20 Kasım 2022

Curious No More Ch. 04


Sorry for the delay, but I’ve also had some more experiences in the mean time, so it’s hard finding the time to write all the details down from each experience. I always try to get back to anyone who emails me and I love the ladies feedback especially. Your feedback has been awesome and it is the biggest motivator for me continuing to write.

This is a longer one but Chapter 5 will follow quickly…enjoy!

Chapter 4.

Sean and I fucked a few more times that day. During each fuck, Sean would continue to talk about how much more I would love cock by getting fucked by another guy. He continued to call me a fag and a queer and a cocksucker. I couldn’t disagree with him; It was a huge turn on; I loved it and I kept begging for more cock and I got into it even more if that was possible. I tried poppers again and when I fucked Sean, he also took a hit. His ass felt like it swallowed my cock when he took his hit. Simply amazing!

I went home that night filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement. Luckily, my girlfriend was out late at a work function and thus I didn’t have to worry about her sensing my stress as I was already asleep when she came home that night. Taking it a step further into the “gay lifestyle” with an all-male threesome was a bit scary and even though I really loved getting stuffed by cock, going more into it was still unnerving. The more I thought about it though, the more my cock dripped. Sean was going to call his fuck buddy Dan and get him to come into town – all he needed was my confirmation and I gave it. My cock hardened at the memories of Sean calling me a fag while I rode him. I still wanted pussy, but now it seemed I had more options; however, when I went to bed that night I dreamed about cock.

The next day I logged in to work and finished as quickly as possible so I could get to Sean at the hotel. He had promised that it would just be him when I arrived. Even though my cock was semi hard and leaking the whole morning, I was more nervous than ever and I just wanted to get to the hotel room. When I arrived just after 10 in the morning, I was almost shaking like it was my first time again. I knocked on the door and Sean let me in. He immediately grabbed me with one hand around my waist and one hand behind my head and pulled me in for a deep, deep kiss. I returned it and grabbed his ass pulling him towards me. My cock went rock hard instantly.

“Are you ready for a great day?” he asked, still holding me.

“Hell yes,” I replied, “I am so turned on right now. I can’t wait.”

Sean moved me towards the bed and gently threw me down on it. “Dan’s on his way, but do you need a little cock right now? Are you hungry? Why don’t you suck your daddy’s cock?” Sean was standing in front of me and I was sitting on the bed which allowed me an almost perfect angle to suck his cock.

I unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his underwear. His cock was rock hard and I swallowed it as deep as I could. He had one hand on the back of my head and was pulling on my hair. “You are such a good fag. You don’t even bother to resist because you know you are a cock sucker through and through now. You love servicing me”

I moaned around his cock before pulling off slowly and letting his cock ‘pop’ out of my mouth. Looking up at him right into his eyes, I huskily admitted, “You made me a cocksucker, but I love it!”

“Keep sucking my cock you fag.”

“Yes daddy. Keep calling me a fag and I’ll suck you all day.”

I worked Sean’s pants down as I continued sucking his cock, bobbing my head up and down his beautiful cock before reaching around and rubbing his ass. I was trying to make as much noise sucking his cock as possible knowing that’s what I like when I have someone sucking my cock.

As I slurped at his cock, Sean had fired up a joint.

“Here, take a hit of this,” Sean said as he blew out a stream of smoke and held a joint to my lips. I took a big hit before blowing out the smoke around Sean’s cock. “Take another. We are going to party today baby. You are going to have a great day.”

I took another big pull off the joint and I started to feel a nice mellow come over me. I heard him take a big pull. “You suck cock so naturally. I can’t wait to see how you respond to having two cocks in you later. You are going to go crazy” he said as he blew it out a big plume of smoke. I simply moaned. The idea of having two cocks in me was now more exciting than ever.

“You can’t wait, can you?” Again, it was more of a statement than a question. “You just keep moaning around my cock and that’s all I need to know – You cock loving fag.”

I moaned even louder.

“Do you want to swallow my load?”

“Mmmmmm.” I did.

“Are you a fag?”

I nodded up and down his cock. “Good. Do you love cock?”

Again I moaned as I nodded up and down his gorgeous fuck stick. Sean just kept telling me what a good fag I was and how I had turned queer. “I converted you, didn’t I? Made you gay – a fully fledged bottom…you’re such a natural Ankara escort bottom. Keep sucking it man. Make your daddy happy.”

I sucked that cock for all I was worth. I had been sucking for several minutes but I would have blown him all day if that is what made him happy.”You queer. You are going to make me cum…You fag…swallow my cream…”

I could feel his cock start to expand. He was so close and I wanted it so bad. I started to really bob on his cock and moan louder. I grabbed his ass cheeks harder and got down on my knees. I was now looking up at him and the feeling of being dominated came over me. I wanted to explore that more every time I found myself in a position of servitude with Sean. It turned me on huge.

“Good boy you little fag. You belong on your knees. Suck it fag…make your master happy…going to cum…Swallow it you fag…take it all…unhhhhhhhh!”

I could feel Sean’s cock just get bigger and bigger. The kind of orgasm that takes forever to finally explode but when it does, it makes you week in the knees. I could feel Sean start to sway. His hands dug into me. His cock unloaded and I swallowed it all, moaning as I swallowed and trying to make sure he could hear the swallowing although with the huge load he was shooting, I didn’t have to try much. His cream tasted so good and I milked his cock with my hand to get every drop I could.

“Tastes so good, doesn’t it?” he said looking down at me.

“Mmmm. Soooo good. Your cock fits so perfect into my mouth. Your load is sooo tasty. I love sucking you off,” I said as I had finally let his cock out of my mouth. I squeezed it one more time and got the final drop out of him and greedily licked it off the tip of his cock but not before I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and sensitive cock head a few more times.

“You couldn’t wait to do that, could you?” Sean helped me up.

I was still holding his cock as I stood up. “Actually, last night, I was dreaming about it.”

I leaned forward to kiss him and share whatever creamy taste I still had in my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth.

“Really?” Sean said with a glean in his eye, “You are such a fag now…feels so good though, doesn’t it?”

There was no denying it this time, “Yesss…so good.” We were kissing and my cock was ready to burst. I hadn’t even bothered to get undressed yet. “You’ve made me a cock craving fag!”

Sean was naked from the waist down and simply said, ” You are a born bottom.”

“I do love it.”

“Get undressed,” Sean said, ” I have a surprise for you…we are about to really party!”

By now, almost all apprehension from getting fucked by another guy had disappeared and in fact I was quite excited at the thought of more cock. Sean disappeared into the bathroom. I got undressed completely and lay on the bed, my raging cock begging for release and leaking all over me. My underwear was moist the whole way through.

Sean talked to me from the bathroom, “I know you talked about trying this in our chats, so I thought I’d continue your ‘corruption’. Come in here for a second.”

I went to the bathroom with my stiff cock bouncing as I walked. As soon as I entered, I saw what Sean had been doing. On a small mirror, Sean had laid out some cocaine and was chopping up some lines. I had never tried it but Sean had and his experiences made me want to try it.

“You brought coke!”

“I know we talked about you trying it in the right situation, so here you go,” Sean grinned as he handed me the straw. “I think we can safely say that you are up for anything right now. You can do the first one. Just snort it up.”

I took the straw and bent over the mirror, placing the straw to my nostril. I was shaking due to the excitement and idea of doing another thing I knew I shouldn’t have been doing. I inhaled the first line and an aspirin taste hit my throat right away. I handed the straw back to Sean who did his line. By the time he handed the straw back to me, I was already smiling as the cool rush of the blow started to hit me. I felt so wicked and dirty.

“Hit the other nostril,” Sean said smiling, looking at me with a look that was completely all sex.

I bent over and took my second bump, “Oh fuck that feels good!”

“Ha! I knew you’d be up for this! Wait till we start fucking. You are going to go fucking crazy!”

A euphoric feeling started to wash over me. I felt even hornier. It wasn’t just the coke that was hitting me, it was the idea of what I was doing – how taboo it was with the drugs and man-to-man sex and soon to be man-to-man-to-man sex.

Sean did his bump as I rubbed his back and as soon as he stood up I grabbed him and kissed him, running my hands all over his body. My cock was a steel pole. I was up for anything.

“You have to fuck me!” I said emphasizing the ‘have’, “I want your cock bad! I want you to make me blast a huge load!” I was talking quickly. My mind was racing as I tried to comprehend everything I was feeling. Except for pot I wasn’t Ankara escort bayan into the drug scene. Sean though, he made me want to totally abandon myself over to his whims. If he said coke would make sex better, I wanted to find out.

We fell onto the bed and continued our making out as we rubbed ourselves together and tried to touch every part of each other.

I was pleading for release, “Fuck me! Please fuck my ass! I want to blow a huge load with you in me! Pleassssse!”

“Not yet. Soon,” Sean whispered in my ear. He was on top of me and I had my legs wrapped around him, trying to pull his cock into me by hooking my heels into his ass.

“I feel so good… Need to cum! …Pleassseee Master!” I was begging I wanted it so badly. I had never been so turned on. “I can’t wait to get fucked by your friend…I want to take his load for you. Make me a complete fag. Your fag.”

“You are my fag. I own your ass.” Sean said as he leaned up and grabbed the back of my legs.”Show me your pussy. Now.”

I grabbed under my knees and pulled them to my chest. My cock was still rock hard and leaking. Our precum was smeared all over our stomachs and I was leaking like a sieve while Sean played with my ass.

“I own this pussy. You’ll do anything I want because I say so, right?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes master.”

“Are you my slave?” Sean was gently caressing my pussy.

I was almost going out of my mind. “Unhhhhhh…yes master….unhhhh…” I was so close to blasting right then. I reached for my cock.

“No! You’ll get off when I say so,” Sean said teasingly.

“Pleeeeassse master! I need to sooo bad!” I was starting to even sound gay now. Like a little girl.

“I’m going to make you cum when I want you to. Don’t touch your cock.”

Sean rolled me back up and I held my knees so I could spread myself open for him. He pulled my cheeks apart and started to lick my ass.

“Ohhhh fuck…that feels so good…Mmmooorrrrrrrre!” I moaned.

Sean pulled me apart even more and feeling so wide open was making me even more turned on. He started to really rim my hole and I felt so much like a girl who was getting her pussy eaten. It felt incredible and I told Sean to keep licking me.

“Feels so fucking good. I love it when you eat my pussy. I want you so bad!”

Sean moaned in between my ass cheeks. He reached up and squeezed my dick hard. I was so close to shooting that if he stroked me even once, I knew I would blast a huge load.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yessss! Pleassssse!”

“Are you going to bounce on Dan’s cock?”

“Oh God yes!”

“I’m going to feed you my cock while he pounds you. Fills you up. You’ll love it so much.”

“I want it so bad…I can’t wait to feel him in me!”

“Are you going to cum soon?”

“Yesss…so close…please master!”

Sean went back to rimming rim, sticking his tongue in me as deep as possible. I started to moan and tried to pull my ass apart more. The more spread I was, the more slutty I felt.

Finally I could feel my pending orgasm start. “I’m going to cum…don’t stop…PLEASE DON’T STOP!”

“Cum baby. Cum hard for daddy!” Sean reached up and slightly pulled my cock. I started to shoot my white hot juice all over my stomach and it sprayed everywhere. He kept tonguing my hole while he pulled at my cock and it felt incredible. The combination of the coke and his tongue made me blast a huge load. It may have not been the longest orgasm but it was definitely intense. My heart was racing and my breathing was heavy and loud. I could barely speak, “Ohhhh god…oh god…that was…fucking …crazy…sooo good…fuck…so intense…fuuuuuck.”

Sean let my hips roll down. I had one of my hands clutching the sheets and my other hand was over my head now, grabbing a pillow. Sean started to rub my load into my stomach before scooping some up and eating it. I looked down at him and he was now licking it directly off of me.

“Want some?”

I nodded my head. He sucked up a big pool of my cream that had landed just below my belly button and came up over my mouth to share a kiss with me. I could smell and taste my ass on him, but I didn’t care. I wanted him. I still felt so sexy. My legs were still spread apart and we started to kiss. Sean let my load drop into my mouth and I licked his tongue trying to score every bit of my seed from his mouth. I wrapped both my arms around him and squeezed his ass before I reached up and pulled his head aggressively to me for an even deeper kiss.

I could feel my load between us and the lubrication it provided was a very sexy feeling. My cock was still hard and his was too. Instead of feeling like I needed a “recovery period”, I was still in the mood and ready to go for more. Now I knew why people enjoyed sex with coke.

I looked into Sean’s eyes, “I want you to fuck me. Put your cock in me and pound me full of your seed.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait for Dan?’

“Yes. Escort Ankara I need a cock in my ass now. I am sooo fucking horny!”

I had one hand on his ass and one hand on his cock. He was rock hard. “Lie on your back. I am going to ride you hard.”

“Do you want me to lube us up?” Sean asked.

“Let’s try without it. I need you badly. Fuck me baby!”

I got on top of Sean and straddled him. I worked his hard cock to my hole but unfortunately even with his fabulous rim job, I was unable to work him in as comfortably as I wanted. I grabbed the lube and put a large amount in my hands and worked it on and around his cock, especially smearing it on his cockhead.

I again tried to put him in me and this time with little effort I slid him all the way in, working my ass down till I was sitting on his hips. My ass was getting accustomed to his cock and it felt so good to know it.

“You cock feels so good. I love fucking you…I’m going to ride you hard,” I said looking at Sean as I ground my hips into him. He was playing with my nipples and my hands were resting on his shoulders for balance.

“You look so sexy bouncing on my cock. You’re such a natural. You are a born bottom made for breeding. You are a fag.”

“Yeahhhhh…I love it when you call me a fag…don’t stop…I want you to blow your load deep in me…keep converting me…oh baby, you feel so good,” I was still feeling the coke and my cock just swayed as I rode Sean.

“I want you to blow it deep in me. Keep owning my ass. Turn me into a fag.”

“You are a fag. I’m going to blow it deep into your fag ass like you want it.” Sean had his hands on my hips and was forcing me deeper onto his cock. My hands were still resting on his shoulders and I was trying to ride him to orgasm. I desperately wanted to feel him blow it deep into me.

“Oh baby…fuck me…give me your load…your cock feels so good.” My cock was still rock hard. I was worried that the coke might make my cock soft, but that seemed to be far from true at this moment. It was swinging around as I bounced and threw my ass down on his cock.

“Yeah man…do it…bounce on it…fuck me like the fag you’ve become…beg for my load!”

I felt so close to cumming and my whole body felt so sexed up. I wanted to feel Sean unload so badly.

“Fuck me! Fuck me baby! I’m a fag…fill me up…I’m so gay…fuck me…knock me up! Keep calling me a fag! You feel so good!”

“You fag…I’m going to fill your fag ass! You’re so gay and you love it! I’m getting so close to cumming! Don’t stop baby!”

I had slowed down my rhythm but increased the size of the strokes, riding my ass all the way up his cock before plunging back down. I started to increase the pace and I could feel his slicked up cock start to expand. I now had his cock hammering away at my prostate and it was going to make me blow too.

I could barely get the words out again, “Baby, you are going to make me cum…I’m going to shoot all over you…Cum in me…Cum in me baby! Please master!”

“You’re going to make me shoot! Going to fill your ass up! You want my load?” Sean was trying to get the words out before he creamed my insides.

“Load me up! Yes! Yes! Convert me again! OH FUUUUCK!” I started to blow my load and my ass squeezed around Sean’s cock which was starting to cream my insides.

Sean started to cum, “Here it is…what you want…take it! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

I drove my hips down as deep as i could on his cock trying to rub my prostate against his cock. My hands were gripping his shoulders hard and my back was arched as my cock started to explode all over Sean. It wasn’t a big load but I sprayed it all over his chest, stomach and even his neck. Sean was pulling my hips as deep onto his dick as possible and he was having a huge orgasm. I could feel his hot white load cream my insides. It made me feel so sexy and his cock continued to pump his remaining drops into me. I could feel my cock pulsing every time his cock pulsed another drop into my eager ass.

I moved my hips around and Sean breathing hard gasped, “Too sensitive! Don’t move…so good…”

It felt so good though with his cock and his load deep in me I loved how wet and slippery he had made my insides.

I bent forward and kissed Sean saying I had to let him out of me as my knees were now starting to get sore from my vigorous cock riding. I lifted off and his slippery cock easily came out covered in his juice and I could feel his load start to leak more. My ass felt wide open and so empty as the cool air hit it. I squeezed my ass tight instinctively to keep his load in me. My heart was still pounding as I’m sure his was too.

I flipped over on to my back and could feel my ass pulsating. Sean got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back, he brought the mirror and coke. He started to chop up some more lines when we heard a knock at the door. We were a bit startled and I worried that maybe we were louder than I thought. We hid the coke and I jumped into the bathroom.

Sean put on some clothes as he went to answer the door and look through the peep hole. “It’s just Dan.”

My heart skipped a beat. Dan was here and now the party would really start. I couldn’t wait.

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