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3D Hentai

Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 68 Dad Loves Me Part 68 James hoo) We woke up in the morning. I was snuggled up with my new dad (Marcus), Jim was with his Unc (my daddy), and Tim was snuggled with his pop (Wally). It seemed that Tim had really become attracted to Wally. Of course we three cousins found all three men sexy and desirable, I, of course, was still madly in love with daddy, Jim was definitely a dad’s boy, but Tim seemed to want more and Wally really fit the bill. Wally was more than happy to give Tim a little extra. It was around 11 am when we finally had breakfast as usual and then I asked daddy if I could take the twins to the gym to show them around. I said I was thinking if inviting Paddy and Alan too. He said he didn’t have a problem and that the twins could take whichever car. I then called Paddy “Hey sweetie. I was going to take Jim and Tim to the gym to show them around. I was wondering in you and Alan would like to join us.”—“Hang on…..That would be cool. We’ll wait for you outside.” We got dressed and drove over to Paddy’s and picked him and his brother up. We headed to the gym and just enjoyed being 5 young guys spending time together. Once we got to the gym, Paddy and I showed our membership cards and signed in the other’s as our guests. We showed them around all the facilities then sat in the juice bar and had a drink. Atlas walked in and came over to us after getting a drink. He placed his hand on my shoulder. We chatted for a few minutes about the gym. After he finished his drink he leaned down and whispered in my ear “After the new year, I plan to use my coupon for you.” He said goodbye, winked at Paddy then turned to leave. Jim commented “What a cock and ass.” Paddy returned “You better believe it.” One stop left to see was the locker room. We did see Walter coming around the corner in his swimming trunks. “Happy holidays.” We introduced everyone and Walter said “I hope you join. I would definitely be seeing you in the steam room.” He winked to Paddy and me and left for the pool area. We left the locker room and stopped at the main desk to sign out. We had told them a little about Walter and even his buddy Oscar. But meeting him in person was different. We told them “Don’t dismiss him, his blowjobs will leave you weak in the knees, especially when he takes out his teeth and gives you a gum job.”—“I never had one of those.” Jim said. “You’ve never had a blow job, until you’ve experienced a gum job like he gives.” Paddy agreed. We arrived at Paddy’s house but before Paddy and Alan got out, Paddy gave me a really heartfelt kiss while Alan gave me a nice kiss although I did feel love behind it. “See you later Paddy boy.”—“Later Benji boy.” We drove the last few minutes to our house. Tim said “I can tell he really loves you.”—“Believe me the feeling is mutual. I can’t believe my luck in meeting him on the first day of school 4 months ago. We got very close very quickly.” Jim said “He’s got a really sexy accent too. So istanbul travesti does Alan.” We went in the house and when I went to the bedroom to undress, I stopped in the doorway seeing daddy, Wally, and Marcus in a threeway suck circle. I backed out and went to the spare room telling Jim and Tim what was happening. I undressed with them and then we went to the family room. We decided to watch some TV. About 45 minutes later all 3 men walked into the room and us boys started applauding. Marcus said “Fuck you boys.”—“Any time dad. Just say when.” Jim replied. Wally asked me to go to the kitchen with him. He wanted to talk to me about something for dinner. After we talked, he grabbed the car keys and went to the store. He bought thee family size portions of Salisbury steaks. Around 5 o’clock he decided it was time for dinner. Since there was three, we had to cook them one at a time. Ww turned on the oven to be able to keep them warm as the others cooked. When Wally put the 2nd dinner in the microwave, I started mixing up a huge batch of mashed potatoes. We didn’t didn’t use instant potatoes very often, but this was one of those other instances. We were each able to have 3 portions of steak and plenty of mashed potatoes and lots of gravy between the three dinners. After we were all done eating, there was still enough potatoes for a single serve snack. The twins and I cleaned everything and we joined our dads in the family room. Daddy suggested we invite Paddy and his family for New Year’s Eve. Daddy called and he and Sean talked for a few a daddy told them to come by around 7 or so tomorrow evening. I was looking forward as I was planning on asking paddy to be my boyfriend after we shared a midnight kiss. Paddy’s parents knew how close we were and said we didn’t have to hide our love anymore. Alan was the only one who knew I was planning this as we discussed it when we were together at the party the other day. We watched an Indiana Jones movie before we decided to go to bed. We decided tonight I was going to be with daddy and Jim which meant Wally would be with Marcus and Tim. What I thought would happen, happened. Jim took control and told daddy to get on his hands and knees. Jim started rimming daddy’s hairy ass making him moan while I started working on Jim’s cock. They were both moaning but I was waiting for Jim to signal me that daddy’s ass was wet enough. After about 5 minutes, later Jim patted my head letting me know to stop sucking him. I wasn’t just sucking him, but licking and sucking his balls mostly to keep him hard, which I knew wouldn’t be a problem, but also keep his cock wet without making him cum. Jim got up behind daddy and said “I hope you’re ready for a hard fuck Unc.”—“Fuck me son. Give me all you got.” Jim lined up his cock and shoved his cock into daddy’s hairy hole and started pounding him right off. I moved to daddy’s head and knelt in front of him and told him to suck me. I used the same kind of voice kadıköy travesti that I used when daddy and I role played. Jim smiled in a lustful way and winked at me and resumed pounding daddy’s ass. Daddy was moaning and groaning on my cock and I was fighting wanting to cum. I managed to get daddy to stop sucking me and to work my balls. After about 20 minutes of fucking daddy, Jim said “I hope you’re ready for my cum Unc because I’m about ready to shoot and going deep into your ass.”—“Fill me up son. Give me your nut.”—“OH FUCKING SHIT! HERE IT CUMS!” He shoved in as far as he could and it looked like Jim was trying to shove his whole body into daddy’s ass and he started shaking with orgasmic convulsions. He filled daddy’s ass with a good load of cum. Then he said to me “Get your ass back here cuz and finish off in his ass.” I pulled my cock from daddy’s mouth and as soon as he pulled his cock from daddy’s ass, I shoved my cock in. I felt Jim’s load inside daddy’s hole all around my cock. I started fucking daddy harder than usual and in a short time I said quite loudly “TAKE MY CUM DADDY. BE MY CUM DUMP!—“Fuck me son and give me your load to mix with your brother’s.” As I started to shake with my orgasm, Jim grabbed me and kissed me as I unloaded my cum into daddy’s ass. As I was calming down daddy cried out “AAAAAHHHHH!” and shot his load. After he calmed down from his orgasm, we rolled him onto his back and shared kisses with him. We each took turns showering, daddy taking more time to clean his ass of two loads of cum from his sons. We all cuddled in bed with daddy in the middle. I rolled over and turned off the light. Just then we heard “I’M CUMMING” from the other room. We all laughed and daddy said “Goodnight my sons.” WALLY Tim wanted to be with me again but so did Marcus. Tim seems to have taken a real shine to me. I’m hoping this won’t cause problems between him and his brother and father. The four of us will have to have a talk real soon. Now to have some fun with these two smoking hot guys. Tim dropped to his knees in front of me and Marcus. He took my cock first and while he was working my cock Marcus kissed me deeply. Then I felt cool air on my cock before a hand grabbed it and slowly jacked it. I looked down to see Tim sucking his dad. I pulled Tim up and kissed him like his dad kissed me. Then I sank to my knees and first took Tim’s cock into my mouth and I deepthroated him as he kissed his dad. Then I started sucking Marcus. Marcus told me to get up and get on the bed on my hands and knees. “No dad. I want to be the bottom for my men.” Marcus then said “Get on your hands and knees then boy.” Marcus started rimming him. Tim started sucking me. Tim was moaning around my cock. “Eat his ass brother. Make it nice and wet and open for our cocks.” I saw Marcus’ hands grabbing Tim’s ass cheeks and pulling them apart allowing him to dig his tongue in deeper and deeper. I had to move Tim off of my cock to keep from bakırköy travesti cumming. I turned around and had him rim me. After about 5 minutes or so, Marcus came up, his mustache was sopping wet with his spit and the rest of the area around his mouth and chin were wet too. It was so sexy looking. “Get over here bro and fuck our son.” I pulled away from Tim’s mouth and moved around behind him. I lined up my cock and Marcus grabbed my cock and held it as I pushed into Tim’s ass. As soon as his hand touched Tim’s flesh, he removed it from my cock and put it on my ass and pushed me so that my cock finished going into Tim’s ass faster than I wanted and I heard him grunt. Marcus whispered to me “He likes it rough so don’t hold back.” I started pounding pretty hard hearing Tim let out an “OOOMPH” with every thrust. I was starting to feel like I might hurt him but the I heard Tim say “Fuck me pop. Give it to me. I can take it. I need it from you.” Hearing that made me feel better and I gave him what he wanted. Marcus moved in front of our son and told Tim “Suck me now.” Tim opened his mouth and Marcus shoved his cock into Tim’s mouth and started face fucking him, not so hard as to hurt him, but to make him feel submissive as he wanted to be. As he was having his mouth raped, he was grabbing and pulling on Marcus’ balls. He was also squeezing his ass muscles as well as he could with my cock plunging in and out. His ass was literally milking my cock even with the speed I was fucking him. “I’m getting close. You’re gonna take my cum and like it. I hope you’re ready.”—“Yes sir pop.” With that I yelled “I’M CUMMING!” and I started filling his ass with my load of cum. As I was finishing, Marcus pulled his cock from Tim’s mouth and joined me behind Tim and as soon as my cock was free of his ass, Marcus shoved his cock in his ass and was causing some of my cum to leak from his ass around his cock. He started pounding causing Tim to grunt with each thrust again. “Fuck me dad. You know what to do.”—“Get ready to take my daddy load into your cum filled ass. FUCK!” He started cumming in Tim’s ass causing even more cum to leak out around his cock. Marcus pulled from his ass and roughly flipped Tim onto his back and shoved my head down to his cock so I opened my mouth and Marcus was literally using my mouth to fuck Tim’s cock. It didn’t take him long to have a huge orgasm. He just started breathing erratically and shooting several jets of cum down my throat. Marcus finally let me up a little so I could taste Tim’s delicious cum. We all needed showers and we let Tim go first so he could clean everywhere including his ass. When he came back in, Marcus went to shower. I asked Tim if he was sure he was OK. “I am sore but in a way that I love to feel. I loved you and dad fucking my ass and then feeding you my load.” I was kissing him as Marcus walked in and I went to shower. When I came back I climbed into bed with Marcus and Tim with our son between us. I turned over and turned off the light and then snuggled back up with Tim. We all went to sleep very content. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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