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Subject: Daddy & JJ (Part IV) (Gay/Incest) DONATION: Nifty is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies on our donations to keep the site free and accessible. Your donations pay for web hosting fees and other day-to-day activities for the wonderful staff of editors/publishers. You can donate on the website at fty/ Every little bit counts. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and contains explicit, sexual content involving adults over the age of 21 and minors under the age of 13, and scenes of incest involving step-parents/step-children. If viewing this material is illegal where you live, OR you’re a minor under the age of 18, please stop reading his. If you’re not sure about this legatilty, please stop reading until you have looked into your own, local laws. Any likeness or similarity between persons, places, products or concepts are purely coincidental. If you would like to leave any positive feedback, please let me know. Thank you. Daddy & JJ (Part IV) “Happy Birthday, Sport,” John said to JJ after a rousing (and rather tone deaf) round of the Happy Birthday song. “Thanks, Dad,” JJ said, rather embarrassed. “Happy Birthday, Baby,” Tamera said, giving her boyfriend a kiss. “Mm, thanks, Baby,” JJ said, pulling his girlfriend into his lap. The young lovers went back to kissing. John cleared his throat. “Sorry, Dad.” JJ’s face turned red once more. “So,” John said, “What are your plans for this weekend?” “I’m going to see my nana’s house on Friday, but I should be back in time for the game on Wednesday.” “You better,” JJ teased. “Wouldn’t miss it,” Tamera said, kissing JJ once more. John cleared his throat a second time. “What about you, JJ? Plans?” “None that I can think of.” “Great!” John said, “I was hoping we could go camping.” “Sure,” JJ said, shrugging. “It’s been almost two years since our last one.” Friday morning came early. John packed his gear and left for JJ’s before dawn. istanbul travesti He sat in his car and waited…and waited…and waited. The sun was up and people were making their way to work. John got out of the car. His patience was at its breaking point. He knocked on the door and his ex-wife answered. “What do you want, John?” Her tone hadn’t changed in the last 4 years. “Is JJ up? We were supposed to be on the road a half-hour ago.” “He’s not here.” “What do you mean ‘he’s not here’?” His ex stared daggers at him. “What the hell do you think I meant? He’s not here, as in he never came home last night.” “Do you know where he is, then?” “Probably at Tamera’s.” “Probably? As in, you have no clue where our 15-year-old son is.” John shot back with as much snark as he was getting. His ex was not one to her own medicine, slammed the door in his face. John went back to his car, fuming, and drove towards Tamera’s. As John pulled into the driveway, JJ was walking out of the house. He was only wearing his boxers. “Hey, Dad,” JJ said confused. “What are you doing here?” John couldn’t hide his annoyance and said, “Um, I don’t know, Junior, you tell me?” JJ knew he was in trouble. His dad rarely ever called him “Junior.” JJ closed his eyes and dropped his head. “Sorry,” the young man said. “I totally forgot.” John’s anger subsided at hearing the sincerity in his son’s voice. “Well,” John said, “go and say goodbye to your girlfriend, so we can be on our way.” “Can I have some time to get dressed before we leave?” JJ asked, with a grin. “Why,” John said without missing a beat, “it’s not like you haven’t been naked in the car before.” JJ blushed heavily and walked back into the house. About 15 minutes later, he and Tamera came out holding hands. “I’m sorry that you’re running late,” Tamera said. “It’s my fault. I asked for one more night.” John said it was alright. He liked Tamera very much and kadıköy travesti knew she was a good influence on his boy. He watched as his son and Tamera kissed once more. John drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. JJ finally got into the car, and John pulled out onto the street and drove away. John put on his usual road music, which was hastily changed to the latest pop station by JJ. “Excuse you,” John said, turning the station back. “The pilot picks the music.” “Since when? You’ve always let me pick.” “Since you made us late.” “I said I was sorry,” JJ said dejectedly. John patted his son’s knee. “I’m sorry, too, Sport. I didn’t mean to be angry with you. I was being impatient, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” JJ reached over and took his dad by the hand before looking out the window. They drove down the highway like this for a while, then JJ said, “Dad, can I ask you a question?” “Sure, Sport. You can ask me anything.” JJ paused. He kept his eyes off in the distance as he asked, “Do you like Tamera?” “What do you mean? Of course I like her. Why do you ask?” JJ sighed and responded, “I just get the feeling that you don’t approve of her and I are dating.” John was a little taken aback. “I’m sorry I gave you that impression, son.” “Well,” JJ continued, “It isn’t just Tamera. It seems like you haven’t liked any of my girlfriends.” “JJ,” John said, squeezing his son’s hand, “You’ve only had 3, and the other two weren’t very good. Holly cheated on you, and Sarah moved.” “I know,” JJ said. “Mom said that you were jealous.” “Jealous?” “Yeah. Mom thinks you’re jealous because…” JJ’s face turned red once more. “Because what, JJ?” John asked. “…because she thinks you’re in love with me,” JJ said, pulling his hand out of father’s grip. John pulled the car to the shoulder, turned off the engine and turned towards his son. JJ looked panicked. John looked straight ahead and said, bakırköy travesti “Yes, JJ, I’m in love with you.” A thick silence filled the car. Neither averted their gazes and only looked ahead. John broke the quiet, “I’ve been in love with you since you were born. It’s something that made your mother excessively jealous, till she couldn’t take it anymore and filed for divorce.” “But–” JJ stammered, however, John cut him off. “I’ve never acted on it, nor will I ever. You’re my son. Your happiness and well-being mean more to me than anything, including my own.” Another silence fell, but this was broken by JJ. “So,” the teen said, “when I asked to you to be my boyfriend–” “–It made me so happy, but,” John punctuated, “I took it was nothing more than you being cute and never thought you meant it seriously.” “And all those times we were naked together–” “–I was giving you what you wanted, or at least I thought I was. If I got it wrong, I truly and honestly apologize.” JJ’s grew pale and tears leaked down his face. John wanted to reach over, wipe them away and pull his boy into a loving hug, but he didn’t dare. He couldn’t read JJ’s face or body language, and didn’t want to upset his son anymore than he may have already had. They sat in the car, not speaking, for a good hour. John then asked, with shame and embarrassment in his voice, “How about we go home?” He turned the key and put the car in drive. “No,” JJ said, his voice cracking. “I don’t want to go home…not yet, anyway.” John finally looked at the man who was his son and said, “Are you sure? You don’t have to do this. I’ll do whatever you want.” “I know,” JJ said, face wet with tears but a soft smile shined at his lips and eyes. “But I don’t want to lose you, and I’m afraid that, if we go back, I will.” John put the car in park, cupped his son’s face in his hands and said, “You will never lose me, JJ. Never.” JJ looked into his dad’s equally wet face, leaned in and kissed him, deeply. He pulled away from his pleasantly stunned father and said, “Thank you.” John’s throat went dry but he managed to croak, “For?” “Being the love of my life, too.” (If you would like a Part V, please let me know)

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