14 Mart 2023

Curiosity , Her Cat


Her fingers thumbed through the pages nervously. She thought about what she was doing, but found herself compelled to continue. The magazine was that of her husbands, fact he bought every months issue since they were married. She also knew he would spend a lot of time in the bathroom with them, more than likely jerking off.

Their marriage of three years left a lot to be desired, sex was scarce and satisfaction was nill. Often, she too would spend time with herself, achieving more pleasure alone in bed rather then with her husband Tim.

Although she never thought about being with another woman, she couldn’t help but admire the beautiful young women on the pages before her. One that caught her eye more so than the others was Miss December. She was a tall brunette with hair slightly passed her shoulders and a near perfect body. Darned in nothing but a Santa hat and laying in all her glory. Flipping back and forth from page to page, Trina realized her moistness was growing. Turned on by the young brunette, Trina slid her hand past her belly, down to her pleasure spot. She began to massage her outer lips, sliding a finger over her now soaking entrance. Cautious not to spend to much time on her opening, she pulled her finger back. Using her own juices she then lubricated her now over sensitive clit. Almost instantly she brought herself to an extremely, intense orgasm.

Shortly thereafter she stood to her feet, slipping her saturated panties to the floor, then picking them up and shoving them into her face. Smelling her own juices always turned her on. At one point she placed her tongue on the wettest area, noting the taste of her pleasure. Laughing almost like a schoolgirl, she thought to herself “this was only an introduction, yum.”

Later that evening she prepared to do her normal weekly shopping. Tim was watching the 6:00 news as always. She fixed him his scotch and water, then went to change. Undressing, and standing before the mirror, she also noticed her own beauty. At age 26 and no children, she was in great shape. She worked out at the country club often, and jogged in her spare time. She picked out a short black minny skirt and white blouse to wear to the market. As she was heading out the door, a thought entered her head. A wickedly exciting thought, the kind that gave her that twinge of nervous pain in her lower belly. Without hesitation, she removed her panties, making sure to put them back in the dresser. “Now she was ready.”

Upon arriving at the market, she couldn’t help but notice the feeling of freedom she gained without her underwear. Before she opened the car door, she slid her hand under her skirt. Her clit was throbbing and she wanted to cum. She barely rubbed herself, when she started to gasp, her pulse was racing as she felt her muscles tighten. Looking around to make sure she wasn’t being türbanlı escort watched, she continued. Once she was sure, she rubbed her clit a little faster and harder, almost instantly exploding into waves of pleasure. After she stopped trembling, she sat for a moment, shaking off her intense orgasm.

Entering the store, she went about her shopping. Making her way through the isles, picking up her normal groceries, she couldn’t help but feel the uneasy feeling that she was being watched. Squatting down to reach a can of fruit from the bottom shelf, she realized her hot sweetness was being exposed. This was a thrill all of it’s own, it was as close to public nudity as she had ever been. And she loved it! She continued with her shopping, still feeling uneasy. The thought of being watched was as thrilling as it was scary. Slowly she turned around, expecting to see who she thought was watching her. To her surprise there was no one there. All the same, she thought. About that same time a dirty thought slowly entered her head. What if she was to squat down again, this time using her compact to reflect her beauty and the way it was exposed? Looking up and down the isle, making sure the coast was clear, she set her plan in action. Pulling the compact out of her purse, she opened it and checked her lipstick. Cautiously she kneeled down, sliding it between her legs. At first all she could see was shadows, until she slightly turned, reflecting the light between her thighs.

Her heart was pounding, as her pulse quickened. Reflected on the mirrored surface, was the beautifully trimmed area, she called her own. Once again her clit began to throb. The pounding of her heart, coincided. As if her love button had it’s own. She held the mirror a little closer, and opened her legs a little wider. Now her lips parted, exposing her tight opening. As she looked intensely, she could see her moistness gathering around her entrance. Never in her life had she experienced such desire, she wanted to explode right there. Entranced in her overwhelming pleasure, she let her guard down. The uneasy feeling she had felt before, was back. Before she could remove the mirror and stand up, a soft almost seductive voice, interrupted her silence. Can I get between there? gently she asked. Much to Trina’s surprise, the young woman didn’t wait for reply, but bent directly over her reaching for the cocktail onions in front. Her legs were long and slender, Trina guessed her weight to be about the same as hers. She had extremely long black hair, and looked to be in her early twenties. As the woman debated on prices, Trina looked up. But to her surprise the young woman wasn’t looking at prices, but in turn had her eyes fixed directly on the mirror, admiring Trina’s overly excited love canal. Trina, almost out of breath, gasps as the tüyap escort woman stood up. Still not leaving her side, the woman turned around, politely placing her well formed ass, directly in Trina’s face. Turning back to her cart, Trina finally stood to her feet. Blushing, she then decided to try and make eye contact. To her dismay, the woman hard turned and was heading away.

With her heart still pounding and her head dizzy from excitement, she attempted to do the rest of her shopping. Food was the farthest thing from her mind, she couldn’t believe she was that close to actually sharing something with another woman. When she finally cleared her head enough, she finished up her shopping and was ready to check out. Placing the food on the counter, Trina realized that she too picked up a jar of cocktail onions, , , she was that wrapped up in her moment. Back at the car she placed the groceries in her trunk and was sadly heading home.

As she was placing her seatbelt on, her thoughts laid heavy on the young woman. She was ready for this change, her body craved it. She still loved Tim, but she knew he would never be able to give her the raw pleasures she required.

Just as she prepared to pull out of the parking lot, the young sensual voice returned. “Hey you, my name is Terri.” Totally surprised, Trina turned and smiled. Hello my name is Trina, as the two women shook hands. I couldn’t help but notice you bought cocktail onions also, big party tonight? asked Terri. No replied Trina, probably a couple of martinis, while I watch my husband pass out on the chair, laughingly Trina replied. That’s terrible, replied Terri, reminds me of my husband Jeff. Gone all the time, and when he is here, he’s either sleeping or plays some sad attempt to make love, both women laughed. Tim usually last about three minutes, mentioned Trina, Christ you can’t even buy a pack of cigarette in less than five. The two woman laughed and talked a little longer.

Several minutes went by as the two women bonded. Shortly there after Terri bent over as if to whisper something to Trina. Close enough to where Trina could feel her warm breath on her neck, Terri proceeded to tell her she had watched her in the store. She told her how she doesn’t even like onions, but she came to that isle to meet her. She also told her she damn near came on the spot, when she realized what she was doing. Trina let out a deep breath, trying to take all of this in. Her head was starting to spin again, but she wasn’t going to let this one pass. As there eyes met, both women had to restrain from sharing tongue. It was to risky right there, like that. Both of their husbands home, that eliminated that. Trina’s car was to small to do any justice. That’s when Terri told her she had a Ford scout, with tinted windows.

Without hesitation, tuzla escort Trina rolled up her windows and locked the doors. They made there way to the other end of the parking lot, when Terri had parked. Climbing into the vehicle, both women lock there doors. As they talk for a moment, Terri reached out and touched Trina’s hand. That simple touch, ignited the flames burning deep within both women.

Terri motioned Trina into the back seat. As Trina bent over, Terri shoved her face right up against Trina’s ass, and inhaled, as if to smell her scent. Both women unlatched the back seat, then laid it flat. Terri reached into one of the compartments and pulled out an emergency blanket. Instantly both women laughed intensely, was this not a fuckin emergency? lol. Spreading the blanket out, both women sat on there knees, facing one another. They were both young and both without child, therefore their bodies were in their prime.

Trina reached for Terri and placed her hands on her thighs. Terri reached over and placed a soft kiss on Trina’s lips. Almost like instinct, their hands began to fondle one another, their kisses grew deeper and more passionate, as each women searched the others mouth. Trina thought about how soft her lips were, and that the kiss from another woman could never be matched by a man. The two women enjoyed this foreplay for several minutes, each kiss a little deeper, every touch, a little braver. It was then Terri reached for her inner thigh, Trina without hesitation, opened her legs willingly. Closer and closer the two bodies became. Trina unbuttoned her blouse exposing her perfectly round breast, which Terri invited herself to. As her hand met it destination, she was surprised to find Trina literally soaked. She thought to herself briefly, and came to the conclusion that this was not to be wasted on her fingers. She eased Trina on her back, and hiked up her skirt. Trina, all to ready, let her have her way.

Immediately she went for her inner thighs. The aroma of her pleasures made Terri growl like that of a cat or hungry beast. She buried her face deep within her entrance, noting all her fragrances. Trina moaned and wiggled as Terri slid her tongue deep into her cavern. Her taste alone was enough to send Terri into her frenzy, she hiked up her sundress, and began to pleasure herself. Trina, seeing what was happening, totally lost her control, and began to explode waves of extreme pleasures, all over Terri’s face. Terri feeling this happen, shoved her fingers deeper in her own hole, until she too was moaning to her maker. As both women enjoyed multiples orgasms.

The passion also took a turn when Trina took her turn in tasting her new friend. She was extremely pleased, in the taste of another woman. She wanted this moment to last forever. As the two women lay, and lick each others wounds, one can’t help but recognize the cat. The two women talked, and came to the same conclusion, from here on out, they would do there shopping at the same market, the same night, and the same time. As they said their farewells, Trina sighed with the satisfaction of knowing that her curiosity and her cat, have both been pleased. . .

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