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Subject: Dad Watches Doctor Doc knocked on the door and opened it. He was surprised to see more than one person in the room waiting for him. “Hi, Doc,” said the young man’s father, seated off to the side in slacks and a button-up checked shirt unbuttoned enough to see a bit of chest hair at the neck. “I hope it’s okay that I came in too. Jr asked if I could help explain the situation.” His son was always just called Junior, like Jr, just like Doc was always just called Doc. The patient was a little old to have his father sitting in, but it wasn’t unheard of. Doc said, “That’s okay. You’d rather have Dad in here with us today?” You know how Dad becomes a name sometimes to the principal or somebody like that. They don’t say “your dad.” Jr was perched on the edge of the high, padded chair/table that pointed back into the far corner of the exam room. His sneakers dangled below the mesh athletic shorts that covered his knees, and he leaned on his straightened arms that poked out of his loose T-shirt. Doc wore a tie under his white coat, always. He let the heavy wooden door close behind him. Jr didn’t answer the question out loud. He just nodded. “Okay, maybe it’s a little embarrassing? That’s okay. I’m used to that. Something hurts?” Again Jr nodded, and after a pause his dad said, “He said he had a stomach ache at first, but it’s not just his stomach.” Doc said, “Okay. Maybe that whole general area? Yeah?” He asked Jr to kick off his sneakers and step on the scale. No strange weight loss. He checked the eyes and ears and mouth. Nothing of concern there. “Can you take your shirt off, and I’ll take a listen?” The heart rate was a little high, probably just nervous. Breathing sounded okay. Doc reached between Jr’s legs. “I’m just going to pull out this shelf for your legs if you’ll lie back.” He started around the ribs with no response. When he went lower, around the navel, Jr reacted. “Does that hurt here? Okay and how about here?” Doc slid his fingers under the waistband of the shorts and pushed lower and down. “Mmmmhmph…” Doc said okay and asked if he can slide those down a bit, and Jr said okay and let him. The shorts tugged down gently, showing more flat skin and a ridge at each hip bone and more hair and then more, and then they stopped. Doc looked over at how the man was staring from his seat at his son. No underwear today. Doc looked at how the shorts material draped over his patient’s legs and between them. Jr looked down at his body and at Doc’s fingers exploring. As they pressed and slid, Jr felt an overall dull ache, worse than it had been for the previous few days. “Your balls hurt at all?” Doc asked. Jr just stared in surprise, until his father answered. “Yeah. He said they’ve been sore for a while. I asked if anything happened to them and he said no. You didn’t hurt them, right?” Jr watched them both turn to look at him. He shook his head no. There was a silence, until Doc again surprised them both. “You jerk off a lot, son? Don’t be embarrassed. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He didn’t talk about stuff like that with his dad. He barely talked about it with his friends, even if they started talking about it first. He wasn’t sure if it was okay or not or what might be not okay if they started talking about it. “Um, I don’t know. Sometimes.” “That’s okay Jr, we all do it.” His dad had thought it might be something like that, but they hadn’t discussed it. They got a far as it being in the general down-there area before they decided to involve Doc. Doc said, “That’s right. Dad does it. I do it. Every guy does it… maybe you’ve been doing it a lot lately?” Jr felt pretty embarrassed and on the spot. “Um, I don’t know.” Doc said that it’s normal for a guy his age to masturbate several times a day, and to get aroused all the time. He said that it can have a big impact, physically. “Let me ask you this, and let’s just go ahead and talk openly about this. When you jack off, do you sometimes not finish all the way? Not ejaculate, I mean.” Jr looked back at both of them. He nodded. That was the real problem, along with the pain it was causing. His father said, “You didn’t tell me that!” “You didn’t ask me!” Jr said, shrugging. He looked embarrassed again. His dad told him it was alright and not to be embarrassed about it. Doc interrupted, “Okay okay, it’s alright. Now, I want to check you out, and that means tuzla escort taking these shorts down and seeing what’s going on down there. And you might get an erection and you might ejaculate, and that’s no big deal. It happens. Do you want Dad to wait outside or stay here?” The father and son looked at each other. Jr couldn’t remember the last time his dad saw him naked, years ago. He thought that his dad might already be feeling weird about the situation, but he didn’t think it would embarrass his dad to see him like that, even if he got a bone. “Um, can you just stay?” Jr said. “I’ll stay if you want. If you’re not embarrassed to have me see.” Jr shrugged like he didn’t care. Doc interrupted, “Are you circumcised?” Jr wasn’t. The question was kind of out of nowhere. Doc said, “I am, so if it has anything to do with that then I can advise you as a doctor but only that. Maybe Dad can tell you about that. Oh, actually, I don’t know, are you also uncut, Dad?” Jr looked at his dad as he explained that they had matching dicks. He didn’t phrase it that way of course. He was trying to be clinical and nonchalant. He was picturing what he was about to see. Doc asked Jr to stand up and drop his shorts, and he slowly did. His young, firm, bare body stood with his floppy fleshy knob and round balls held out like fruit. It was a body to be proud of, whether it was yours or your son’s. Jr looked at both men’s eyes looking down, and then Doc asked and sat down on a little, padded, wheeled stool, and he reached out and held Jr’s dick. Doc gently pushed back the foreskin and touched the tip. He asked about keeping it clean, and Jr said that he always washes under. Doc asked if Jr felt any pain or tightness, either now or when he masturbates. Jr said that the dick never hurt, so Doc moved on to the balls. “Ah, so your balls seem full and firm and a little tightened up. You see that, Dad?” Jr looked at his dad looking at his balls and nodding, a little surprised to be asked. Doc continued, “See, we both know that feeling ourselves. They get sore. It’s just a matter of finishing the whole process. You’re all backed up.” Jr was relieved that it was not something serious. Doc gently touched each part of Jr’s testicle and the tube in the back, explaining how it looped around and down. He pressed a few fingers against Jr’s lower abdomen, to one side, and told them both about a dull soreness there from that tube if we don’t ejaculate. The attention was making Jr’s body react, even with his dad there and watching. Doc tried to ignore it at first but then it was obvious and creating embarrassment. Doc could tell that it was drawing both their attention. “Now, Dad doesn’t care about that, isn’t that right? It’s perfectly natural, just like I said. And I’ve seen hundreds.” He went on with the exam and the discussion as Jr watched his father looking. Jr’s dick got longer and straighter and stood up. Dad gave him an impressed look while he tried to judge how it compared to his own. Jr was almost as tall as his father and still growing. “But I also want to talk about the prostate,” Doc said. The word made Dad sit up and take notice. He was at that age where the prostate is more of a concern. But Jr was trying to think back to Sex Ed and its quick coverage of anatomy. Doc pointed to a diagram as he gave a brief overview and then said, “Do you ever feel back there while you’re masturbating?” Now Jr was the surprised one, but Doc explained that it was very common to stimulate the balls and also between the legs, “each guy has his own tastes for what he likes to think about and look at and feel on his body. If you’re masturbating in the shower, you might feel the sensation of the water. Let me just feel under here.” He reached under Jr’s balls from the front to what Jr’s friends called the ‘taint’ between the legs and felt the balls rest in his wrist. Doc explained that an aroused prostate can sometimes be felt there through the skin, even though it’s deep inside. “You feel pretty warm here, too. I want to get your temperature, okay?” Jr agreed before getting the gist that it would be a rectal thermometer. “Now, this might even trigger your prostate, and that might make you ejaculate, and that’s okay.” He positioned Jr leaning over the exam table and put a towel under where Jr’s dick met it. Doc watched Jr press against it, grind it a little. When Doc slid pendik escort the thin metal point in, Jr didn’t even groan. His father noticed the flexed muscles in his son’s butt. Jr’s temperature was high, and Doc explained that the prostate was really cooking after getting arousal without completion. He suggested a prostate exam, something that his father had been avoiding getting done. Jr said okay, and Doc reiterated that it might cause an ejaculation and to just let it happen if it’s going to. “It’s a sensitive spot. That’s called an erogenous zone, and each of us has our favorite one. Let me ask you another awkward question, Jr. When you masturbate, do you like to jack off with your hand, or maybe you like to be lying down and you grind it into the bed or on the floor? That how you do it?” Jr nodded. Doc said that he thought so, and that it can be difficult sometimes to finish without the right stimulation. He talked about how thrusting squeezes the prostate. Doc lubed up his gloved finger and positioned it behind Jr, who bent over as instructed. Doc positioned himself off to the side, which let Dad watch. Doc looked over at the stare as the finger disappeared into Junior. He slid in gently but quickly, felt the prostate with a quick press and slipped out. “That was quick!” Dad said, and Doc confirmed that an average digital rectal exam is over in two seconds. Jr didn’t ejaculate. He barely felt anything from the doctor’s finger. Doc explained that Jr might have trouble because his prostate is deep and high. “That might stop you from getting over the edge. I’m gonna suggest that I stimulate it more, with something longer than my finger.” Again Dad perked up in curiosity. Doc pulled something from a drawer, a long, stiff rod. It just looked like a pen or a marker. Doc showed how the tip was “shaped like a fingertip,” but the round helmet dome of it looked less like a finger to Dad and more like the tip of a penis. It kind of looked like the tip of Jr’s penis, and that made Dad realize that it looked like the tip of his penis too. He stared at it as Doc got it ready. Dad watched as Doc held Jr’s firm, muscular butt cheeks apart and pressed the tip against the center and then slowly in. Jr moaned at the wider size of it and lowered his head, inhaling when it brushed the prostate and tapped. Doc said “You feel that?” and he massaged more. Dad watched as Doc pushed it in and out, in and out. “How long has it been since you came, Jr?” “Umm… mmm, maybe a couple weeks? Mmmph” The rod felt different, stiffer, and it was just kind of poking around, not quite getting the spot. Doc looked back and said, “Can you imagine being as charged up as we were at that age and not coming for weeks? I probably shot five times a day.” “I still do,” Dad said, and then he realized what he had divulged. It was only quiet for a couple seconds though. Doc said, “Well then, you two are quite a pair. Runs in the family.” Jr was just taking it all in. Doc was surprised that he didn’t come right away. He positioned the instrument and asked if Jr could feel it. Jr said only a little. Doc couldn’t quite tell what it was doing, so he pulled it out, as Jr moaned at the change in sensation and looked back at them. “Well, normally just a finger would do it but…” Doc held up his hand. His fingers were kind of short. He looked at Dad’s hand as it adjusted his crotch. “I think you need to be able to feel in there to get it right, and you have to move it. Maybe it’d work if you try, Dad?” Jr looked at his dad. He was surprised and hesitant and said that he didn’t know how, but Doc said that he would teach him. “That okay with you, Jr?” Jr’s balls were aching, and he could feel everything inside him now. He asked his father to try it. “The gloves make it more difficult,” Doc said. He opened a drawer full of condoms and unwrapped one. He showed how it was already lubed and slick, and Dad put it over his thick, long, manly finger. He felt Doc’s hand on his shoulder as he stood close behind his son. Doc guided Dad in, demonstrating, and put his finger into position. It went in, and Dad felt Jr close tight on it as he moaned. Doc said, “Slide it, don’t poke it, yeah. Do you feel it, Jr? You feel Dad inside? Good, now go like this and press down. Feel that?” Jr gasped like cold water was thrown on him. He moaned and flexed and pushed into the table like he was aydınlı escort playing pinball. Doc watched Dad feel around, sliding in and out, pressing. It went on for a while. Jr stopped himself from being too loud. He felt it but not fully, only in little bursts of contact. He pushed back against it. He said “harder” under his breath, nervous to say it. Doc knew that Jr needed more. He looked at Dad and looked down on Dad. He saw the man’s tight slacks look tighter now. Then he said, “I have something else, something bigger.” Jr looked at him and then back and then he felt his father slide his finger out, and Jr wanted to come so bad. “What is it?” Doc said, “I could use my penis. Just like Dad just had his finger in there. It’s not very long, but uh, I could take it out and use it. I could feel inside you with it and push it deep inside you.” They just stood there with it hanging over them. Jr’s eyes moved over to his dad. “I guess that would be okay, right Dad? If Doc thinks so.” “Uh, yeah. I suppose. If you’re okay with that, Jr.” Doc’s white coat was open. Under it, he was wearing a shirt, tie, belt, and slacks. He unzipped. He reached in. He pulled out his cock and his balls too. His dick was thick with a big head. Dad was used to seeing cocks that looked like that instead of like his and his son’s. He watched Doc take out a condom and roll it on. It flexed up. Doc was showing how he was going to move it to bump Jr’s throbbing prostate. He got into position while Dad watched. He held Jr’s hips on both sides. He didn’t hold onto his dick like they do in porn. He just stood in position and aimed and pressed in, looking over at Dad. “You feel that? It’s a little bigger. I’m going to push it right up against that spot.” He pushed in while his eyes locked with Dad’s. Jr watched his father watching. Dad could tell that Doc was flexing his cock. He could see the balls tightening up and dropping, then again. Then he watched Doc start to pump in and pull out, very slowly, looking at Dad until he got a nod to go faster and harder. Dad said, “Jr? That feel okay? You feel it?” Jr moaned yes and pushed back against it. Dad said, “You can, uh, just go ahead, whenever you feel it. It’s okay.” Doc slammed in. “I’m uh, almost… keep going…” Dad watched Doc apply himself. A slight grin and grunt appeared. Dad looked down to see Doc hold his coat out of the way, standing at an angle, showing off, letting himself slide almost out and then back in again, showing his hard cock in the man’s son. It was just long enough to pull out but keep the tip in and show Dad. Doc said, “I think… maybe it’s not long enough to get there. Jr, is your dad’s longer than mine? Have you seen it?” Jr looked at his sweaty father standing there, staring. “I’ve never seen him like that.” Doc said “I think we need Dad to do the job. Good thing he stayed in here to help. Should we have him show us how big it is, Jr?” Jr agreed that Dad should. Doc was still fucking him, though. He pushed slow in and almost got to it. Dad watched. He unbuttoned his shirt and undid his belt and unzipped his pants and let them drop. He was wearing only some tight white briefs that were barely containing his long meaty uncut cock. It was ready. Dad gripped it through the fabric and the tip had made a wet spot that was more see-through and form-fitting. He pulled the sharp elastic waistband down and up popped Dad’s dick. He stepped out of the last of his clothes and walked up behind Jr. Doc reached out a hand and guided Dad in, then he held it and lined it up. It slid in smooth, not as thick around as Doc’s big old one. Jr let out a loud noise as he pushed forward and felt the tip of his dad’s long cock poke right on the sweet spot and push it around. “That’s it, isn’t it, Jr?” Doc asked. “Dad’s got it?” “Uh huh… mmhmmm yeah…” “You gonna come, Jr. I’ll come, and you’ll feel it, and you can come with me, alright? You feel my cock?” “Yeah, Dad. That’s it. It’s so hard. I’m getting there. You’re gonna make me come, Dad.” Doc said, “Go ahead.” His dick was in his hand, tight, and he stood right up close to them, watching, and squeezing a load out into that condom and breathing heavy. “Ready boy? Dad’s ready. I’m… ugh, ohhmmmhhmm, yeah…” and Jr felt it inside, sending a hot sensation right onto the perfect spot and his heavy balls blasted out a thick load under him, just like the last time he fucked into a towel on the floor in the middle of the night. “Fuck! Ohhhh yeah mmmmmhmmm” Doc tucked himself away and told them to take their time getting dressed. “And I want to see you again soon to follow up.”

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