12 Mayıs 2023

Curious Arousal

Big Dick

The husband has been out of the picture for a long time now. Only you and your son in his early twenties live together and the nights can be lonely. Recently you cannot help but notice your son, now much more grown, getting out of the shower with just his boxers on as his muscles seem to catch your eye. Every time you try to act like you are not looking, however recently you cannot help it as the both of you talk to each other in full on conversations while he stands in front of you almost naked every time he gets out of the shower. Is he doing this on purpose? The curiosity is starting to take its effect. Wanting to have a bit of your own fun, you decide to turn the tables. Once he gets home the first thing he does is go to his room, so you have an idea. You get into your bra and panties, making sure the panties show off ‘more’ then what is appropriate. You tell him that you need his help in your bathroom. “I need something.” “Sure mom, what do you need.” He is sort of in shock, as he hasn’t seen you like this “Can you check in there and see if you can find my hair dryer.”You make sure you sound casual Göztepe escort as you go toward the bath, purposely exposing your ass to his view as you bend over to turn on the hot water. “Did you find it son?” You head back to him and get on your knees, showing off the cleavage. “I don’t think its here mom.” “Okay, well thank you sweetie” You give him a big hug and then turn your back to him, taking off your bra in-front of him as he can only see your back. Then you drop your panties and walk into the tub. You pull the curtain closed and then stick your head out looking at him. “You can go now babe.” “Sure mom.” He exits as you grin wickedly, knowing he was nervous…. but probably curious as well. The next night you notice him watching TV down stairs with his shirt off instead of his room where he always likes to watch TV. You just got out of your nightly shower and was curious about his actions and revealing his young body, you decide to go down not in your night clothes, but instead a robe with no bra and silk panties underneath. You sit on the couch with Caddebostan escort bayan your shirt less son, his body capturing your imagination but you quickly dismiss the signals as best as you can. The both of you talk about television however the conversation slowly turns into more personal questions. The topic of sex comes up, which seems innocent at first until you find yourself talking about things you would never tell. “You must have lots of girls on you now, why don’t you ever invite those hot young girls over. I won’t mind.” “I know mom, not many girls give me the time, they all seem to just want attention and I just want… you know.” “Young girls do that, it’s what I did when I was young before I would give it up. Ha-ha oops. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that” “Its ok mom, I know dad wasn’t your first. I just feel with the girls today I’m not going to be as experienced when I get older.” “I am sure a lady will come, look at you, you are handsome and sexy. If I was your age I would have been fucking you.” The both of you sit silent for a Escort Bağdat Caddesi moment, your heart is pounding as curiosity is getting the best of you, and you can see he is getting hot and bothered. “Too bad there aren’t girls like you, all the older men have it made it seems with all the cougars getting divorced these days.” “Oh I am no cougar, who would want this ugly body, I don’t even remember the last time someone went down on me.” “Don’t even lie mom, all of my friends tell me how hot you are and have said countless times how they would love to tap that ass.” Now you are starting to get exited, your hormones start to go off but you have no idea on how you want to pursue this, so you have an idea on how to not be so blunt. “Really? Ha-ha wow I never knew. You should call them over dear, please I beg you. come on, let your mom have some fun for once.” You get closer and start rubbing your hand on his back smiling at him. “What do I get out of it, all of your friends are married, I want an older lady too.” “Please Hun, I would love to even just lie naked with someone. It’s been forever, really call them I want to see a naked man again.” Your son picks up his phone , begins to text but then puts it away. You are curious and have another plan. “I knew you wouldn’t tell them to come , they think I am ugly, who wants these boobs.” You take off your robe as you sit their only in your panties while acting sad.

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