waist slacks. I wasn’t sure, but she might be bra-less. Appealing.

After the usual “Hi. I’m sorry to bother you.” Yada, yada, we went to the office.

She was still breathless and flushed from running. I setup the fax to send her page and asked for the number. She tried to explain where she had written the phone number on the paper, keeping a distance between us. I guess I was making her nervous.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No. No. It’s… Well… No!” She came nearer the fax machine and reached across to point out the number. Her had trembled. I punched in the number and hit Send.

“Donna, you DO seem upset. What is it?”

Her face flushed red, shook her head and exhaled a deep breath.

“I, I, well the truth is sometimes I feel I might be going crazy. I have this re-occurring thought that I can’t get out of my mind.”

“Is it a nonsense thought, an impulse, or something like that?”

“More like an impulse or compulsion.”

“Is it dangerous, you know, going to cause pain to you…. Or someone else?”

“No. Just, well ,,,sort of like visions or awake dreams …of doing something.”

“Sometimes life catches up with a person and have to be acted on. If you can find some way to—“

“You are a part of it.” she interrupted.

“Ohh, how nice.” Now it was my turn to flush. My heart picked up a beat, but I told myself to ‘cool it’. She was too ‘straight arrow’. Her thoughts would NOT be going in the same direction as mine.

“Like I was going to say, sometimes you just have to let it out.”

She was about 3 feet away and I could see … definitely bra-less! When I raised my eyes, she knew I had checked her out.

In an even, firm voice she said. “I keep seeing myself as a prostitute you just hired. I am supposed to do things.”

There was a long pregnant pause. Without a clear idea of what I was doing I finally said, “O.K. Miss Ginger, I’m glad you were available. The money is in the envelope on the Fax machine. Let’s get going.”

(O.K. give me a break. Ginger was the first name I could come up with and I knew if I said Donna, it might break the moment.)

Donna stood like a deer caught in headlights, breathing deeply. I whispered, “Don’t think, just do something. Whatever…”

She taksim escort moved swiftly before me, dropped to her knees, undid my belt and pulled my pants and shorts to my ankles. In that short time I got half a hard-on. When she grasped my dick it was like an electric shock and my dick became hard in her hand.

She hesitated, her mouth just inches away. I knew she was having difficulty. I said firmly, “Miss Ginger, take off your sweater and rub me on your nipples!”

When she let go, my dick jerked up to full attention. She pulled her sweater off and tossed it aside. Lovely, full breasts. Large erect, dark nipples. Donna grasped my dick again aiming it down toward her breasts. I reached down to cup her breasts. The head of my dick just brushed her hard nipple. Donna let out a whimpering “Ohhh!”, raised my dick to her lips and sucked it in. She went wild. For a moment I was afraid she might hurt me. She sucked and pumped. I knew she would get me off unless I stopped her. That’s NOT where I wanted to shoot off and NOT YET!

“Miss Ginger! Take off your pants!” I put a hand on each cheek and gently pushed her face back. My dick bumped the end of her nose as it jerked up when she released it from her lips.

As Donna stood, I put my hands on her hips, slid inside the slacks and panties. When I felt flesh, I pushed down. She put a hand on my head when I lifted a foot to remove her shoe and pants, then the same for the other foot.

“MISS GINGER sit on the edge of the couch.” I spoke firmly, using the name Miss Ginger because it allowed her to stay in the fantasy. She didn’t meet my eyes but looked to the side as she sat down.

“Lean back. Now push out your breasts. Yes, perfect. Spread your legs. Oh, come on! More. ……. All the way. As wide as you can. Great. Now don’t move. Very nice. Miss Ginger you are Perfect!”

She was too. Her thatch matched her hair, dark auburn. She would need to do a touch up shave if she ever wore a bikini, BUT I loved it. Full, thick hair. Swollen lips peeked through and a blossom glistening in the center where I wanted to shove my dick.

My God! Stunning.

She stayed unmoving as I ran by eyes up and down her body. About the third pass she turned and looked me directly in the eyes. We were there! She wouldn’t back out now. Her body and it’s needs were in charge.

I was trembling slightly as I got on my knees. I touched her wet slit with my dick. She drew in a large breath, but didn’t otherwise move. I slid my dick up and down, gathering juices, centered it and pressed forward. It was a perfect position. I could see the head of my dick between her lips and then disappear in them. I pushed steadily until I couldn’t go farther. My dick gave several involuntary jumps. Donna whimpered, her eyes now shut.

I reached up and cupped each breast with the nipple grasped between thumb and forefinger. Then began full, slow, deep strokes. My God how wonderful! She was now looking at me. Our eyes were locked on each other. I didn’t want to come, so I forced the rising excitement back and kept up a slow in and out movement. topkapı escort She closed her eyes. I leaned forward and took a superb nipple in my mouth. I caressed her thigh with my hand and then moved it to her pubic bone, dropped my thumb to seek out the erect lump. When I touched it she jumped, causing my dick to jam deeply. I almost went off. Not Yet I told myself. Better move on.

Withdrawing, I grasped my dick, popped the head in and out of her crotch several times. Delicious! Then full in again, I leaned over and slowly kissed and tongued my way down her chest and stomach. My dick slipped out. I gave a last push to try and re-seat it, but it bumped her ‘back door’. It must have ‘peeked in’ because she took a sharp breath in response. When I kissed her pelvic hair and slid my hands up the inside of her thighs she inhaled sharply. As I moved lower she said my name and when my lips hit her crotch she shuddered and moaned. I slowly caressed her clit with my tongue and she responded with small involuntary shudders. I kept my tongue movements slow and steady. Donna began to whisper my name over and over again, then shuddered and moved her crotch a circular motion. I stayed with her. A small screech, violent head turning, body shuddering and finally relaxation. She was breathing heavily. “You don’t know what you have done! You don’t know what you have done!”

I ran my mouth across her pubic hair to dry it off. Raised up, shoved my dick in and grasped her breasts again. Her chest was brilliant red and mottled. She must have really gotten off. I kept pumping to keep my dick hard while waiting for her breathing to settle down.

When she opened her eyes I said, “Must have worked for you.”

“Oh my God. You don’t know what you have done! I’ve NEVER experienced an orgasm like that.”, she said.

After a pause, not quite knowing how to respond I said, “How about if I take a turn now?” and took a few quick pumps, pressing hard against her.

“Oh, you’re still hard! Yes. Anything. Do whatever you want.”

“Hmmm, whatever I want? THAT may take a looong time.”

She whispered, “That’s O.K. Take as long as you want.”

I backed out and stood up, my dick hard and bobbing. “Lay out on the couch.”

She lay over on her back with one leg up on the back of the couch and the other on the floor, her wet lips fully extended and exposed. I knelt between her legs and slid my dick right in, pumping fiercely, missionary style, my hands under her shoulders, pulling her to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I bucked and jammed as hard as I could. I must have hit end because she bucked back a couple of times when I hit extra hard. Suddenly it felt like an extra hand was in her crotch, pumping me, pulling me deeper. I went off feeling like a vacuum was sucking the cum from my dick.

After resting a moment I began pumping again. I didn’t want to get soft. Donna was so delicious, I knew if I kept pumping my dick would stay hard. When my breathing slowed I got off, placed a hand on her hip and told her to slide off and kneel on the floor with her arms on the couch. tesettürlü escort

God. Everything was right there. Breasts hanging in perfection, a superb ass and displayed in full sight and access, her crotch and back door. I knelt behind and holding my dick, popped it’s head in and out of her wet lips. It made a small splattering sound. I pumped it deep a few times, backed out, ran it up and down her crack and twirled it at her back door. I slid back in her crotch, pumping for joy and fondling her breasts. I pressed as deep as I could and lifted with a grunt. Her knees came off the floor. She was momentarily suspended on my dick.

Her crotch felt more relaxed and didn’t clasp me as tightly as before. If I was going to come again I wanted something tighter. I grabbed my dick and centered it on her pretty sphincter, holding tight against it and said, “Miss Ginger, You’ve been bad. I’m going to give you a ‘Mia Culpa’ penance right now!”

I pressed harder and she gave a surprising shove back that sunk the head of my dick up her back side. I waited a moment thinking she might need some time to adjust but she pushed again groaning urgently. I had to shove back hard to match her thrust. My dick sunk deeper and deeper. When I was pressed hard against her butt cheeks I bucked in short movements. My dick started to pulse. Donna raised up, her back against my chest. I grabbed a breast with one hand and put the other hard on her crotch and thrust. She did counter stroke jerking. I moaned, “I’m coming again. THERE. There it is. Shooting up your ass.” She was saying “Yes, yes. Up my ass. Up my ass. Come up my ass.”

I lay on the floor exhausted. My dick lay still swollen but limp. Donna sat on the couch, looking at me.

She said, “Can I try something?”

“Sure. Anything, but if you need my dick you will have a hard time getting it up again.”

I watched her walk to the bathroom. She returned with a warm wash cloth and knelt down and cleaned my dick. Then she leaned over and sucked the head of my soft dick into her mouth and pumped. I was sure there would be no hope, however, she DID get it back to a good stand.

Donna said, “Stay there.” and straddled me. She bent over so her breasts just touched my chest and began hip thrusts that pumped her crotch on my dick. It felt different and good. Donna’s hands and spread knees stance allowed her to pump her crotch, with my dick firmly inside, for a very long time. I fondled her butt, her breasts and slid my finger up her back side a few times. I was worn out, but still had a hard on and she was driving, so I just hung in there letting her use my dick. About when I thought I might get sore, she got tense. Without changing pace she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm that seemed to last forever. A truly pleasant experience for me too. I could feel her crotch contractions as she came.

She lay on top of me, exhausted now too. We soaked in the pleasure of afterglow for some minutes

Eventually donna whispered, “Don’t get up.” She gathered her cloths and put a finger to her lips for me to be quiet. I watch as she leisurely slid on her panties and other garments, waved good bye and went out the door.

It’s now about two months later. We have talked to each other socially a few times, but it is as if nothing had ever happened. I’m in HELL. I want more, but what do I do? I feel if I make any kind of move, she will shut down. I guess all I can to is keep my fax machine ready.

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